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e>r 2&.U 






Kditei) by 


Editor of the 


baohtfi, nxib tit liitr ^t iiot sv^bt aub rrrjoi^jtr somrtobnt (ron 
the btJngt 0f tinue/' 

VOL. I. 






APR to 1945 




\^. l;^ 





Xn 'brining the first volume of this work to its close it is 

only fitting that I should take the opportunity of tendering 

my liearty thanks to those who have kindly assisted me in 

this undertaking by contributing articles of local interest. 

At the Bame time I must confess to a sense of disappointment 

that the work has not received the support in the County 

which I anticipated, and consequently the contents are neither 

80 varied nor, perhaps, so interesting as my readers woidd 

have wished. Those, in the County, who have contributed 

articles, may be numbered on the fingers of one hand, and 

were it not for the kindness of friends in various parts of 

England and abroad the compilation of this volume would 

have devolved solely on myself. It is, I think, a matter for 

regret that this should be so ; that there should be so little 

interest manifested by the local Gentry and Clergy in matters 

of antiquarian and archeeological interest. Time is slowly, 

but surely, obliterating much of the records of the past, and 

I had hoped that this publication woidd have proved a 

medium, acceptable to many, for preserving these memorials 

ot the past which are fast passing away. 

I have before me the ** Notes of the Bedfordshire Architec- 
tural and ArchsBological Society " in 14 niunbers, extending 
from. 1853 to 1867; these papers contain a great variety of 
interesting articles from various contributors. I believe the 


publication of this very useful work ceased from lack of 

8Uj6S.cient support. My work was an attempt to follow this 

up and revive, if possible, an interest in the past history of 

this county which, be it remembered, has yet to be written, 

for up to the present the history of only one Hundred has 

be^n attempted, and that the ** History of Willey Hundred " 

has been carefully edited by Mr. W. M. Harvey, of 

G-oldington Hall. Eeviewing then what I have above said, and 

also taking into consideration the fact that the number of 

subscribera has not yet reached a point sufficient to cover 

the expenses incident on the printing of this work, I venture 

to appeal to all those who take an interest in matters of this 

nature, and who are not yet subscribers to become so, and I 

need hardly add that I shall always be pleased to receive 

literary contributions of a suitable nature. 

I may add, in conclusion, that I have prepared a full index, 

omitting pp. 103-122 as not being of local interest, the 

indexing of which would unduly extend the index. This, 

together with a Summary of Contents will, I hope, render the 

work useful for reference. 

ShemUme Lodge^ 


12: iv.: 86. 





BscBVB, list of, 243. 

GAXBXti>AB8 OF Statb Fafbbs, extiucts from, 150, 192. 
CstTBCB IxTBNTOBiES, 277 — Battlesden, 283 ; Eaton Sooon, 280 ; Ever- 
aholt, 287 ; Farndish, 284 ; Harlington, 277 ; Houghton HegiB, 
fiusborne Crawley, 296; Huloote, 286; Meppenhall, 289; Salford, 
288 ; Sandy, 285 ; Stagsden, 297 ; Tingrith, 278 ; Westoning, 279 ; 
Willington, 298. 
Ckubch Notes, &o., 61, 62, 87. 
CuBiODB Efixafhb, &c., 54, 77, 87. 
VrauoKixuKSTB' Estates, list of, 199. 


Qbhkak)oical Notices relating to the families of — Banyan, 72, 240 ; 
Clayton, 221 ; Dyer, 18; Halliley, 332; Harper, 9, 27: Loring, 
178 ; Luke, 352 ; Marshall, 163 ; Marvell. 56 ; Morteyn, 3 ; OdeU, 
330 ; BadolifPe, 126 ; Bowe, 45, 53, 349 ; Trott, 327 ; Winoh, 
243, 265. 
** Gbrtlbxan's MAOAznni," Alphabetical list of Articles from, relating 

to Bedfordshire, 128. 
Gebtbt, List of, A.D. 1433, 369; and A.D. 1667, 213. 
Hbsaij>bt, 33, 251. 
Kbiorts, List of, 210. 

Luton, Account of the ** Book of the Fraternity " of, 173. 
MoxuMSRTAL iNSCBiPTioire AND EpiTAPRS from the following parishes — 
Arleeey. 56 ; BatUesden, 375 ; Bedford, S. Faul, 57 ; &ggleswade, 
62; Cardington.58; Carlton, 21, 58; Clifton. 65; Cokayn-Hatley, 
70; Dunstable. 72, 77; Elstow, 126; Famdish, 58; Flitton, 21; 
Henlow, 65 ; Kempston, 68 ; Langford, 64 ; Leighton, 21, 63 ; 
Luton, 77 ; Millbrook, 58 ; NorthiU, 67 ; Favenham, 78 : Fottes- 
grove, 58; Sandy, 69; Shefford, 67; Stagsden, 59; Sundon, 237; 
Sutton, 71; Thnrleigh, 59; Tilsworth, 81; Toddington, 63; Tot- 
temhoe, 60 ; Turvey, 60, 78 ; Wrestlingworth, 69 ; Wymington, 
Obxtuast Notices, *< Archer MSS.," 89; *' Dunstable Chionide," 103. 
pASiBK Bboistebs, Extrsots from — Barton, 377 ; Bedford, S. Faul, 14, 
22, 48, 56 ; Great Barford, 267; Streatley, 3U ; Sundon, 229; 
Tilsworth, 83. 
It^BS Books, 348. 
t4 jtoTAX« Coioc. ON Hist. MSS.,*' Extracts from — Ampthill, 124, 144 ; 

3edford, 146 ; Biggleswade, 145. 
gjj pM-ix* A^o« Chronological list of, 201. 
op^^xssc Abscada, List of Contributors to, 161. 
vFxXJ^ Duncombe, Sir Edw., 373 ; Wm., 364 ; Peyvre, Thoe., 343. 




Page 10, Jw "NiohoUfl" rtad ** Nichols." 






" Oseory." 




•» Janij " 








" ffitzhugh." 




*' Calvanism " 


" CalviniHin." 






" HodgWn." 




" Karie " 


" Marie." 



line 6, for " xxvi. " 





7, „ "Ixiii." 






" AMOND " 


"AM AND." 




" q'dei " 


" q'd M." 






*^ grenys,^* 




" Reynar " 








" Stone." 








142, Bead ** Mrs. Luke granddaughter." 




" Emploped " 








" Baldoc." 




•* 80 years" 


" 100 years." 




** Grafton " 


" Grafton." 






" MUlard." 












" Paten." 




" Chevon " 


" Chevron." 






" Annulet." 









line 10 & 13,/(w**] 


" Marf"l799." 









line 10, /or "and" 

• 1 




** The Wo<ihnll Crest shonld be"— 


Out of a Daoal coronet or, two wings addorsed gales." 



^W. Duncombe Pink, Leigh, LancaBhire. 
*B. Quaritch, 15, Piccadilly, London. 
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Madame de Falbe, Luton Hoo. 
W. Marsh Harvey, Gtoldington Hall, Bedford. 

N.B. — ^Thoee marked thus * have ceased to be sabscribers from death 
and other cauaea. 


HE Notes and Queries, which are here col- 
lected together in a convenient form for 
reference, appeared in the first instance in 
the Bedfordshire Tiniea and Independent, 
The idea originated some two years ago 
amongst a few gentlemen who were interested in the 
archsBology of the coimty, and on application being made 
to the Editor of the above-named paper he very courteously 
consented to devote a column to that purpose. 

Since then it has been thought desirable by those con- 
nected with the undertaking to reprint the articles that 
have appeared from time to time, in the form now pre- 
sented to the reader. 

In submitting Part I. of Bed/ordMre Notes and Queries 
to those subscribers who have given this undertaking their 
kind support the Editor takes this opportunity of thanking 
them, and especially those who have rendered material 
assistance in a literary wa}"^. 

Every page has been carefully revised, and all errors 
where detected have been rectified ; but as some may have 
escaped notice, the Editor will be glad to receive coiinnu- 
nications from those who may note an v. 

The responsibility of providing material to keep the 
undertaking going has, so far, devolved upon a very 
limited number ; the Editor therefore hopes that those 
who are concerned in the archaeology, &c., of this county 
will give their assistance by forwarding articles, notices, 
&c., of any important discoveries, or on any matters of 
antiquarian or historical interest, connected with the 
county. As an indication of what would be acceptable, the 
following subjects are suggested: — Notices of local cus- 
toms, provincial sayings; extracts from parish registers, 
and old churchwardens' account books ; transcripts of old 
inscriptions on brasses, monuments, &c. ; notes on heraldr}-, 
on glass windows, and on tombs ; notices of scarce books 
of local interest ; extracts from court rolls, old deeds ; 
rubbings of brasses ; list of field names from old terriers, 
&c., &c. 

As it is possible that many who might contribute to this 
work are prevented from doing so, from being unable to 
decipher the earlier styles of writing, the Editor begs to 
intimate that any old documents, &c., entrusted to him 
will be carefully preserved, and returned as soon as done 

Communications of the foregoing character will be 
thankfully received by the undersigned. 



Lt'ifj/itoii Buzzard. 


TILSWORTH. — ^In this church are two ancient 
incised slabs, belonging to the first half of the XlVth 
century. They both have Norman-French inscriptions in 
Lombardic characters. One is in memory of Adam de 
TuUesworth (by-the-way, can anyone give me any infor- 
mation as to who he was?), and is engraved by Fisher, 
and mentioned by Lysons; the other, of which I have 
seen no mention in any printed work, forms the lintel of a 
small two-light window in the south side of the chancel, 
where may be traced the outline of an arch, which has 
evidently, at some former period, opened into a chantrey, 
or mortuary chapel. This arch is now built up. On this 
stone ttere are only nine letters visible, the remainder of 
the inscription being built over. Fortunately, these letters 
comprise the name of the individual to whose memory the 
stone was originally placed in the church. The letters 
remaining are ** MOBTEYN CY." The Morteyns held 
the manor of Tillsworth temp. £d. III. and Ric. II., and 
it passed from them to the Chamberlejoies, one of whom, 
Elizabeth, was the wife of John MortejTi, — ^F. A. Blatdes. 

HOCKLIFFE.— At the White Horse inn, in this 
parish, is some fine old wood carving, said to have come 
from Toddington Manor. Can anyone of your readers 
assist me in identifying the following inscription and coat 
of arms, &c., which form part of the work ? The inscrip- 
tion especially has puzzled me, and all my friends to whom 
I have shown it. It is in such quaint characters that I 
can only pretend to give an approximate reading of it, 
which is as follows: — "ing1n"car"8y^'"" ^ ""^ doubtful of 
the spacing, and also of the 10th letter, which is like a 
small delta. The coat of arms is three bull's heads couped 
at the shoulders. There is also a crest apparently this : 
on a wreath — a leopard passant collared and chained. 
Also on a rude representation of a shield are the following 
letters : "SHE." The style of letters appears to be a 
debased Lombardic. I may mention that on a carved beam 
in one of the rooms is the date " 1566." A plate containing 
all the above has been engraved by Fisher, but as I have 
never yet received a satisfactory explanation of the above 
hieroglyphics I am induced to send this to you, hoping 
someone will be able to solve the difficulty. — F. A. 


These are to give Notice, That for the convenience of 
carrjang Letters to Bedford, and Parts adjacent, a post 
is designed to rim three times a week between London 
and Bedford, by the way of Brickhill and Ampthill, and 
from Bedford to London; as often the Stage from Brickhill 
to Bedford, >vill begin on Saturday the 20th of this instant 
Jidf/, and from Bedford to London on the 21 day of the 
same month ; the Post house at Bedford will be the Sfcan 


Inn, a,iid the Letters for Atfipthili will be left at the White- 
) Hart at Ampthill, by Mr. Anthony Rush, Postmaster at 

Bedford. — (1678). 
\ Stolen or strayed from Ampthill Town in Bedfordshire, 

in tlie Month of March last, from the Right Honourable 
the Ijord Bruce, a young Fox Hound Bitch, White, with 
one Grizlish broad spot on her left Shoulder, her Head 
shcurp, and her Stem cut ; Whosoever will bring her, or 
give notice of her, to Mr. Earnley of Sauemakle Forrest in 
Wiltshire, to Mr, Curtis, Mealman at Smithfield Barrs, Loti- 
don, to Mr, HyUiard at Croydon in Surrey, or to his Lord- 
ship's Huntsman at Ampthill aforesaid, shall have a Guinea 
reward.— (1680). 

Stolen the 11th instant out of a Stable of Mr. James 
Brand, in St. Peter* s Parish in the Town of Bedford, two 
Geldings, one a brown Bay near 8 years old, 14 hands 
high, well shaped, his Mane shorn half way, and almost 
grown again, bob tail, a blaze on his Face, a slip down his 
Nose, and all his Paces. The other a young one, three 
years old, near 16 hands high, of a darkish colour, which 
will be an Iron-Qrey, grizled about the Face, bob Tail, 
one white Foot behind, a little swelling on his farther knee 
before. Trots all ; Whosoever gives notice of them, either 
to the aforesaid Mr. Brand, or to Mr. Richard Smith at the 
Goat upon Snow-hill shall have 40s. reward. — (1680). 

Stolen on Thursday September 22nd out of the Church- 
j-ard, in Clifton, in the County of Bedford, about a mile 
from Shefford ; a Sorrel Mare, about 13 hands high, a Star 
in her Forehead, a bob Tail, Trots all, and Gallops well, a 
little low Back'd, broken Winded, and with Foal, supposed 
to be stolen by one in a white Camblet Coat, in a long 
Periwig, Pock-holes in his Face, ruffle Sleeves, and one 
who pretends to buy Live Hair to make Periwigs. 

Whosoever shall give notice of this Mare, either to Mrs. 
Brow7i at the Parsonage House in Clifton^ or to Mr. Henry 
Cushe at the Jerumlnn Tavern on ClerlxemceU' Green, so 
that she may be restored to the Owner, shall have 20s. 
reward. — (1681). 

On Sunday the first instant in the Evening, a Coach was 
robbed betwixt Dunstable and Market-street by six High- 
way-men, who took away a black Gelding 14 hands and 
half high, all his paces, his Mane half shorn, cut Tail, nine 
years old, hath a Star on his Forehead and a little Wen on 
his Buttock, about the bigness of a Nutmeg, with a Saddle 
covered over with black Cloth, but the seat under it of Red 
Velvet. Whoever brings notice of him to Mr. William 
Richards over the Cock in Bow-street, or to Mr. Roles 
Apothecary in Henrietta-street in Covent-Garden, shall 
have two Guineas for a reward. — (June, 1684). 

A Gentleman was rob'd on Saturday the 28th of June 
last, near Dunstable by three Highway-men, of a brown 
bay Mare about 13 hands and a half high, six years old, 
with a white heel behind somewhat flat rib'd, and paceth 
naturally ; the saddle had a Leather cover, ha>Tng a 
Crupper with yellow Studs. Whoever gives notice of her, 
so as she may be had again, to Mr. Wright at the Three 
Sugar Loaves against Fetter Lane in Fleet-street, or to 
Mr. Sam^s at the White Horse in Dunstable, shall have 
208. reward— (1684). 

The humble Address of the Lieutenant, Deputt/'Lieu- 
tenants. Justices of the Peace, Military-Officers, Clergy, 
Gentlemen, and Free/tolders of Your Majesty's County of 
Bedford. — Dread Sovereign. 

Besides the gratitude we owe to God, the Duty where- 
with we stand bound to your Majesty doth at this time call 
upon us to express the gi^cat sense we have of your 

Majesties Princely Goodness, Justice, and Mercy, which 
ever since your most blessed and happy Kestauration has 
been such, as was of it self enough to fix in our hearts a 
most firm belief of a constant enjoyment of those imspeak- 
able Blessings which have been derived upon us from the 
"benign Influence of your Majesties most equal and prudent 
Government. But your Majesties late Gracious Declara- 
tion, as it hath made us the most obliged, so should we be 
the most ungrateful people in the World, if we did not 
profess (what we here in all humility do) our most hearty 
and thankful Resentment of the Boyal assurance you are 
pleased to give us therein to remove all the reasonable 

fears and causless Jealousies which some ill men (whose 
attempts we abhor and detest) have endeavoured to in- 
sinuate into the people thereby to alienate their Allegiance 
from your Majesty, and to subvert the Government of 
both Church and State — ^when-as those very persons that 
would blow these distrusts into the minds of your Loyal 
Subjects, have taken the ready way themselves to bring 
in that which they acciise others of, as well as by weak- 
ning your Majesties Prerogative (which by Law we are 
bound to support) as by defaming the true Sons of the 
Church of England, which (as now established) is the best, 
if not the only Bulwark against Popery : That your 
Majesty may see we are not swaid by any such seditious 
and factious designers we do assure your Sacred Majesty, 
That we will (as in duty and conscience boimd) stand by 
Tou to the utmost hazard of our Lives and Estates, in the 
Preservation of your Sacred Person, your Heirs and 
Ijawful Successors, and the Government in Church and 
State, as it is now established by Law. We humbly beg 
your Majesties acceptance of this Dutiful Address and 
ready Resolution of us Your Majesties most Obedient, 


Faithful and Loval Sabjccts. — Signed by aboat Two 
Hundred PeracRLSw — 'Jnne 1681 ». 

Bedford, July 19 (1684). — ^His Majesty having^ been 
Graciouflly jJeaaed upon the Smrender of oar Charter to 
Grrant us a Neir one, it was this day Ivooght to us^ by the 
Bight Hononble the Eari of Ailsbary our Becorder, 
aeoompanied with the Depaty-Lieatenants^ Justices of the 
Peace, and a rery great namber of Gentlemen, and met 
about two miles fnnn the Town by the whole Body thereof, 
making in all near 500 Horse. After the reading of the 
Charter, his Lordship was pleased to let ns knew how great 
His Majesty's Grace and Favoiir had been to ns (although 
imdeserredly) and how highly we were obliged from th«ice 
both to approTe onrselTes Eminently Loyal, and continue 
so for erer : It being at the same time the Town Quarter 
Sessions the Bepaty-Becorder in his Charge to the Grand 
Jury, spake much to the same effect. After a Splendid 
Entertainment for his Lordship and the Gentlemen who 
came with him, the Mayor, Aldermen, and whole Corpora- 
tion, returning their Thanks to his Lordship for Honoring 
the Town with his Presence, did intreat him with their 
most humble Duty and Thanks to assure His Majesty of 
their steady Loyalty for the future. The Grand Jury 
likewise waited on his Lordship to desire the same on 
behalf of themselves and the whole Town. 

His Majesty hath been Graciously pleased by his Xew 
Charter, to grant to the Town and Corporation of Bedford 
two New Fairs to be kept Yeariy, the one on Thursday 
next after Michaelmas day on the North side of the Biver 
in the said Town, the other on the Tenth day of April on 
the South side of the same Biver. — (1684). 


BEDFORD. — St. Paul's, Parish Registers. — Sir 
William Harper, &c. — ^It is with very great pleasure 
that I hail the welcome appearance of a nook in the Bed- 
fordshire Times and Independent for "Local Notes and 
Queries" I for one will do what I can towards contribu- 
ting to it, and from time to time give a few entries from 
some of the registers of the parishes in and around Bedford. 
To commence with St. Paul's, which may be, I suppose, 
considered as the mother church of the Borough of Bed- 
ford, the earliest register books appear to consist of two, 
commencing in 1565, the one being a copy of the other ; 
in that which I consider to be the original one the burials 
are entered as such, whilst in that which I take to be a 
copy, the entries are as " deceased," and not as " buried." 
What the object of this copy was does not appear ; there 
is, however, one very remarkable instance to be mentioned 
in connection with it. In the original, or as we will for 
the future style it (No. 1.) Book, there is no entry of the 
burial of Sir William Harper at all, whilst in the copy or 
(No. 2.) Book there is an entry of his having " deceased," 
not as being " buried," in a totally different handwriting 
to the other entries, and of a more modem appearance both 
as to the character and ink, which leads to the question 
whether Sir William Harper was really ever buried in St. 
Paul's or not. I myself have for some time been very 
doubtful on the point, although in his will he certainly 
expressed a wish to be so — "To be buried within the parish 
church of St. Paul's, Bedford." At the same time he left 
no bequest of money towards defraying the expense of 
transporting his body from London, which would in those 
days have probably been considerable, and he leaves only 
black gownes to his "well beloved friends Will'm Albany, 
Thomas Rigge, Thomas Muschampe, Humphrey Stephens, 


Edward Thome (his widow's 2nd husband), and Richard 
Lethers my wife's brother if they will take the paines to 
be present at my buriall at Bedford to ev'ye of them a 
black gowne." I suspect that we shall someday discover 
that he was really buried in some London church, as his 
first wife Dame Alice was undoubtedly so on the 16th 
October, 1569, in the north aisle of the church of St. Mary 
Woolnoth (see parish registers of that church). That his 
second wife Dame Margaret outlived him for a very con- 
siderable time there is jDroof in existence, as from Colonel 
Chester's collections of marriage licences taken from a 
series of Act Books at Somerset House, (See Ns. and Qs., 
6th S. i. 323), we find that in September, 1583, Edward 
Maxie, of Orsett, co. Essex, and Dame Margeret Harper, 
widow, relict of Edward Thome (whose will was dated 19 
Jan., and proved 20 Feb., 1682-3, so that the good lady 
was not long in providing herself with a third husband), 
had a licence from the Bishop of London to marry at any 
church or chapel in the diocese of London ; and therefore, 
although on the brass in St. Paul's Church put up to Sir 
WiUiam's memory it states that both he and his second 
wife were buried in that church, I think myself it is very 
doubtful if he himself was so, and almost a certainty that 
Dame Margaret was not. Whilst speaking of the above 
brass I may note that the late Mr. John Gough Nicholls 
considered the figure of Sir William Harper being in 
armour with an aldermanic gown over it as an unique 
example of its kind on a brass, though there are certain 
examples of it in effigies. This note has grown so much 
longer than I intended when I commenced that I must 
defer to another issue any extracts from the registers. — 
D. G. C. Elwes. 



DUNSTABLE.— Whereas John Marshe Dickin- 
son, of Dunstable in the County of Bedford, Esq. ; having 
assumed and pretended to be the husband of me the imder- 
written Elizabeth Macie, of Weston in the county of 
Somerset, widow. A suit has therefore been instituted by 
me, against the said John Marshe Dickinson, in the Con- 
sistory Court of the Bishop of London, in order, that the 
said John Marshe Dickinson may, by the Judge of the said 
Court, be admonished to desist from any such pretensions; 
and which suit is now depending. This pubKc notice is 
therefore given by me, to caution all persons from accepting 
or taking any Conveyance or Assignment of any part of 
my estate or property, from the said John Marshe Dickin- 
son, in right of, or under pretence of being the lawful 
husband of me the said Elizabei'h Macie. — Morning 
Chronicle, Nov. 26, 1769. 

BIGGLESWADE.— June 20, 1785.— Whereas on 
Thursday the 16th instant, about noon, a Fire broke out 
at Biggleswade, in the county of Bedford, which, notwith- 
standing every exertion of the inhabitants of that, as well 
as the neighbouring towns, in the space of four hours 
consumed more than one hundred and twenty houses, nine 
malting-houses, many stables, bams, granaries and other 
buildings, and the Dissenting Meeting House. The whole 
of the loss upon the nearest calculation amounts to £22,500 
of which sum £16,500 appears to be insured. The urgent 
distress of the poor sufferers obliges us to apply to the 
publick for relief. It is recommended to such charitable 
persons as are willing to contribute to this charity, to pay 
their donations to Messrs. Bland, Bamett, Hoare, and Hill, 
Bankers, Lombard-street ; Messrs. Smith, Wright, and 


Gray, Bankers, Lombard-street ; Messrs. Biddulph, Cox, 
and Co., Bankers, Charing Cross; and to Mr. Dennis 
Herbert, Merchant, in Biggleswade, — Upper OfEory, Geo. 
Osborne, William Pym, Charles Bamett, Jaraes Harvey, 
Phillip Monoux, Geo. Gibson, Mat. Rugeley, Charles 
Franklyn, James Underwood. 

Mr. ^Vhitbread, jun,, is wittily called the froth of the 
lower assembly. The same was observed by the late Duke 
of Bedford, of Mr. Whitbread's father, when he put up 
for the town of Bedford. " Pray sir," demanded the 
aristocratic peer, "what are you?" — "A brewer, my lord," 
answered the candidate. — "A brewer; why then we shall 
certainly have some/coW in the house," — "True, please 
your grace, but remember the/ivth is always uppennost." 

Last Sunday se'nnight the Marchioness of Grey had a 

very narrow escape from an accident which too frequently 

proves fatal. Her Ladyship was reading in the evening 

m her apartmeiit in Wrest House, in Bedfordshire ; when 

her can commnniVjifdig suddenly with the candle took fire: 

recollection enough to suppress the 

received any material injury. Her 

ing, was so great, as to produce an 

caused the return of Lady Bell Pol- 

a short time departed from Bedford- 


t Shefford, Bedfordshire, the Rev. C. 
■s officiating Clergyman of the St. 
hapel, at that place ; " he was (says a 
nevolent man, who loved his country. 



and was a kind friend to suffering humanity, taking great 
pleasure to instruct the humble and illiterate. His pro- 
found and universal erudition, with his wit and urbanity, 
secured him the esteem of persons of the most eminent 
distinction ; his numerous friends and acquaintance, with 
those who have profited by his pious and exalted labours, 
bear testimony to the many amiable virtues which he 
always exerted for the honour of God and the welfare of 
his fellow-creatures ! "—(1812). 

LEIGHTON BUZZARD.— TheProposedPaxton 

Memorial. — ^The members of the Leigh ton Buzzard 
Working Men's Mutual Improvement Society have had a 
meeting at the Cedars, the residence of Mr. J. D. Bassett, 
where they presented an address to Lord Charles J. F. 
Kussell, advocating his lordship's suggestion, made at the 
inauguration of the recent industrial exhibition, to estab- 
lish in this town an educational and popular institute, to 
be associated with the name of the late Sir Joseph Paxton, 
as we have before mentioned. It was resolved in course 
of the proceedings, " that the proposed memorial shall be 
called * The Paxton Institute,* and shall be devoted to tho 
advantage of the working classes and the inhabitants of 
the locality generally." A committee was appointed to 
carry into effect the proposed Paxton Institute. — (1868). 

Some remarkable Passages in the Life and Death of Mr. 
John Mason, of "Water Stratford, 1694 : An impartial 
account of John Mason, 1695. In 1 vol., 4to. 


^2it Fst*. CLZnti I!^Lf :r£ L^^^fL 1^;^*. ^ja^^* ^ai-pits:. ^v-j. 

FORD,— >- Tat/s pAiz<H lL±r-^z 

5^: — 

Aziuf- Bfia.'-L. . , XL riiTiiw sLiDf fliiif. 

i-I**^, Ki^Tiifi. Erti'^i'iif TviTiji's;a: li:':*!^ liir x^jiii oiio. 

^ LaT-f- iTifiiif « ii:«Tf re xS.j5 lujuf fit fi,**;*:.!;!.: v»f its 
siTLiiiLr:rr t^ u»f mtiilfx UAJCf ^c T^Liuf A-i^^e, Sir 
VTi^iiiLiL H&rwr'> irsi viff^ ^vl^ki v&? Tofu^ .**M(m ; 

-VTi'tmr aiic ih*: Ijre- LiilTs}-:T ▼-&< & niilvf of liie 
Apri:L — Jin^n, A^c Eci]^l3k aji r^T^Uiii ?' ; Iwpl. 


[The above two entries have piuczled me exceedingly, 
and until I showed them to Mr. Blaydes, of Hock- 
liffe Lodge, I could make nothing of them; he, 
however, suggests that they were gipsies, which 
I think a very probable conjecture, particularly 
as he says he has more than once come across the 
entries of gipsies being baptized in other Bedford- 
shire parishes. I know that this race of people 
are particular about being baptized, and I believe 
also that they like to be buried in consecrated 
ground. I know of one instance that came under 
my notice in Nutfield parish, co. Surrey, of a 
gipsy child receiving a very curious name, which 
the mother was very particular as to the spelling 
of. She gave the name to the clergyman as Yew. 
He naturally thought she meant Hugh ; however^ 
such was not the case, and she insisted on having 
it entered as she wished, and the reason she gave 
was that the child had been born under a yew- 

July. — ^Patter Beachame, bapt. the xxvith daie. 

August. — ^William Huxly, bapt. the xxiiij. daie. 

Septemb. — ^Robartt Lawe and Elsebeth Malcott 

maried the xxiijth daie. 

Richard Hemeinge and Annes Knott maried the 

xxxjth daie. 

Wm. Taylor and Katherin Parker maried the xxvth 

of Novemb. 

1568. Decemb. — ^Alexander Wallar buried the second. 

1569. June. — Potter Beauchame buried the xvj. June. 
August. — ^Margrett Gumey hurried xxvth daie. 
Sept. — Georg Huxly hurried the vi. Septembr. 
Judcth Weathoi*field bapt. the xxviith daie. 


[I may mention here that the name of Becket, as 
also the very peculiar one of Beast, frequently 
occur in these registers, also that the baptisms, 
burials, and marriages are all mixed up together, 
and that the entries I am giving are only selec- 
tions of my own, and not the consecutive ones of 
the registers.] 

1571-2. Janij. — George TVallar bapt. the xith daie. 

Elcebethe Paradin bapt. the xxvith. 

1571. Amies Wallar Bapt. the xth Marche. 

[Inserted in different ink and handwriting to the 
other entries.] 

1572. Maij. — ^Richard fEraill, bapt. the xviij. daie. 
Junij. — ^Thomas Wallar bapt. the xxiijth. 
August. — Thomas Norman And Duglace Hyatt 

maried the xxth daie. 
Winef red Spencer bapt. the xxth. 
Novemb. — Robartt Parradin bapt. first daie. 

Thomas Newton bapt. the xviij. daie. 

1573. July. — ^Edward Beach-hm bapt. the xxiiijth. 
Janij. — ^William Newton bapt. the xviij th Janij. 

1574. August. — John Beast bapt the xxvth daie. 
Octob. — Winefred Dall bapt. the first of Octob. 
Novemb. — Susantt Stanton bapt. the xvijth daie. 

John Walcott bapt. the xxij. Novemb. 
Decemb. — ^William Turvall bapt. the xxixth daie. 

Elnor. Spencer bapt. the xxviijth. 
Janij. — Margrett Alderman bapt. the vth daie 
157G. March. — Mr. Bedford, p'son. of St. Cutbards and 
vick' of St. Paulles bured the xviij daie. (l'37()-7) 


April, — George Alderman and Joan Allen married 
the x^th of Aprell. 
Thomas ffostocke bapt the xiiij daie. 
Maij. — ^Thomas Crowutt Buried the xviijth daie. 
August— William Burnett And Ane Gibbons mar- 
ried the third daie of August. 
Septem. — ^Harie Crowtt Buried the first daie. 
Dorythy ffaldo bapt. the xiiij daie. 
Novemb. — ^Martha Scoot buried the xij. daie. 

Kathren Bredeman bapt. the xiij daie, 
buried the xviijth. 

Thomas CoUope And Elcebethe Bead 
married the xiijth daie. 
Edward Croot buried the xvijth daie. 
Elcebethe Harvey buried the xviijth. 
Richard Weatherfield and Elcebeth 
Phradin married the xxiith daie. 
William Sibthupp bapt. xxiiijth. 
Kathreen Hawkins hurried the xxviijth. 
Decemb. — ^Andrewe Hawkins hurried iiijth daie. 
John Pyper bapt. the viith daie, 
Bobart Blosome bapt. the same daie. 
Christophr. Hawkins hurried the xiiij th. 
fFebniij. — ^Robartt Paradin hurried the xxth 

D. G. C. Elwes, F.S.A. 

Coi-MWORTH, Manor Farm. — Mr. R. B. Stafford has 
kindly brought to my notice the following inscription cut 
on a piece of wood built into the wall of an upper room in 
the above farm house : — 









Which we may translate Edmund Ibbot, architect, made 
me at the expense of the Lady Catherine Deyer in 1609. 
On turning to Lyson's account of the parish of Colmworth 
it will be found that in the church " a very sumptuous 
monument" was erected in 1641 by Lady Dyer to the 
memory of her husband Sir William Dyer Knt : with a 
very quaint inscription on it stating "that they multi- 
plied themselves into seven children," and a long piece of 
poetry, so quaint that I think it would be a pity not to 
reproduce it in our Notes : — 

" My dearest dust, could not thy hasty day 
Afford thy drowsy patience leave to stay 
One hour longer, so that we might either 
Have sat up, or gone to bed together : 
But since thy finish'd labour hath possess'd 
Thy wear}' limbs with early rest, 
Enjoy it sweetly, and thy widowe bride 
Shall soon repose her by thy slumbering side ; 
Whose business now is only to prepare 
My nightly dress, and call to prayer. 
Mine eyes wax heavy, and the day grows old, 
The dew falls thick, my blood grows cold ; 
Draw, draw the closed curtains, and make room, 
My dear, my dearest dust, I come, I come." 

One of the above seven children was named Ludovick, 
and on 8 June, 1627, during the lifetime of his father was 
created a Baronet. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir Henry Yelverton, Knt., but dying without issue in 


1670 the Baronetcy became extinct. The Lctdy Catherine 
Dyer at whose expense this house was evidently built was 
a daughter and coheir of John Doyley, of Merton, in 
Oxfordshire. The family of Dyer does not appear to 
have belonged to this county at all, but to that of Hunt- 
ingdon, in which, at Great Stoughton, their estate was 
situated. It would seem probable that Sir "William gave 
up the paternal roof at Stoughton to his eldest son, and 
came to live at Colmworth, which was probably purchased 
with his wife's fortune. 

D. G. C. Elwes, F.S.A. 

Elstow Church. — ^I see in a recent issue of the Church 
Times a letter headed as above, signed S. P. E. S., Stevenage, 
drawing attention to the " somewhat doubtful restoration 
this church is imdergoing at the hands of a local builder." 
It is earnestly to be hoped that this beautiful edifice, one 
of the few interesting relics of the past remaining in this 
county, will be restored in a manner consonant with the 
general features of the building. The church, which is 
dedicated to St. Mary and St. Helen, contains mixed styles 
of architecture, principally Norman and Early English. 
Being recently in the neighbourhood, I took a stroll as 
far as Elstow with the special object of inspecting the 
church and the interesting ruins adjacent. I found the 
work of repair actively going on, but I much fear that 
unless some precautions are taken to protect the ancient 
brasses close to the south-east door of the church they will 
sirffer material damage, as I noticed they are right in the 
track of the workmen going in and out of the building, 
and their rough boots will not tend to render the fast 
vanishing inscriptions more legible. Some sacking and a 


few boards placed over them would effectually protect 
them from any damage of this kind. It shoidd also be 
noted that some workmen have a strange desire of appro- 
priating such ''trifles/' A great many brasses were lost 
some time ago during some works of restoration at Dun- 
stable Priory Church. The brass to Dame Elizabeth 
Hervey is peculiarly interesting, owing to the fact that 
there is only one other brass of an Abbess known, viz., at 
Denham, Bucks., to Dame Agnes Jordan, Abbess of Syon, 
and according to Browne Willis, an eminent antiquary, 
the brass at Elstow, above-mentioned, is the oldest known ; 
that is — of an Abbess. During my visit I noticed a 
human skull and some bones, which had been dug out 
from one of the holes made to receive a scaffolding pole : 
it is to be hoped that they have been decently re-interred. 
I also observed, with great astonishment and regret, a man 
(one of the workmen, I presume) calmly smoking his 
pipe in the sacred edifice, apparently utterly imconscious 
of the indecency, not to say profanity, of his act. — F. A. 

Centenarians. — Below I give a list of all that I have 
noted in this county ; I have not been able to verify them, 
as that would take more time than I could well afford. I 
believe there are two centenarians of the Gipsy race 
buried at Turvey, and should be glad to hear particulars 
of the same and any others not noted here. — ^F. A. Blaydes. 


1718. Jan. 16. — ^William Mastin, aged, as is said, about 

105, buried. 
1737. Oct. 21. — Charles Clifton, of Chalgrave, aged, as is 

said, 103, Buryed. 


Ex Chalgrave Parish Registers: — 
1766. Feb- 23. — ^Buried Dame Butcher aged hundred and 
two years. 
In Leighton Buzzard Churchyari>— 

"lu memory of 

Elizabeth Studdb 

widow late of Heath 

in this parish she died 

8th of August 1726 

In ye 112 year of 

her Age." 

Inscription in Flitton Church: — 

" Memoriae Sacrum 

here lyeth interred the Body of Thomas 

Hill Gent. Receiver Generall to 3 "Worthy 

Earles of Kent, Reginald, Henry, & Charles, 

he departed this life Aprill the 2nd 1628. 

Aged an himdred and one yeares. 

{Le Neve'8 Mon. AngL, 1600-19. jp. 112). 

Ex Arlesey Parish Registers: — 

1799. Anne Day a gypsy aged 108 burd. 

(Genes Mag. Vol. 69. p. 5352). 
In the Parish Church of Carlton is the following 
epitapli : — 

" To the memory of Mr. Thomas Wills, who lived parson 
of Carlton and Chellington about threescore and ten 
years. He died the second of August 1642, aged 
above a hundred" {Lysons^ Beds. s. v. Carlton). 
Nov- 1787. — ^Died at Potton, Co. Bedford, aged 105 years, 
3 months and 4 days Mrs. Susannah Greenfield a 
maiden Lady. She had for the last 40 years lived 
chiefly on flour provisions and her only drink was 
wine and water. (Genfs Mag. v. 67. p. 1127.) 


BEDFORD. — St. Paul's Parish Registers. 
(Continued from Page V7.) 

In continuation of these extracts I proceed with page 4, 
which I have copied verbatim, as containing some very 
curious names. 

1670. — ^December — ^fErances Bassett bapt. xjth daie ; 
William Bonett bapt. xjth daie; John Turall bapt. the 
xvjth daie; William Smyth bapt. the xxth ; William 
Laughven bapt. the xxixth ; Nicolase Spencer bapt. xxxth ; 
Annes Buwoe bapt. the same. 

1670-1. — Janij — Marey fiakener bapt. the vjth daie ; 
John Frisbey bapt. the same daie ; John Ridey bapt. the 
viijth daie. 

Februaij. — ^Thomas broughe bapt. the same daie; John 
West bapt. the iiijth daie ; Dor thy Lookey bapt. the xvth 
daie ; John Cooke bapt. the xvith daie. 

March. — ^William Croott bapt. the vith daie ; Elcebethe 
Chambelin bapt. the xiith daie ; Sussentt Hall bapt. the 
xvijth ; Bridgett Croot bapt. the same daie. 

1671. — ^Elcebethe Ballard bapt. the xxvth. 

Aprill. — ^William Smyth bapt. the iij daie ; Thomas 
Pumey bapt. the xivth; Jane Tomson bapt. the xvth daie; 
Alee Anderwe bapt. the xvith daie ; William Hyatt bapt. 
the xxth daie ; William Boedeman bapt. xxvith. 

Maij. — ^Richard Malcott bapt. the third day; Alexander 
Tuvall bapt. xith daie ; Richard Ardington bapt. xi j daie ; 
Doathy Scoot bapt. xivth daie ; Margrett DoUemge bapt. 
the xvth daie ; Anne Hyatt bapt. the xxivth daie. 

Junne. — ^Marey Buney bapt. the xiij June ; Janie 
. . . . thenham bapt. the xxivth daie (writing very 

July. — Thomas Christie bapt. the 9th July ; John 
Leaster bapt. the xvjth daie. 


Augus. — John Denttbapt. the xth daie ; John Browne 
bapt. tKe xviijth dale ; Annes Corke bapt. the xxvith daie. 

Septeui. — Christian Ewars (Evans?) bapt. the xxvijth; 
Ane Beachem bapt. the xiij. Sep. ; Anne Hyatt bapt. the 
xvijth. daie; Elcebethe Beckett bapt. the xxvj. daie; 
Elcebethe Andrewe bapt. the xxviij. daie ; William Eng- 
land bapt. xxixth. 

Octob. — Elcebethe Huren bapt. the third daie ; Luke 
Pittrnan bapt. the xvij. 

[There are only one or two more names on this page, 
and they are so indistinct that I cannot decipher 
them ; I therefore revert to my original plan of 
picking out names here and there.] 

1569. — 14 Ap., Alee Ardeme bapt. 

1572. — Alee Anderson bapt. ixth Apprill; Edward 
Hanmer buried the xxvth Julij ; Edwarde 
Winche and Elcebethe burgies mared xxxith 

1573. — xvjth Septem., Ane Acworthe bapt. 

1575. — ^November xivth, Elcebeth Randes bapt. 

xviijth November. — Mighell Sibthapp and Elce- 
beth Burrs married. 

1576. — ^Barnard Acworth buried xviijth August. 

Jane Acworthe baptd. the xxixth Septembr. 
Margary Randes buried the xjth Octobr. 
Johne Acworthe buried the xxviij th Novembr. 
1577. — Maij. — Urion terentam hurried the fourth daie. 

[This is as curious a specimen of a name as is often 
met with.] 

1577^ — Maij. — Annes Huatsole buried the xith daie; 

Elcebethe Hucxly buried the xxth. 


1578. — ^Aprill. — John Crofftts bapt. the xvijth. 

Maij. — William Bakar and Alee lawrence mar- 
ried the xvth daie. 
June. — ^Thomas Newton and Anne Lawrence 
maried the xviith daie; John Mills 
burned the xxvth daie. 
July. — ^William Garatt bapt. the xxijth. 
August. — ^Margaret Sugden bapt xiij. 
Octob. — John Bull and Elcebethe Weatherfield 
maried the second of Octobr. 
1578-9. — Janij. — ^Rich. Franklin and Marie franklin 

married the xvth daie. 
March. — ^Annes Neal buried the third daie 
Marc. ; Anne Cooper bapt. the vith 
daie; Elcebethe Pyper bapt the same 
1579. — ^Apprill. — ^Alce Beacham buried the xvth daie. 
Maij. — ^Bobart Albenany and Elcebethe Good- 
ffelloe married xith; Thomas ffulsher 
and Joan Pembton maried the xviijth 
July. — ^Raffe Eckells bapt. the vith daie. 
1580. — John CrofEts bapt. the xvijth daie Aprill. 
1587. — ^Thomas Ansell bured the xxviijth ffeb. 
1589. — John Sibthupp bapt. viijth Nov. 
1590 or 1596. — George Wingatt buried the xxijth Maij. 
1590-1. — ^Raffe Randes buried the xxvijth ffeb. ; 
Richard Lowthers bapt. the vith daie oi Nov. 
1593-4. — Julyan Lowder bapt. the ij. ffeb. 
1593. — Joyce Acworthe bapt. the xxvijth Aprill. 
1594. — Margaret Winche buried the xviijth Jan. ; 
John Acworthe buried the xxviijth Nov. 


1595. — William Harvie buried the xxivth July. 
1596. — ^Elcebethe Acworthe bapt. ixth Apl. 

Elcebetbe Ansell buried the xxijth June. 

Mr. Dyve buried the xxxth Aug. 

[[There is a doubt as to whether this year should not 
be either 1593 or 1594.] 

1596. — ^Alce Croft bapt. the xrth Septr. 
159-I-. — ^Dorothy Acworthe bapt. the fourth ffeb. 

Mary Acworthe bapt. the fourth March (1697-8). 

Anne Savage buried xth Jan. (1597-8). 

Kobartt Huxly buried the ixth Aprill. 
159J^. — ^Margrett Eands bapt. the xxvth ffebr. 

Roffe Randes buried the xxvuth ffeb. (1598-9). 

Nicholase ffitzhugb and Elcebethe Broughe 

maried x June. 

Ellen Crofts buried xxviijth Aug. 

Mary Acworthe bapt. xxijth Aug. 
1599. — ^Pamell Winga (Wingate P) bapt. xxvth July. 

Anne Anderson buried the 15th Aug. 

Susan Armetage bapt. the xivth March (1599- 

[[Having arrived at the commencement of the seven- 
teenth century, I bring this present note to an 

end, hoping, however, to continue the extracts 

from the St. Paul's registers at some future time.] 

D. G. C. Elwes, F.S.A. 


Amongst the " Cuttings " on page 13, mention was 
made of Mr. John Mason, of Water Stratford. Dugdale's 
^* New JBritish Traveller ," Vol. I. (no date), p. 183, has 
the following:— 


"Water Stratford is remarkable chiefly for the singular 
doctrines of its rector, Mr. John Mason, and the absurd 
credulity of his niunerous followers. He was presented to 
the rectory in 1674, and, according to Granger, was a man 
of unaffected piety and considerable learning ; but towards 
the latter part of his life became a visionary enthusiast, 
having bewildered himself in the mysteries of Calvinism. 
The fame of his preaching attracted people from all parts 
of the neighbourhood ; every bam and out-house was 
crowded with his infatuated followers ; and many of them 
disposed of their whole property, under the persuasion that 
the Millenium was approaching, and that faithful believers 
would shortly have all things in common. In addition to 
the mysteries of Galvanism and the Apocalypse, bodily 
distemper appears to have overwhelmed his understanding, 
and subjected him to those internal feelings, which caused 
him to assert, that he had seen the Lord Christ, who would 
* appear at Water Stratford, and come and judge the 
world on the Whitsunday following.' So impressed were 
the weak minds of his auditors with the truth of this 
prediction, and so firmly were they convinced of their own 
awaiting happiness, that they expressed their joy by the 
most frantic actions. Day and night were passed in 
dancing and singing hallelujahs; the deluded fanatics 
accompanying their absurd gestures with loud shouts of 
Glory, Glory. In the midst of these revellings of delirium, 
Mason was struck speechless ; an event which Dr. Paxton, 
an. eminent physician, ascribed to the violent exertion 
w-hich he had employed to enforce his arguments. Pre- 
viously, however, to this, he had told his congregation, 
^ka,t when he died he should * rise in three days after his 
^^cease, and with his body ascend into heaven.' This 
*^*Je also, blasphemous as it was, was credited by his 


ignorant hearers; and as the loss of speech was the imme- 
diate prelude to his death, they awaited with the most 
anxious expectation for the promised miracle. Before the 
tliree days were expired the hody was interred ; and such 
iras the rooted enthusiasm of his flock, that several of 
tbem avowed they had seen him, and spoken with him, 
after his resurrection ; nor could any of them be convinced 
of the absurdity of his tenets till the Rev. Mr. Eushwood, 
his successor, had the grave opened, and the corpse exposed 
to the populace. The web of credulity, however, had been 
woven too strong to be easily destroyed ; and even this 
evidence proved insufficient to detach the minds of many 
of his followers from the belief of his doctrines. For 
years afterwards they assembled at a place which they 
called Holy Ground, where it was asserted that he had 
heen seen and spoken to since his death. There they sang 
the same hymns, used the same ceremonies, and made the 
same extragavant gestures as formerly ; and when they 
were at length prevented from assembling in the field, 
they held their meetings at a house in the village. Mason 
died in the year 1693 ; but it was not till about 1740 that 
Ae sect became extinct." 

Sir "William Harper. — ^Was he buried in Bedford at 
^ or not ? This query is continually recurring to my 
nund, and I have come to the conclusion, notwithstanding 
the inscription on the monument to his memory in St. 
Paulas Church, and the entry of his burial in No. 2 of the 
register books there, that he was not. There is no doubt 
that the entry of his burial is an interpolated one, as it does 
not occur in No. 1 (the original) book of burials at all, and 
u, as I have said on page 9, in a handwriting of a much 


later period and in fresher ink than the other entries, and 
has yet another pecuKarity in it which I had not noticed 
before ; the actual entries of the month are : — 

1573. — ^fEebruarij Thomas Leache, bapt the xxvith daie ; 
Mary beckett bapt the ixth of februari ; Katheren Paten- 
ham and John Williams baptized the viiith daie ; Bury'd 
Sr William Harpar Alderman and Lord Maior of London 
ye 27th. 

1574. — ^Marche Elinor Sutton bapt the xzixth of Marche ; 
John Williamson bapt the xxxth daie. 

Now it is a curious fact that this is, I believe, the only 
entry in this particular book of a burial, all the other 
entries of deaths are "deceased" not "buried," which fact 
induced me at first to style it an incorrect copy of the ori- 
ginal register book ; again, it says buried on the 27th 
February, however the inscription on his monument says 
that he died on that day, and there is no doubt whatever 
that he died in London, how could he therefore have been 
buried in Bedford on the same day that he died in London, 
in those days of slow travelling ? The entry itself conve- 
niently comes into a gap which was left between the end 
of the year and the commencement of the next, as my 
extracts show. I must mention here that my reference to 
this point on page 9 is not quite correct. The quotation 
was made from memory, but now with the register book 
before me, the actual entry itself as given above only 
strengthens my view of the matter, viz., that Sir William 
Harper was not buried in St. Paul's, Bedford, at all. The 
inscription on his monument is as follows : — 

"Obiit 27"^ FebruariJ 1673. Ano ataiia sua 77^ Here vnder ifeth 
tuned the body of Sir William Harper, Knight Allderman and Lorde Maior 
of the citie of London withe dame Margarett hie last wife wch Sir 
Wiliiam was borne in this towne of Bedford, and here fonded d gave lands 
for the maynienance of a Gramcr Schooled ' 


The question arises, on reading the above, by whom, 
and when was this monument erected to Sir William's 
memory. His last wife, after his death, married, secondly, 
Edward Thome, whose will was dated 19 Jan. and proved 
20 Feb., 1582-3, and I am enabled now, through the 
research and kindness of my friend Col. Jos. L. Chester, 
to state that her third marriage with Edward Maxie, of 
Orsett, Co. Essex, took place at St. Alban's Abbey on 28 
Sept., 1583, the entry in those parish registers being as 
follows : — 

"1583. — Sep. 28 Edward Maxie and Dame Margaret 
Harper." From this date we lose all clue to her subse- 
quent career ; neither her nor her third husband's wills are 
to be found, nor can we discover for how long after this 
she may have lived, and I think it not impossible that the 
above inscription was actually engraved during her life- 
time; such things have been done before now, and like 
many another epitaph, is rather a lying concern than 
otherwise, for it asserts that Sir William Harper founded 
the Grammar School. Now he did nothing of the sort. 
The Granmiar School was founded by K. Edward Vlth, 
on the loth August, 1552, by letters patent granting 
Kcence to the mayor, bailiflEs, burgesses, and conunonalty 
of Bedford, to establish a free and perpetual grammar 
school in the town of Bedford. It was not imtil the year 
1566, 14 years later, that Sir William Harper's and Dame 
Alice's names are mentioned in connection with it, when 
an indenture was made between them and the Corporation 
of Bedford, which recited the previous letters patent, and 
stated that the Corporation had erected and established a 
free school in the town called '* Free School House," &c. 
And further, that Sir William Harper and Dame Alice 
did grant for the maintenance of the school, and other 


charitable purposes^ "The School House '* and all the 
houses, &c., rooms and gardens of the said Sir William 
Harper, to the same adjoining; and also thirteen acres and 
one rood of meadow land, lying in divers parcels in the 
parish of St. Andrew, Holbom, in the county of Middlesex, 
for all the above purposes. [See "Pfl/ry'* Illustrations of 
Bedfordshire^^ Concerning the 13 acres and 1 rood of 
meadow land mentioned above, I have somewhere read 
that Sir William was fortimate enough to purchase it 
about a year before he endowed Bedford Grammar School 
with it for, what seems to us now, the ridiculously small 
sum of £180 sterling. I imfortunately did not make a 
note of this at the time I read it, and therefore am imable 
to give an exact reference. I agree with what the late 
Mr. John Gough Nicholls says in his " Biography of Sir 
William Harper," published by the Middlesex ArcheBolo- 
gical Society, in Vol. IV. of their Transactions: — "The 
value of his gift owes its extraordinary increase to causes 
that have arisen since his death, and which could never 
have entered into his imagination." I conclude with a 
copy of his will : — 

In the name of God amen. The seaventh and twentie 
daie of October in the fyf teenthe yeare of the reigne of 
or soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Quen^ 
of Englonde France and Irelonde defendour of the faithe 
&c. I Sir William Harper Knighte alderman of the 
Citie of London being of perfect mynde and memory, 
thankes be given to almightie God, doe ordeigne and 
make this my presente laste will and testament in manner 
and forme followinge : First I bequeathe my soull to 
almightie God my Creator and to Jesus Christe my 
Saviour and Redeemer and my body to be decently 
burved bv the discrecion of mvne Executrix hereafter 


named, within the parrishe churche of St. Paull in the 
towne of Bedford. Item I geve to the worehipfull 
Company of the Marchant tailors for a remembrance of 
the good will I bare linto them vj7. xiij«. iiijt/. in ready 
money to make a Cuppe with all tb remayne to th' use of 
the said Company. Item I geve to my wellbelovid 
frindes Willm. Albany and Thomas Rigge, Thomas 
MuschampOy Humphry Stephens, Edwarde Thome, and 
Richard Lethers my wife's brother if they will take the 
paynes to be presente at my buriall at Bedford aforesaid, 
to every of them a blacke gowne. Item I geve and 
bequeathe imto my well belovid frendes Mrs. Muschampe 
wife of the said Thomas Muschampe and to Mistres 
Ballinger wief to Mr. Gabriell Ballinger to either of 
them a black gowne if they will take the paines to be at 
my said buriall. Item I geve to Paul Warner, William 
Malton bedle of the warde of Dowgate, Richard Richard- 
son and to Thomas Addams if they will be presente at my 
buriall at Bedford aforesaide, to either of them a black 
cote. Item I geve to Tenne poore men w^hich shall be 
presente at my buriall Tenne black gownes v«. i\i]d. the 
yard. Item I geve to my servantes Philippe Colton and 
David Bellett yf they happen to be dwellynge wth me at 
the tyme of my decease a black gowne and a cote and to 
every other man servant that shall happen to be dwellinge 
wth me at the tyme of my decease a black cote. Item I 
geve to every maide servante that shall happen to be 
dwellinge with me at the tyme of my decease a black 
gowne. Item I geve 40/. to be distributed to poor 
people of the Ward of Dowgate whereof I now am Alder- 
man. Item I geve to be distributed by the discrecion of 
my Executrix the somme of f ortie shillings. Item I geve 
to the poor people of St. Mary Woolnothes parishe in 


London where I now dwell the somme of Twentie shil- 
lings. Item I geve to Elizabeth Pettingale widowe the 
Bomme of xiiis. iiij(3?. The Besidue of all my goodes and 
catties, Leases for yeares, plaite, monie, juells and house- 
hold stuffe, my buriall expenses, lawful debts and legacies 
being paid, I geve and bequeathe to my wellbeloved wief 
dame Margarete Harper whom I ordeigne and make hole 
and full Executrix of this my last will and testament. 
And my dear frendes William Albany, Thomas Kiggs, 
Thomas Muschampe and Edward Thome Overseers of 
this my last will and testament. In witnes whereof I 
have to this my last will and testament putt my hand and 
seall the daye and yeare above written. By me William 
Harper. Sealed Subscribed and delivered in the presens 
of these witnesses, Thomas Bamsay alderman, William 
Abraham, Cuthberte Buckle, William Goffley notary. 

ProvM at London 6 April 1574 on the oath of Edward 
Orwell notary public, proctor for dame Margaret Harper 
relict and Executrix (Beg. Prerog. Court. 14 Martyn). 

From this will, and from the licence granted by the 
Bishop of London to Sir William for his second marriage, 
we gather that Dame Margaret's maiden name was either 
Lethers or Leeder. The marriage licence was granted 
13 Sept. 1570 for "William Harpare Knight" and 
" Margaret Leedare, spinster " both of the city of 
London. His first wife Dame Alice's maiden name was 
Tomlinson, she died on the 10th and was buried in St. 
Mary Woolnoth's church on the 15th October 1569, the 
entry concerning her burial being as follows : — 

" The xvth day of October 1569 was buried Dame Alice 
Harper, late wife of Sir William Harper Knight and 
Alderman of London, and lyeth in a vault made of brick, 


tke moutlie being before his pewe dore ia the North Isle 
of this cherche." 

I suspect it will someday be discovered that Sir 
WiUiam was also buried in this vault. 

D. Gt. C. Elwes, F.S.A. 


The following coats of arms, connected with this county 

are taken from a MS. in the library of Queen's College, 

Oxford, they occur, inter alia, imder this heading — "Arms 

Be la Toumay a la ville de Dunstaple Anno — 2 Ed. Scdi. 

— dni 1308." They have not to my knowledge hitherto 

appeared in print ; — 

Frembrand [of Potsgrove] — Gu. a cross or sem^ de 
cross-crosslets or. 

Sr, John de Pabenham — ^Barry of six B. and A., a bend 
gu. charged with three mullets or. 

Sp. John de Pabenham, son filz — ^Barry of six B. and 
A., a bend gu. charged with three mullets pierced or. 

Trayly [of Northill] — ^Or a cross gu. between four 
niartlets gu. 

Sr. John Rydell — Paly of six A. and G., a bend sa. 

Sr. Walter de Baa — Gu. a bend A. between three 
plates A. 

Sr. John de Sathbury — ^Erm. on a chief gu. three roses 

Beauchampe — Gules fretty arg. 
Sr. Richard le Rous — Quarterly A. and S., a bend or. 
Sr. John Peyure — A. on a chevron gu. three fleurs- 
de-lys or. 
Sr. Rauf Perot — Quarterly per fess indented or and B. 



Sr. Willm. Tnge — Or a cheyron vert. 

Sr. Boger de Heyham — ^Paly of six A. and B., on a 
chief gVL, three escallope. 

Sr. John de Mortein — ^Erm. a chief gn. 

Sr. David de Flutewike — ^A. three lions passant gar- 
dant S. 

Sr. Bauf de Goldington — ^A. two lions passant B. 

Sr. — de Wahnlle — Or three crescents gu. 

Sr. Piers Lorynge [of Chalgrave] — Quarterly A. and Q. 
a bend gu. 

Sr. Roger Peyiire — ^A. on a chevron B. three fleurs-de- 
lys or. F. A. B. 


To the King's most Excellent Majesty, The humble 
Address of the Mayor, Recorder, Deputy Recorder, 
Aldermen, BayliflPs, Burgesses, and Commonalty of our 
ancient Corporation of Bedford, in Council Assembled. 
May it please Tour Majesty, We, Your most Loyal and 
Obedient Subjects, thankfully acknowledging the Goodness 
of God Almighty in placing You on the throne of Your 
Royal ancestors, do himibly ofEer our hearty Thanks to 
Your Majesty, for Your Gracious Declaration to all Your 
Loving Subjects for Liberty of Conscience, and for Your 
most Gracious Intention of Royal Resolution to have the 
same established by a Law, whereby the Church of 
England will be secured, and all Dissenters protected in 
the free Exercise of their Religion, and enjoyment of 
their Civil Rights. For the effecting so good and great a 
Work, we are resolved to endeavour in our several Capaci- 
ties the Election of two such Burgesses, to represent this 
Corporation in the next Parliament, as will concur with 


Yi)ur Majesty's Gracious Purposes, signified in Your said 
Gnxious Declaration. And we shall ever pray for Your 
long Life and happy Reign over us. In Testimony where- 
of we hay^e hereunto affixed our Common Seal of this Your 
Corporation, the Eighth Day of May, in the Fourth Year 
of your Majesty's reign. — (1688.) 

Stolen out of a Wagon at the Cock Inn in Wooburn in 
Bedfordshire, on Thursday night the 25 past, a Truss in 
which was about £165 in old. Money, and other parcels of 
Money, in which was 31 Guineas, and one Broad Piece of 
Gold ; also one Piece of broad Allamode, and one Piece of 
Narrow Allamode Silk ; two Pieces of Black Silk Crape ; 
Half a Poimd of fine white Thred ; one Piece of Linen 
Cloth, and other things out of the same Truss. Also out 
of a Box, one plain Muslin Head Dress, and one striped 
Muslin Head Dress. And also out of a Bag, half a dozen 
pair of RoU Stockins, and 18 pair of short Stockins. 
Whoever discovers the said things to William Tims at the 
Cock Inn aforesaid, or to William Hunt at the Ram Inn in 
West Smithfield, London, shall have Five Guineas Reward 
for the whole, or proportionable for what is restored, — 
(Feb. 1696). 

Lost a black brown Mare about 15 hands high, a blaze 
in her forehead, a whisk Tail, about 5 years old. If any 
Person have lost any such Mare about 3 weeks since they 
may hear of her at Mr. Davenports at the Tollbooth in 
Smithfield, or at Mr. Riles at the Sign of the Windmill in 
Dunstable.— (1697.) 

Lost out of the Grounds belonging to Bromham near 
Bedford, a black bald Colt, 3 years old, with a sprig tail, 
shod of all fours, lately docked. Whoever secures the 
said Colt, aud gives notice to William Jones at the 
White-Hart Inn in Bedford, or at the Red-Lyon Inn in 


Aldersgate Street, London, shall have 20$. Reward for 
their Pains. — (June 1697). 

On the 15th of September next a Plate will be run for 
on Wandon Heath near Woobum-Abby in Bedfordshire, 
of £20 value ; No Horse, Mare, or Gelding to run that 
hath ever run for above £100 at one time either in Plate 
or Match ; and to carry 10 Stone besides Bridle and 
Saddle, allowing 2 pounds for the Saddle. Every Stranger 
must put in 4 Guineas, every Founder one Guinea, and to 
be shown the Saturday before they run at the Cock in 
Woobum, and there pay their Entrance-Money. The 
next day a £10 Plate will be run for, and the Winning 
Horse shall be sold for £10 to the Owners of the Plate ; 
and every Horse that runs for this Plate must pay One 
Guinea Entrance-money, and enter when they please. — 

Lost an Order, No. 3179, Sir John Burgoyne of Sutton 
in the County of Bedford, Baronet, for £100 on Survivor- 
ships, on the Life of Lucy Burgoyne. Whoever brings 
the same to Edward Lambert, Goldsmith, in Lombart- 
street, shall have a Guinea. — (Aug. 1697.) 

At the Free-School in Dunstable, being a large conve- 
nient House, built for that purpose, in a very healthful and 
pleasant Country. Youth may (on easie terms) be well 
Boarded and Taught, viz. Writing in all the several 
Hands, Arithmetick, V\ilgar and Decimal. Likewise 
Merchants Accompts, or the true Italian Method of Book- 
keeping, by M. Gratwick. Also Latin and Greek taught 
by a Clergyman, who lives in the same House. — (1720.) 

Stolen or strayed on Tuesday night last the 29th of 
November, from William Partridge of Tillsworth in 
Bedfordshire, a bay Gelding about 14 hands and a half 
high, with a little White on his OfE Foot behind, about 6 


OT 7 Tears old, with a whisk Tail. Whoever gives Notice 
o{ him, so that he may be had agaim, shall have a Guinea 
Reward, and reasonable Charges. — (1720.) 

We hear that one Parks, formerly one of the Life- 
Guard, was lately committed to Bedford-Gaol, on suspicion 
of robbing the Huntington Stage-Coach. — (Oct. 1721). 

On Wednesday last, about 10 a-Clock in the Morning, 
the Bedford Stage-Coach was robbed within 4 Miles of 
that Town by one Highwayman, who took from the 
Passengers, their Money, Watches, Kings, &c., and after- 
wards committed other Robberies on the same Road. — 
(Sept. 13, 1721.) 

Last Monday 3 Passengers were robbed in a Bedford 
Waggon, between Brickhill and Dunstable, by three Foot- 
Pads, one of which came up to the Waggoner, and bid 
tim stop his Horses, for he wanted to speak with one of 
the Passengers ; but he not minding him, the other two 
Roguee got over the Hedge, and swore they would shoot 
^ if he stir'd one Foot farther. The two last got into 
the Waggon, and rifled the Passengers of 57s. and a Box 
of Lace of a considerable Value. — (January 26, 1730.) 

On Saturday an extraordinary motion was made in the 
Court of King's-Bench against the Ordinary of a Church 
^ Bedfordshire, for suffering the Monument of a Person 
to be puird down, and another put up in the Place. The 
Lord CUef Justice not being present, the Court took Time 
to determine the same. The next Hearing the Civilians 
We to attend, the Question being. Whether one Bishop 
has a right to pull down or deface in Churches what 
has been put up by the Licence of another. — (July 1737.) 

(It wonld be intereBtmg to know the name of thiB Churoh. £d.) 


SOUTHILL PARISH.— Being at the present time 
engaged in taking rubbings of the inscriptions on some of 
the church bells in this neighbourhood for Mr. T. North^s 
forthcoming work " Church Bells of Bedfordshire " I paid 
Southill a visit, where I foimd hung up on one of the 
walls of the belfry the following directions to ringers 
which I think are quite worthy of a nook in Bedfordshire 
Notes and Queries. jy q q. Elwes. 

Kules to be Strictly observed by every one who enters 
this belfry : — 

" "We ring the Quick to Church, the Dead to Grave 
Good is our use. such usage let us have. 
He that wears Spur, or Ilat. or Cap. or breaks a Stay. 
Or from the floor does by a bell rope sway. 

Or leaves His rope down Careless on the floor : 
Or nuisance makes within the Door. 
Shall sixpence forfeit for each single crime. 
T : will make him careful at another Time." 

"Whoever Breaks or injures any of the Handbells shall 
make the Damage good." 

*' We Gentlemen Ringers are nobody's foes 

We disturb none but those who want too much repose 

Our music's so sweet, so enchanting to hear 

We wish there was ringing each Day in the Year." 

" To call the folks to Church in time we chime : 
"Three seven minute peals stop one minute between, 
toll the Tenor four minutes, ring the Ting Tang three 
minutes. Total, ^ an hour." 

" When Mirth and pleasure is on the wing we ring." 
" At the Departure of a Soul we Toll." 


Bingers : George Bryant, William Litchfield, John Litch- 
field, George Stacey, James Handscomb, James Finding. 
Jolin Sale, Sexton. David Dickens, Parish Clerk. 

In th.e church registers of this parish, which commence 
A.i>. 1538, is the following entry : — ^Beds 22th Septemb : 
1653. Appointment of Mr. Wm. Taylour as a Parish 
Register.*' Signed, J : Bedford. 

Was bhere at this date a Bishop of Bedford, or was th^ 
above sig^iature that of the parish priest of that date ? 

In a Trault in this parish church belonging to the Byng 
family is an inscription to the memory of Admiral Byng, 
as follows : — 

" To the Perpetual Disgrace 

of Public Justice 

The Honble. John Byng, Esq. 

Admiral of the Blue 

Fell a Martyr to 

Political Persecution 

March 14. 1757 when 

Bravery and Loyalty 

were insufficient Securities 

For the 

Life and Honour 

of a 
Naval Officer. 

XiocAL Allusion. — ^In scanning the pages of ** Mu8arum 
BeUciae,'' Vol. /., p. 216, ed. 1817, I lighted on the 
following quatrain, which, as it relates to Bedfordshire, 
should find a comer in " Bedfordshire Noie% and ^j^eries." 
The work was originally published in 1656 : — 


" "Weomen are borne in Wilsheire 

Brought up in Cumberland 

Lead their lives in Bedfordshire 

Bring their husbands to Buckingame 

And dye in Shrewsbury/' " Qbub. 


"Warden Pear. — ^In transcribing some heraldic notes 
relating to this county from an old MS. in the library of 
the British Museum I was rather puzzled what to make of 
the following blazon of arms formerly in Warden Church 
— " az. three wardens or." "Were they churchwardens ! 
beasts, birds, or what? Keading a book on heraldry a 
few days since, I find warden to be the name of a pear, so 
called from having been first cultivated at Warden Abbey, 
Beds., which bore three such pears as its arms ; the same 
arms were subsequently assumed by the family of Warden, 
in allusion to the name. It would be interesting to know 
if this variety of pear is still cultivated ; I cannot call to 
mind ever having heard of it. F. A. B. 

J. Bedford {Page 89.) — ^There have been only two 
Bishops of Bedford, viz. : — John Hodgkins, consecrated 
Bee. 9, 1537, and Canon Walsham How, consecrated last 
year. Both were consecrated as SufEragans to the Bishop 
of London, and had no official functions connected with 
this diocese. The J. Bedford whose name appears in 
the Southill Parish Kegister was probably connected with 
a family of that name, one of whom, Samuel Bedford, sat 
for the County in the Cromwellian Parliaments of 1664-66. 
He was brother of James Bedford, Bector of Blunham 
and Erith, in Huntingdonshire. The father of these 
two was Hector of Clifton, in Beds. 

7 June, 1880. F. A. B. 


An account of John Hodgkin, Suffragan Bishop will be 
found in " Notes and QuerieB,'' 5th s. xi. 367, & xii. 14, 

LsiGHTON Buzzard. — I daresay that there is hardly any 
one aware that close on 235 years ago an extensive fire 
took place at Leighton-Buzzard. However, that such was 
the case the following extract will show : — " 1645. 
July 23. Petition of the distressed inhabitants of Leigh- 
ton-Buzzard, Bedfordshire. By a fire which happened on 
the 7th March last, great damage was done to buildings 
and property in the town, amounting to 14,368/. 17s. 
Petitioners, who have been forward in all payments for 
Parliament, and have in consequence been mercilessly 
plundered by the enemy, pray that the House will grant 
them a collection in London and elsewhere for their 
relief. Certificate of Justices of the Peace for Bedford- 
shire in support of preceding. (L. J., vii. 504.) " 

It would appear that this petition to the House of 
Lords was unheeded, for in the year 1647 another petition 
was made to the Upper House as follows : — 

''Petition of inhabitants of Leighton-Buzzard, in the 
County of Bedford. Pray that, in consideration of their 
great losses by fire about two years ago, and by plunder- 
ings during the war, 200/. per annum may be granted for 
the maintenance of their minister out of the revenue 
jet undisposed of belonging to the prebends of Lincoln, or 
the Dean and Canons of Windsor, who are the lords of 
the parish."* 

Judged by the estimated value of the property des- 
troyed, the fire must have been of a very serious character 
for 80 small a place. I cannot find, however, that the 
prayer of the second petition was granted. 

* Hist. MSS. Ck>mmifl8ioii, Vlth Report, I., 71,218. 


One would have expected to have seen some notice 
of this disaster in the parish registers, and doubtless it was 
there duly recorded ; but if my memory serves me right 
the registers for that period, i.e. 1615-1653, are missing. 
Probably they were taken and produced in evidence in the 
Leigh Peerage Case, and, as is the usual fate of such 
docimients, never returned : if so, they may yet be dis- 
covered some day amongst the archives of the House 
of Lords, or in some solicitor's office. Let us hope they 
have not been destroyed. -p. A. B. 


The same Day, the Duke of Kent set out for his Seat of 
Wrest in BedfordMre : Robert Shannon^ his Grace's Foot- 
man, who some Days since was committed to the Gatehouse, 
for shooting a Waggoner thro' the Mouth, has been 
admitted to Bail, the Man being thought out of Danger. 
(July 15, 1724.) 

Doctor Sacheverel is gone from hence for Bedfordshire, to 
purchase an Estate there, for which he is to pay 2500/. 
(April 1715.) 

One Day last week the Manchester Carrier was stoppM 
near Dunstable by a single Fellow on Foot, who presented 
a Pistol at him, and demanded his Money, on which 
the Carrier gave him Nine Shillings ; but the Rogue 
said he knew he had Forty Guineas about him, and would 
have them or blow his Brains out, and accordingly took 
them and his Watch ; afterwards demanded the Carrier's 
Horse, but told him that he would find another behind the 
Hedge, which he might take in lieu of it ; and as he rode 
off, advis'd him to sue the County for his Money. The 


Carrier went to the Place to look for the Horse, hut found 
none, and was obliged to walk to Hockley, where he heard 
the Fellow had rode through a Foot-Pace, on which they 
pursued him, but to no purpose, for he got clear off with 
his Booty. (Jan. 1741.) 

On Friday (Dec. 1742), Sir Humphrey Monoux, Bart. 
of Wootton in Bedfordshire^ was married to the Relict 

of the late Jones, Esq ; of Waltham Abbey in 


Anne Hocks, otherwise Hawkswell, otherwise Harito 
Farfax, Spinster, otherwise Anne the Wife of Vincent 
Matthews, was tried upon an Indictment for harbouring 
and favouring the Escape of Gabriel Tomkins, who was 
executed, and now hangs in Chains near Bedford, in 
Bedfordshire, for robbing the Chester Mail ; the Fact was 
plainly proved to the Satisfaction of the Court, but upon 
her claiming the Benefit of the last Act of Grace, past in 
the (year) 1747, she was acquitted. (March 1751.) 

Thursday 7-Night some ignorant People assembled 
together at Layion in Bedfordshire, and proclaimed at 
the Market-Cross, Jane Massey and Catherine Hawkes, 
Witches ; from thence they proceeded to Luton, to act the 
same kind of Cruelty as was practised lately at Tring, but 
were prevented by several Gentlemen, who advised them 
to return Home. — (May, 1751.) 

Sir Robert Cater, Knt. and Alderman of Cheap Ward, 
(who changed his Name from Kendal to Cater, and 
inherited the Estate of John Cater, Esq ; in Bedfordshire, 
his Brother-in-law.)— (Died, 1739.) 

On Tuesday William Cripps was committed to the 
Poultry Compter, on the oath of John Baily and others, 
for breaking open the House of Mr. James Poulton, at 
Wrest in Bedfordshire, and stealing money and goods 


to the value of £30. The brother of this person is 
now under sentence of death at Bedford for the same 
crime. — (March, 1754.) 

The following Robbery was committed near Luton in 
Bedfordshire last Week. A Woman with a Bundle was 
overtaken by a Man and a Woman and a large Dog, which 
they set upon her, and robb'd her of the Bundle, and what 
she had, then stripped her naked, and tied her to a Tree ; 
the Dog soon after returned back to the poor Woman, and 
tore her in a terrible Manner ; when a Gentleman and his 
Servant riding along the Road heard the Dog bark, and the 
Woman crying out, they alighted, and went into the Field, 
where, with Difficulty, they whipped the Dog ofF, and the 
Gentleman ordered his Man to mount his Horse and follow 
him, which he did to an Alehouse in Luton, where were a 
Man and a Woman which the dog f awn'd on and lay down 
by ; the Servant upon that got a Constable and secur'd 
them both, and sent them to Bedford Gaol. — (1755.) 

Last week a foot-match, for a considerable sum of 
money, was run over the course near Bicester, between 
a Bedfordshire shepherd and one of the Hertfordshire 
militia men, which was won by the shepherd by half a 
mile. They ran five times round the two-mile course, 
which the shepherd performed in sixty-five minutes. — 
May, 1760. 

On Tuesday last as Thomas Falkener, Purton carrier, 
in Bedfordshire, was coming to town, he was robbed by 
two footpads of this side Hatfield, of about 20s. in silver. 
He begged hard for a shilling to pay turnpikes, but 
the thieves declared, that out of so small a booty they 
could not afEord it, and then made o£E. — (Feb., 1762.) 


RowE OP Clapham, Co. Beds. — I should be gl^id to 
leam whether there are any monuments to members of this 
family iu Clapham church, or whether the parish registers 
contain any entries of the name. John Rowe — an abstract 
of whose will I subjoin — ^was the eldest son of Sir Thomas 
Rowe, Lord Mayor of London, and brother of Sir Henry 
Sowe. He died 29th Aug., 1585, haying married Ist 
a daughter of Mr. Secretary Wilson, and 2nd Rebecca, 
claoghter of Robert Brandon, goldsmith, of London, who 
survived him. He left one son, Thomas Rowe, who was 
under age at his father's death. '* John Rowe, of Clap- 
lam, Co. Beds., Esq. Will dated 19 Feb., 1584-5 ; proved 
at CP.C. 2 Nov., 1585. He desires to be buried in the 
parish church of Clapham : divides the surplus of his 
goods between his two eldest daughters [those probably of 
lis first marriage] : devises all his lands and tenements in 
Hackney, Co. Middx. (except those in tenure of Margaret 
Foster and the fourth part of three acres in Glad's More, 
^hich he gives to his brother Henry Rowe) to Elizabeth, 
Judith and Sara his three daughters, the rents thereof to be 
Reived by Rebecca their mother imtil they be 21 or 
inarried ; remainder to his son Thomas Rowe. His wife, 
Rebecca, sole executrix. Overseers, his father in law 
Robert Brand (Brandon) and friend Henry Rowe." The 
three daughters married respectively John Fleming, of Co. 
York ; John Shorwell, of Shorwell ; and Capt. Henry 
Seckford ; the son seems to have died yoimg. — ^C. J. 



We hear from Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, that as Mr. 
Scott, who kept the Black Swan in the same town, was 
returning home, on Thursday last, from Baldock market. 


being on the box with a coachman of his acquaintance, and 
the coachman driving furiously into the inn, the gate 
of which being low, and Mr. Scott not stooping enough, he 
was thrown off with such violence, that he expired imme- 
diately. (March 6, 1760.) 

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Appleford, on Wednesday 
the 13th Day of January 1762, at the Duke of Bedford's 
Arms Inn in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, between the Hours 
of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, by Order of The 
Executor of Mr. Thomas Johnson, deceased ; The re- 
maining Part of a Lease for a Thousand Years, of which 
above Nine Hundred and Eighty-six are to come, of 
that valuable Pit or Quarry, called Tattinghoe, or Tat- 
temole Quarry. And in the Afternoon will be sold, all 
the Machines and Implements used in getting and raising 
the Stone ; a parcel of Stone already raised in the Pit, 
being of an exceedingly good Quality, and approved of by 
the ablest Workmen in the Kingdom, several thousand 
Loads having been lately used of it at Woobum Abbey, a 
Seat of his Grace the Duke of Bedford's, and at several 
other Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats in the Neighbour- 
hood : Also several Chimney Pieces, ready finished, made 
with the same Sort of Stone : Together with some White 
and other Marble in Black Chimney Pieces, &c. For 
further Particulars enquire of Mr. Appleford, Auctioneer, 
at his House in Dunstable. 

N.B. — Whoever will give Notice to Mr. Appleford of a 
Dun Gelding, which was lost the 18th of October last, so as 
he may be had again, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward 
and aU reasonable Charges. He was full fifteen Hands 
^^g\ aged, with a Blaze down his Face, a quartered Foot 
before, several white Feet, a dark Lift down his Back, has 
been very much hurt with a Saddle, which on the near Side 


ftppeanlike a Setfast, tbe Hair has been dipt on both Sides 
near the Breadth of both Hands.— (1762.) 

At St. Alban's, as he was going to his country house at 
Dmistable, Marshe Dickenson, Esq ; Alderman of Queen- 
Hthe ward, Member of Parliament for Brackley in North- 
amptonsliire, and Chairman of the Committee for Ways 
and Means. (Died, Feb., 1766.) 

They write from Bedfordshire, that a certain much 
vilified Nobleman, who has lately made great purchases in 
that county, is now become so popular, by the numerous 
works he is carrying on there, that it is imagined nobody 
will soon have greater influence than his Lordship in those 
P^rts, and that the whole command of the county must 
shortly be transferred to him.— (Oct., 1765.) 

Tuesday last a Coimty-Drover, having received £250 at 

a Nobleman's house the West end of the town, went 

to a Public-house to coimt over the money, in which being 

observed by two men then present, they followed him 

M far as Dunstable in Bedfordshire, where they robbed him 

of all his cash, and left him with the following piece 

of advice, viz. " Never more to display his money in a 

Public-house."— (Nov., 1765.) 

(1765.) — ^A few days since, a noted Horse- Dealer, at 
Maiden, in Bedfordshire, having stolen a horse, and being 
taken into custody for the same, hanged himself in a fit of 

We are informed that the Earl of Bute has lately 
engaged some Ship-carpenters to build, from the timber of 
liis estate, the model of a first rate man of war, with 
a view to adorn the extensive canal now making at his 
Ix)rd8hip'8 seat at Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire. — (1766.) 

Monday, March 23, (1767.) Yesterday morning died at 
Porter's-end in Bedfordshire, of the bruises he received by 


the fall from his horse, the most hon. Francis Russel, 
marquis of Tavistock, only son and heir apparent of 
his grace the duke of Bedford, knight of the shire for the 
county of Bedford, and colonel of the Bedfordshire militia. 

Monday, (April 6, 1767.) His grace the duke of Bed- 
ford has added £3000 per annum to the marriage settle- 
ment of the marchioness of Tavistock since the decease of 
her husband. 

Wednesday 8. Yesterday the honourable the earl of 
upper Ossory, was chosen member for the county of 
Bedford, in the room of the late marquis of Tavistock. — 
(April, 1767.) 

We are informed that there has lately been a survey 
taken of the road from Royston, thro' Baldock and Hitchin 
to Dunstable, and that next sessions an act of parliament 
will be obtained for making it a turnpike road ; by which 
means a communication across the country will be opened, 
very useful not only to gentlemen for travelling, but also to 
all dealers in goods from Birmingham, Coventry, and 
Norwich, which at present are conveyed round by London 
at a great expence. — (Aug. 1767.) 

On Sunday the 17th inst. died, after a few days illness, 
the Rev. William Seele Maxey, rector of North-hill, Bed- 
fordshire, which he enjoyed 26 years. It is a donative, in 
the gift of the Grocers Company. — (Sept. 1780.) 

BEDFORD. — St. Paul's Parish Eeoisters. 
(Continued from Page 25.) 

1600. — ^March — ^Abrahame Wakfield bapt. xxv]\ 

Aprill. — ^William Spencer buried the first ; Srances 
leatham bapt. the vjth. 


Mali. — ^Karie Coolbak bapt. the eeugth ; Edward 

Hawkins bapt. the xviijtb. 
June. — Elcebetbe Acworthe bapt. the viijth. 
July. — Elcebethe Beacham bapt. xiijth ; John 
Joanes and Judethe Skener marred the 
xxijth ; Sibell Fletcher bapt. the xxxth. 
August. — John Sharman bapt. the vjth August 
Mr. Beckett hurried the viijth daie ; 
Anne Hawkins buried the xth ; Rofie 
Pleasenthin bapt. xxxth. 
Sept. — ^Mary Parradin bapt. the second ; Mary 

Beacham buried xxvjth. 
Octob. — Lawrence Gearie and Elcebethe Waill 

marrid the xxvjth Octob. 

Novemb. — Martin Linford and Judethe Wilson 

marrid the xxijth ; Thomas fEisher bapt. 


[Query : Is this an ancestor of Thomas Fisher the 

artist and author of " Bedfordshire Collections."] 

Janti. 1600-01. — ^Beman Easton bapt. the viijth ; John 

Chapham burred the xth ; George Lane 
bapt. the xxiijth. 
1600*01. — ^ffebruarij — Christopher Archer and Joan Coatts 

mairied the first fEebrij ; Judethe 

Bardell bapt. the ixth ; Margrett 

Acworthe bapt. the xith ; Jane 

Kendoll bapt. the xixth. 

Marche. — ^Marie Pecoke bapt. the viijth ; John 

Bandes bapt. the xvth. 

1601. — Aprill — Sibell Maynard bapt. the xxvth ; Mother 

Harvie hurried the xxvth. 
Maij. — ^Thomas Hwese And ffrances Thoydy maried 
the xviijth. 


July, — Edward Noake vicr. of St. Pawells bured 
the XYiijth July ; Thomas Thornton bnrried 
the xxYth. 
October. — Cicly Arthur bapt. the ixth ; Gfaberill 

Thornton burred the xth. 
KoTemb. — John Sharman And TTenefrid dale 
married the xxiTth. 
1601-02.— ffebruarij— William Randes bapt the rth ; 

Margarett Acworthe bapt. the xith ; 
Robert Catlin and Elcebeth Ghrigs 
irere marred the xxvth ffeb. 
1602. — Oetobei^^ohn Beadell and Alee Coper marred the 

xxTth daie Oct. 
KoTcmbw — ^Richard Plesentyn bapt. xsrijth. 
December. — George Parad [ine ?] bapt. the xiijtii 

16i>a.—3Iai}— William Aeworth bapt. the ijth MaiL 

Juhr.— ^XathanieU Medellton hurried the second ; 

Thoma» Gasken buried 4 da' JuIt. 
SeptemK — ^Urien Gascoyne and Anes Geoi^ 

marred the fower due Sept. 
Octob. — Richard Croftee and Susantt Bradley 
marred the xiijth daie Octobc ; John 
Arthur bapt. the xrijth. 
IVcemK — ^Mawd Arthur hurried the xsijth. 
lt>(.>^iU.^-Ja^uarie— Cbirie* Catlin Ittpt. the xjth : Mary 

Acwi>rth bured xxjth ; barbarie 
Aovorth bured the xxTth : Thomas 
Arthur Aod Aonet^Wildman married 
the xixth. 
ffebruarxK — Edward E^x^tt hurried the rth ; 

IVryty Acwvrth hujred the ^x^tK 
X,irvhe — J, CXI tE.>i^r ba^^t. t;he fuurth daie: 


Richard Duckworth bapt. xiiij March 
and buried ivth August. 
1604. — Septemb. — John Marvell and Elcebethe Monea 

marred the xijth daie Sept. 
Becemb. — ^fErances Marvell bapt. the vijth daie 
1606. — ^Annis ffaldoe bapt. the xxiiijth Novemb. 
1606-7. — William Baskerfield and Joane Croott marred 

the xxTith Jan. [P 1604-5]. 
1605-6. — John lEaldo and Marie Osbom maried the xth 

daie of fEebruarie. 
1607. — Annes ffaldo bured the xvth daii Sept. 

[About this period the years in both books are very 
much mixed up, and for a few pages it seems 
almost impossible to make out the correct year.] 

1610. — ^William Marvell bapt. the xvth Aprill. 
Elcebethe Marvell buried second Maij. 
Hoger Harpar and Dorty j^ewman marred the 
xxvij Aug. 

[(?} — Was this some collateral descendant of Sir 
William Harper ?] 
John Marvell and Alee Gent marred the viijth 
daie Novemb. 
[In the other book this marriage is given as taking 

place in the month of October.] 
Novemb. — ^Mighell Sibthup and Thomesen Abbott 

mairred the xxixth. 
Thomas Bandes bapt. xvth Dec. 
1610-11. — ^Richard Lovelace and Dorty Sqyer marred the 

xvth Sept. 
1611. — Septemb. — Sarah Randes bapt. xxiijth. 

October — ^Thomas Marvell sone of John Marvell 
buried the xiijth. 


1612. — ^Elizebethe faldo bapt. the xxiiijth Dec. 

1613. — ^Thomas ffaldo bur. the xxxth Aprill. 

1614. — ^Luke ffaldo Bone of John faldo bapt. the xth day 


Alee Lovelace bapt. xvij July. 

David ffaldo sone of Lewke bapt. xviijth Oct. 

Luke ffaldo's wife buried the vith Nov. 

Kathreen Shelley bapt. the ivth and burred the 

xiijth Decemb. 
1614-15. — Mary Rands bapt. the xxiiijth fFeb. 
1615. — Jacob ferecharoes and Ajqc Savage maried xith 


Novemb. — ^Ursula Taylor, bapt the first Novemb. 

October — Judeth fferechards bapt. the xxth daie. 

[The above is a most curious name ; it might be the 
same as Fitz-Eichards]. 

Elcebethe ffaldo bapt. the xith Novemb. 
James Shelley bapt. xxiij Dec. 
1615-16. — Constance ffaldo bapt. xiijth March. 
Constance ffaldo burred xvth March. 

[In original book this entry is baptised, but it 
probably should be buried]. 

1616. — John Marvell bapt. the xiijth April. 

1617-18. — Robartt ffaldoe and Elcebethe Reve maried the 

xvith ffeb ; Thomas ffaldo sone of Luke faldo 

bapt. the xvth daie and burrid the xviith Feb ; 

Constance faldo daughter of Robart faldo bapt. 

the xvth March. 
1618.— Elcebeth Taylo' daught. of Rh. tayler Gentt. 
bapt. viijth Sept; Tho Dulla and Marie Mewell 
(? Marvel) maried the xxxth Septem. 
1618-19.— ffcbrj^— Tho. Croat sone of Thomas Croat and 


Margrett Woodward daught. of F. 
Woodward bapt. xiiijth ; Alee Harper 
Burried the same dale. 
1619. — ^April. — ^Ane faldo fill. Luke ffaldo bapt. the xth. 
June. — Mary Shelley wife of Wm. Shelley buried 
vith ; Thomas Newton and Anne ffisher 
married the xiiijth ; Steven Luxford sone 
of Steven Luxford bapt. the xxiiijth. 
July. — ^Danell Marvell sone of John Marvell bapt. 

the iiijth. 
August. — ^Ane faldoe daughr. of Luke faldo bured 

Octob. — Sibell Lowther wife of Rich. Lowther 
burred the xxvijth. 
1619-20. — ^March— Richard Taylor sone of Richard Taylor 

gentt. Bapt. the xxth dale. 
1620- — ^Maij — Married Mr. Slater and My la' Mordants 

gentlewoma' the forth daie of May. 

1621. ^Aprill — ^Peter Bamford sone of Robartt Bamford 

baptized the one daie ; Elcebethe Paradin 
[sic] feli The. paradin bapt. xvith. 
Maij . — ^Elcebethe ffaldo daught. of Luke faldo bapt. 

Olyver Taylo' and Ursula Renolds marred xxx. 
XXX. Julij. 
Sept. — Humphre Taylo' sone of Richard Taylo' 

Gent bapt. the xvth. 
Nov. — ^Buried Robartt faldo the xxth daie ; John 
faldo sone of Robartt faldo bapt. xvjth Dec. 

ItoiPVB OF Clapham (page 46^. — ^There is no monimient 
to any member of this family in Clapham church, nor does 


the Register afford any information respecting them, as the 
earliest book extant begins at 1696. The only fact I hare 
been able to discover is, that John Rowe, arm., of Clapham, 
was nigh Sheriff for this county and Bucks., for part 
of the 26th year of Elizabeth (the year of his death), 
having been succeeded for the rest of the year by Richard 
Ghamock, arm., of Holcot, Beds. — J. W. Haddock. 


In the churchyard of All Saints, Leighton Buzzard, 
is the following quaint inscription : — 

** Cease weeping parents 'twas my makers will 
That I should fall by Lightning in the field 
At God*s command it struck, & then I fell 
I had not time to bid my friends farewell 
My Father ran, though he could scarcely stand 
When he saw me lay burning on the Land 
Then with his hands he put the Fire out 
Saying de«r Lord my Son is dead I doubt/' 

In St Psiul'a Churchyard. Bedford* on a stone to the 
bewukott of EUb^ wife of Thos^ Waldock, who died 1825, 
is the f>Uowing lugubrious couplet : — 

^^ I^tttt was my portion, physic my food 
Groatt$ my dexv>tic«u drugs did mie no good.'* 

In th« Church \>f St. Mary. Erntoiu en a flat stone 
in the Crvi^ Aisle oYinr a^rain^l the porvK was fomerly the 

**^ Hi>r^ h>^ Maunr TTrtrfit 
ChiM ^nse and kiu4 
Hid ttNwa o«r ;si;ci^t 


Note. — Only the 3 words (Mary, Wright, chast) are legible, 
ye rest almost quite worn out I |_J. Pomlret] had from the 
derk's mouth who said she died aged about 70 years (as I 
take it a maid) a mean person, and the stone was ancient not 
laid out for her tho' it had no inscription till that of her's. 

(Lansd. MS8. 817, fo. 97.) 

F. A. B. 


In the Church of St. Nicholas at Hockliffe are three 
bells bearing the arms of England and France quarterly 
thereby showing that they were cast previous to 1603 ; 
they have the following inscriptions on them in the order 
named: — 

1 . *' Satt ^UfpxssSm Sioxut in ^n gn*'" 

The tower of All Saints Church, Chalgrave, contains 
3 bells on which are the following inscriptions : — 

I. " + GOD SAVE OVR KIXO 1623." 




(Be/ore this last inscription is the founder's mark — an 
angular device of five points bettceen two circles,) 

In the tower of Toddington Church is a fine peal of 
eight bells all apparently recast about the end of last 
century; the following inscription on the tenor bell is 
a fair sample of the rest : — 

" Thos. Mears late Lester Pack & Chapman of London 
fecit 1792. Thos. HoUis & Harry Osbom Church 

There is a Sanctua Bell aroond which is — " Chandler 
made me 1665." F. A. B. 

Martell Family. — ^The following extrncta are from the 
parish Registers of St. Paul's, Bedford. I am unable 
to identify them with the family of which the poet, 
Andrew Marvell, was so conspicuous a member, but as 
there is a chance of their being connected, I venture to 
send them for insertion, especially as the evidences of the 
poet's family are so meagre : — 
1604. — John Marvell and Elcebetbe Morris married the 

xijth daie Septemb. 
1604. — ffrauces Marvell, bapt. the vijth doie decemb. 
1607.— William Marvell, bapt. the ivjth Aprill. 
1608. — John Marvell and Alee Gentt marred the viijth 

daie Oct. 
1608. — ^Elcebethe Marvell bur. the ijd Maie. 
1614. — John Marvell baptized the xiijth Aprill. 
1616. — Tho. dulla and Marie Maruell married the xxxtb 

^617. — ^Danell, sone of John Marvell bapt. the ivth July. 
F. A. B. 

(■wing are a few that I have noted in the course 
larches are not appearing in Haines' Manual 
^iai Sraaaes, and which have escaped the 
aher : — 

' ffeqaiesoat corpus Ri'chardi Edwards 

"f'geri Qui obiit Secundi Die 

ybria Anno Dni 1638 /Etatis suae 57." 


On a shield these arms : — 

Per bend sinister sa. and erm. a lion rampt. or. 

Crests — 1. An esquire's hehnet proper surmounted by — 
2. A man's head sidefaced in a helmet all proper, above 
this a plume of 3 feathers. 

Burke has this note on the fannly — "William Bed- 
ford, Captain E.I. Company, s. of the Rev, William 
Fuller Bedford, by Margaret, his wife, dau. of Richard 
Edwards, Esq., of Arlesey, assumed the name and arms of 
Ejdwards, by royal licence, 20, Nov. 1792, having suc- 
ceeded to the estates of his maternal uncle, Richard 
£dwards, who died 1789. 

Bedford. — St. Paul's, Inscriptions only : — 

n. "Here lyeth buryed the body of Robert Wal- 
ler one of the Aldermen and thrice Mayor of 
this towne who dyed y^ 9th of October 1608 
being of y^ age of Ixxiii yeres and also near vn- 
to this place lyeth buryed y^ body of Mary his 
wife also deceased y^ 81th of March 1606 being of 
age Ixxi yeres & had issue betwixt them vii 
sonnes and v doubters" 

Here lyeth bvried the bodie of William 
Waller the fift sonn of Robert Waller 
one of the Aldermen of this Towne and Ivstice 
of the peace and hath beene thrice Maior who de- 
ceased the xii lanvary 1686, beinge Iviii yeares 

of age and had no issue." 

* — Scvlp. 

The monogTaiu of the engrayer is like the letters '* M E" conjoined 
a cypher or trade mark attached. 



IT. Cecill BussTy & Elizabeth his w., da. & 

coh. of Sir Gerrard Hervy by Dorothy d. 

& coh. of John Gascoione. Cecil Bussy 

ob. 1 Mar.^ 1632, eff. betw. 2 ladies, arms on 

their mantles. * 

V. Inscription to Joane Goddard ; 10 lines, 

mural 1610. 

vi. Smedl brass plate on floor of Ohancel to John 

Johnston Gen. Rector 1625, — Arms — 


vii. A small brass plate containing 7 male figures 
in dress of civilians, underneath, this inscrip- 
tion : — 
" Here lieth the bodie of William Carter, Qent, who took 
to wife I Marie the Daughter of Thos, A unsell Esqi^ by 
whom he had issue seven sones \ And ten Daughters. He 
died the first day of September J 605. Shee survivinge \ 
in memorial of her affection to him living caused this 
monument to be made \ over him under . . she 


VII. An effigy of %abtxt Wittt, yritgt, full length. 


IX. Effigies of EicHARD Saunders, and Johan his 
wife with inscription : — 

** 9f g[0' ciKq[U {rrs^T &^ 4^ sumUsi of ^icljKA ^sunirjers snir 
$o^mx 1 1^X8 fxij[h fxiYufnt ^ic^fKti litctu%si!b t^^t siiii hq^ xrT 
39^ in i\ft xtttt at \ ant lorrir gai m b^ xmsibr an faTgau %anlt$ 

* Query if this brass is still in exisienoe. 



X. Effigies of William Saunders, and Isabell his 
wife, mutilated inscription :— 
9«t Ijti^ WSl*m S^vttttld&r8 gent, the son ofRieharf] 
Shaxtian ftAxant of i[he ehurehea of Potte9gror$ Sf Battlssden] 
mb $tttibtJl \i$ fsjfi bflho had three children, Thomas, Mien, ^ 
Anne\ %\t fa^itji WSSvx)itf^[ted this Ufe the xxvi day of 
Fehr}/] m jt jtrf rf 0^ Imift 60lr m[i^ Ixiii whose soul Qodpwrdon^^^ 


XI. Inscription only. 

'' 9ntb ^n aJ8 %fi\i% ffiigjt stniaris irt t)\A)xtAnvit qui 0Uit bit 
jifathti sntf ftsttrin l^stiitiiatis saitrti %fi\i% §a:|lf aniur bni 
willnw tttt^ tfxvoh anhtw yr^picuittr )stm gimjctt/'t 

XII. Effigies of man & wife kneeling with shield 

over, and inscription. 

XII. Small brass to Edmond Date, 1590. 


XIV. Inscription to-^ 

" Thomas Olaver Rector 
of Toddington was bvried 
the ninth day of 

September, 7654: 


* Time Vranes liaye been moved from their original place and are now 

Dflatl J mounted on wood and attached one on either side of the nave. 

No. X is a palimpsest of Flemish workmanship of the XlVth oentary, 

which still shows traces of haying been worked in ohamp-leTe enamel, 

some of the colouring and gQding yet remaining. A portion of the fillet 

u preserved showing the nsual border of square and round roees, next to 

this is a portion of an inscription in bold Lombardio characters. The top 

light hand comer of the brass is occupied by an angel with outspread 

wings holding a scroll, in a quartrefoil compartment. Next to the 

ioscripticn and round the edge of the inner plate are trefoil compartments 

filled with butterflies, birds, and monstroeitieB. These fragments appear 

to hsTB formed part of a very large brass of exquisite workmanship, 

probably similar to the weU-known one of Abbot Delamere in St. Alt^na 


t This brass has recently been recovered from a stonemason's by the 
Vicar of Great Barf ord after an absence of 30 years ! 



*v. Inscription -- 

" Hen lieth intemd the body of 
Thomas Pennington gent who 
departed this life the 14 September 
On a shield these atms : — 

[Or] five fusils conjoined in tees [ar-J 

xn. Fragment containing figure of a young S^^ 

and chiysom.* 
XVII. In the South Transept a shield of aa™* ' 
quarterly of 6 : — 
1- — , a chevron— betw. three plates. 
2. Bany of ten— and— a lion ramp.—. 
3- — , three boars— 2 & 1. 

4. —a bend— 

5. —a fess between two chevrons. 

6. —a fret— f 


xviir. Heraldic fragment fastened to a mural stoae 
from Trhich the inscription has disappoa^^ 
under window at East end. Arms of a. bac e- 
lor— JtfoHDAUNT quartering L^ Stbange- 
BRock, & I>E Alneto. 


'X. Inscription only: — 

'S'ic ^actt fix Stromal ^ttbt rjiuilrs 

gor iKtx' Lorci mi' ait f'jfiatt' Irma. ^^__^ 

the posseBsion o* Major Cooper-Cooper. ToddiDgto*» "^^ 
** in the chapiel -wliere the Pevro and Cheney fanuU 
' oaoDot assism -fclie coat. 




'^- On an altar Tomb of ^ 

»l-l> of Northamptonshire^'*^ ^°^e^ ^V. 
corner nf *\. -J^ ^ai»>^7 ^*i a 

"^ * cra«t, date 1693. ^^"-'^^ Bz.e4,b. 

, ^e«e that foIIot^'^^®'^^^^^S5r~~~ 
o« the Toddfn^ *''® transcribed fJ 

''^^^ *o pay to ti, ^''^'^ 1*"°^ above 16 . 

yearly. Ye .? / ^^*°'' for an offi!- Z^" "* 

P«««e, ^th ,• ^°' Carriages J^"^^ ^- ^* ^ 

Th« f^ ^''^^ five still,- . ^ ***°^ is si 

^ P^^cel xnaintain^ tfr^/ *°' * ^-^ " " 

^^ ye Hector. ^ ^*- ^^ *^« I-rd of ye JUarxo^, «— 

rP«-on appoi. J'^^?^- of Clerk and Se^w — ''' 

/^ a Jtf arriage witb ^. ""^ churchmj? - ' ' () 

JThese are to ce^SJ^.^^^^** ^ ^^^t^"- ^ 

^ ^tor of yt p^* Toddmgton eight-perxo, 
^•"^ i« mike^" *°' ^^^'y Wall. I*^ 

^^vas due to 


The following collection of monumental inscriptions, &c. , 
were taken by Francis Thyune, Lancaster Herald, in the 
years 1582-3, The greater part has never yet appeared 
in print — those marked with an * have been printed in 
No. VIII, of Nichols's Bibliotheca Topographica Briiannica, 
4to, 1783. As these notes were taken previous to the 
period of the Commonwealth, when so many monumenta 
of the dead, &c., were so ruthlessly destroyed by the Puri- 
tans, they will be particularly valuable to the genealogiat. 
They have been transcribed by me from a MS. in the 
British Museum entitled " Cott. MSS., Cleop. C. III. ;" 
the writing, however, is so crabbed and difficult to decipher 
that I have been compelled to leave a few blanks. The 
words within parentheses ( ) are additions made by 
myself, the spaces within brackets represent those left in 
the original MS. 

August 3rd, 1880. F. A. Blaydes. 

Monumentes taken out of Bicileswade, or Byclyswade, 
or Bigleswade, Ao. dni. 1682, folio 2. 

" 3Btc JMrf ^ofr'ts €,tttitxh]it HI. qui obiji. [. . . .] $,a. 
Jlnr. ^CfiCtt. whose epitaphe is thus " : — 
/HflPfi fnllnw ffmf T.^tin verses.) 

in verses from the tomb of John 
Leacon of Bedford, 1460, died 1481, 
Etre given in Gough's SepulcAral 
0. 272, I will content myself with. 

n the margent, Gra. six escallops 
a crescent of the second, supported 
standing upon two crosae-sheaves 


goli* His worde over his armes is ** 3^^ may tioiii utaixtift, " 
The crest over the armes is the Holy Lambe silver in 

the sun P leninge distilling the same into a djshe gxdes 

whereon is St. John's hedde siluer. 
In the great windowe where thie altar stood are these 

armes: — 

1. Gil a saltire arg. impaling gu. a cross fleurie or a 
crescent for difference. 

2. Gn. a cross fleurie or, impaling chequ^e or and az. a 
f esse gules. 

John Redell of Dunstone & Alice his wyfe gave to 
Ric. Enderbye and Alice his wyfe certaine land in Stratton 
dated Ao. 7 R. II. 

This writing for Redell's realey hathe this scuttone ; — 
on a saltire — ^five mullets — 

Latton-Busarde, f. 2b. 2nd Sept. 1582. —In the 
churche of Layton-Busarde in Bedfordshire, a fayr 
churche and a reasonable great towne, and yet I foimd 
never an armes in the windowe nor any more than one 
epitaphe w'che is this : — 

'' ®f {0r. t\BXTsltjEit igTxtl iot i)it &offoIes nf SSilliam ^^mount^ 

tS^ «ft ^I rf ^ttgnst, in ll^je ffjor^ of avsxt lorlr gjakk 3B:«**«*bni 
« b\mt sjortoh gje»«s \zm wftjcfft/' 

TuDDiNGTONE, in Bedfordshire, f. 8. 

** 35« jarrf 9)\ssvxn% J^tj^bn [or Peyure in the window] tpxi 
'^it %a. ^vX. S^CCCCssix mm wxmt pt$ip&a!bxt irtus/' 

He is statelye burred there cutt out of whit marbell in 
his armor, about whose tombe are these sections : — 

* I cannot find thia coat in Papwortli. Mr. J. G. Nichola, in Th$ 
^opofrapher and Oenealopist,'' Vol. L, p, 66, blazons the coat thus: a 
ooMKnt, within an orle of escallops ; whereas in Bnxke's Armory the 
*nns assigned to Buding, Budinge, and Bnding are totally diflerent. 


1. Arg. on a chevron gu. three fleurs-de-lys or. 

2. Gu. a bend varrey silver & asur between six escallops 
or. (Beauple.) 

3. Quarterly arg. and gu. over all a bend of the second. 


4. Not tricked. 

**'§k iucti (* Margaret) vatai SJ^nww ^jttitr, rums Kn*t 
fxafiivxivit iitn%" She is also very stately cutt out of 
maruell about whose tombe in a vaute of the walle are 
these armes: — 

1. Peyvre impaling Loring. 


3. Quarterly of 4, Peyvre & Loring. 

4. Peyvre impaling Loring. 

There is lykewyse an other fPeuer cutt oute of fEree 
stonne in armo' buried crosse-legged, one whose tombe 
are these armes and no writing:— 

1. (Arg.) on a chevron (gu.) three fleurs-de-lys (or.) 

2. Barry of 5 arg. and az. within a bordure gu. 
(P Arden.) 

3. Peyvre. 

4. As No. 2. 

Langforde, f. 103, 24 July, 1583.— ''Sir jajcrf ^n 
Sl^jamas ^nviban qnonW bicaxvxi istius tuYit qui olrijt »e| Int 
mtnm ^tctxabm ^o. ^nu ^fi^sx cixim Kn*t ftogi^tim §ms/'t 

* She was d. and coh. of Sir NeiU Loring, of OhalgraTe, K.Q. 

t This is, I have no doubt, the tomb of Nicholas, the father of Thomas 
Peyvre, who marr. Margaret, d. of Sir Thomas Arden, Kt. 

X This brass is lithographed hj Fisher, being Ko. 34 of his Monumental 
JRemains and Antiquitiei in the County of Bedford, 


In the Grlasse Windowes : — 

1. a chevron sa. betw. three bulls arg., homed or. 

2. Or, a cross gules betw. four birds gu. 

3. Or, tliree crescents gu, Odwell, or Oudell. 

4. Bendy of six or and az., on a chief gu, three ? fleur- 
de-lys arg. (? Tnlleck). 

6. Arg. a chevron gu. betw. three pellets. 

6. Az. a chevron arg. between three fleurs-de-lys or. 

A vicarage & a p'sonage, tiie p'sonage belonging to the 
qume being a manner. 

Thre mannors, one belonging to the Deane of West- 
mester, the other manners some tyme Odell's now in the 
heyres of Chitwell and George Calnely's, or Cheyne hath. 
dyd during his life by his wyfe the mother of Chitwell. 
Anthony Odell baronne of Odell. 

Senloe. — A vicarage, the p'sonnage to the queue 
Lantonye, Holde.* 

Clyttone, f. 103b, 24 July, 1583.— There lyeth Sir 
Michaell Fisher and his wyfe cutt out in allablaster with 
these armes: — 

1. Arg., on a chevron betw. three demi-lions ramp. gu. 
as many plates (Fisher). 

2. Az., on a chevron betw. three leopards' heads or a 
mullet sa. (Frowyke). 

3. Arg., on a bend or three birds of the field, f 

4. Barry of four or & gu., on a chief az., two stags' 
heads cabossed of the first (? Barendens). 

* There was a manor called Henlow Lanthony in this parish -which, in 
1293, formed part of the poeaeasions of the priory of Lanthony, near 
Gloucester (Cart. 21, Edw. I.) 

t This coat should he — Arg., on a bend go. three martlets yert legged 

or (DXKTEBS). 



5. , a chevron betw. three grifEns' heads erased — 

This one ys a fysher is eupposcd to be Judge fysher 
called Sir Johne fysher, and burned there also Sir Michfell 
Sonne to the judge. 

In one windowe is : — 

" 9ntt irto wa'n lofr'ii ^i^n ntilH. mm jjatit. Vva ngis Ire 
tet' Snu0 tt ^giutii ntiir rim $£, 1509." 

" ®TBtc pia sn's Itolfia %i|a ar. filij HtutF^Iix fs'itt milttis 
qni aiiit 24 hit Inlii, an, Ir'ni. 1!)28."* 

About him are these armes : — 

1. Az. fretty gu, three luces naiant or. [Margaret, wife to 
Sir Mickal fysher.l 

2. FiSHEB, impaling, az. on a chevron between three 
leopards' heads or, a mullet (sa Fbowtke). 

And other armes, but the plates gone, and seemed in 
this sort : — 

8. — , frettfee — on a chief — a lion pass. — t 

4. (Or), a fease undee (gu.) betw. three billets (sa.), 
a crescent for difference (Stanfobdb). 

" t^nttc ^D Toaimi ^gnttis nn^. vaani Wm. ^tanGonltt et 
j^ictiolai filii an'm. ifai abuToaX ^. §ni. 1440 ^itoi' sialnu 
irrajriiittut hnw." 

" Jtas fill i\t aotolt of S^. WMx' ^stmamit, Isti ■g'w\t priwd 
eii\it :gmt,)}t t\mc\t io't^ttatutsia tliisucof 0i.I(nj}i)trl516, 

ffn AtfriKi* unfnli ^(bUS ^mt mttt^t." 

^ytt ^iAeiot. He was a preste. 

Salttrna IJonijInttr qasmliwca ttdat istiui cccl'u pi 

;irilli>, gjr, gni. 1447, rniua n'nt frroiri'ihii Irau," 

rd'a cMt~Qa., frettj or. on k chiaf of the «eooiid a 



A p*8onage belonging to the lorde Saint John. Clyftone 
/ manor belonging to the lorde Saint John. Another manor 

belonging [....] Long, sonne to Sr. Kichard Long. 
Two Bridges. 

Shepferd, f. 104, 24 Julii, 1583 :— 

**»nrtt por aw'alwa ^it^vixtn Carfrri (P Carvele) rf ^Yt 
viom mi tpxi aiinnxd 14 mmsis {tbrvaaf ^a* S^« 1489^ tpxof 
mibx% jTxrji'rfur Irjeus/* 

Anns,^, a chevron gu. betw. three birds—. 

Some tyme w^ch shefferd belonging to the Erie of Bnc. 

Waeden, f. 104. — ^Armes in the windowes : — 

1. Az., three wardens or (Warden Monastery) . 

2. Arg., three eagles sa. (? Kirkton). 

3. Sa., a lion ramp, or (?Bromhall). 

4. Gu., a bend arg. within a bordure engr. of the second 

\ (?BaKEM0RE). 

5. Gki., a chevron arg. betw. three leopards' heads or 
(? Carvele). 

6. Gu., a fesse betw. six martlets or (St. Amond). 

NoRTHiLL, f. 104b. — ^In the Chancel : — 

*' iic izut Vn'% ^aY'^^ fxmiit* primus mKgistn tt ttciax istim 
ttcYk coUtQisAt tt fttttJmte pa uivAnz Mi ^Yisi KraffUijje wilitis 
^ StginalM tins xm& qnl jorMit bliixaa iit ^nlii ^a. gm^ l^^2. 
8'»'s bm $0Yisi Kw^nff^ «friii hit |«mi ^a. gm, X401, tt 
S^jiiralbttfi 18 Ht octoMZr ^o. guL 1402.*' 

** Wi^ pctt ^u ))r'n'8 ^gtmi it Si^mitltgt qmnhm 

it %cucma ir'ni rtgis (tibrntii qui abxjfi 2^* mwBa $vaaxmi 

tt qui l^vaxc csftJkm nabijitt comitxaixt mms nxCt fxapattnt trmi.** 

** 3i^ pttt Vxi*s SEiU'm'is Sjorjastall qnovimm ranumints ttcltBhm 
tst^tlmltm ^avinm tt ^ttdotit tt ttttm ^nim tttVxt t^ tM]ji 12 
Wt |t0«jtmiris %at gwi, 1689 tam% z'nt jjwpi'rfur Irjeua/' 

'' Slir xittt ^r. %it\TSxivi% l^A^t »u|f* ranumiciis tttVit csSft- 
bralis %m$Hjxt tt xtttat ttcVit fvttfciviiih it ^fpattling]r0niu tt ^x^ 


fxnxbtmmnt €aUtsn it ^wA^^fsitll qvi 0lriit 8 hit osiains ^a* 
}§nu ^€€Sf€fAm tnim tm't g'f'ittxit irttcs/" 

*' W'^ iajcjKt (Rlhaijttjr i&aiifTt^ nnf* max gir'i t^oifxtTH arwijm 
tpxatiifnm vd^ax MSVi ^liSoxiit vtmistti ti una: filiax' "gxt^alxi 
«0«g8fi(nrlrje ar* qwje ^Wit 16 iie wjmsis marrij ^0» gni. ||)i;C®CC«rii 
0jm« an'jc ^jajri'rfur irjeus." 

Arms. — 1. Chequ^e (or) and (az.) on a fesse (gu.), a 
crescent (or) (Clifford) impaling, — y a chevron — . 

2. Nr. 1, impaling gu., fretty or, on a chief of the 
second a lion pass, of the first.* 

'' IPir \vitti Igl^nrirus C^xrltrfrjeji; jqni abi\i siif )rie mmA% msxii\ 
^0. gni* |^®CCC3EliJbr ti ^a^zrmt mssx jefus ruins a'i's $T09^i'jetur 

f. 105 J^TXjEtt fax t)it %afalt at ^^atxatz bn (fig. of a deer 
lodged contournie) ]^ill {i.e. XJnderhill) anlr ^arjgiawt \i% 
iaxfitt M\tx anir xaai\tx ia ^\ut bn (ut supra) \i\i s0Wjc ixpat 
^x. ai i\h €011%^ Jto'4 ^\ami% Jrjer'jtJr i^t 20 Jra^fjc ai 'gavLtxabtXf 
gJCCffiCbxxbiii^ anbr il^t sailr ^arjawti t]^je 29 0f SUti^mbtt iu 
t!|^je jjtrje ^€«CCC«ii, 0ttje ia^au %aia\t^ ^tm% l^afrje mtxc^t*** 

Arms — (Arg.) a chevron sa. betw. three trefoils slipped 
(vert. XJnderhill) Impaling — ^a fesse — ^between three 
lions pass. — . 

In the glasse windowe is Traylye in his cote armour, 
one his brest — Or, a pleyne crosse gules between fowre 
birdes of the last, but his shield and his sholders only haue 
— or, a pleyne cross. His wyfe hathe on her brest the 
crosse with the birdes and in her hande one a scocone 
(scutcheon) containing this : — 

Az. a cross arg., impaling or, a cross gu. 

* I have Been this coat elsewhere blazoned thus : — ^Arg., fretty sa., on 
a chief gxdes a lion pass, or, for MeperUhale. As blazoned in the text, 
the coat is, by Papworth, assigned to Twyf ord. 


Tke Colledge belongethe to Sir Thomas Browne, who 
married one of those heyres, who had p'te of the said col- 
ledge and boughte the other two p'tes. 
In the glasse windowes be these armes : — 

1. — , a chevron or, between three cups arg. 

2. Az., a chevron between three stags' heads, couped 
arg.y impaling Chequ^e arg. and sa., an inescutcheon sa., 
charged with a P lion ramp arg. 

3. Qu., on a bend arg. three trefoils slipped (vert 

Sandye, f. 105b. 24 Julij 1583. 

ctUaxit xtgni tk ttcUft Junius tccVitt zc tccVit ht ^ti^Ym Csmlnrije 
ntc nan frtittthaim fnita'bi ht iaiiYinian in tccVia* csiitMli 
^tttfarbit qni oiiii 7 hit nobmibn, ^jot* ^nu SS^CCCCsssii cmn% 
as'f pofVtinx itn% sntjm/' 

In the glasse windowes — 

** drate pa sxt'a MiWm "^ungitant jet ^^gztttt canzartis nus/' 

'* ®iaie pa an'a %}ganCt gurg0i»je alim tstiais tccVit xtdax qni 
j^anr ftnt%im' fim tt fritnari fiat ^^^ib.** 

Arms — Oil. a frette arg. (Beauchamp). 

Wrestlingworth, f. 107, 27 Julij 1583. 

*' ©rate pa an'a ^^1% W^xlt^ qni aixit 6 Irie Sitgtmbxii 

^* S^i* W^^bm cnin% vm!t pap^timx,** 

** ^nistpiin jeris ^i transjeas tt ftx\t%t yiaxKf 
Sin jq'lr ms jeraq' si*it% f*Mt jara/' 

[3 sonnes, 2 daughters.] 

Two manners, one called [••••] belonging to the 
queue, the other called [••••] belonging to the Lord 
Saint John. 

A p'sonage, the enhertance to George Po . . clerk of 

In the glasse windowe, these armes — 


Arg., a chevron betw. three birds sa., impaling az., on 
a chief dancett6 or three annulets arg. 

Cakayne Hatley, before called Hately Port, f. 107 b, 
27 July, 1583. 

** ©jratje prjor a'i'alma SStiirm €alsffxt »r» ^otot^u tt '^Ktttint 
vauntB jeftts qtxiqviibtm WiilYmm jobiit 12 iu fArviKX. ^a* gni, 

[2 sonnes, 2 daughters.] 

** 3^t jarjtt ^a)i't% €atlxj[i,ut qui sAi\i 22 )sit mtu%i% ^ij ^0» 
gni. ^CCCCa^i* rf gim tt3f0ir m« qut 0lriil primxr Mje 3«ttij 3^J0^» 
gni. ^C®®C3eslri jet ^0« rtjini tje^is ^* i)i, 0jctafi0 qiuxr' s'i'abus 
g'pi'jetnr irjmB/' 

[5 sonnes, 5 daughters.] 

Arms — ^Arg., three cocks gu., an annulet for difference. 

In the windowe the ragged staffe is gules, the f elde 
asure : — 

Cokayne impaling Az., a ragged stafEe gu. 

*^ Hir larjtt ^oYn ft0r&a2j[njet ar* ti ftltiabjtt]^a ti ^oifBatJxz uauxrts 
eius qui quiirjem |0]^'ies 0lriit in )ri^ Sia* %XbKXLX Tgxtti^omn' vctx%lit 
22 irije mm%i% ^ulij ^0, §ni* ^CCCCjejc, {U0r' a'i'alms ^0srijetui 

[3 sonnes, one daughter.] 

Arms — 1. Cokayne impaling , a chevron betw. 

three roses . 

2. Cockayne impaling (gu.) a fesse betw. three saltires 
(arg. BoYVELL.) 

** ®f 50*r rl^atstc ip^xn itst i\t «0fofe 0f 9!tmoii)st ^athcjpit 
Irngje 0f Sitftmitt iu ffit jutxt of a*x hxU 3p:Sxfr mt foiou notoltB 

[xij sonnes, 4 daughters]. 
Arms — 1. Cockayne. 


2. — , a chevron — betw. three P padlocks.* 

** 3^ V^^ ^argms ^angrirl^^ ibiiniB qnantmxa max Multni 

Arms — (Arg.) six billets (sa.) 3, 2, and 1. (Langrich) 
impaling Gyronny of eight az. and arg. 

** ^vant ^m it §xxta xfist jn ^Igtsm it %u nmt t^t mtrct,*' 
SuTTONE, f. 109. 27 July, 1583. 

In the Iforthe Chapell — 

'' 3txt litO^ i^t iaimt of 5fir pfitxt Catljpx^ 3x&eit hit hxit 
cl^nU ^nslact jorf ^nghxiht bj^a itctuh il^t xbi of Sitjifttmbtx ^no* 
gni* ^§I^iir, an)r xrf ^umt ^nnt ii% fo]Sift Kvh itfoxt fo^ft of 
^iomzs gurgjorj^nx tsquitr/' 

[His wife was the daughter of Bowells of Hertfordshire.] 
Arms — ^Per chevron (or and az.) three lions pass, 
g^uard. in pale (counter changed) ; a chief (arg. Catlyn.) 
impaling (Arg.) on a chevron betw. three boars' heads 
(sa.) as many escallops (or.) within a bordure (vert) 
bezant^e (Bowles.) 

•* ^txt Ixttlg inxxth nnitx figk %iant i^t ioi}[t of ^KXgKXti 
JSnTQOT^nt onlxi imugj^ttr of S>}goma% ^nxQO^ntf tsqnitXf miiiiox of 
i^t hicli^it of ^matsttXt loxht of il^h ^g^nox of S^vAton vaxif 
jfdAxaxit of i^is cinxc^t fo^cl^t ^Xfpxxti htcts^ti in \tx bix^x^i^ 
i\t 27 iwifjc of ^afff anlr 0f \tx ngt tfei 23 in ilgt mttt ajtiWii/' 

Arms — Gu., a chevron (or) betw. three talbots (ar); 
on a chief embattled arg. as many martlets (az. 

In the North side of the Churche : — 

*' (^f^o'x r]^at]2ttje ^ra^t fsn i\t %oio\t% of %\oxcc&% ^ixxioxpit xaxi 
tHixBibsi\ ]^i8 ioTsft io't^t 9i\owx,% ittt%t)s \\t 9 fynisit of ^u^nst in 

* Tketre must be an error in the blazoning of this coat, as metal upon 
metal is very nnusnal. 


t^t nttt of or latit saiit 3^"^^ out fsTgast sufialt inlr all Jstaw 

In the Chancell : — 

** ©rate gta R»*a ^*ni ^oitxti «0lje8 tpxanhcm xtcton% irxbxn 
tttVit qui ttVi\i 15 bit iwnmbria 3^0. §ni* gJgaHEjn. 

0Wit yjw fflCin'maa f atton, gfrtor irje jjttttan^ 

In tlie midle of the Churche : — 

** Sw jartt Stomas gurgognt tt giliira uxor tim ^i olrijt 2 brie 
©rtobrifl 35:CCC€xM ruis a'lue ^'p'riftur bjeu«/' 

*^ dratt ipr. a'i'abus ^tibtrii ^trj^arl qnonbam mtrnitoris stapub 
billjt jcallais jtt Ifsabjella ua^oris %vat qui quibt' ^obtrtus obiit 8 bit 
fjebruar' 3i0« gni. ^§iii qu0r a*i*abu« j'jithir bms/' 

DuNSTAPLE, ff. 110, 110b. 29 Sept. 1583. 

In the bodye of the Church : — 

1 1- ** S^jc ia^Jcet %zmtxxii\x% J^i^oi foolmau jrnp^bt gunstaylt 
bsahxaoirit qui obift 5 bit mtti%x% fjebniar' ^0. gni. ^gJ^ftCCCI ti 
wgtti Kjis H* 6. 29, Jtt l^liria mam riujs quor' a'i'abus p'jr'r b/* 

[6 sonnes, 6 daughters, Laurence Cantlow his sonne-in- 
lawe; this Piggott and Sr. Johne Hohne made the 
windowe of the Northe He.] 

f 2. ^^ l^ir SSiniam ^uls0 sibi quam soriabit tt %\i% : W^' 
mart sub buro ; rouflusit sors jjeueralis Str Srjes, bis quinos Yic 
uat08 ftriur j^abjtrt ^jer s^^onsas binas, Stus ]^is dtmtns misttnt.'* 

t ** ®f jor f JrarBtif ^rragr f0r tjrje sotoljes of gir. ^iufolbie a»b 

* Engraved by Fisher in Collection of Bedf, AniiquitUt. 

The epitaphB marked f are to be found in Nichols's Bib. Top, Brit.^ 
No. VHI., pub. 1783, but as that work is scame and the reading^ vary, 
as noted below, I haye thought it desirable to g^ve them in full. 

1. Nichols g^ves 4 sons. Inscr. g^ne in 1714. p. 219. 

2. In the Digby pedigree, p. 42, this Alice is called *' Marmore*' ! an 
obYious error, as "xnarmore" must here be translated marble. This 
curious epitaph was first published in '* Hakewell's Apology, page 253," 
and since by Willis in his Appendix to Beame's Chron, d$ Duntt.y p. 736, 
and Fnller*B Worthies, p. 119. 


|g[argznrtt ^is brj^fe fa*c^ $ic. itctsth ilgt 23 of ^obtmitt in il^t 
Hm fff 0*1 ^oxi gah Ig^CCCCCxiri an k^ott zofaltA ^$n% Tjfvbt 

[4 sonnes, 7 daughters.] 

Arms 1. — (Az.) a chevron (or) surmounted of another 
(of the field) between three doves (ppr. Pinfold, granted 
18 Oct., 1501). 

2. — a chevron between three mascles . 

t " Irajjt fax tj^t 80folf s at ^itf^ahsi "^nxbt^ (iliialrtt!^ awtr $rlict 
yi% foibts bs^a \ftctstlii t^t 2 lim^nt at ^znnux* ^0* M^^i*** 

[3 sonnes, 3 daughters.] 

*• #f 501 ^arilje gxuji tax tlgt nabsh at €ltinax pjeiptes i^t fogfe 
tff ^x, ^a}gn ^t^nts titiitn aittr Qxactx at ^anian bs^cJ^t (Bl^nax 
intb t^t 3 Hjit at ^nlj in i^t ^txt at a*x lax)it ^atftst ^^stm.** 

'* Sijc jarrf gix'uB ^tntan qni aixii 18 hit marrl^ij ^a, gnr, 
^§bifr jet €lhalr£t{^ u^ior tins qn0r' ** &c. 

" Sif i«Jf^ ^fannnlina galir0ri qni 0biit 12 hit htctmixis ^a. 
J^m* ^®CCCIib tt ^st^jerina n9E0r tins qnax* ** &c. 

[3 sonnes, 6 daughters.] 

'* JiHfft for t^je 80folt8 xrf |0]^n Strsall ? Cate anlr |S0ne ]^ia 
Iffjft Jto'ri^je g0inje irjea«jebr tj^e 7 Im j 0f gannar' in t\^t ^tux at a^t 
Isnht ^ahh |S^§«ii ant bs\au Mbi\t% gjtsns \v!iit ntjerrsf/' 

[6 sonnes.] 

t ^* ||7a||:je for t^t %aia\t% at %abtxi ^Itt tnh Cliialrjet]^ anbr 
^9nt8 |pis foiius bs^lft $M* IrtJCjesjelr t]^t i tmii at S^t^ttahtx t^t Jitux 
tffa't hfxht ^^fi^iii ant faj^a%t %abtltfi ^ans Igtibt mttqut.** 

t ^* ^it \ztti Jfoi^'jes f^Ahtx t^ni abi\i 6 hit mtn%x% ^U0ii8ti ^0» 
Sin* ^€Mf9Hmi ti S^^rgarjeita ti S9^atiI2^u jet ^gnjes mmues tins 
^0t' " &c : — 

t 3. " %it iKCtt J|ijc]^0lan0 ^ane qnanhum yxt%bHtx fratjemitatis 
j('n $aYi& gasrtists irje gnnatairle j^ui 0lriit 8'jC0'tr0 Mje ntjensis 
1lftctmhxi% ^0. gni, SfCCCCIix jet ^gnt% rntax jeina qnax^ '' &c : — 

3. In Nichols the reading is ** quondam |>'«t<^bM.*' 


4. ** 'Sttt Ijiti^ ^o\iDLt ^njyjtlst zxA Agists \\% Ingft in'\t ^alint 
itmds ilit 23 )swsit at ftbx' ^a, gm, ^^ti&uu'' 

[one Sonne, 5 dans.] 

** Vans hcs par tssi psiss gtm lalmt l^t tdlifoi it f foin&tsinis 
irriw 9 iwxtz ht " &c. 

'' |ij»rt luti^ |!0]^n SSjeltannt oO^tr fa^nsit nUti tialbtrnhnt «tA 
€li%zbti^ ^18 JCDr|2^fje fxf'cJ^it ^olgnt itctntb i}^t 8 tmTSit oi ^Ktivxt' Jua. 
gni, ^§3i$stjE 0n;t fxf}^a%t skoixfln $t%m ^vibt taticjit/^ 

[6 sonnes, & 5 daus.] 

t 5. ** Hm Iwt]^ $ain gltiid iinlr ftfiiafctt]^ JfriB fojfe fo'rl^t 
^ol^nt irjejctsjeir tl^t %% im^t xrf ^j^rill in t^t jsittt at a^x larjCrje S9^§ii 
imt lDlr08t s0Mie8 Ifitsux IfXiht mnqitJ^* 

[8 sonnes, 7 daus.]. 

6. There is also buried Gervas Markham last prior that 
was in the Abbeye. 

Two f ayres & f reannde and lammas day merkett upponne 

wendesdaye one freiday w'che they lykewyse call a fayre 

is a gret merkett for fyshe in sumer so that the londons 

come thither w^ their fyshe. 

A priory e and a fryer — ^the hospitale of Xt. Jesus* for 
the poore. 

The crosse built by ed. i. & the que' died 24 Ed. 1, a®* 
1799 (me.) 

The towne was some tyme a walle and belonging to a 
towne called halton regis then the kinge gave a walle 
called Buckwell to halton regis in exchange of the walle 
where dunstable now standethe. likewise he made p'cla- 
mations that whosoever wolde come and build here for 

4. NicholB gives a fragment of this inso., but no date, p. 224. 
6. The date in Nichols, p. 172 is 1500, p. 218 it is 1602. 
6. He was buried Sept. 23, 1681. 

* These words " Xt. Jesus *' have been crossed ont in the original MS. 
There was a hospital at Ihmstable dedicated to S. Mary Magdalene. 


xij'* the acre might, the p^clamation was because he 
wolde have them in safete then Vche he desired because 
the place was so theivsh that none colde escape wy'out 
robbing wheruppon desirous to have the same made a quiet 
plac<) he made that proclai^tion above sayed then he 
causeth a post to be sett in the grownde and his (? horse) 
to be fastened w^ a staple thereon w'che caused to be 
vatched lest anye sholde steale yt away yet was not the 
same so warely but in the even yt was stellon by a wydowes 
Sonne of halton regis, then the king serching by art who 
had donne yt in the end it fell out to be in Bedfordshire 
then in halton regis lastly in a widdwe's (? house) wher- 
nppone serche being made and no manne founde in the 
house but the widdowe and her daughter they supposed 
that they did not steale but in the end when contynuall 
watche was made aboute thatt house her said sonne called 
Dune came thither in the night and was apprehended who 
confessed the facte and theruppone being brought before 
the kiuge he promised to shewe the whole matter so that 
he might have his lyfe and the lyfes of his associates 
p'doned wh.^ the kinge granted wheruppone he showed to 
the kinge the manner how he stole his ring and the cave 
where he reymajiied that none might fynde hym when the 
kinge sending his menne thither to vewe the same they 
founde his romes f urnyshed with hoorses and other things 
mete for a notorious theife then in the ende the king 
p'doned hym and he being a goodly fellowe was made the 
king's menne and the other became keremenne for wh.^ 
cause the kinge to make this place of sure passed after the 
proclamation made to builde there called the towne Dun- 
stable as the place from whence Dim had stolen the ring 
from the staple in constideracon (P commemorac'on) 


whereof the towne pyneth a staple for their armes. this 
the clerke of the towne enformed me of. 

Two miles and more west of Dunstable sprinkethe 
icknell hedd wh.^ reeneth a litle streame w'ch.^ comethe 
from the campet springes in chiltron hilles the well hedde 
arisethe in chiltome hilles and goethe to the fore saide 

Donstable standethe uppon the highe waye of flenell 
XXX miles from londane. 

BEDFORD.— St. Peter's Martin. 

Mortuaries. — Amongst the papers in the custody of the 
rector of the above parish is one headed, ''A true and 
perfect Terrar of the parsonage-house, and parsonage of 
St. Perter Martin in the town of Bedford, &c., taken by 
direction of the Lord Bishop of Lincoln A.D. 1709." 

Among other dues payable (appears by this Terrar) to 
the Minister of St. Peter's, mortuaries are thus mentioned: 
— "Mortuaries are paid — ten shillings for every person 
that dies possessed of a personal estate left above the value 
of Forty Pounds; and so in value according to the statute" 
[21 Henry 8]. 

" This Terrar is kept in the Archdeacon's Registry at 
Bedford." "J. Hook." 

The latter gentleman was, I conclude, the rector, at that 
date ; where was the Archdeacon's registry P 

D. G. 0. E. 



On a mural tablet in Dunstable Church, to the memory 
of Wm. Chew, who died 13th March, 1712, is the following 
satirical epitaph : — 

** Here lies the body of William Chew, 
That when alive was beloved by few ; 
Now where he's gone, or how he fares, 
Nobody )aiow8, nor nobody cares." 

LiUTON. — On a brass (now gone) to the memory of John 
Ackworth, who died 17th March, 1513, was the following 
quaint medley : — 

** O man bfiif t'tr tion bt, Simxrr ^orti% t^vHit ixatxilt t|^i 

4ot fol^im i^an ht%i bJtnuid 

^nif 80 ... . dxnbt inbji% 
tiigo mortis vatmozttis 

In the N. Transept, on a stone to the memory of Daniel 
Knighty 18 this rhyming epitaph : — 

*' Here lyeth the body of Daniel Knight^ 

Who all my life time lived in spite. 

Base flatterers sought me to undoe, 

And made me sign what was not true. 

Reader take care whene'er you venture, 

To trust a canting false dissenter, 

Who died June 11th, in the 61st 

year of his age, 1756. 

F. A. B. 


In the churchyard at Turvej, on a plain altar-shaped 
tomb is a brass inscribed as follows to the memory of John 
Richardson : — 

" Here lyeth John Richardson under this wall, 
A faithful true servant at Turvey Old Hall, 
Fage to the first Lord Mordaunt of fame. 
Servant to Lewis, Lord Henry, and John : 
Payneful and careful and just to them all. 
Till death took his life. 
God have mercy of his soule. Amen." 

In the church at Pavenhom are the two following : — 
" Under this place lyeth inter'd the Body of Jo — Frank- 
lyn, Esq., he departed this life the 23rd day of February, 


I was a Stranger in this place 

As ware my Fathers all, 
And at the AGE of Forty-nine 

The Lord for me did call." 

"Near this place lieth the Remains of John Brown, 

who died July 8, 1807, aged 34 years. 

Peace ! 'Tis the Lord Jehovah's hand 

That Blasts our joys in death 

Changes the Yisage once so dear 

And gathers back the Breath.*' 

" Also John Brown, his son, died Oct. 15, 1807, aged 6 


This lovely bud — so young so Fair — 

Called hence by early doom. 

Just come to shew how sweet a Flower 

In Paradise would Bloom." 

(The above are all from Harvey's '^ Hist of the WiUey 




Iji this parish (Tilsworth) and also at Stanbridge a 

curious cnstom prevails which I never remember to have 

observed before : — ^At the celebration of Holy Communion, 

in tbe first named parish, the males communicate first, 

and the women last, while in the latter parish the reverse 

is tbe case, the women communicating first, and the men 

last. It would be interesting to know if this custom is 

observed elsewhere in the County. I may add that at 

Tilsworth the men and women sit apart at Church, while 

in Stanbridge Church they sit together. F. A. B. 


(I. 20.) From Mr. W. Marsh Harve/s Hist, of theWily 
Hundred, I extract the following inscription on a grave- 
stone in the churchyard of Bromham, erected by direction 
of Lord Trevor : — 

**In memory of — Joan Birt widow — who was bom at 
Biddenham — in this County in the year — 1655, died in 
this parish— Augt. 2d 1770." 


The following references are extracted from the indexes 
of the 1st 5 series of Notes and Queriea. 

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D. G. C. E. 

TILSWORTH .— In the chancel of the Church of All 
Saints, Tilsworth, are two large canopied tombs; the one on 
thenorth side, commemorating the Fowler family, formerly 
lords of the manor, appears to have been built for the 
reception of life-size figures under the canopy ; but there 
are no traces of any having existed. The insription is as 
follows : — 

"Here lyeth the body of Qabriel Fowler, Esqr. who departed 
^A'> life the 76 fh day of Agvsf A no. Dni 1582, who tooke to 
^'f^ Elizabeth one of the daughters and ooheaires of Roger 
floore ofBvrsiter in the Covnty of Oxford Esquire by whome 
^^liQd issve Richard, Mary, Agnes, Elizabeth, and Jane, Mary 
the eldest davghter hath cavsed this inscription to be set vp, 
^nd hath likewise bestowed yearly for ever The somme of five 
po¥nds towards the maintainance of a preaching Minister in 
this Chvrch of Tilsworte, that shall make a Sermon ye first 
Svnday of every month in the yeare and shall beginne the 
third of October 7624/'* 

Over the canopy is a shield carved in stone (no tinctures) 
STinnonnted by a Crest — ^an owl (arg.) ducally crowned 
(and membered or). 

^^ter side. — 

^' (^g-) Three wolves' heads erased (gu.) within a 
Dordure (of the second) charged with eight castles (or). 
Bowler, Co. Oxford. 

* This endowment has been lost for a considerable period. 


2. Ermine, on a canton (gu.) an owl (arg.) Barton. 

3. Barry of five (arg. and gu), on a chief (or) a lion 
pass, guard, (az) Englefield. 

4. Vair (arg. and gu.,) ? Chesley or Oemon * 

5. (Az.) on a chevron (arg.) betw. three lions pass, 
guard, (or) as manny crosses moline (sa.) Fowler 
charged with an inescutcheon, — (gu.) a fesse betw. four 
sinister hands couped (arg.) QuATEEMAYNE.t 

Impaling. — 

1 and 4. (Arg.) a fesse indented (compon^e sa. and gu). 
betw. three mullets (of the last). Moore, of Bicester. 

2. a fesse ^between three annulets P — 

3, Barry oifive erm. and (gu.) a crescent for difference 
HussEY of Dorset.? 

On the south side of the altar is the Chester monument, 
with life-size figures of Sr. Henry Chester, Knt., his let 
wife Judeth, da. of Mr. Bankworth, of Bow Lane, London, 
and son Robert ; at the back under the canopy is a long 
Latin inscription, and below is the following : — 

"Here vnder lyes bvried the body of Sr, Henry Chester 
Knight I of the honovrable order of the Bath created to that 
dignitye \ att the coronation of or, Soveraigne Lord King 

* I ahould be glad to have this quarter identified ; it is generally 
attributed to Gtemon, of Lavington Gemon, in Wilts., but both the 
family and locality are involyed in obsourity. In the Visitation of 
Oxford, Harl. Society. Quatermain is there said to impale the above 
quarter for Greeley. 

t Should he dexUrhandB. 

X Should be barry of aiXf the arms of Agnes Hussey, wife of Roger 
Moore. She appears to have afterwards remarried to Sir Edw. Saunders, 
Kt., Chief Baron of the Exchequer (Chief Justice, K. B., 18 Nov. 1699), 
as Gabriel Fowler, in his will, dated 16 Aug., 1582, appoints the Lady 
Saunders, his mother-in-law, overseer of his will. The brass to Bog^ 
Moore in Bicester Church, 1551, states that his tciff Agnes was buried 
there also, but no allusion to her second marriage. 


Charles the 2 and | also the bodyes of Jvdeth his first wife and 
Robert his only son by the \ Wisdome care and prvdence of 
the said Sr. Henry Chester the family | was restored and 
advanced and therefore his grateful nephev fsicj \ Sr. Anthonie 
Cheater of Chicheley Baronett hath consecrated this \ monv- 
ment to his memory as an eternal testimony of honovr \ love 
and thankfulnesse he dyed on the 30th ofJvly 7666," 

Oyer the tomb is a shield, carved in relief in stone and 
painted, of six quarters as under : — 

1. Three rams' heads erased arg. homed gu., within a 
bordure of the last. Chester. 

2. Az. fretty arg., a mullet for difference. Cave. 

3. Gu., three mullets arg. 

4. Sa., on a bend fleurie counter-fleurie or, three. . . 
gu. Bromfleete. 

5. Erm., on a bend arg. three P dolphins' heads sa. 
langued gu. 

6. Arg.y three P moorcocks az., legged and beaked ga. 
Crest, a ram's head erased arg., homed or. 

6th Nov., 1880. F. A. Blatoes. 



1653. Oct. 25. — John, sonne of Richard ffouler was 

1656. Jan. 21. — ^Richard, sonne of Richard fowler was 

1650. Feb. 21.— EUin, dahther of Richard ffouler was 

1647. Feb. 9. — ^Mary, dahter of Richard ffouler was 


1660. Apl. 16. — ^Richard and Thomas, the sonnes of 
Richard ffowler was borne. 

Gathered for Mr. James Meivell's brief two shillings two 
pence. Henry Harrison's brief 2s. 6d. Tho. Brice collector. 

Gathered for Luthiana 00 — 02 — 1. 

1657. — Richard, the sonne of Richard ffowler deceased. 

1658. May 5. — ^Mary, the dahter of Richard £Fowler 

1659. June 1. — ^Robert Chester, ye sonn of Henry 
Chester Esqr. Deceased ye 1.* day of June 1659. 

1666. May ? — ^Richard fowler buryed. 

1666. Aug. 1. — S. Henry Chester was buryed the 1 day 
of August. 

1668. Oct. 25. — ^hennery, son of hennery fowler was 

1672. Dec. 31. — Sara, the da. of hennery ffouller was 

1673. Sept. 7. — Mary, the da. of Jasper hilyer was bapt. 
1673. Sept. 20. — ^Widdow fFouler was buryed. 

1675. June 13. — Sara, ye da. of hennery flFouler was 

1676. Jidy 30. — Sara & Mary the daughters of Hennery 
fEouler was buryed. 

1678. Aug. 9. — Mary, the da. of Henry fowler was 
buryed in woUen. 

1678. Nov. 17. — Mary, the da. of Zacryas Gray was bapt. 

1679. Sept. 14. — Mary, the da. of Henry Fowler was 

1680. Aug. 1. — Mary, the da. of Henry fowler was 

1716. Oct. 14. — Richard ye s. of John & Ann Fowler 


1716. Oct. 30.— William, the son of William Varaey, 
G^t. and Katberine his wife bapt. 

1719. Oct. 26.— Sarah, wife of Richd. fFowler of Dim- 
flFtaple, Brazier, Buried. 

1719. Feb. 26.— Em. Tuckey, Da. of Waiiam Vamey, 
Gent, and Katberine his wife, Bapt. 

1721. Oct. 16.— Elizabeth, wife of Edward Kerrell in 
ye Precincts of White Friers, London, was Buried. 

1721. Feb. 10. — Isaac Mayling, Gent. Buried. 

1724. Apl. 16. — ^William Nichols of London, Grocer, 
and Elizabeth Tuckey of this Parish married. Licenti&. 

1724. Sept. 18. — ^Thomas Prentise, yeom. and Mary 
Tuckey, spinster married. Lic&. 

1725. Apl. 27.— Tho. ffowler, Batchr. Buried. 

1726. Aug. 2. — George Vamey Labr. & Agnes Williams, 
^nnster, both of this Parish married (Banns). 

1726. Not. 27. — Catherine wife of Wm. Vamey, gent. 
o' Dunstable. 

1726. Dec. 2. — Jonas King o' London Buried. 

1727. Sept. 10. — ^Thomas Prentiss, yeom. buried. 
1727. Dec. 15. — Anne, wife of John Fowler Clarke was 


1729. Dec. 9. — ^Charles Chester Avre, Gent, buried. 

1730. Nov. 2. — John Fowler Clarke was buried. 
1730. Mar. 1. — ^William Fowler of lyinghoe Aston & 

Elizabeth Culverhouse of Northall marr. 

1734. Jan. 4. — John Metcalf, a Butcher buried (he was 
found dead in the fields). 

1735. Apl. 4. — ^Mr. William Tuckey ye elder, buried. 

1736. Apl. 9. — ^Mr. Goldsmith of Luton and Elizabeth 
Ijawrance of ye sd. parish, mar. p. L. 

1737. Oct. 2. — William Vamey & Ann Foxon married. 


1739. Dec. 5. — ^Elizabeth^ wife of John fowler buried. 

1742. May 6. — ^Mr. John Grier from London and Miss 
Kuth Groome of Dunstaple, married by License. 

1746. May 20. — ^Mrs. Tuckey, widow buried from Tod- 

1746. Oct. 30. — Jno. Fowler, and Alice Lawrance from 
Dunstaple married. 

1750. Aug. 20. — Mr. Richard Partridge, and Rebeccah 
Fowler both of Tilsworth, married by License. 

1760. Feb. 8.— Buried, Mr. WiUiam Tuckey. 

1763. Dec. 24. — John Fowler laid in the Churchyard. 

1787. Sept. 26. — Rev. Robt. Fawkner (dissenting 
Minister) & Mary Ansted, by license. 

1768. Oct. 11.— Thomas Knight, & Mary Fowler both 
of this parish, by Banns. 

1773. Sept. 2.— William Fowler of the parish of Har- 
penden, in the County of Hartford, Batchelour, and Kran 
Gibbs spinster, of this Parish were mar. by License. 

1776. Oct. 10. — Joseph Iremonger, of the Parish of 
Hempstead, in the County of Hertford, batchelor, & Mary 
Oney of the parish of Tihworth, spinster, were mar. p. 

1782. Oct, 29.— Thos. Fain of the parish of Flitwick, & 
Mary Iremonger of this parish p. License. 

In the churchyard is a stone with the following remark- 
able inscription. It is an object of cmiosity to all visitors, 
and probably has been frequently copied, though I have 
never yet seen it in print. " Master " Home, the old 
parish clerk, told me that he was one of the first, if not 
the first, to discover the body of this unfortunate woman, 
whose identity has never to this day been discovered ; nor 
was the murderer ever discovered. It appears that the 


murderer and his victim were seen to walk in the direction 
of Blackgrove wood, which is within sight of Tilsworth 
Church. I have been told, however, that a man named 
EvestafEe confessed to the murder on his deathbed. He 
had been tried, I believe, on suspicion, but there being no 
evidence to convict, he was acquitted. 

" This Stone was erected 
by subscription 
found murder'd in Blackgrove wood ^ 
AUG. 15th 1821. 
Oh pause my friends and drop a silent tear 
Attend and learn why I was buried here 
Perchance some distant earth had hid my clay 
If I'd outliv'd the sad, the fatal day. 
To you unknown, my case not imderstood 
From whence I came, or why in Blackgrove wood 
This truth's too clear and nearly all that's known 
I there was murdered 1 and the villian's flown 
May God, whose piercing eye pursues his flight 
Pardon the crime, but bring the deed to light. 

F. A. Blaydes. 


(ii, 61). 

The following extracts are from the Registers of 
Houghton Conquest, and from the quaintness are worthy 
of publication. 

*' Thomas Bullord clerk of the parish of Houghton dyed 
the 3 of April 1626 in the evening on w'ch night the 
church was Robbed the theves broke in at the window of 


ye church and with an Iron Coulter they brake up the 
vestrie Dore and did steale and carye away A new surplesa 
and almnes diaper cloth vsed for the communion table and 
they brake up two locks of the poores mans box and 
carried away suche mony as they found in the Boxe." 

George Abrey slayne by Kich. Elkyn buryed 6 Januarie 

Mem. — ^That an agreement was made in the year 1725 
between Dr. Zachary Grey Rector of Houghton Conquest 
and the parishioners of Houghton aforesaid that the said 
Dr. Zachary Grey shall not for the future be under any 
obligation whatsoever to keep either a Bull or a Boar. 

The seuerall inscriptions upon the five old beUs were as 
foUoweth : — 

1. Sr. Edmund Conquest, Sr. ffrancis Clarke, Mr. Thomas 
Archer, Mr. Thomas Audley 1633. 

2. Lord Ailsbury, Lord Ashbumham, Benedt. Conquest 
Esq., Thomas Armstrong Esq., Etheldreda Conquest, Henry 
Pearce, Thomas Impey. 

3. Ave Maria 1 Gratia Plena ! 

4. Vive diu sed vive Dei, Deus omnia videt, 1626. 

5. The Trinity have mercy upon me. Margaret Con- 

Trinitata Sacra fiat hac Campana beata. 

These five bells were run into six by Thomas Russell of 
Wooton in the year 1724. 

An. Dom. 1625 [the great plague.] 

Buried in the 97 parrisshes with in the walls of the citie 
of London of all deseased 14340 wher of the plague — 9197. 

Thomas Archer person of Houghton gave Ten Pounds 
to the making of a ffyft Belle in Anno Dom. 1626, Aprilis 


Mr. Beverly took poset'on of the Church of Houghton 
Conquest and Songe his Bells the 7th day of Jun being 
wisson Sunday. 


The following are from the MSS. of -the Rev. Thomas 
Archer sometime Rector of Houghton Conquest. 

"The Prayer of the Churche of Houghton." 
O Xiord Blesse all such with longe life, health, Joye, and 

That giues ought to the Church, the high wayes and the 

poore man's Chest 
O Lord giue them plentye, peace, and spending 
And Heaven Blisse at their ending. Amen. Amen. 

God loueth a cheref ull gever 
HI Tithers ill Thrivers 
pay God's part first 
and not of the woarst. 

Memorandum. — ^That in Anno 1625 one Bonion of Elsto 
and 3 other P clyminge of Rookes neasts in the Bery wood 
fFound 3 Rookes in a nest all white as milke and not a 
black f ether on them ther bills wer white ther ffeete read 
and one of these rookes Sr. Edmond Conquest kept alyve 
and another of them was given to Mr. Leigh of Cadwell by 
Bedford. F. A. B. 

Obits.— The following notes are taken from the MSS. 
collections of the Rev. Thomas Archer, sometime Rector 
of Houghton Conquest, and are headed — " A commemora- 
tion of the names of worthie persons deseased with the just 
tyme when many of them dyed." I have selected those 
relating to this county : — 


fo. 59b. Thomas Archer borne in St. Edmunds Burie 
12 Aug. 1564. 

fo. 60. Gulieknus Conquest, gener. filius JoannsB obijt 
15 Decembris 1591. (The date in the Parish Register is 
25 Dec. 1592;. 

Etheldreda Conquest ULXor prefati Gulielmi obijt 7?. die 
februarij 1591 (1592 in Register). 

Obijt Henricus Birch de Maldean, gener. die Martis 
Januarij 29. Anno dom : 1593. 

Obijt Domina Izabella RatlifPe de Elstow, die marcurij 
octabo Maij vigilia Ascentionis Domini Saluatoris hora 
prima post meridiem Eiusdem diei me presente Anno Dom : 
1594, Reg. Reginae EKzab. tricesimo sexto, concion' habita 
per me Thom : Arch : , Text — 27 Math., vers 57 " And 
when the evening was come ther cam a Rich mcH ofArimathia 
named Joseph '* — ^vt sequiter. 

Richardus Conquest factus miles in Anno 1603, Anno 
prime R. Jacobi. 

Obijt Robertus Hewet, gener. de Milbrook 12 die Junij, 
et sepultus erat apud Amphill 13 Junij, Anno 1601 con- 
cione hab. p. me Tho : Archer, Text — 18 Math., vers 23. 

Obijt Maria Hewet, gener. vxor GuKebni Huet de Mil- 
brook, Armig. Septimo die Junij, Anno dom : 1602. 

Mr. Richard Duncombe, gent., a worthie sea captayne 
was buryed in Houghton Chancel 13 february. Anno Dom : 
1613 ; concione habita p. me T. A. 

fo. 60b. Obijt Magister Edmondus Hewet, Rector 
ecclesias de Maldean in Com : Bed : decimo quinto die 
Septemb : Anno Dom: 1597, Reg: Elizabeth 39; concion' 
fimeb' ibi habita p. me Tho : Archer ; Text — cap 55 Isay, 
vers 6, " Take the Lord while he may befounde.^* 

Obijt Magister Johannes Hammond, Rector EcclesisB de 


Maldean, in comit : Bed : 23 februarij, Anno Dom : 1603, 
Begis Jacob! primo ; concione habita p. me Tbo : Archer ; 
Text — ^Luke 3, vers 9, " The axe is now layd to tfie roote of 
the Treeey 

Obijt Mr. Tbomas Glover, Rector EcclesiaB de Maldean, 
in com : Bedf : , 30 die Decemb : , 1611, Eegis Jacobi 
None ; Text — ^Matb. 9, of Jayrus' daughter raysed from 
death to lyf e. 

Obijt Magister Edwardus Snagg, Sector de Marston 
Mourton, in Com : Bed : , 3 die Junij., in vigiHa Pentecost 
Anno Dom ; 1598, BeginsB Elizab : Quadragesimo ; con- 
cione ibi hab't' p. me Tho : A. ; Text — " cupio dissolui et 
esse cum Chrieto." 

Obijt Mr. Thomas Aldrich, vicarius ecclesiae de Wil- 
fihamstead, vicessimo septimo die maij. Anno Dom : 1598, 
Reginse EHzabeth Quadragesimo; concion' habit' p. me 
Tho: Archer; Text — 3 genes' " In the sweat of thief ace 
shaU ye eat Thye Bread till thou retoume to the y earth out of 
the icck thou wert taken, because ye art 'dust 8f to dust shalt 
ye retoume,'^ 

Obijt Mr. Noke, vicarius de Bedford pauli, July 3, 1600 ; 
concione ibid' p. me Tho : Arch : ; Text — John 5. " 8yn 
no more least a worse thing com to the " 

Obijt Venerabilis vir, Magister Jacobus Bill, Rector de 
Sntton, quondam vicemagistr' coUegij Trinitat' in Can- 
tabrg : et mei amicissimus, 27 die Septembris, Anno Dom : 
1606 ; concione habita apud Sutton p. me Thom : Archer ; 
Text — 27 Matthew vers 57, of Joseph of Arimathia burring 
the bodie of Christ. 

Obijt Magister Rogerus Hudson, vir de Coople, 3 die 
Januarij, 1607 ; concione ib'm habit' p. me Tho : Arch ; 
Text— 1 Cor. cap. 15, vers 51, '* We shall not all dye but 


tff€ shall all be changed in a moment on the Twincling of an 

Obijt Magister Bichardus Keynar, Bector de Mepsall, 
in Com : Bedf : , 19 Septemb : , Anno Dom : 1613 ; con- 
Clone ib'm habita p. me Thorn : Archer ; Text — Cor. 9, 
" Sic currite ut comprehendatis" In whose place I suc- 
ceeded person, presented ther ynto by our Soueragne Lord, 
King James, my most grations Lord, and I his most vn- 
worthy Chaplaine ; And I was Instituted in to the Bectorie 
of Mepsall in Noyember, Anno : 1613. 

Obijt Mr. William Stoner, Bector de Asplye Guies in 
Comit : Bedf : , septimo die Septemb : , Anno dom : 1617 ; 
concione ibi habita p. me Tho : Arc : Text — 2 Sam., cap. 
14, vers 14, "for we must needes dye and we ar as water 
spilt in the ground wch. cannot he gathered vp agayne.** 

Obijt Mr. HimiphrediLS Moror, Bector de Maldean, in 
Comit : Bedford : 27 Decembris, Anno dom : 1614. 

Mr. Bichardus Leuerock, vicarius de Wotton, obijt 16 
die Decembris, Anno dom : 1599 ; concione habita p. me 
T. Ar : , Text — ^Acts 7, " lord lay not this synne vnto ther 
charge, And soe he fell asleepe^ 

fo. 61. Obijt Magister Nathaniel Gilbie, Magister Hos- 
pitij S'ti Johannis in Bedford, 8 July, apud London, Anno 
Dom: 1616. 

Obijt venerabilis vir, Magister Thomas Brightman, 
diuini verbi sincerus concionator. Bector de Hawns in 
Comit : Bedford, 21 die Augusti, Anno Dom : 1607, at 
whose funerall preached Mr. D. Buckley. This Mr. 
Brightman died most suddenly being well and dead in less 
then a quarter of an hour. In his life tyme he writ a 
learned commentarie of the Beualation of St. John, also he 
writ ypon Ecclesiastes, & the cantikles. 


Obijt Magister Gulielmus Sage, Rector de Toddington, 
in Com : Sedf . : publicus verbi del concionator, Sexto die 
Aogoati, Anno Dom : 1598, et Regni Beginse Elizabeth 

Obijt Mr. Bobertus Bialie de Wilshamstead, 19 August 

Obijt Mr. Nathaniel Kitchiner, Bector de Gravenhurst, 
16 die Novembris, Anno dom : 1621. 

fo. 62b. Mr. John Marburie, of Warden, Esquiar, was 
buried at Warden the 5 day of September, Anno Dom : 
1615, in whose place, some Twentie Two yeeres before, I 
preached at the Burial of his worthie father, Mr. Thomas 
Marberie, Seargant of the pantrie to Queen Elizabeth. 
Text — ^Hebrews, cap. 9, vers 27, " It is appointed vnto all 
men that they shall once dye, and after that commeth the 

Obijt Venerabilis vir, Bichardus Conquest senior. Miles 
Indubitatus patronus de Houghton, 28 STovembris, Anno 
dom : 1617 ; concione habita per me Thomam Archeri die 
aolemnizationis eius funeris, 18 decemb : Text — 32 of 
Beutronomie, vers 29, " Oh that men wear toise, Then 
tcould they vnderstand this and they would consider ther latter 
endy This Sr. Bichard was buried in the Tombe in the 
chauncheU wher his wife had beene Buried before in 
Anno 1602, Maij 7. 

fo. 62b. Obijt Mr. Johannes Leigh de CawdweU, prope 
Bedford, Armiger, 25 die Marti j, Anno dom. 1620. 

Obijt Mr. Willielmus Hewet de Milbrooke, Armiger, 19, 
die Martij, Anno dom. 1620. Obijt Anno ^tatis Nona- 
gedmo Tertio. 

Obijt Honorat : dom : Henricus Comes CantisB, 31 
Januarij apud Wrest inter horas 5 et 6 po' meridiem, 


Anno Dom : 1614, Reg : Regis Jacob! duodecimo Angliaa* 
(videfoL 44 h.) 

Obijt Honorat : Dom : Carolus Gray, Comes CantisB, 27 
Septembris, apud Blonham, inter boras 10 et 11 meridia' 
Anno dom: 1623, Anno Regni Regis Jacobi Angliae 
vicessimo prime. He dyed on Satterday. 

Obijt Magister Robertas Rislie, vicarius de Wilsbam* 
stead, 19 Augusti, Anno dom : 1623. 

Obijt Magister Thomas Anscell de Barford, Armiger, 29 
Augusti die Yeneri bora secunda ante meridiem, in Anno 
1623, Reg : Regis Jacobi vicesimo prime. 

Obijt Edwardus Fisber, gener : , de Amphill, 20 Marcli 

Obijt domina Susanna Longdeville, yxor Micbaal Londe- 
viUe, militis, quae f uit filia CaroU Comitis Cantise, in die 
s'tsB LucieB, 13 decemb : An : dom : 1620. Buried at 

fo. 63 b. Richard Conquest was twice high shrieve 
of the Countie of Bedford, videlic' 19 Reginae Elizabeth, 
et anno the 39 of EUzabeth, and he was knighted in Anno 

Mr. George Roderam of Summaris in Bedf shire, 
Esquiar, John Dyye of Bromham, Esquiar, Nicholas Luke 
of Coople, Esquiar, and William Boteler of Bidenham, 
Esquiar, the 4 worthie gentleman wher in ther Tymes 
twice high shrieves in Bedfordshire. 

Sir Edmond Conquest, Knight, was high shrieve of 
Bedfordshire in Anno dom : 1618, Reg : Regis Jacobi 
decimo sexto. 

Lewis Dyve the sonne of Mr. John Dyve of Bromham, 
Esquiar, was borne the forth day of November, being 
Soneday, and was baptized the xxvth of November, being 


St. Catherine's day, Anno dom : 1599, Regni ReginaB 
^Sizabeth Quadragesimo secnndo. Sponsores, Dominus 
Oliuerus St. John, Dom : de Bletsoe et Franciscus Good- 
^"^> Armiger, qui Representauit sine deputatus erat 
flonoratisimi Domini Dom : Grey de Wilton, et Magistra 
fioteler de Bidnam, substitus Honoratissimas DominaD 
Coinitissae de "Warwick. Concione habita tunc temporis 
apud Bromham, p. me Thomam Archeram. 

Charles Conquest, filius Edmundi Conquest, Militis, 
2fatu8 4 die Septemboris, baptizatus 14 die Septembris 
1615. Sponsores habuit Carolum Comitem CantisB, 
Bichardus Conquest, militem, seniorem, et dominam 
Cheanie, uxorem Thomae Cheanie, militis. 

fo. 64. Sir Edmond Wilde, Ejiight, and Mistris 
Dopothie Gierke were married the 23 of June, Anno 1617, 
I^gni Begis Jacobi decimo Quinto. 

Edmond Wilde, the sonne of Sir Edmond Wylde, 
Knight, was borne the 10th day of October, being Satter- 
day, in the aftemoone, and was baptized the 29 of October, 
Anno dom : 1618, Reg. Regis Jacobi decimo sexto. 
Sponsores, Edmondus Conquest, Miles, Franciscus Clerke, 
Aimiger, et Judith Conquest, generosa. 

fo. 67 b. Obijt Thomas Hillarsdean de Amphill, Miles, 
19 Jimij, Anno dom : 1623, Anno Regis Jacob : Vicesimo 
primo. Buried at Elstoe, by Bedford. 

Obijt Mr. franciscus Nicols of the great parke, the 
TJth of September, Anno dom : 1624. Sepultus apud 

Obijt Mr. Christopherus Wilson, vicarius de hawns, 
pubUcus verbi Dei predicator, 29 of September, Anno 
dom: 1624. 
Obijt Yenerabilis vir, Humphredus Winche, miles. 


vnuB Justitianun Regis ad placida audienda et deterzni- 
nanda, Quarto die ffebruarij, Anno dom : 1624, dominufi 
Begis Jacobi Anglise, £Eranc :, et hibemii vicesimo secundo. 

Mr. ffrancis dillingham, preacher, and minister of Will- 
dean departed this life the 25th of fEebruarie, Anno dom : 

Obijt venerabilis vir, Mr. Nicholaus Hidde, Miles, 
Vicesimo die Martij, anno dom : 1624, apud Auberie in 
comitatu Harfordie. 

fo. 68 b. Sir fErancis Gierke was high shrive for the 
Countie of Bedford in a part of anno Dom : 1623 And in 
a part of 1624, and Kinge Jeames king of great Brittane, 
fraunce. And Ireland being this yeere in his progress in 
Bedford shire graced him with the degree of knighthood 
1624, in July. 

fo. 69 b. Obijt Venerabilis vir, Thomas Snagg, Miles 
de Marston Mourton, quinto die fEebruarij, Anno dom : 
1626, et anno B;egis Caroli Secundo. This knight dis- 
inherited his eldest sonne, Mr. Thomas Snagg, in his lyf e 

Obijt venerabilis vir, ffranciscus Ventris, Miles, de 
Campton, decimo Tertio die Martij, Anno Dom : 1626, et 
Anno Begis Caroli Secundo. This knight also is reported, 
before his death, to have disinherited his eldest sonne, Mr. 
fiErancis Ventris. 

Mr. Lewys Leigh of Cawdwell in Bedford, Esquiar, 
departed this lyfe the 26 of June, Anno dom : 1629. 

Mr. Thomas Awdley, the youger, sonne and here vnto 
Mr. Thomas Awdley, Esquiar, and counceler at the law, 
departed this Lyfe the 29 of Aprill 1630 and was buryed 
in the chauncell of Houghton the 30 of .Aprill 1630. 
This Thomas Awdley, the younger, was borne the 4 day 


^^Txiber, anno Dom ; 1604, Regni Regis Jacobi secundo 

^1^. John Smith of Bromham, commissarie and official 
^or the Archdeaconry both of Bedford as also Buck'amshire 
departed this lyf e at his howse, called Baynards Castle in 
London, the Tenth day of Aprill, Anno dom : 1630. 

Sir Henry Astry of Harlinton in the County of Bed : 

^^■git, departed this the 25 of Aprill, Anno dom : 1630. 

^f. firancis RauHnson, person of Toddington in Bed- 

fordshire departed this lyfe the xvjth of August in Anno 

^om: 1630. 

^- Michael Grigg, a Draper in London, was this yeare, 
JooO, high shrive for Bedfordshire. 

'o- 70 b. Mistris Jane Conquest, daughter of Sr. 
iJ'dmond Conquest, Knight, departed this lyfe the xiiijth 
of September, Anno dom : 1630. 

or. Edward Gostwick of WilKngton, in the Countie of 
iiedford, Bjiight, and Baronet, departed this liefe at his 

^owse in Willington the 20 of September, in Anno dom : 

*^- 7l. Sr. ffrancis Clerke was married to M. Anne 
Coxiquest the 26 of Novembr. 1693. 

°^- Edmond Wylde & the Ladie Dorothie Conquest 
were iixarried the 23 of June 1617. 

Emond VTyld, Esq., borne the 10th of October, being 
Batterday, in the after noone, and was baptized the 24 of 
OcU>ber, 1618. 

"r- Edmond Conquest high shrieve, 1618. 
Hichard Conquest, the sonne of Sr. Edmond, was borne 
the 26 of September, 1597, which is 66 yeares since. 

^0^ permission to make these interesting extracts I have 
to thank the Rector of Houghton Conquest, the Rev. E. 



Bowling, in whose custody the Archer MSS. are, who very 
kindly afPorded me every facility for so doing. 

F. A. Blaydes. 

LEIGHTON BUZZARD— In searching over the 
parish registers of Draughton, Co. Northampton, last week 
I came across a spelling of the above name, which is new 
to me. The subjoined extracts are an example : — 

" "William Seayre, of Laighton debuzard in ye County 

of Bedford and Alice Orpin* daughter of John Orpin and 

Margaret his wife were marryed the third day of ffebruarie, 


" Harmah Seaire daughter of William Scare of Laighton 

debuzard and of Alice his wife was baptised the second 

day of Januarie, 1644." 

Buzzard is, of course, a corruption of Beaudesert, tlie 

etymon of which is beau assart, Norman French for a fine 

or large clearing, a term generally applied to a piece of 

land reclaimed from a forest and brought into cultivation ; 

and to confirm this it appears that in the time of 

William I. Leighton was situated in the midst of a large 

forest. That the name is at least nearly 600 years old is 

proved by an entry I had the opportunity of seeing 

recently in a MS. parchment volume, formerly belonging 

to the Diocesan Registry of Lincobi, but now preserved 

in University Library, Cambs. It is there spelt imder 

date 1309 in contemporary writing " Leyghtone Busard." 

Of the many ways of spelling this name, I certainly think 

"Beaudesert" the best, as it conveys some idea of the 

meaning and derivation of the name, the corruption 

" Buzzard " is both ugly and misleading. F. A. B. 

* This Alice Orpin was doubtlefiB da. of John Orpin, Beotor of 
Draughton, who was buried Feb. 17, 1656. 



(ii, 61 ; iii, 87). 

1658, Nov. 14.— Thomas Matthew died the 12th day of 
November and was buried the 14th day of November 1658 
in his garden Late taken out of his orchard. 

1663, Oct. 8. — Ann White widow buried in the quakers' 
burying place by Edmund White, ye Anabaptist contrary 
to law. 
I 1663, March 13. — Gulielmus Shakespeare de Fancot, 

sepdtus erat. 

1719, Dec. 31. — ^William Norman put in ye ground, 
^g an Anabaptist. 

1726, March 21. — ^Bernard Stoniford, Bricklayer hurl'd 
into a grave. 

1727, Aug. 30. ^Harris, Wid^ hurl'd into ye ground. 

1727, Jan. 9. — Olney's child hurl'd into ye ground. 

1728, Aug. 26. — ^Mary Shaw, Widdow, hurl'd into ye 

1730, May 25. — James son of a young w who lodges 

at John Waters's at Heme. She calls herself by ye name 
of Hary Arnold & sais ye name of ye child's Father is 
Jolin Deverill. I am told they both came from Winslow 
ia ye County of Bucks or thereabout. 

1737, Jan. 26. — Auu, D&ter of Mary ye wife of John 
Qnaringdon wo thought fit to get marry'd to one Daniel 
Searcli & burying him is now marry'd as is said to one 
Swnuel Purton by whom she has this D&ter Ann Baptis'd 
J&n. 26. Her Husband John Quaringdon now living in 
ye Towne. 

1738, May 29. — John, a male child laid and found in a 
Neighbour's cart conditionally baptis'd — ^this child is about 
6 months old. 


1743, June 17. — ^Elizabeth, daughter of John & Jane 
Willison of Hem Daryman, Baptised. N.B. — ^This child 
has 5 compleat fingers on ye right hand beside ye Thumb. 

1751, Sept. 6. — Samuel Harris hurl'd into the ground. 

1766, Jxme 7. — ^Isabella Louisa Grimaldi, an infant, 

(The above, from Toddington Registers, appeared in Notes 
& Queries, bth 8. XII. 85;. 

1684, July 29.— Buried, Edith, the beautifull da. of 
Rob. and Ann Jefferey. (Turvey Registers). 

1761, Dec. 16. — John Mawbey, Publican and Sinner, 
buried. (Sarrold Registers). 

1609, June 29. — John Sylvester, the sonne of a Roaging 
Woman who sayd she had a husband called John Sylvester, 

1762, Aug. 3. — Thomas Bailey, shoemaker, buried, died 
mad, occasioned by the bite of a mad dog. (Odell 

(These four extracts are from the History of the Willey 
Hundred, by W. Marsh Harvey). 

1671, Dec. 17. — ^Henery Wood, chyrurgeon of Ridge in 
Hartf ordshire was buried who died at the Cock being a 
man was buried Jan. 4, 1672. 

1706, Dec. 23. — ^Elizabeth, a child found at the sign of 
the George, bapt. buried Feb. 3. 

1728, March 23. — John Cotton Esq. (a gentleman yt 
died upon ye Road) was bur. (Hockliffe Registers.) 

1638. — The iij daye of f ebruari j in the yeare aforesayde 
was Buried the brotherhed p'ste of houghton Regis named 
Richard Whyt. 

1539. — ^The V day of Aprill was buried Mary Why- 
chyrche Widdowe sit (? sith) time going from door to 


doore Asking the charitie & Almes of people for Christes 

1541, May xviii. was a man buried come out of Bullayne. 

1549, Nov : tte 25 day was buried a mayde jrt dyed by 
the way soddenly. 

1559, The 25 day of July was buried one that wente by 
ye way {i.e. a vagrant). 

1571, Dec. 20 was buried a Nurse child named Anny. 

1573, The 23 day [ ] was buried a wenche named 
EKzabeth wh. was going to Wales & dep. at t'house at 
Wm. Dynes. 

1574, The 13 day of Marche was buried a young man 
founde slayne at Puddell Brydge wth his legs boimde and 
sore wounded upon his hed and face and was named at his 
buriall John. 

1667, Memorandum yt when Mr. Brandreth was ap- 
pointed to sit in ye seat where the coat of armes hangs on 
ye wall It was not intended to exclude Mr. Hocklif nor 
his successors from sitting there with Mr. Brandreth. 

1672, March 1. — John Mehnoth interred sine fustis. 

1771, July 5. — ^Mrs. Proctor who was unfortimately 
kil'ed in the Manchester Masheen (P coach) below Chalk 

1788, March 2. — John Weeselbe (Lord Lonsdale's 
Huntsman at Puddle Hill). {Houghton Regis Registers.) 

1736, Jan. 16. — ^Othello, a black servant to the Rt : 
Honble : Lady Howe and about the age of 12 years was 
(Battlesden Registers.) 

1769, Deo. 4.— Bur/d Master Toby. 

1773, May 8. — ^Baptized, Bedford a Negro Boy aged 
about thirteen years. fStreatley Registers.) F. A. B. 


" Husband of." In the History of the Willey Hundred, 
8.V. Odell page 372, 1 note that on the tombstones the mem 
are described as husbands of their wives; ex. gr., Edw^. 
Coleman, husband of Frances, &c. Can anyone tell me if 
this custom is prevalent P I have only noted one instance, 
and that is at Tottemhoe. F. A. B. 

Old Postal Arrangements. — ^In the appendix to the 
5th Beport of the Boyal Commission on Historical Mann- 
scripts is the following, which I give as showing what the 
postal arrangements were two centuries ago. 

On the cover of a letter. — " The respective postmasters 
on the road to Wolverhampton are required to forward 
this letter with all possible diligence as they will answer 
the contrary, it being for his Majesty^s special service, 
Whitehall, 12th Jan. 16^9, 9 at night, hast, hast, post hast. 
" Monmouth." — ^Received in Barbycan past 10 at night, 
Dorothy Askew. — ^Then come notes of its having been 
received at 12 at night. — ^At St. Albans 10 in the morning. 
— ^At Dunstaple at about 5. — ^At BrickhiU at 8. — ^At 
Daventry past 1.— At ColeshiU at 8." F. A. B. 

COOPER MSS,— In page 526 of the History of the 
Willey Himdred, Mr. Harvey states that the above MSS. 
were purchased in 1817 by Sir Gregory Osbom Page- 
Turner, Bart, from Mr. Thomas Fisher for the sum of 
£200. Is the whereabouts of these MSS. now known P 
They may have been included in the sale at Battlesden in 
Dec. 1823, but as I have not a catalogue of that sale I 
cannot speak for certain. I should be glad if anyone 


possessing a catalogue of that sale would kindly lend it to 
me, or I should be glad to purchase a copy. 

F. A. Blatdbs. 


In going through the "Annales Prioratua de Dunafaplia" 
(VoL iii, of the *^ Annates Monastici" published under the 
direction of the Master of the Rolls, 1866) I have noted a 
great many '^ obits/* &c., some of which, marked with an 
asterisk, being of local interest may prove useful to the 
genealogist, historian, &c. I give the dates as recorded^ 
and cannot answer for their being in all cases correct. 

F. A. B. 

1204. G[odefridus de Lucy], Bishop of Winchester. 
SufEredus, Bishop of Chester. 

Alienor, Mother of the King. 

1205. GeofEry de Caucei, in September. 

* Thomas, formerly Prior of Dxmstaple. 
Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Savaricus, Bishop of Bath. 

1206. William, Bishop of Lincoki, in the month of May. 
Henry, Bishop of Exeter. 

1207. Simon, Bishop of Chester. 
Bobert, Archdeacon of Himtingdon. 

1208. Walterus, Archbishop of Rothomagensia, 
Philip, Bishop of Durham. 
Geoffrey, Bishop of Coventry. 

(Adam), Abbot of Chertsey ; (Bobert de Beading), 

Abbot of Bamsey. 
(Bobert de Melun), Abbot of Malmesbury; and 

(Eustace), Abbot of Eynesham. 


1210. (Roger de Lacy), Constable of Chester. 
* Robert de Bray brook. 
William, son of Alan, (filit^ Alani.) 
Robert Brown, & Adam Malherbe died at Rokesac 

and buried there. 
Geoffrey of Norwich, seized at Dmistaple by 
(William de Longespee) Earl of Salisbury, 
imprisoned at Bristol and died there. 
1210. Malgerus, Bishop of Worcester. 
1212.*Johnof Studham. 

Walter the cellarer was killed. 

(Helias), Abbot of Reading, in the month of July. 

1213. Gilbert (de Glanvill), Bishop of Rochester. (Some 

authorities give the date as the 2ith June, 1214.^ 
John, Abbot of St. Albans. 

— prior de Herford. 

— Abbess of Elstow. 

(Sarah de Walebar), Abbess of Barking. 

John, Bishop of Norwich, ob. in Pietavia. His 

boneci were conveyed to his cathedral. 
Hugh de Goumay, mortuus est in Pictavia. 

1214. *Hugh de Boves of Houghton, subtnersus est. 

Eustace (Archdeacon of Richmond, Treasurer of 

York, and Dean of Salisbury), Bishop of Ely. 
Geoffrey de Mandeville (Earl of Essex), ludendo 


(Isabel) widow of Geoffrey de Mandeville m. 

Hubert de Burgh, and dying a few days after 

was buried at Canterbury. 

1215. Oct. 19. John, King of England, died at Newark 

and was buried in Worcester Cathedral, between 
the bodies of St. Oswald and St. Wulstan. 


* — Count of Perche, at the battle of Lincoln. 
Eustace, the Monk, killed at Canterbury. 

1216. ♦John de WohiUe. 

Alardus, Dean of St. Paul's, London. 
Giles (de Braose), Bishop of Hereford (succ. by 
Hugh, the Dean). 

1217. Sylvester, Bishop of Worcester, succ. by William, 

Archdeacon of Buckingham. 

1218. * John of Houghton made Archdeacon of Bedford on 

the death of Alexander. 
Otho (IV.), Emperor of Germany. 
(Eudes III.), Duke of Burgundy. 
At Damietta, Magister Thomas de Noyun, Magister 

Alexander de Curtun, et magister Badulfus de 

Simon de Montfort, at the seige of Toulouse. 
Robert de Gaugi, at St. If eots, " in/emali igne per- 


1219. Hugh (de Mapenore), Bishop of Hereford, succ. by 

Hugh Foliot. 
* William Marshal, in the month of May. 
Nemericus (Aimery de S. Mauro), Master of the 

Temple in England, buried at the New Temple. 
At Damietta, the Earl of Winchester, & B(aldwin) 

de Vehr. 

1220. Adam, Dean of Salisbury. 

(Saier de Quinci), Earl of Winchester. 
Baldwin de Ver (vide mpra). 
(Thomas), Abbot of St. James, Northampton. 
(Alexander), Abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 
Guy, brother of Simon de Montfort, killed by the 


Simon (de Montf ort) killed at the seige of Toulouse 

(inde aupra^ sub. an. 1218^. 
•Peter de Nerbonne (of Segenhoe) . 

1221. Philip de Ulecote^ Seneschal, died at Etampes. 
(William de Albini), Earl of Arundel died in Italy, 

his bones were brought over to, and buried at 

XJlian de Gheinde. 
Magister Johannes, Archdeacon of Oxford. 

1222. Earl Robert de Wer. 
*Itohesia de WahuL 

Hubert de Burgh marries Margaret, da. of William 
the Lion. 

Guarinus, dean of Berkhampsted« 

Matilda de Say. 

William, Abbot of Westminster. 

Kobert, Abbot of Burgh. 

Thomas, Prior of (Merton), & Walter, Prior of 

(Ranu)lphus, Bishop of Chester. 
•(Walter Loring), Abbat of Malmesbury. 
*. . . dPirot. 
•William of Studham. 
•Hugh, (Rector) of Toddington. 

(Adam, Abbot of Melrose) murdered by the Earl 

1223. Constantine Fitz-Athulf, hanged. 

(Simon of Apulia), Biahop of Exeter. (Recorded 

twice — ^pp. 79, 85.) 
(William of Comhill), Bishop of Coventry. 
(Hugh), Bishop of Carlisle. 
(Matthew), Abbot of Bardeney. 


* William of Stodham (tnde supra, sub. an. 1222^. 
Brother Richard Brown. 

Philip (Augustus), King of France, at St. Denis. 
"William, Bishop of Coventry. 
Half Hareng, Judge. 
Ralf , Abbot of Westminster. 
Roger de Ashbume. 

1224. Pawkes de Breaut^ dies at St. Ciriac. 
(William de Albini), Earl of Arundel. 

1225. * William Marshal, jun., marries (Eleanor), sister of 

Henry III. 
John (de Fontibus, Abbot of Fountains, co. York), 
Bishop of Ely, succ. by the Archdeacon of 
*E . . ., Prior of Newenham, succ. by Hervey, 
Prior of Oseney. 
(William), Prior of St. Neots. 

y Prior of Huntingdon. 

, Prior of Suerc. 

Hugh Bigod, Earl (of Norfolk), whose wife (Maud, 
da. of William Marshal, E. of Pembroke), im- 
mediately m. (William) Earl Warren. 
John de Boyille. 
Robert Ferrars (P 4tt K of Derby). 

Prior of Risselep. 

Theobald de Waloines. 

Sr. Roger de Gantilupe, Kt., conyicted of treason, 

and hanged. 
Englebert, Archbishop of Cologne, murdered. j, 

1226. (William de Longesp^e) Earl of Salisbury. 
Richard, Bishop of Durham. 

(Simon), Abbot of Reading. 


Pandulf, Bishop of Norwich, succ. by Magister 
Thos. de Flamville. 

(Hugh), Abbot of St. Augostine's, Canterbury. 

(Alexander de Holdemesse), Abbot of Burgli. 

(Louis VUI.) King of France, dies at Auvergne. 

(William de Joinville), Archbishop of Rheims. 

(Guy II.), Earl of St. Paul's. 

Benedict, Bishop of Rochester (Bur. Dec. 21), succ. 
by Henry (de Sandford), Archdeacon of Can- 
•Magister John of Luton, John of Linley, and Wil- 
liam de Mandeville. 

1227. March 25. Honorius III., Pope. 

Raymond de Burgh, nephew (nepos) of Hubert de 
Burgh, Earl of Kent marries (Christiana widow 
of Wm. de Mandeville, Earl of Essex) ; and his 
da. Margaret de Burgh marries (Richard de 
Clare), eldest son of the Earl of Gloucester. 
* John de Tattenhulle, (P Tottemhoe). 

1228. Stephen (Langton) Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Abbot of Bittlesden. 

*l7icholas. Dean of Luton. 
•Simon Passelaw. 
•Richard Pirot. 
•John de Hyde. 
Simon — anachorita. 

1229. Eustace, Bishop of London, succ. by Roger Niger. 
G(eofErey) Bishop of Ely, succ. by Hugh (de Burgh 

de Northwold), Abbot of St. Edmond's(bury). 
•Alexander, Prior of Caiddwell, succ. by William. 
Osbert^ Abbot of Leicester. 
Abbot of Welbeck. 


(Henry of London), Archbishop of Dublin, succ. 
by Henry, the Bang's Treasurer. 

1230. (Gervase), Bishop of St. David's. 

WilUam de Braose, taken and hanged by Llewellyn. 

, Prior of Ghaucombe, succ. by , 

Prior of Oseney. 
William de Whitchurch, and Richard de Stanford. 
(Gilbert de Clare) Earl of Gloucester. 
Kaymund de Burgh. 
Maurice de Gaunt. 
Nigel de Mowbray. 

1231. Richard (Grant) Archbishop of Canterbury, at 

•William Marshall. 
*Hugh de Steppingley. 

William de Saumur. (? Someries) 

Reginald, Archdeacon of Middlesex. 

William de Muscamp, Archdeacon of Derby. 

Hugh, Abbot of Ramsey. 

Walter de Bidun. 

William de London, King's Justice. 

Ralph, priest of Norwich. 

1232. John, s. of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, an infant. 
Ralph, Earl of Chester. 

Alan Basset. 

Henry De Oily. 
1233' Robert, Rector of Marston, (co. Line.) 

Richard, Abbot of St. Edmund's(bury), succ. by 
Henry, Prior of the same place. 

H(enry), Abbot of Derley, succ. by Ralphs sub- 

Ferrand, Count of Flanders. 


(Richard de Villa), Abbot of Thornton. 
(William), Prior of Cuckford. 

1234. Richard Marshal, in Ireland. 

Hugh, Bishop of Hereford, succ. by Magister Half, 
Dean of his church. (Recorded twice in same 

Philip, Count of Boulogne. 

Robert (III., Count of Dreux). 

Henry, Abbot of Derley (vide supra). 

(Robert de Henreth), Abbot of Abingdon. 

, Abbot of Roucester, (co. Staff.) 

, Prior of Cuckford. (vid^ mpraj 

Brian de Lisle. 

Hugh de Newtown. 
* Thomas de Tottemhoe. 

1235. Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, succ. by Robert Gros- 

H(enry Sandford), Bishop of Rochester. 
William (de Trumpington), Abbot of St. Albans, 

succ. by (John), Prior of Hertford. 
(Alan), Lord of Galloway. 
Brother Walter. 
Gilbert Marshall marries Margaret of Scotland. 

1236. William, Bishop of Worcester. 
Thomas, Bishop of Norwich. 

♦Hugh de Ba. 
(Matilda, da. of Geoffrey Fitz-Piers Earl of Essex, 

and widow of Henry de Bohun), Countess of 

(Thomas de Merleberge), Abbat of Evesham. 
(Henry de Longchamp), Abbot of Croyland. 
, Abbot of Walden (Harl MS. Titus D. 


gives — Bobert dying in 1231| and Eichard his 
succeesor in 1241). 
Thomas de Muletone. 

1237. Bichard, Bishop of Dnrham. 
John (le Scot), Earl of Chester. 

1238. Joanna, Queen of Scotland. 
•Theobald de Leittona (? Leighton) 

John de Witchurche. 

Alexander, Bishop of Coventry succ. by Hugh de 

Henry, Prior of Merton. 
Hugh, Archdeacon of Colchester. 
WiUiam "fflius Warini." 
Bobert, Archdeacon of Lincoln. 

1239. William, elect of Valentia. 

* (Isabella, da. of Wm. Marshal, wife first of Gilbert 
de Clare, and then of Bichard of Cornwall), 
Countess of Gloucester. 

Jordan de Botlesford. 

John de Bassingham, succ. 'in baronia de WahuUe* 
by Saer de WahiJl, 

1240. Llewellyn, (Prince of Wales). 
•Eustace, Vicar of Chalgrave — " discessif 

Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, "in Burgonia, 

sepultm apud Punteniacum" 
Gf ilbert) Marshal. 

1241. (Hugh de Pateshull), Bishop of Coventry, at Pot- 


1242. •Bichard de Morins, formerly Prior of Dunstaple. 

April 9th, succ. by Geoffrey de Barton. 
William de Marisoo drawn and quartered. 
Jordan, Vicar of Newbottle, Nov. 21. 


♦William of St. Mary's Cliiireh (Dunstable), March 
Brobert de Tenbrugge. 

♦Richard, Earl (of Cornwall) ma. (Sancbia of Pro- 
vence), the sister of the Queen, within the 
Octave of St. Martin, at Canterbury. 

1243. (Raymond Berenger), husband of the Coimtess of 

* John de Norton, farmer, of Caddington, April 10th. 

1244. * Robert de Haya, July 24th. 

, the son of Simon of Eddlesborough, killed 

by robbers. 
♦William, Prior of Caldwell, after Christmas, succ. 
by Prior Eudo. 

1246. (Robert de Bingham), Bishop of Salisbury, suoc. 

by William of York, elected Dec. 8th. 
♦Roger de Eltesdone, vicar of Studham, succ. by 

Walter de Kemesey, chaplain. 
Richard (de Barking) Abbot of Westminster, Nov. 

♦John, son of Jordan (P de Bottlesford) married at 

Studham, Sept. 29th. 
♦Simon de Eltesdone married the widow of GifEard 

de Tyringham. 
Alexander de Swereford, Ralf Brito, Magister 

Robert de Lisle, Canons of St. Paul's, London, 

all died between Michaelmas and Christmas. 

1247. William de Valentia married (Joanna), da. of 

Warine de Montchensy. 
♦Walter, Prior of Newnham, May 26th, succ. by 
Walter de Chalvertone, canon of the same place, 
installed June 18th. 



* Michael de Querdone, William Brito, miles, Bald- 

win Poleyne de Cadington, et John de Clifford, 
killed in a brawl at Newenham. 

Simon Scutteraismi of Bukleshore, within the Oc- 
tave of the Purification. 

William de Trippelawe, B.p. February. 
*Doniinufl Adam de Luton, Abbot of Wobum March 
12th, succ. by dominuB Nicholas, Abbot of 

1248. * Robert Vicar of Patshull "in initio autumni,'* succ. 

by Eichard, Rector of Steppingley, who died at 
Newenham before his institution, Nov. 29th. 
Peter Vitelli, an Italiaa, was then presented to 

* David Rufus, of Flitwick, Kt., in the autumn, bur. 

at Warden. 
Simon of Eddlesborough, Oct. 28th, bur. at Dun- 
staple Priory before the cross. 

1 249. (Alexander II), King of Scotland, " ante autumnum/* 

1250. Frederick (II), late Emperor, Dec. 13. 
"William de Cantelupe, the second. 
William de Raleigh, Bishop of Winchester. 
John de Cobham, " ante Pascha" 
Geoffrey Dispenser, " statimpost Paschal 

*Paid Peyvre, " in ebdomada Pentecostes.^^ 

1251. Walter de Denton, on Dec. 25th. 

1252. Robert Passelawe, June 24th. 
Robert de Martivals, Prior of Laund. 

1253. Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, at Buckden, 

Oct. 14th. 
Sylvester, Bishop of Carlisle, Feb. 2nd., by a fall 
from his horse. 



Sichard de Tyngeies, parson of Masworth. 
1264. H(ugo;, Biflhop of Ely, Aug. 15tli. (He died 

Aug, 6). suco. by W(illLam) de Eirkeney 

[Archdeacon of Coventry, and Chancellor], who 

died in 1256. 
* Walter de Chalverton, Prior of Newenham, succ. 

by Stephen one of the canons. 
William de Cantilupe, the third, Sept. 25th. buried 

at Studley Sept. 30th. 
Gilbert de Segrave, in the prison of Reginald Puns^ 

in foreign parts. 
Peter Chacepore, on Christmas Eye, in foreign 

parts. He was keeper of the Ejng*s wardrobe. 
1255. Walter de Gray, Archbishop of York, in the month 

of April. 
Era, Wife of William de Cantilupe, the third, 

July 20th. 
Warine de Mountchensey, July 20. 
Magister Thomas Yalensis, Bishop of St. David's, 

succ. by (Richard de Carreu). 
William of York, Bishop of Salisbury, '^ eirca 

jpriticipium QuadragmmcB,** succ. by Giles de 

*1256« Geofirey de Beauchamp, Rector of BrickhiU, " post 

Pascha ** succ. by N. son of William' de Grey. 
*Domina Johanna de Peyvre, at Leyham, bur. at 

Wobum. At whose funeral her husband, John 

de Grey, exhibited but little honor and reverence. 
1258. Philip Level, Eing's Treasurer. Dec. 26th. 

Richard de Lincoln, ^^ elerums" at Dunstaple, in the 

Octave of the Epiphany. 
(William de Clare), brother of Richard, Earl of 


Gloucester ; Sicliard (de Crokesleye^, Abbot of 

Westminster, and many others poisoned at 

Henry de Lexington, Bisbop of Lincoln, succ. by 

Bicbard de Gravesend. 
1259. Fulk Basset, Bisbop of London, succ. by Henry de 

Wegbam, Gbancellor of tbe King. 
Frater Radulfus, ^^eoncerms noster apud Stodhaniy 

oecisus est pro Jure ecelesice nostrceJ* 
*1260. WiUiam de Beaucbamp, senior. 
Jobn, Vicar of Asbboume. 
Liaurence, Abbot of Barton, July 20tb, succ. by 

Jobn de Stafford, one of tbe monks. 
Aymer de Lusignan, Bisbop of Wincbester, at Paris 

Sept. 29tb. 
*Jobn de Cracbele, Arcbdeacon of Bedford, tbe 

King's Treasurer, Sept. 8tb, succ. by Peter de 


1262. Henry de Wengbam, Bisbop of London, in tbe 

montb of July. 

* Bicbard, Earl of Gloucester, poisoned at tbe table 

of Peter de Savoy. 
Baldwin, Count de Lisle {i.e. Baldwin de Bedvers, 

Earl of Devon). 
Ingleram de Perci. 

* W(illiam^ de Beaucbamp, poisoned (vide supra). 
Balpb de Studbam (vide supra), and Bicbard de 

Dodingstone, canons. 
(Jobn de Caux) Abbat of Burgb, Treasurer of tbe 
King, at Lande. 

1263. W. de Waterford, canon, Sept. 29tb. 

1265. Simon (de Montfort) Earl of Leicester, and n(ugb) 


Dispenser^ slain at the battle of Evesham. 
1267. Eyles de Dunstaple, Ainbrosiiis, Michahel, and other 
thieves perished miserably. 

1270. Peter de Nevill, knight, hanged at Bridgenorth. 
Henry de Albemarle, knight, hanged in France. 
John de Lymonges, knight, hanged for theft. 

•Gregory de Caldwell, knight, died at Newgate. 

* John de Suthim, clericua, killed at Oxford, 
*IIugh de Caldwell, hanged. 

Bichard de OfEenthone, hanged at London. 
(these last six are descnbed as Ely robbers). 

1271. Bichard, King of Germany, brother of the King of 

England and Earl of Cornwall died in the month 
of February, and was buried in Hayles -Abbey. 

1272. Edmund (Earl of Cornwall), son of the King of 

Germany marries (Margaret), sister of Gilbert, 
Earl of Gloucester. 
Bobert, Parson of Bushden, succ. by Bobert of 

* Walter de Cadendon, Prior of Caldwell, sometime 

Canon of Dunstaple, succ. by Matthew. 
Henry III., King of England, Nov. 16.i 
•John, Vicar of Harlington for twelve years, succ. 

by Wm. de la Mare. 
•William le Bus, Prior of Newenham, Michael, one 

of the canons there succeeded him. 

1273. •John de Bothleforde, son of Jordan, at Eastertide. 
•George de Cantilupe, Nov. 1, being just of age. 

One half of his lands descended to Eudo la 
Zouche, whose eldest sister (Milesent), was his 
wife ; the other half went to (Johanna), sister 
of the said George, and widow of Henry de 


Heniy de Sandwich, Bishop of London, succ. by 
Magister John de CheshTiUe, Dean of St. Paul's. 
•Eleanor (de Montfort), (widow of "William Marshall, 
E. of Pembroke), Comitess of Leicester, ob. in 
France. Her manor of Luton descended to the 
heirs of William Marshall. 
Simon de Pateshull, at Eastertide. 

1274. The wife of Benedict Juvenis, committed suicide, 

or as the Chronicle quaintly says — " Sponte 
prmcipitavit se inputeo, et obiit. Et quia nolumnus 
earn admittere ad sepuUuram. Sospitarii nos 
implacitaverunL Composuimm cum eis, quia 
' timuimus eorum privilegia.'^ 
* Simon (de Eton), sixth Prior of Dunstaple, Nov. 
22nd. He was Prior 11 years and 9 months, 
succ. by William le Breton, Nov. 25th. Re- 
moved by Oliver, Bishop of Lincoln in 1280. 
Beatrice, and Margaret Queen of Scotland, sisters 
of the King of England, the former buried at 

1275. Richard de Stratford, canon, died at the hour of 

High Mass, and buried immediately on account 
of dropsy. 
Pope Gregory X. 

Michael Tony, who fought against the King at the 
battle of Lewes, was hanged. 
1277. * Bartholomew Youngman, of Dimstable. 

Walter de Merton, Bishop of Rochester (Oct. 27th), 
succ. by (John de Bradfield). 
1278.* Simon del Ho (Simon de Luton), Abbat of St. 

1279. Walter GifEard, Archbishop of York, succ. by 
Magister William, dean of York. 


Brother Eobert (Kilwarby) formerly Archbishop 
of Canterbury. 

Bichardy Bishop of Lincoln, in Adventu Domini, 
succ. by Magister Oliver (Sutton) then dean of 

John de Cheshulle, Bishop of London, succ. by 
Magister Bichard de Gravesend, then Arch- 
deacon of Northampton. 

Nicholas, Bishop of Winchester, succ. by John de 

(Richard de Carew), Bishop of St. David's, succ. 

by Magister Thomas Beke, King's Treasurer. 
John de Hertford, canon, died and buried at Bokesac. 
* William de la Mare, parson of Harlington, in the 

month of October, succ. by John de Badnor, 

who resigned on his institution, and was succ. 

by Walter de Ludf ord. 

1280. Pope Nicholas III., Aug. 26th, succ. by Martin IV. 

1281. •Roger, Abbat at Wobum, succ. by Hugh de Soul- 


1282. •Balf de Harrold, canon, died at Bradbume, and 

buried there Sept. 28th. 
Brother Philip de Marston, in clau90 nostra decen- 

timme est humatus. 
Thomas, Bishop of Hereford, succ. by Bichard de 

•Bichard de Bradwell, Archdeacon of Bedford, in 

the month of October, succ. by magister John 

William de Valencia. 
Luke de Tani. 
Roger de Clifiord, Junior. 


lilewellyn, Prince of Wales. 

1283. ^Michael, Prior of Newenham: Jolin de Bedford 

one of the canons succ. in July. Eodem anno 
quidam ex servientibm Jofumnis Duraunt junioris 
de Dunstable sponte se predpitavU in ptUeo ipsius 
Johannis, et martuus est. Et postquam insus est 
a coronaioribus^prqjeetuB est in fovea extra tnllam; 
sed SospitalarU eum inde extraxerunty et in ccemi* 
teris eondiderunt 

(John Bradfield), Bishop of Rochester, (Apr. 23rd), 
succ. by Thomas de Inglethorp, Dean of St. 
of St Paul's (and Archdeacon of Middlesex, 
consecrated Sept. 26th). 

(Robert of Holy Island), Bishop of Durham, succ. 
by Anthony Bech. 

Nicholas Basse, of Kensworth, hanged for felony. 

(Richard de Ware), Abbot of Westminster, King's 
Treasurer, succeeded by John de Kyrkeby. 

1284. John de Derlington, Archbishop of Dublin. 
(Robert Wickhampton), Bishop of Salisbury, succ. 

by Walter ScammelL 
Prince Alphonso. 
Lawrence Duket, goldsmith, of London^ killed in 

the Church .of St. Mary-le-Bow whither he had 

fled for sanctuary. 
Charles (of Anjou), Eing of France. 
Pope Martin IV., succ. by Honorius IV. 

1285. Philip III., King of France, of dysentery, at the 

seige of Gerona. 
Philip de Aynhoe, found killed in the fields of 

Faringho near the Hyde. 
William de Wykewane, Archbishop of York, died 


at Pontignac, on his way tb Rome, and there 
buried, 8UCC. by John le Romeyn. 
Alexander (III.)j King of Scotland. 
* Aimery de St. Amand, " capitalis donnnus de feudo 
Pyroth in Pulloxhulk" 

1286. (Hugh de Balsham), Bishop of Ely, succ. by John 

de Kyrkeby, Treasurer of the King's Exchequer. 
*Dominu8 Peter Loring (of Chalgrave), in the month 
of January. Qui mper omnes progenitares suos 
specialius no8 amavit. 

1287. Pope Honorius IV., succ. by Nicholas quintus (sic 

for qtAartusJ. 
William de Mountchensy. 
Stephen (de Berksted), Bishop of Chichester. 
Henry de Brandeston, Bishop of Salisbury. 

1288. * William le Bretun, Prior of Bunstaple, at Rokesac, 

buried at Bunstaple. 
(BrCginald de Maidenheth), Abbat of Waltham. 
Richard de Clapwell, * FraterJ 

1289. *Alexandere le Bantere of Bunstaple, murdered at 

*(Avelina), wife of John Burant, senior. 

John de Kirkeby, Bishop of Ely, succ. by William 
de Lutha. 

Johanna, 2nd da. of King Edward married to Gil- 
bert (de Clare), Earl of Gloucester, Apr. 30th. 

Margaret, 3rd da. of King Edward married to John 
of Brabant. 

1290. Percival Romanus, Archdeacon of Buckingham and 

Prebendary of Aylesbury. 
Queen Eleanor dies Bee. 28th. Her body remained 
at Bunstaple one night, in memory whereof a 


cross was erected in the market place. 
Roger, Abbat of St. Alban's, Nov. Ist. 

* Brother Stephen, Curate of Flitwick, died, and 

buried at Rokesac, succ. by GeofErey de Marston. 
John de Pateshull. 
Adam de Bradewen, " nativtis prions.*' 

1291. Eleanor, Queen-dowager of England, buried at 

Alphonso III., King of Arragon. 
(Margaret), daughter of the King of Norway, heiress 

of Scotland. 

* Thomas, the head porter of the Priory. 

* John Hok, Archdeacon of Bedford, succ. by Roger 

de Rothewell. 
•Thomas Painter, of Houghton. 
•William le Newebodde at Flitwick. 
•Simon Pyrot of Pulloxhill. 
•Roger, ^^carectarius de eadem" 

1292. Pope Nicholas V. 

Robert Bumel, Bishop of Bath, and Chancellor. 
John de Peccham, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Rhys ap Meredith hanged for sedition. 

1293. Simon le Constable died in prison. 

1294. (John I), Duke of Brabant, at a tournament at Bar. 
Bonus de Clare (recorded again under date 1295). 
William de Montfort, Dean of St. Paul's, London. 
(John de Sandford), Archbishop of Dublin. 
L<aurence de Ludlowe, a celebrated merchant, 

Robert, parson of Catesby, ** Dominica Palmarum," 
succ. by William de Catesby, his nephew. 
1295. Thomas de Turbeville, hanged for treason. 


Roger, Bishop of Lichfield, succ. by Walter de 

Bonus de Clare (vide supra), 
Oilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, ^germanua * of 

Bonus de Clare. 
William de Valentia. 

* John de Wodulle. 

Simon de Pateshull, junior, ** nondum miles.** 

* Walter de la Haye, (Escheator of Ireland) commits 

suicide. His property in Pulloxhill descended 
to his heirs, by Matilda his wife, one of the 
heirs of Faldo. 
1296. Edmund, (Earl of Lancaster). 

Hugh de Yyenne seneschal of the said EarL 

* Thomas de Bray, Knight. 

Bichard, son of Bichard Earl of Cornwall. 

* David de Flitwick, the third, Knight, succ. by 

David his son by his wife Lucy. 
*John de Morteyn, Knight, whose son and heir 
married the daughter of Bichard de Bothwell. 
1367. Dominus John Bracebridge, Knight, at Dunstaple. 
1369. Queen Philippa, wife of Edward III. 

Lord Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, at 
138L Symon (de Sudbury) Archbishop of Canterbury, 
and Bobert Hales, Prior of St. John's London, 
murdered, June I4th. 
John Ball, ' sacerdos* an insurgent drawn, hanged, 
and quartered. F. A. B. 


LEIGHTON BUZZARD.— A discovery wliich 
has excited a deal of interest among local antiquaries 
has recently been made at Leighton Buzzard, in the 
house for many years owned and occupied by the late 
Misses Willis, in the Higb Street. The house is at the 
present time being conyerted into a shop, and Mr. Thomas 
(Hbbs, the contractor, remoyed an old canyas screen 
from tbe west wall in the front part of tbe building, when 
there came to light a full-length and life-sized water- 
colour portrait, drawn upon the wall, of a public bellman 
of perhaps from 150 to 170 yeai^B ago. The picture is that 
of a comely-looking and well-proportioned man of thirty 
to thirty-fiye years of age, about six feet in height, and 
clad in the liyery of public office, in the style peculiar to 
the time of the reign of Queen Anne. When the rem- 
nants of a thin coat of whitewash and the accumulated dirt 
of ages had been remoyed, the face and upper portion of 
the figure were f oxmd to be in an excellent state of pre- 
seryation, and the general outlines and surroimdings yery 
distinct. The bellman, or town-crier, is represented with 
his right hand uplifted, holding aloft the symbol of his 
office, while in his left hand is clutched a long staff, set 
upon the ground. He wears a three-cornered hat and 
wig, long blue coat with scarlet facings, braid, and yeUow 
buttons, knee breeches, and buckled shoes ; and just in the 
rear of him sits a large white dog. There appears on one 
side of the picture a Corinthian pillar, with cap, which 
eyidently forms one portion of the original frame to the 
portrait. Unfortunately, before the discoyery was made, 
a wall had been built up so as to preyent search being 
made for the other side of the frame, although certain 
marks are yisible which seem to indicate the edge of it 


outline. The house has been in the possession of the Willis 
family, as a private residence, over a hundred years. That 
it is a portrait of a bellman of the " good old times " there 
can be no doubt ; and it may be conjectured that it repre- 
sents one who secured for himself an honoured distinction 
among those who caroused at the ** Cock," when the present 
shop premises formed one of about seven or eight hostelries 
standing in the High Street. An attempt is being made 
by Mr. Piggot, of High Street, to obtain a good photo- 
graph of the picture. " The Antiquary ^ Vol, III., No, 16, 
i>. 141.] - 

HARROLD. — ^Among the briefs in the parish regis- 
ters of Stock, Esssex, now in course of publication, is one 
relating to Harrold, as follows : — 

"May the 14th, 1665." 

Memorand. There was collected in the parish church 
of Stocke by Robert Bundocke churchwarden uppon a 
briefe which came from Harold in the county of Bedford 
one shilling & sixe pence." 

AMPTHILL. — ^The following notes are taken from 
the appendices to the "Reports of the Royal Commission 
on Historical Manuscripts" from which I propose giving 
extracts relating to this coimty, from time to time. They 
are, of course, notes in brief, but to those interested the 
references indicated will give fuller details. 

" 1625. Petition of John Soal to the House of Lords, 
praying for the establishment of his right imder the Crown 
' to the Honour of Ampthill in the County of Bedds.' (not 
traceable in L. J., endorsed 29 Martij 1625 on which day 
no Parliament was sitting.)" {2nd B^rt, p. 106.) 


1606 Aug. 15. Queen Anne was staying at Ampthill^ 
as shown by a letter of her's dated from tlience to the 
Duch^s of Tuscany (Penes Rev. Fes. HopMnson, L.L.D.^ 
Makem Wells, Co. Worcester. Srd Report, p. 261. 

" 1624-6. Marcli 21. Petition of Mary Sole, wife of 
John Sole, warrener of His Majesty's Warren of Amptliill ; 
the warrener*s house and petitioner's goods have been 
Beized by the townsmen of Ampthill imder a decree of Sir 
Francis Bacon ; and she and her husband have been im- 
prisoned; prays for redress" (Calendar, Souse of Lords ; 
^ih Report, p. 7.) 

" 1626, May 16. Petition of Thomas Symson of Ampt- 
hill, Berks, (sic) that he may be reinstated in the possession 
of a house and garden at Amptill which he held under his 
Majesty but of which John Morgan, in his absence, 
'ohtained a copy of the hold.' " Cal. Home of Lords ; 
Ibid, p. 11,) 

"1640-1, Jan. 16. Petition of Benjamin Rhodes of 
Amptill Beds., on behalf of the parishioners there ; com- 
plains of Hugh Reeve, Parson of Amptill, for his popish 
doctrines and practises, and prays for enquiry. Annexed 
Articles against Reeve, whereby (amongst divers other 
things) it doth plainly appear that he is at heart a popish 
recusant. See L. J., IV. 170." (Cal. House of Lords ; 
Ibid, p, 41.) 

"1640-1, Jan. 27. Draft warrant to the Sergeant at 
wms, for the arrest of Hugh Reeve, parson of Ampthill " 
(Cal. Rouse of Lords; Ibid. p. 46.) 

" 1642, April 30. Petition of Edmund Wingate, in 
behalf of the inhabitants of Ampthill, Bedfordshire ; by 
an order of the 23rd of February 1640-1 (L. J., IV. 170) 
Hugh Reeve, late parson of Ampthill, for holding popish 


doctrines, was deprived of his ecclesiastical livings, ordered 
to make recantation^ and to leave the vicarage house, on 
doing this he was to receive 10/. per annum out of the 
parsonage, which a noble person of the parish freely offered 
to discharge ; Reeve still maintains two of the tenets that 
he had recanted, converses with papists more than ever, 
and refuses to give up the vicarage house ; petitioner 
prays that the anniiity may be transferred to the present 
incumbent, as it is unreasonable that Beeve should take 
any benefit under the order which he has contemned 
L. J., Y. 34. Annexed — ^Affidavit of Edmund Wingate in 
support of preceding.^' {Col. House of Lords; 6th Mepart^ 
p. 19.) 

Amongst the MSS. of W. M. Molyneux, Esq., is an 
account book of Sir Anthony Browne's daily expenses on 
a journey from AmpthiU, Co. Beds., to Doncaster, Qo. 
Yorks., and back — 1536, October 17, to December 15. 
7th Beport, p. 601.) F. A. B. 



At the time that Elstow Church is undergoing extensive 

reparation it may be well to draw attention to the old ^ 

Radclif monument on the east wall, and give as much of ^ 

the inscription as can be made out, which is as follows : — ) 

"here lythe bodies of sr hvmpre kadclif knight \\ 










THE 13 DAY OF AVGVST 1566 . . . AGED | 57 AT YO 

ONCE . . • ." 

The rest of this interesting inscription is impossible to 
decipher. In Bedfordshire I^otes, published by the Beds. 
Aichadological Society, at pp. 201 and 225, there are two 
copies given of it, neither of them, however, being nearly 
80 complete as the above, and they also slightly differ in 
one or two particidars ; for instance, Martha the fourth 
daughter is called Mary, and her husband's name Wichley 
is given as Wicklay, Elizibet is spelled in the ordinary 
way, &c. The son Edward Eadclif, on the death of his 
somewhat distant cousin Kobert Radclifi, the 5th Earl of 
Sussex of that name, without issue, in 1629 succeeded as 
the 6th Earl, and on his death in 1641, without issue, the 
title became extinct, and his sister Frances or her issue 
were his heirs, and her son Bobert Cheeke disputed for 
sometime with the Mildmay family as to their right to be 
Barons Fitz Walter, they claiming the Barony through 
Frances, dau. and eventual heir of Heniy Radclif, the 
2nd Earl of Sussex of this f amiiy, whilst Robert Cheeke 
claimed that the barony was merged in the earldom of 
Sussex, the claim was decided in 1669 in favour of Sir 
Heniy Mildmay. 

16 March, 1881. D. G. C. ELWES, F.S.A. 

[The two sons of Sir Hiimplley were ;— Thokas, who ob. b. p., and 
Edwabd who m. Jane, da. of Sir Vranois Hynd or Hide of Madingley, 


Go. Gambs., Kt., and widow Bncoeesivelj of William West of Man- 
worth, Go. Bucks, and of John Gatesby. Of the four daughters, Mjlbt 
does not appear to have married ; Francis was wife of Henry, s. of Sir 
John Gheeke, Eueabstr, was wife of Henry Owen of Wootton, CSo. 
Beds. Esq., & Mabtha, was 2 wife of William, s. of Edward Gostwike of 
Bhefford, Go. Beds. Dame Isabel died the 8th of May, 1594, (cf. ante, 
p. 90.) £d.^ 





By the kindness of a gentleman, Mr. J. G. Raynes, of 
London, I am enabled to present the readers of this column 
with a valuable list of references to articles in the Gentle- 
man's Magazine relating to this county, alphabetically 
arranged under parishes. Many of the articles are by 
writers of repute, and extremely interesting. To anyone 
interested in the history of his parish this list cannot but 
prove of great utility, as by a glance he can now see where 
to find what he wants without having to wade through an 
interminable number of volumes. I have not, in aU cases, 
been able to identify the initials attached to the articles ; 
it would, however, add to their interest to discover them. 
Any additions or corrections will be thankfully received 
by the undersigned F. A. Blaydes. 

AMPTHILL. — Particulars of old oaks in the park, with 
plate of same, vol. 66, pt. ii., p. 641. 1796. 
Epitaph in church of, by F. Sepway, vol. 87, p. 394. 

Copies of three inscriptions in brass which had been 
removed from the original stones and preserved in 
the Town Chest at, vol. 86, pt. ii., p. 105. 1861. 


Note from churchwarden to shew the church of, vol. 50, 

p. 373. 1780. 
Notes upon, with etymology of name, by J. D. Parry, 

vol. 32, n. 8., p. 479. 1849. 
Simon Fitz-Peter, itinerant justice, attempts to bring 
I*hilip de Brois, Canon of Bedford, to account for 
murder at, vol. 7, 3rd s., p. 368. 1859. 
■Extracts from Haines's Manual of Monumental Brasses^ 

vol. 10, p. 386. 1859. 
Pennies of Henry II., found at, vol. 12, p. 458, and vol. 

13, p. 57. 1862. 
Mistletoe found on the locust tree at, vol. 1, 4th s., p. 
72. 1866. 
ARLESET.— Fire at, on October 10th, 1803, vol. 73, p. 

1178. 1803. 
ASPLEY GUISE.— Extracts from Haines's Manual of 

Monumental Brasses, vol. 10, p. 386. 1861. 
AoTWiCK. — ^Enquiries as to the origin of the name and 
other particulars, by T. S., vol. 73, p. 33. 1803. 
Etymology of, vol. 73, p. 1198, 1803, and vol. 74, p. 
924. 1804. 
BARPORD (LITTLE).— Nicholas Eowe, dramatic poet, 
bom at, vol. 86, pt ii., p. 314. 1816. 
Extracts from Soiues* 8 Manual of Mofiumenta I Brasses, 
vol. 10, 3rd s., p. 386. 1861. 
BARFORD (GREAT).— Extracts from Haines's Manual 

of Monumental Brasses, vol. 10, p. 386. 1861. 
Barton. — Extracts from Haines's Manual of Monu- 
mental Brasses, vol. 10, 3rd 8., p. 386. 1861. 
BATTLESDEN.— Etymology of, by T. F. (Thos. Fisher), 
vol. 91, pt. i., 3rd s., p. 410. 1821. 



BEDFORD. — Charge against the Corporation of, re the 

Harpur Trust, vol. 29, p. 629. 1751. 
Election of a Mayor for, vol. 39, p. 458. 1769. 
Sentiments of a freeholder for conducting the county 

hospital, vol. 71, pp. 615 and 899. 1801. 
Account of the gaol, by James Neild, vol. 77, p. 1186. 

Account of public library, by Thomas Fisher, founded 

1700, vol. 87, pi. ii., p. 135. 1817. 
Settlement, books, and state of the library, vol. 87, pt. 

ii., pp. 136 and 678. 1817. 
Decision respecting the admission of Jews to the Cha- 
rity, vol. 88, pt. ii., p. 271. 1818. 
St. John's Hospital, by D. H., vol. 71, p. 319. 1801. 
Infirmary, state of. vol. 73, p. 969. 1803. 
Offa, the King of Mercia, buried at, vol. 86, pt. ii., p. 

314. 1816. 
Violent storm in July, 1801, at, vol. 71, pt. ii., p. 669. 

Consecration of Trinity new church, vol. 16, n. s., p. 

194. 1841. 
Enlargement of St. Peter's Church, and description of 

the works, vol. 24, p. 631. 1845. 
Consecration and description of St. Cuthbert's Church, 

vol. 28, p. 306. 1847. 
Notes on the present state of, by J. D. Parry, vol. 31, 

p. 698. Vol. 32, p. 28. 1849. 
First Suffragan Bishop of, in 1537, vol. 32, p. 30, 1849. 
Antiquities found at, vol. 32, p. 183. 1849. 
John Howard's examination of the prison at, vol. 33, 

p. 9. 1850. 


Victory at '' Bedicanford " in 571, vol. 36, p. 36, p. 

306. 1851. 
Ancient weapons from the Castle of, vol. 42, p. 60. 

Bunyan confined in the jail of. Was Bunyan a gipsey P 

vol. 4, 3rd 8., p. 80. 1868. 
Chair in which Shakespeare is supposed to have sat 

when presiding at club meeting at, vol. 4, 3rd s., p. 

183. 1858. 
Philip de Brois, Canon of Bedford, accused of murder, 

vol. 7, p. 368. 1859. 
Extracts from Haines's Manual of Monumental Brakes, 

vol. 10, p. 386. 1861, 
Monumental brass to Simon de Beauchamp in St. Paul's 

at, vol. 16, p. 316. 1864. 
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Silver coins of Charles II., King of Naples and Sicily, 

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Gh^at storms and floods in September, 1797, vol. 67, pt. 

ii., p. 881. 1797. 
Ancient division of County into Hundreds, vol. 98, pt. 

ii., p. 99. 1828. 


Sale of Mr. Marsh's collection for, yol. 102, pt. ii., 

p. 161. 1832. 
Report on the Library, vol. 5, n. s., p. 192. 1836. 
Paper read before Cambridge Camden Society on orien- 
tation of 25 churches in, vol. 21, n. s., p. 408. 1844. 
Date of its division into a separate county, by ** W. 

Chapman," vol. 22, p. 154. 1844. 
First General Annual Meeting of the Bedford Archaeo- 
logical Society, vol. 29, p. 528. 1848. 
Abstract of paper read by Mr. Inskip upon relics found 

in, vol. 30, p. 518. 1848. 
Coins found in, vol. 33, p. 620. 1850. 
Lithographic view of, by Emanuel Mendez de Costa, 

vol. 90, pt. i., p. 412. 1820. 
BIDDENHAM.— Roman Vases found at, vol. 30, n. s., p. 

518. 1848. 
Extract from Haines's Manual of Monumental Brasses, 

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BIGGLESWADE.— College to Holy Trinity at, vol. 34, 

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Great Fire at, vol. 55, p. 480. 1785. p. 567, 1785. 
Fire ball seen at, vol. 73, p. 473. 1803. 
Fashioned Stone found at Roman Encampment at, vol. 

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168. 1859. 
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BLET80E. — ^Margaret Beauford mother of Hen. VII., 

Bom at, vol. 86 ii., p. 314. 1816. 
Account of, with plate of Mansion and description of 

Church, by R. G., vol. 69 ii., p. 745. 1799. 
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Extracts from Haines's Monumental Brasses, vol. 10, 

3rd s., p. 387. 1861. 
15th Century Brass in Church of, vol. 24, n. s., p. 63. 

BUSHMEAD.— Priory of Black Cannons at, vol. 34, p. 

62. 1764. 
CADDINGTON.— Extracts from Haines's Monumental 

Brasses, vol. 10, p. 387. 1861. 
CARDINGTON— Short account of Cross at, with plate 

of same, by W. Parslow, vol. 67, p. 200. 1797. 
Etymology of by T. F., vol. 91 i., p. 410. 1821. 
CHICHSAlNDS. — Francis Osbom, Miscellaneous writer 

bom at, vol. 86 ii., p. 314. 1816. 
CLAPHAM. — ^Action as to whom the small tithes be- 
longed, vol. 88 ii., p. 271. 1818. 
CLIFTON HOO.— Synod held at, vol. 22, n. s., p. 155. 1844. 
COCKAYNE HATLEY.— Account of Mansion, Church 

and Monuments therein, by Matt. Bugeley, vol. 71. 

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Monument to James Hatley of, vol. 87, p. 396. 1817. 
Description of Church (by H. K. Bonney), vol. 91, p. 

116. 1821. 
COPLE.— Epitaph in Church by F. Sepway, vol. 87, p. 

394. 1817. 
(Wood End) Seat of the Luke Family, vol. 77, p. 407. 

Account of Monuments in Church of, by F. Sepway, 

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CRANFIELD.— Fire at, vol. 46, p. 332. 1776. 

Coins found in the Church during the restoration, vol 

29, n. s., p. 528. 1848. 
DUNSTABLE.— Priory of Black Cannons at, vol. 34, p. 

61. 1764. 
Brief account of Palace with a plate of same, by G. O. P. T. 

(Sir O. 0. Page- Turner, of Battlesden, Bart.\ vol. 

86, p. 393. 1816. 
Plate of carved foot to reading desk in the Vestry, by 

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EI5T0W.— Abbey of Benedictine Nuns at, vol. 34, p. 
61. 1764. 
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John Bunyan bom at, vol. 86 ii., p. 314. 1816. 
Abbey Seal of Eliz. Boyville Abbess of, vol. 71, p. 319. 

Questions respecting the Priory at, vol. 4 n. s., p 338. 

Anns of Elizabeth Hervey Abbess of, vol. 17, p. 346. 

Account of, with plate of Priory Church and Hall, by 

D. A. Briton, vol. 96 ii, 3rd s., p. 105. 1826. 
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EVERSHOLT. — Account of new Schoolhouse with plat« 

by John Martin, vol. 15 n. s., p. 384. 1841. 
ETEWORTH.— Brief historv of, with account of Church 
and Monuments in same, with sketch, vol. 73, p. 1005. 
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Thomas Archer preached before King James on 30 

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410. 1821. 


names, by G. O. P. T., vol. 86 ii., p. 393. 1816. 

Etymology of, by T. F., vol. 91 i., p. 410. 1821. 

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LEIGHTON BUZZARD.— Cross at, remarks upon, by 
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Fire at, 20 January 1810, vol. 80 i., p. 175. 1810. 
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Account of Preceptory of the order of Knights Hospit- 

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MEPPERSHALL.— Epitaph in Church, by F. Sepway, 

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MILT* >N BRYEN.— Etymology of, by T. F., vol. 91 i., 

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UORTHILL. — Church made collegiate temp. Hen. IV., 
vol. 34, p. 62. 1764. 
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Boman remains, 2 skeletons, glass vases, &c., foimd at, 

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Doggerel rhyme of gift of Manors of Sutton and Potton 
to Sir R. Burgoyne, vol. 80. pp. 34 & 520. 1810. 
PIJLLOXHILL. — Mine of gold said to have been dis- 
covered at, vol. 34, p. 58. 1764. 
BID6M0NT. — Queen Elizabeth died at (mentioned in 
the Houghton Conquest register), vol. 64 ii., p. 1163, 
SANDY.— Roman Station at, vol. 32, p. 28. 1849. 

Roman coins found at, vol. 34, p. 58. 1764. 
SHEFFORD.— Roman Antiquities found at, vol. 30, p. 

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QOPLE. — The following quaint announcement, taken 
from the Oenthman^s Magassin$, is worth recording in this 
column : — 

" Aprils 1731. — The aon of Mr. Cho/ves of Baldock in 
Hertfordshire (a lad 14 years of age J to Mrs. Luke d. of Sir 
Samuel Luke, a maiden lady aged 70." 

If this marriage really took place, such a blending of 
crabbed age and youth is, to say the least, remarkable. 



On May-day eve it appears to be the custom at Tilsworth 
for some of the young men of the village to go round to 
tib different houses and leave a branch of May for every 
maiden in each house sticking in the ground or leaning 
against the building. The following verses are also sung 
on the occasion : — 

To-day, to-day is the first of May, 

The iq^ring time of the year. 
And if you please on another day 

We'll taste of your strong beer. 

And if strong beer you have not got 

We'll be content with small, 
We'll pledge thee well against that day 

And give Qod thanks for all. 

A branch of may I have you brought 

And at your door it stands. 
It is bat a sprout, but it's well budded out, 

It is the work of our Lord's hands. 

Arise, arise, you pretty fair maids 

And view your may so gay. 
Or eke you'll say on another day 

We brought you not your may. 

1 haye a purse in my pocket 

Tied with a silken string, 
We'll thank you for some silver 

To line it well within. 


This custom being so different to any other that I have 
observed, I made enquiry and ascertained that it has been 
followed from time immemorial. I believe it is usual, as 
indicated in the last verse, to go round on May-day and 
•collect for a feast ; at any rate I was not applied to to line 
the purse, so only speak from hearsay. I have slightly 
altered the lines to make them more grammatical. 

F. A. B. 

AMPTHILL (iv., 124).— December 22nd, 1591. 
Lease upon surrender of Mary, Kobert, and William 
Hewett, junior, of Parkmead Meadow parcel of the lord- 
ship of Ampthill for their three lives, rent £8. 

December 21st, 1611. Grant to Alex. Erskine son and 
heir of Yisct. Fenton of the chief stewardship and keeper- 
«hip of Ampthill House and Parks in reversion after the 
said Yiscount and Lady Elizabeth his wife. 

September 24th, 1614. Grant to Wm. Bamsyer of the 
office of Keeper of Ampthill honour for life. 

1631. Petition of the Keepers of the Parks to the 
King praying for payment for charge of repairs of the 
Lodges, pales and fences. 

28 February, 1637. Petition of Hugh Reve parson of 
Ampthill to Archbishop Laud Petitioner has received 
the certificates of the christenings burials and marriages 
within the County of Bedford above 28 years and was 
appointed so to do by the now Bishop of Lincoln and three 
proceeding Bishops for the ease of the county, the said 
certificates to be delivered into the Bishop of Lincoln's 
office at Buckden according to Canon. Beseeches that he 
may receive the said certificates as formerly. 


BIGGLESWADE, 1621-2, Feb. 24. Draft of " An 
Act for the repair of the great road and highway to 
London from the North part of England between Big- 
gleswade and Baldock." The road is so worn by carts, 
wains, and drifts of cattle, &c., that it is almost impassable, 
though the adjacent inhabitants give their labour for its 
repair according to statute ; tolls to be levied for repair of 
the road. Endorsed^ Lecta la, 24o Feb., 19** Jac, on 
which day Parliament, according to the Journals, was not 
sitting. Bill not mentioned in Journals. (Cal, House of 
Lords. Srd Report^ p. 2T.) 

1642, Nov. 2. Affidavit of John Howard (and copy of 
same that Thomas Mitchell refused to pay the rent due 
from him to Lambert Osbolston for the impropriation of 
Biggleswade, in the County of Bedford. L. J., V. 429. 
Annexed : — 

Copy of order referred to in preceding. 7 July 1641. 
L. J., IV. 304. In extenso. (Ibid, ^tk Report, p. 56.^ 

1644-5, Feb. 13. Petition and answer of Jeremv 
Stephens, clerk, touching the prebend of Biggleswade. 
Petitioner was presented and admitted, and performed the 
cure, and preached and paid tenths, &c., in the absence of 
Mr. Osbaston, who was supposed to have deserted the 
kingdom. Petitioner prays that he may not be called 
upon to restore any part of the profits, the rather because 
the prebend was bestowed upon him for his chargeable 
service to the kingdom in printing and publishing the 
first volume of the English Laws, Constitutions, and 
Decrees for the first five hundred vears before the 
Conquest, a work begun by the learned knight. Sir Henry 
Spelman, to whom petitioner was appointed assistant in 
lis great old age. Further prays that if the Kouse is not 



satisfied with the answer he may have further time 
allowed him, and may be heard by Counsel in the matter. 
See L. J., VII. 185. Annexed : — 

Petition and addition and answer of Jeremy Stephens, 
touching the prebend of Biggleswade. In addition to the 
great work on Ecclesiastical History and Laws previously 
mentioned, petitioner has undergone great charges and 
pains in the public library at Oxford, with Dr. James, the 
keeper thereof, and Dr. Prideaux, Dr. Twist, and other 
principal divines, who were employed at first by Sir 
Thomas Bodley and Archbishop Abbott to compare the 
popish editions of the Fathers with the old books and 
manuscripts in all the libraries and colleges ; which work 
continued many years, and twelve large volumes, or tomes 
being exactly collated, the popish corruptions, additions, 
detractions, and falsifications committed in them are dis- 
covered. All these volumes were transmitted into peti- 
tioner's hands, and he has already printed divers treatises 
out of them, and has much more in readiness to be printed, 
at his great charge and labour. The prebend was given 
to him as a reward and encouragement for proceeding in 
his work, the charges about which are much more than 
the profits of the prebend during Mr. Osbaston's absence. 
Part of the first fruits being paid into the Exchequer, the 
money can hardly be recovered, and an extent is sent forth 
for the rest. Prays that the matter may be referred to 
some judges, and further that Mr. Osbaston, who has a 
legal course by action of debt to recover his rents against 
the tenants, may be left to the ordinary course of the law. 
{Ibid. 6th Report y p, 47.) 

BEDFORD.—" 1640-1, Feb. 8.— Petition of John 
Walliuger, church- warden of St. Paul's, Bedford; pre- 


fiented James Whitacres, deputy-registrar of the ecclesias- 
tical court there, for a fame of adultery, and Giles Throne, 
Parson of St. Mary's, Bedford, for not praying for the 
King; for which Whiteacres and Thome presented frivolous 
article against petitioner in the ecclesiastical Court ; 
where hy the contrivance of Sir John Lambe, Dr. Pock- 
lington and Dr. Sibthorpe, petitioner has been inprisoned 
and put to great expense and loss : prays that the parties 
may be called upon to answer." (Hotise of Lords CaL) 

" 1641, July 12. — Draft order upon a petition of John 
Wallinger of Bedford, for Sir John Lambe and others to 
appear and answer." (Ibid,) 

" 1641, Aug. 7. — ^Petition of James Beverley, Esq., [to 
H. C] ; Sir Wm. Bryers and Petitioner are two of the 
commissioners in the county of Bedford for the execution 
of the late Acts for the relief of the north parts, and 
81)eedy raising of money for disbanding the army, and act 
together therein ; Sir Wm. Bryers has shown partiality in 
several cases which petitioner enumerates, underrating 
some and surcharging others, and has refused petitioner 
access to the assessments to the poll money, and publicly 
affronted him ; prays for consideration of these charges. 
C.J., II. 243." (Ibid.) 

"1642, Aug. 27. — Charge against Gyles Thome, 
minister of St. Mary's Church, Bedford, for speaking 
blasphemous words, with list of witnesses to prove the 
charge. L. J., V. 326. 

Annexed — Extracts from Thome's sermons." (Ibid.) 

" 1642, Aug. 30.— Petition of Justices of the Peace and 
inhabitants of the town of Bedford. Pray for the removal 
of Giles Thorne, parson of St. Mary's there, a turbulent 
and profane person, who used to persecute in the High 


Commission Court those who desired to abstain from pro- 
fanations, and now sets up divisions and factions in the 
town. L. J., V. 332. 

Annexed : — Affidavit of James Elsbev that in a sermon 
at the church of St. Mary', Bedford, Mr. Giles Thome, 
the parson, spoke in favour of confession, lOth Sept. 1642. 

Aug. 30. — Order committing Gyles Thome to the Fleet. 
L. J., V. 332." (Ibid.) 

" 1642, Oct. 12.— Petition of Giles Thome, clerk. 
Petitioner has been seven weeks committed on account of 
objection taken to some passages in his sermons ; the case 
has been partly heard, and he prays that a speedy day may 
be appointed for the further hearing, or that he may be 
bailed. L. J., V. 397. Annexed : — -Another petition of 
Thome to be bailed. 14 Feb. 1642-3." (Ibid,) 

"1642-3, Feb. 14.— Petition of inhabitants of the 
parish of St. Cuthbert's, Bedford. Mr. Thome, parson of 
St. Mary's, Bedford, some years since engrossed into his 
hands the rectory of St. Cuthbert over the head of the 
incumbent, who was then living, since which time he has 
taken the profits of both the benefices, but wilfully neglects 
the cure of petitioners' souls, having only kept one drunken 
curate to officiate in both churches. Pray that Mr. Thome 
may be compelled to afford a sufficient maintenance out 
of the profits to the rectory to Mr. Houlden, a godly and 
painful minister. L. J., V. 605. 

Annexed : — Certificate signed by the churchwardens and 
other inhabitants of the parish, as to the truth of the 
allegations contained in preceding petition." {Ibid.) 

" 1644-5, March 3.— Petition of Giles Thome, clerk. 
His wife is sick even to death, and desires to see him. 
Prays that after above thirty months' imprisonment, first 


in the Fleet, now in Ely House, he may have a month's 
leave on bail to go to Bedford to see his wife and advise 
for her recovery. Noted, Read, nothing done.'* (Ibid.) 

"1646-7, Jan. 26.— Petition of Giles Thome, clerk. 
Petitioner, who was committed by their Lordships four 
years and four months since, prays that he may be allowed 
six weeks' time, upon sufficient bail, to go down into the 
country to visit his distressed family, to advise for his 
wife's recovery, who is very veak, and earnestly desiring 
to see him, and to labour with his friends for some mean 
subsistence for himself and family. L. J., VIII. 690." 

" 1646-7, Feb. 17. — Application for an order for Dr. 
Aylett to institute and induct Robert Marshall to the 
Bectorj' of St. Peter's, Bedford." (IbidJ 

*' 1647 [May] -Petition of Giles Thome. After five 
years' imprisonment the House lately gave him six weeks' 
liberty on bail ; he had hoped in that time to have pro- 
cured some maintenance from his friends, but he finds thev 
have much ado to support themselves, and he has therefore 
l)een obliged to return to custody. Prays to be discharged, 
or to have some relief allowed him out of his own means. 
Thome was discharged 23rd Aug., 1647. L. J., IX. 399." 

"1647, Aug. 23.— Petition of Giles Thorne, clerk. 
Petitioner is now in the sixth year of his imprisonment, 
ft&d nothing against him but what is contained in the 
annexed copy of his commitment. He prays the House to 
release him, or to allow him subsistence out of his own 
means to preserve him from perishing. L. J., X. 399. 
Thome was discharged. 


Annexed: — Copy of order of 30th August 1642 for 
Thome to stand committed to the Fleet prison till the 
pleasure of the House be further known. Thome was 
committed on the evidence of one witness for speaking 
blasphemous words. L. J., V. 332." f Ibid J (Far fur* 
ther accounts see ** Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy ^^' ed. 
1714, p. 374.; 


Biggleswade, 1750, May 10. — Certificates of Thomas 
Pygott and George Fysshe, Esqres, charges for furniture 
of armour, weapons &c within the three hundreds of 
Byckelswade Wixhamtry and Clifton. 

1634. — Brief for Defendant in a cause in the Court of 
Arches of Osbaston Versus Widow and Executrix of John 
Sutton Clerk, brother and executor of Dr. Sutton for 
dilapidations at Bickleswade. The brief sets forth 
defendant's accounts as Executrix of John Sutton. She 
had received £92 138. 6d. and paid £102 8s. 4d. 

1635. — Brief in a cause in the Court of Arches of 
Lambert Ogboldston Clerk, prebend and parson of the 
appropriate parsonage of Brickleswade against Elizabeth 
relict and executrix of John Sutton the previous incumbent 
for dilapidations of the Chancel of the Church of Bygles- 
wade and of a barn belonging to the parsonage. 

1638. — General statement of charges of misconduct 
brought against Bishop Williams of Lincoln in reference 
to each of the 4 places he holds in the Church of England 
viz. as Rector of Walgrave Co. Northampton, Residentiary 
of the Church of Lincoln, Dean of Westminster, and 


Bishop of Lincoln. He has never been at Walgrave since 
he was made a Bishop, whereat the whole county murmurs. 
As residentiary of Lincoln he is charged with omitting to 
remedy certain grievances affecting Bigglesworth Co. 
Bedford, which is a prebend belonging to the church of 
Lincoln worth £400 per annun»; although presented by 
the iohabitants at least 20 times and viewed by the Bishop 
himself there is no reformation. Mr. Lambert Osbolston 
is the prebendary of this place. Sir William Fish the 

December 24, 1660. — ^Petition of Thos. Margetts to the 
King to confirm by patent the change of the market at 
Biggleswade Co. Bedford from Monday to Wednesday as 
approved by requisition in 1654. 

January, 1661. — Orant to Thomas Margotts of a weekly 
market at Biggleswade Co. Bedford. 

Knotting, 1634-6. — Articles exhibited by Walter 
Walker official commissiary for the Archdeaconry of 
Bedford against Anthony Bourne and Edmimd Hewitt 
Churchwardens of Knotting. It is objected against them 
that they were bound to prevent all manner of profana- 
tions of the Church of Knotting ; and further that they 
knew that upon Shrove Tuesday in the years 1634, 1635, 
and 1636 in the chancel of the said church in or about the 
sacred place where the communion table stands there were 
fighting cocks brought thither and cock fightings there 
held and many persons assembled to behold the same and 
to het and lay wagers thereon, and particularly that 
&ame and Hewitt and a son of Bourne and Mr. Alvey 
Minister of Knotting were present as actors and spectators 
and laughed and sported thereat and most profanely 
abused the said consecrated place. 


Bedford. — December 10th, 1621 — Commission to 
Oliver St. John and four others to enquire concerning the 
foundation of St. John's Hospital Bedford, by Robert de 
Parrys as to who are his heirs and whether the hospital 
has not reverted to the Crown by the death of the Master 
and all the religious brethren. 

December 1, 1569. — One Colmer a drover dwelling near 
Bedford declared that he heard reports of a rebellion in 
Cornwall and Devonshire and that the Earl of Bedford has 
been appointed for the appeasing thereof. 

1628. — State of the Church and Hospital of St. John the 
Baptist in Bedford with petition of the Corporation of that 
Town that there may be no further proceedings against 
them in respect thereof except only by course of law. 

February 10, 1635-6.— Receipt of Sir William Russell 
for £130 paid by Francis Banester, Doctor of Physic, 
Mayor of Bedford, in part of £3000 ship money charged 
upon county of Bedford by writ of 4th August last. 

February 18, 1667. — Petition of John Bubb prisoner at 
Bedford goal to the King for pardon. He acknowledges 
the justice of the sentence of death pronounced against 
him at the Assize at Leighton. 

30 June, 1667. — Warrant to High SherifP to reprieve 
John Bubb. 

February 24, 1662. — Presentation of Francis Wilford 
D.D. to thp Archdeaconry of Bedford void by the promo- 
tion of Dr. Hacket to the Bishopric of Litchfield and 

July 30, 1667.— Warrant for Dr. Theo. Dillingham to 
be Archdeacon of Bedford void by the death of Dr. Francis 

BiiPFORDSHiRE. — February 16, 1609. — ^The Council to 


Sir Henry Fanshaw. Directions to fell 200 tons of timber 

in Bedfordshire for repair of the great bridge at St. Neots. 
October 4, 1603.— Warrant to Sir Robert Dormer, 

Master of the Hawks, to preserve the King's game in 

Bedfordshire, and to punish offenders. 
August 5, 1616.— The King to Lord St. John and other 

^nghts and Gentlemen in Bedfordshire. Requests them 

to remedy the decay in game in those parts on penalty of 

hie heavy displeasure and of his withholding his presence 

from those parts which he has usually visited every second 

year for sporting. 
March 8, 1617. — Warrant for payment of £200 over and 

above £880 already delivered for repairing St. Neots Bridge. 
January 16th, 1624. — Secretary Conway to High Sheriff 

of Bedfordshire to recover one of the King's hawks lost 

near Royston. 
December 4th, 1628. — Dispensation for Sir Anthony 

Chester to be absent out of the County whereof he is 
appointed High SherifF. 

July 14, 1634. — Copy of note given by the Chancellor 
of the Bishop of Lincoln to Archbishop Laud of various 
things out of order in that diocese. The following is the 
final entry : — ** That sort of people that run from their 
own parishes after affected preachers are the most trouble- 
some part of the ecclesiastical inquisition, especially in 
Buckingham and Bedfordshires where they find great 
abettors of this their disorder. The new llecorder of 
Bedford questioned at a Sessions one of my apparitors for 
troubling, as he said, these godly men and there delivered 
publickly that if men were thus troubled for going to hear 

a sermon when their minister at home did not preach it 

would breed a scab in the Kingdom." 


Eaton. — ^May 26, 1586. — Orders and resolutions takeik 
at Eaton touching the obstruction of the river Ouse near 
St. Neots by four mills newly erected by John Webstere 
in the Parish of Barkford, and by other ancient mills in 
the occupation of Rafe Place. 

Eyeworth. — 1680. — Suit of Francis Fortescue son of 
Henry Fortescue for a license of alienation and sale of the 
Manor of Ayworthe, granted by King Henry Ylll. to the 
said Henry Fortescue and the heirs male of his body. 

June 13, 1664. — Warrant for a grant to Stephen Ander- 
son of Eyeworth Co. Bedford of the dignity of a baronet. 

June 28, 1664. — Grant to Stephen Anderson, Junr., of 
the dignity of Baronet with the usual discharge. 

PuDDiNGTON. — ^August 1588. — Articles drawn up by the 
Earl of Kent for examination of Thomas Hill, touching^ 
his opinions in Matters of religion and of his obedience to 
the church of Rome whereunto he refuseth to make 

Sutton. — June 4, 1695. — ^Patent exempting John Bur- 
goyne aged 60 and blind from being called upon to- 
execute the ofBce of Justices of the Peaca. 

December 1661. — ^Petition of Sir Roger Burgoyne Bart, 
to the King for leave to reside in Warwickshire where hi& 
family live, although chosen SherifE for Bedfordshire, 
also a grant of the King for him so to do on condition of 
his not neglecting the public service. 

Wrestlingworth. — December 4, 1591. — Lease to 
Thomas Lake of the site of the Manor of Wrestling- 
worth for 21 years, rent £21 6s. 6Jd. 

Tempsford. — November 14, 1607. — Presentation of 
Thomas Noke to the benefice of Tempsford void by resigna* 
tion of George Eland. 


February 22nd, 1623. — Secretary Conway to the clerk 
of the Signet. To draw a presentation for the King to 
the parsonage of Tempsford. 

August, 1660. — Petition of Anthony Huish M.A., for 
the Rectory of Tempsford void by decease of Mr. King. 

NoRTHiLL.— October 13, 1662.— The King (to the 
Grocers Company) reommends Robert Cordell for pre- 
sentation to the Rectory of Northill which is in their gift, 
he being a man of extreme reputation for the pains he has 
taken in the city. Presentation of Mr. Cordell to the 

Meppershall. — May 16, 1601. — Names and addresses 
of 16 fugitives taken by the Ship Lion in Tilbury Hope 
with note that the plot of conveying them away was 
made by Linton of Mepsall in Bedfordshire. 

February 6, 1835. — ^Petition of Jeremy Meade of 
Mepersal Co. Bedford to Archbishop Laud. Timothy 
Archer D.D., lately complained to the Archbishop that 
petitioner had erected in the church of Mepersal a high 
seat or pew with banisters, to the prejudice of the parish- 
ioners. The seat in question is uniform with the seat 
wherein the wife of Dr. Archer sits and with the other 
wainscot seats and is no inconvenience to the parishioners. 

Shillington. — May 7, 1561. — Grant of Pardon to Br. : 
Lr. : Henry Wilcocks of Shillington for having feloniously 
harboured and entertained William Snagg and Henry 
Finch, the murderers of William Colman. 

November 25, 1603. — Lord Cecil to the Steward of the 
Manor of Shillington. Directs him to enrol all leases 
within the said Manor with Ralph Ewens, her Majesty's 

Odell. — September 9, 1634. — Abstract or brief accoimt 


of the proceedings of Sir Nathaniel Brent, Vicar-general, 
•during liis Metropolitical Visitation of the diocese of 

Bedford was visited on the 26 August, where Peter 
Buckley, Rector of Odell, was suspected of Puritanism 
.and suspended for non-attendance at the Visitation. He 
came to Sir Nathaniel afterwards, and confessed that he 
never used the surpUce nor the cross in baptisms. He was 
to appear before the High Commission on the first court 
day in November, if he reformed not before. 

Ampthill was visited on the 30th August. * 

HocKLiFFE, November 8, 1606. — ^Examination of John 
JStory servant to Percy. Proceedings of several conspira- 
tors — Percy and Wright passed in haste through HockUfie 
on November 5 where Story was awaiting them with relay 
^f horses. 

Luton, June 17, 1618. — Sir Robert Napier and Art. 
Crawley to the Council. The Town of Luton is much 
injured by pulling down fair dwelling houses with making 
houses and erecting in their place cottages for the poor 
for the profit of certain private persons. Also list of per- 
sons who have destroyed their houses. 

November 17th, 1623. — Grant to Sir Robert Napier 
Bart, his son and his brother of the King's right to the 
tithes of Chiltem Green with the advowson of the Vicarage 
-of Luton. 

23rd February, 1662-3. — Certificate by F. Rowley 
registrar that the estates of Sir Robert Napier of Luton 
were sequestered 29 April 1644 for his going to the King's 
quarters and not returning after 10 days notice and that 
he was discharged by order of Parliament 14 September 


BiGGLBSwADE, February 15, 1663. — List of Traitors, 1? 
names of Military Men, Operatives, &c., headed by that of 
Lieut-Col. Miller of Bigglesworth Bedfordshire. 

28 January, 1664. — ^Examination of — Galium, Cordey 
asked him if he had taken the oath and told him there 
was a plot in hand for the good old cause ; he wished him to- 
carry a letter to Miller of Biggleswade and ofEered to prefer 
him as a soldier ; declined because he had taken the oath. 
December, 1666. — Petition of John Miller to Lord 
Arlington to order the Deputy-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire 


to send up their charge against him or else to liberate him. 
After haying been a year prisoner in Windsor Castle was 
released on bail and restored to his house at Biggleswade ; 
and after quietly remaining there a month was seized by a 
party of horse, on warrant from the Deputy-Lieutenant 
and sent to Bedford gaol where he has remained ever since ; 
this is owing as he believes to the displeasure .of some 
eminent person. 

May 23, 1666. — Petition of John Bubb, prisoner in 
Bedford gaol, for Pardon — ^is condemned to death because- 
grappling with a person who picked a quarrel with him,, 
the man fell and hurt himself with his tobacco pipe and 
died a month after. Annexed — Examinations of Kichard. 
Gregory surgeon of E versholt, Dorothy Sparkes of Wobum 
Co. Bedford Surgeon and four others to the efEect that 
Bubb did not first provoke the quarrel with Edwards and 
that the wound inflicted on the latter was mortal. Taken 
before the Earl of Bedford and the other referees. 

Whitehall, May 23, 1666. 

ToDDiNGTCN, Junc, 1618. — Brief in cause of widow of 
Thos. Cheney v. John Crofts in reference to the reversioi^ 
of the Manor of Toddington. 


September 8, 1629. — Grant to Sobert Brett of lands in 
Heme and Toddington accrued to his Majesty by the 
attainder of Wm. Brett his brother for felony. 

November 30, 1632.— Bond of Robert Hill of Todding- 
ton and another for £300 for appearance of Benjamin 
Eldred before the Council upon 3 days notice. 

TuRVEY, April 30, 1608.— Grant to Thomas Parker late 
of Turvey of pardon for sheep stealing. 

March, 1628. — Account of Bishop Smith of Chalcedon 
and of his ordinary places at Turvey with notices of the 
priests principally employed by him. 

Ampthill, August, 1660. — ^Statement of the request of 
the Earl of Elgin and Lord Bruce to be restored to the 
office granted to Lord Elgin, of the Stewardship of Ampt- 
hill Honour, Bedford, with the herbage and pannage of 
three parks therein of which he was deprived during the 
usurpation ; or to become the King's tenants in case the 
land cannot be imparked again. 

Ampthill, July, 1661. — Grant to John Ashbumham of 
the deer of Ampthill Great Park, and Brogborough and 
Beckring's Parks, Co. Bedford ; the King disparking the 
said parks and discharging the keepers and their servants. 

Barton, August 13, 1662. — Warrant for a presentation 
of Thomas Crawley, D.D., to the Rectory of Barton. 

Barton-in-the-Clay, July 20, 1660- — ^Petition of Wm. 
Sclater Schoolmaster of Bamet to the King for the Rectory 
of Barton-in-the-Clay, was twice in imminent danger of 
life in the cause of the late King. 

August 7, 1660. — Petition of John Norton, a conform- 
able minister and loyal subject to the King, for reference 
to the Lord Chancellor and others of the case between him 
and Slaughter who on pretext of a vacancy has got a 


warrant for the Rector of Barton, Co. Bedford, his father 
purchased the manor conceiving the advowson to be ap- 
pendant, and presented him thereto eight years ago on 
death of Dr. Moore. With reference thereon to the Lord 
•Chancellor and others — Annexing i. — ii. Certificates by 
Lord Bruce and three others and by Dr. Rich. Ball and 
five others in favour of the petitioner. 

Bedfordshire, 1531, 26 December, R.O. — (The date of 
this letter is quit^ uncertain.) John Ruddle to Lord Mount- 
joy — Has inquired in the county who it was that brought 
Venison through Royston on Wednesday last. Learns 
that Thos. Gates, servant with Sir Hen. Parker and his 
himt carried some and that Sir Henry was five days in 
Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire with 12 horse or more 
before he returned home. 

Chestnut, St. Stephens Day, 
Hoi. p. 1. Add: Endd: 

BusHHEAD, July, 1660. — ^Petition of William, son of 
William Gery, late of Bushmead. For the place of Com- 
missioner of Excise. His father lost his whole Estate by 
adhering to the late King ; was himself plundered to his 
shirt and imprisoned for following Sir George Booth and 
was recommended to His Majesty by General Montague at 

Clifton, April 17, 1662. — Dispensation to Nicholas 
East, M.A., Vicar of Pinchbeck, diocese of Lincoln to 
hold also the Rectory of Clifton Co. Bedford, being about 
30 miles distant. 

Clophill, March 26, 1628. — Confirmation of assign- 
ment made by Sir John Walter, Sir James Fullerton, and 
Sir Thomas Trevor to James Beverley the younger, Francis 
Duett and MattBew Denton of the Manor of Clophill and 


Gaynhoe, Co. Bedford, parcel of the Honor of Ampthill. 

Leiohton Buzzard, August 1660. — ^Thomas Lord Leig^h, 
Baron Stoneleigh. For a letter to the Dean and Canons 
of Windsor for renewal of his lease of the lordship of 
Leighton Buzzard which he sold to Col. Okey, who had 
bought the reversion, but is incapable of it as being one of 
the murderers of the late King. — ^Annexing — i. State- 
ment of the case of Lord Leigh relative to the above lands, 
that he sold his lease very disadvantageously to Okey the 
traitor, Rich. Mead and two others, rather than buy the 
reversion; and that Mead and the others try to obtain 
a new lease by surrender of the old one, without acquaint- 
ing the church with the right of the Duke of York to 
a fourth part thereof as being the estate of Okey. — ^ii. The 
Elng to the Dean and Chapter of Windsor. Certain lands 
in Leighton Buzzard belonging to them the remainder of 
the lease whereof was sold by Thomas Lord Leigh to John 
Okey one of the Judges of the late King, have by his 
attainder devolved on the Crown and were granted to the 
Duke of York, and by him transferred to Lord Leigh. 
Recommends his Lordship as a former tenant and also 
a person of eminent loyalty for a renewal of the lease 
which Rich : Mead, one of the purchasers of the present 
lease, attempts to obtain. 

Marston, June 9, 1594. — Presentation of Richard 
Sawj'er, M.A., to Maston Parsonage. 

Houghton Conquest, June, 1662. — Petition to Samuel 
Lee, M.A., to the King for a dispensation to hold the 
Rectory of Houghton Conquest with the vicarage of 
Chaddesley-Corbett Co. Worcester not above 40 miles 
apart with leave to change either for any other within 24 


miles — Suffered during the late wars as a strict maintainer 
of churcli discipline. 

August 8, 1662. — Grant of dispensation to Samuel Lee 
to hold both of the above with a clause of permutation of 
either for any other living within 24 miles distance. 

WoBURx, 1587, January 11. — ^The Countess of Bed- 
ford's declaration of the assurances for her jointure ; with 
the answer of the Countess to certain surmises touching 
the sale of the goods belonging to the late Earl of Bedford 
at Chenies and Wobum. 

1587, March 19. — Bridget Countess of Bedford to Lord 
Burghley. Particulars of the assurances of her jointure 
made before her marriage with the late Earl. She had 
dealt most honorably towards the creditors of the late 
Earl, and had not annulled any of the leases or acts made 
by him. Complains of delay of performance of the 
covenants of her settlement. 

March 1633. — Secretary "Windebank to Justice of Assize 
of Bedford as to repairing highway between Hockley and 

Baitlesden, April 6, 1633. — Sir Edward Duncombe to 
Sec. T. Windebank acquaints the secretary that he has 
ever been careful to keep that road in sufficient repair and 
iatends to lay yearly on the same 400 loads of gravel and 
stone. He is also at an extraordinary charge in the repair 
of two other great roads in the way for Ireland, in the 
parish of Battlesden. J. Gt. B. 

BEDFORDSHIRE.— The names of the nobility, 
gentry, and others who contributed to the defence of this 
country at the time of the Spanish invasion in 1588 : — 



Walter Luke, Gen. 21 die Marcii £25 

John Burgoyne, Armiger. 26 Marcii 40 

Richard Chamock, Armiger. 26 Marcii 40 

William Dunoombe, Armiger. Eodem 40 

Philip Johns, Gen. Eodem 40 

John Clerk, 31 die Marcii 25 

Richard Harding, Armiger. Eodem 25 

Henrie Fairie, prime die Aprilis 25 

Thomas Cheyney, Gen. 7 Aprilis 40 

William Adams, Gen. Eodem 25 

Thomas Hawes, Senior, Tanner, Eodem 25 

William Audeley, 9 die Aprilis 25 

Thomas Parratt, Gen. 10 Aprilis 25 

Thomas Ympie, 11 Aprilis 25 

Christofer Estwick, 12 Aprilis 25 

Henry Lodge, 14 Aprilis 25 

Robert Grigg, Yeoman. 14 Aprilis 25 

Richard Crawley, Yeoman. 15 Aprilis 25 

Nicholas Denton, Eodem 25 

William Stone, Armiger. 16 die Aprilis 50 

Thomas Spicer, alias Alder. 18 die Aprilis 25 

George Keaynsham, Armiger. Eodem 50 

Frauncis Farrer, Gen. Eodem 25 

Humphrey Fitzwilliam, Armiger. 24 Aprilis 25 

John Catesbie, Armiger. quinto die Maii 26 

Henrie Edwards, Gen. 19 Maii 26 

John Crawley. 22 die Maii * 26 

William Gierke, Gen. 26 die Maii 25 

John Davie, Gen. 29 die Maii 26 

Oliver Skroggs, Gen. 9 die Jimii 25 

Mathew Hanscombe, 24 die JiiHi 26 

George Butler, the 31 of July 25 


Seorge Smythe tlie same daye 25 

Boberte Bellamy th'elder, the 3 of August 25 

(The above list is taken from the Orenville Collection^ 
^0. 1149, in the B. M. Printed in 1798 from a MS. 
Elated 1588). 

J. G. B. 


I forward the following notes derived from wills proved 
Ml tie Prerogative Court of Canterbury in the hope that 
some local genealogist may be able to assist me in further 
identifyiQg the persons mentioned, and perhaps render it 
possible to trace their relationship to others of the same 
^lame in other counties. The oldest will of a Bedfordshire 
Marshall I have met with is that of William Marchall 
"dwelling w*in the place of the blacke freres of Dunstaple 
mthe Countie of Bedfford, gentilman," dated 8 July 1531, 
He bequeaths to the mother church of Lincoln 4d., to the 
parish church of Todington 208. Mentions, his late wife 
Alice, his father John, and mother Joan. His daughters 
Dorathe and Margaret. Mary, Jane, and Alice daughters 
of his son Richard Marchall. Devises farms at Chalton, 
etc., to son William l^larchall. Mentions, daughter Eliza- 
l>6t}i Brockas, her late husband John Brockas, Esq. and 
their children Mary Brockas and Robert Brockas. Gives 
foridue to wife Mary, and appoints her, and son William 
Marchall executors. My good lady of Wilshero to be 
overseer. Proved by relict 6th February, 1531. (13 
Thower, Vol. i.). A pedigree of Brockas will be found in 
Berry's Hampshire Genealogies, p. 91. " My good lady of 
Vilshere" was Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Howard, 


Duke of Norfolk, and wife of Sir Thomas Boleyne, K.G,, 
Earl of Wiltshire. 

"William Marshall devisee of the farms at Chalton may 
be identical with "William Marshall of Hitchen, co. 
Hertford, yeoman," at which place a nimierous family of 
the name appear to have resided. His will is dated 15 
May, 1573, and was proved by Annys his wife and sole 
executrix, 3 June, following. (Peter 20.) He mentions 
his daughter Johan, under age. Devises tenement in 
Chalton in parish of Ipolits, to Edward Laurence the son 
of William Laurence late of Gosemor my brother deceased. 
Also mentions, the children of John Draper late of Chalton 
which he had by my sister ; the four children of William 
Laurence late of Gosemer deceased, viz. William Laurence, 
Annys Laurence, Margaret Laurence, and John Laurence; 
Johan Braye and KJrchin Braye the daughters of Thomas 
Braye which he had by Johan his wife my sister. 

William Marshall, the elder, of Ilippolets, co. Hertford, 
yeoman, apparently a member of this family, made his 
will 23 December, 1624. He names, son and heir William 
Marshall, executor ; 2nd son Robert Marshall ; 3rd son 
Christopher Marshall ; 4th son John Marshall ; 5th son 
James Marshall ; daughter Grace Marshall ; Alice my 
wife. To Mr. Marshall minister of the parish of Hippo- 
letts lOs. Codicil dated 26 December, 1624. Proved by 
within named executor, 24 February, 1624. (Clark 20.) 

James Marshall fifth son of this testator was a citizen 
and Merchant Taylor of London. In his will dated 19 
August, 1625, and proved by Jane Marshall his relict and 
executrix 10 November, 1626, (Hele 126) he mentions his 
late father William Marshall of Ippoletts in Co. Hertford, 
yeoman ; brother William Marshall of Ippoletts aforesaid ; 


son William Marshall ; two daughters Rebecca and Sara 
Marshall ; brothers John Marshall and Christopher Mar- 

Robert Marshall, perhaps the brother of this testator, 
had a daughter Elizabeth, wife first of Ralph Radclifie of 
Hitchin, and secondly of Thomas Norton. His arms were, 
Oules, on a fess Argent between three Mascles Or as many 
lionsi' heads erased Azure. See Cussan^s Herts,, Parts vii. 
and viii., p. 66 ; Le Neve's Knights, p. 214 ; Berry's Kent 
Genealogies, p. 130 ; Herald and Genealogist^ iii. 277 ; and 
Genealogist, v. 125. 

Edward Marshall of Hitchin, another of this family, 
made his wiU 19 May, 35 Elizabeth. He mentions his 
sons Thomas Marshall and John Marshall, both under age ; 
wife Alice ; daughter Alice, wife of William Abbot my 
son in law ; their children William, Thomas, Abraham, 
Marye Abbott, and Joane Abbott, who are legatees of 408. 
each ; daughter Elizabeth Marshall ; daughter Joane ; 
and appoints son Edward Marshall sole executor. He 
proved 29 May, 1593- (Novell 41.) 

My next note of a Bedfordshire Marshall is the vnH of 
"William Marshall parson of Marston, co. Bedford," 
dated 16 February, 1558. To be buried in the chancel of 
the Assumption of our blessed Lady Marston nigh unto 
my mothers grave. To my niece Beatrix Frevell a cup 
of silver double gilt. Haselden Bury my nephew, and 
James Hutton his father in law. Devises his house at 
Boyston, CO. Cambridge to his sister Jane Haselden. 
Kieces Elizabeth and Beatryce* (Haselden?) Cosen 
^ward Chambers. Samuel Peto and Elizabeth his wife. 
William Peto. Maude Marshall, widow. Francis Mar- 
shall, and Dorothy his sister. Hobert Frevell, gentleman, 


is one of the witnesses. Proved 9 March, 1559 (Mel- 
lershe 20). There were other Marshalls connected 'with. 
Royston ; an account of one family who had property 
there, and who were of St. Dunstan's in the West, London, 
will be found in Jewitta* Reliquary ^ for April, 1881. 
William Marshall of Royston, the first of whom I have 
found any notice connected as with that place, made his 
will 8 February, 1506. He desires to be buried in the 
church of SS. John Baptist and Thomas Martyr of Royston 
before the altar of the Blessed Mary of Piety. Devises 
to wife Elizabeth tenement called '' Marshall at the well ** 
in the town of Roytson till son William is of age, re- 
mainder to daughter Johanna. Mentions Agnes my wife's 
sister. Appoints Christopher Grene, Robert Marshall my 
brother, and Robert Hall of Royston executors. Wit- 
nesses : — ^Thomas Tayemer my confessor, John Sutton of 
Mylrede, and James Rogerson of Royston. Proved at 
Lambeth by Robert Marshall, 26 Noyember, 1507. 
(Adeane 29.) 

I find no further mention of Bedfordshire Marshalls 
till a much later date than this. Mr. Robert Marshall 
appears to have been Minister of St. Peter de Merton, 
Bedford, from 1647-1660, during which period seyeral of 
his children were baptized there, yiz. : — ^William, 24 De- 
cember, 1648 ; Margaret, 7 April, 1650 (buried 18 May 
foUowing); John, 22 April, 1651; An, 30 April, 1664; 
Robert, 25 March, 1656 ; Elizabeth, 9 Noyember, 1657 ; 
and a child of his still-bom was buried 20 April, 1660. 

There may haye been people of this name at Luton. 
James Marshall of Harpenden,* in co. Hertford, yeoman, 

* See Stroad *< Joamal " of 2 August, 1879, for notioes of Manhalb 
who held land at Luton and Harpedeu. 


in hiB will dated 30 I>ec6mber, 1719, devises his lands at 
Luton, CO. Bedford, and lands at Harpenden to wife Anna 
for life, she to pay my brother Phillip Marshall £16 a year 
for his life ; the said annuity to be paid after decease of 
said Phillip Marshall to my cousin Phillip Marshall son of 
my brother Phillip Marshall for his life. Lands before 
mentioned to cousin Phillip Marshall after decease of my 
wife, remainder to his children if he have any. Devises 
knds to churchwardens and overseers of Wheathampstead 
and Harpenden to put out poor men's children apprentices. 
Wife Anna sole executrix. Mr. Thomas Marson, junr., 
of Luton, grocer, and Hugh Smith, of St. Albans, Maltster, 
to assist executrix. Proved by Relict, 10 July, 1722. 
(Marlborough 142.) 

William Marshall of Hitchin, Herts., and Mary Harvy 
of St. Giles Cripplegate, were married at St. Mary Alder- 
manbury, 18 November, 1714. 

The Marshalls of Ippolits appear to have remained at 
that place till a later period than that previously mentioned, 
and their last representative to have died in the Fleet. 
He was Nicholas Marshall of the parish of St. Pulcker's, 
London, who in his will undated, desires to be buried in 
IppoUits churchyard at south side of Chancel. Mentions 
lus wife Saray. Appoints John Doe trustee. Mentions 
also, my daughter Ann now wife to John Stevens; my 
son Josiah Marshall, and his children ; granddaughter 
Kary Marshall daughter to my son Mathew ; my grand- 
children, sons and daughters of Danill Gootteridge, who 
is mentioned as deceased as also his wife ; William Mar- 
shall my grandson son of my son Christopher (dead but 
his wife living) ; grandson William Marshall son of Wil- 
liam Marshall executor. December 9, 1737, appeared 


William Marshall, senior, of the parish of St. Mary "^Tiite- 
chapell in the eo. of Middlesex, gentleman, and Aim 
Steventon wife of Thomas Steventon of the parish of St. 
Sepulchre, London, and swore that the will was in hand- 
writing of testator who died 2 December. December 10, 
1737, appeared John Wilmer of the parish of St. Andrew, 
Undershaft, merchant, and deposed that he knew Nicholas 
Marshall late of the parish of St. Sepidchre, but in the 
Fleet prison, London, deceased, and swore to the inter- 
lineations in the will. This will was proved by William 
Marshall, the younger, the sole executor, 12 December, 
1737. (Wake 280.; 

The above notes of Bedfordshire Marshalls are all I 
have. I shall be glad of any further memoranda your 
correspondents may be kind enough to supply. 

George W. Marshall. 

"ARLESEY." — Mr. Ashhurst — ^His case was par- 
ticular — " He could not comply with the New Impositions 
in the Act of Uniformity ; and therefore would have 
quitted his hving but was rather advised to continue in 
it and did so without molestation. He was old and his 
Vicarage small, even below competency and he had been 
episcopally ordain'd. Judge Brown was his Patron, 
Parishioner, and great friend. The whole Parish was 
well affected for his Worthy Behaviour amongst them 
and entirely under the influence of the Judge and another 
gentleman who also was his great Friend. And so though 
he was legally silenc'd he contined in his church a Non- 
conformist. He read part of the Morning and Evening 
Service, viz. Confession Scripture Hymns and Cread and 


some of the collects. He was a considerable scholar and 
an hard student to the last. Greatly esteemed and loved 
by all sober Persons who knew him, for -his extraordinary 
Piety. Humility meekness and self denial and Integrity. 
His contempt of the world and contentedness with a very 
small income much below his worth were very remarkable. 
He took for his smtill tithes just what his Parishioners 
were pleased to give him. He much bewail'd the Degen- 
eracy of the Age. He lived to be very old. Mr. Pead 
of Henlow his near neighbour and old intimate Friend 
preached his funeral sermon and gave a large enconium of 
liim which he well deserved.'* — ^From Edmund Calamy's 
'* Account of Ejected Ministers after the Pestoration in 
1660, by or before the Act of "Uniformity," Vol. 2, page 
93. J. G. P. 


It may interest some of your readers to see a list of the 
Gentry of Bedfordshire as given by that worthy antiquary 
Thomas Fuller, D.D., in his " History of the Worthies of 
England," MDCLXII. It is headed :— 


Rbturned by the Commissioners in the twelfth 
YEAR OF King Henry the Sixth." 

The Commissioners were : — William Bishop of Lincoln, 
John de Fanhope chevalier, John Wenlock Armig., John 
^Woigne Armig., the two latter being Knights for the 

Shire. — 

Fuller, in his quaint way, says, even at the early date 
of his work, concerning the Gentry : 


"Hungry Time h&th made a Oluttoa's Meal on this 
Catalogue of Gentry, and hath left but a very little morsel 
for manners remaining ; so iew of these are found extant 
in this shire, and fewer continuing in a Genteel Equipage. 
Amongst whom I must not forget the Family of the 
Blundels, whereof Sir Edward Blundell behaved himself 
right valiantly, in the unfortunate expedition to the Isle 
of Ree." 

I give the names in alphabetical order as being of more 
use for reference than tn the promiscuous way they appear 
in his list. D. G. C. Elwes. 

Aoworth, Humph. 

Alford, Ade. 

Attehay, Johan. 

Bull!, Thomas (de Hough- 

Bailli, Valentin (de Luton). 

Baldoe, Johan. 

Billingdon, Hugonia. 

Billingdon, Hugo. 

Blondell, Tho. 

Bocher, Will, (de Henlow). 

BocheU, Will. 

Bollock, BoberL 

Botvler, Johan. (de North- 

ughton, Johan. 
omflete, Henrici (Cheva- 

oaghton, Johannis. 
Lshemede (Prioria de). 

Chaldewell (Prions de). 
Chamberlain, Tho. 
Chekesond (Prioris de). 
Chopper, Tho. (de Turvej). 
Clerk, Kadulp. 
Coke, Johan (de Crawley). 
*Coldiugton, Johan. 
Conquest, Johan' (de Hough- 
Conquest, Joh. de Houghton. 
Cruker, Stephani. 
Davey, Bobert (junioris). 
Dunstable (Prioris de). 
£ndeTby, Johan. 
Etewell, Hen. 
FalweU, Badolph. 
Ferrour, Johan' (de Bedford). 
Filbrigge, Simon (Chevalier). 
Fltz, Johan. 
Fitsgeoffrey, Johan. 


Fjse, Johan. 

Geryys, Johan' (de Maldon). 

Glove, Johan' (junioiis). 

Glove, Johan' (junioris). 

Godfrey, Hen. 

Orecell, Johan. 

Haae, Will, (de Chitingdon). 

Halle, Johan. 

Harding, Nich. 

Hasselden, Hugonis. 

Hertusheme, Johan. 

Hoo, Thos. 

Jakes, Thomas. 

Kene, Will. 

Kiggle, Johan (de Toding- 

King, Johannis (de Harrow- 

Lancelin, Will. 

Lancelin, Will. 

Lincoln, Eich. 

Lonnde, Johan. 

Lonnde, Tho. 

Lonnde, Walter. 

Low, Nich. 

Ludfiopp, Will. 

Lye, Hen. de. 

Lye, Hen. de. 

Haningham, Thorn. 

Manntell, Hen. 

Marham, Will. 

Marram, Johan. 

Meppershale, Jolian. 

Merston, Rich. 

MHward, Will. 
Molso, Will. 
Mordant, Boberti. 
Morton, Johan. 
Morton, Thorn. 
Nunham (Prioris de). 
Palmer, WiU. 
Peeke or Pekke, Johan' 

Pekke, Joh. (junioris). 
Pekke, Thom. 
Peeke or Pekke, Thom. 
Peeke or Pekke, Will. 
Pekke, Will. 

Pestell, Johan' (de Nunham). 
Petifer, Johan. 
Pikot, Will. 
Potter, Johan. 
Preston, Chri. 
Purvey, Thos. 
Purvey, Will. 
Purvey, Will. 
Eadwell, Johan. 
Bagon, Johan. 
Eagon, Thom. 
Eagon, Tho. 
Eatele, Eobert. 
Eattdl Eoberti. 
Eavenhull, Nich. 
Eede, Will. 
Eokeston, Tho. 
Eoxton, Tho. 
Sampson, Eich. 
Bewell, Hen. 


Sewell, Johan. Waite, Johan. 

Shotfold, Will. Wale, Will. 

Sileham, Will. Warden (Abboti de). 

Spenoer, Johau. Wamer, Rob. (de la Hethe). 

Spencer, Thorn, (de Geton). Warner, Rob. 

Stanlow, Johan. Wanton, Tho. (Chevalier). 

Stepeing, Math. White, Will, (de Luton). 

Stokker, Tho. WilUam, Tho. 

Stratton, Tho. Wingate, Will. 

Taillard, Walteri. Woburn (Abbotis de) et Bui 

Trought, Will. celararii. 

Turvej, Johan' (de Turvey). Ypping, Will. 

YalencO) Robert. 

LUTO N .—In the Third Report of the Royal Commission 
on Historical Manuscripts is a detailed description of an old 
MS. relating to this town, now in the possession of the 
Marquis of Bute. As the MS. is an important one, I 
cannot do better than quote the description in full. 

"A folio of 213 leaves of vellum in the old oak boards 
covered somewhat recently with calf leather, and com- 
prising two MSS : — 1. The Book of the Fraternity or 
Gild of the Holy Trinity of Luton, in Bedfordshire, con- 
taining the annual accounts of the Masters and Wardens 
of the House from 19 Hen. VIII. to the feast of St. Michael 
next after the accession of King Edward VI. 2. A MS. 
entitled on the last page of the previous MS., 'Heare 
followeth the Courte Rolls of the Mamior of Luton, from 
the xth year of Edward the 4th to the 5th and 6th of the 
Raigne of Kynge Phillipe and Queene Marye." This 
heading is substantially repeated on the 1st page of the 
second MS., with the addition " to the first of Elizabeth." 


There is only one roll belonging to the reign of Edw. IV., 
two to Henry VII., and there are a few during the early 
part of Henry VIII., but from the 25 of Henry VIII. the 
series appears to be nearly if not quite complete, and is of 
considerable interest with reference to the history and 
topography of Luton and its hamlets. The rolls comprise 
lists of homagers, presentments, admissions, 4S;c., chiefly in 
Latin, but with an occasional mixture of English. Now 
and then we meet with a quaint entry : — Juratorea predicU 
folunt quod servi adulti istiua parochie non dehent ludere ad 
troculas et ad discos sub pena incarserationis in cippis per 
spatiwn uuias diet et noctis. 

The Book of the Fraternity or Gild of the Holy Trinity 
is an especially interesting MS. as throwing light on the 
history of prices and wages, and the magnificence of the 
feasts of our ancestors. The book is written in English 
in ordinary hands of the former half of the 16th century,, 
and the accounts are arranged under the following heads: — 
Receipts, Payments, Allowances to the Wardens for Wages, 
Masses, &c. ; Stondyng Dyrges, Dyrges of Casweltes, 
Expenses at the ffest, miscellaneous items. Payments, 
Reparacions. At the end of each year the accounts are 
balanced and the surplus entered thus (Folio 9) : *^ All 
things content and payd. Left still in the Box Ixiij/i. iij«. 
viijV. ob." 

Then follows a memorandum of the goods handed over 
by the outgoing wardens to their successors. 

The "Receipts" consist of 1st the balance "in the 
ffratemity box ; '' the yearly contributions of the brethren 
and sisters on the feast day, varjdng from £67 to £16, 
money received in payment of debts, by way of gifts, and 
by the sale of superfluous provisions, &c., " Eentys of 


Assise/' or assessed rents, and " The fferme Rentys/' or 
rents paid by leaseholders, which amount on the average 
to £25 per annum. 

The heading "Payments" occurs twice in the yearly 
accoimt. The first entry under this head relates to " The 
owt Rentys," or rents paid by the fraternity for lands held 
by them, of which the yearly average is about 35s. The 
second includes items which throw and interesting light 
on the history of the guild and the history and ancient 
state of Luton Church. For example : — 

Item payd to ij lemyd men of the law for v 

our charter over seyng at London and for ( iiij**- iiijrf. 

Thomas Manynham costes. Fo. 7. / 

Item payd for pentynge of the clothe before \ 

the trinite and the fringe and the settjmge > vi**- \id. 

up thereof. / 

Item payd for a boke at London to wryte ) , 

the constiticeones in. ) ^ 

Item payd for the constitecions wrytings | 

bowthe in Englis and Laten. J 

Item payd for mendynge of the awter clothe \ 

of the brother Auter. Fo. 24. j ^^^^^' 

Item paid for wryttyng of a cowpy of the ( 

olde charter. } ^"J'^' 

Item paid to Thomas Kent for borde to mend 

the setys with in the chapelle and settyng 

up of the candlystykes upon the beym. 

Fo. 39. 
Item payd to Thomas brother for peyntynge 

of the beym afore the brotherhed auter. J xijrf. 

Fo. 39 b. 


Item payd towards the organys making. .. 

Fo. 57. ^ ^J''- 

Item payd for the i j standartts for the hersse 

ij*' di. (2^1bs. of wax) and the makyng [ xviijd. 

of the same. 
Item payd for xij"- wex for trenytie lyght 

Fo. 68 b. i ^J*' 

Item to WyUyam Barbour for making of 

the trenyte lyght and the Standarttes } xxrf. 

ageynst the brotherhed day. 
Item for keveryng of the Register.* ij«. 

Item payd for an awter cloth ij ells and di. | .. 

in lenght and the making thereof. Fo. 87. ( ^ ' 

It€m payd for hoUooyng of the same clothe ijrf. 

Item payd for hames for a sogear. Fo. 156 b. ix«. \id. 
Item payd to the same sogear in money. ijs. \id. 

Tinder the heading " Allowances to Wardens," a year's 
payment for " Jhu's masse and our lade masse," is set 
down at 8s. (fo. 72b.) ; and under " Stondyng Dyrges," or 
payments for the annual dirges of benefactors, in respect 
of houses and lands, there are such entries as the follow- 
ing : — Pat/d for John AtfwelVa dyrge for the house that 
Thomas Wye holdys^ ij«. vi^. Item for Syr JoKn Lamberts 
d. p*st for iiij acres of land in Maynden feld, ij«. \xd, (fo. 
626), "Dyrges of Casweltes," or payment for dyrges of 
persons apparently recently deceased, vary from 2s. Id. 

* Now in Lord Bute's possesaion and znentioned immediatelj after 
the present MS. 

Mr. H. Gough has for some time past been engaged by the Marquis 
of Bute in preparing for publication the above desoribed Begister and 
Book of the Fraternity, and I understand that the work is now nearly 
aocomplished. — £d. 


to 28. 7d. It IB imnecessary to point out the genedopcal 
value of sucli entries. The " expenses at the ffest show 
the cost of such items as the f oUowing :— 























Spyce (including 
dates, almonds, 
raisins, sugar, 









From the miaceUaneous items I made the foUowiBg 
extracts : — 
Item payd to Henry Jacson for hewying and 

makyng of xiiij formys. 
Item payd to Wylliam Nycolson for sawing 

of the same formys. 
Item payd to Henry Jackson for beyng 

Item payd for a gelebag and a strener. 
Item payd to Richard Crond for ber)'ng \ 

the banner afore the maystur and the j 


Item payd for lyverys at London. iiij»- "vnjrf- 

The heading " Reparacions " is also instructive on the 
rate of wages and the price of materials. For example :- 


a ... 9 




Item "pSLjd to Thomas Gejr and his man a 

day, for mendyng of the bame doris. [ viiirf. 

To. 7. 
Item payd to Thomas Tole for X m^ of tylis. 

Fo.7b. ^ ''^''• 

Item payd to Thomas Perot de byscot for i j 

loods of sand. 
Item payd to ij tylers and ther ij men for 

Tij days worke and di* and ther borde. 

In the memorandum of goods mention is made yearly of 
certain articles of silver. In the accomit for 1545 there is 
an erasure in the place where the plate has been previously 
Altered, and in the account for 1546 it disappears alto- 
gether. The Fraternity was dissolved by Stat. 1. Ed. VI., 
and its possessions were in the following year granted to 
Randolph Burgh and Robert Beverley. On the first leaf 
of the M.S. there is this memorandum : — "Xchurch Hants. 
August 24, 1780. To the Right HonW^- the Earl of Bute, 
with Gustavus Brander's most respectful compliments." 

Registerium sive liberf undatorummagistrorumcustodum 
fratrum et sororum fratemitatis sive gilde Sancte individue 
Trinitatis ac beatissime virginis Marie ecclesie perocbialis 
de luyton in com. Bedford. 

A small folio MS., embracing a period from 1475 to 
1546, written in bold black letter by various hands during 
the latter part of the 15th century, and the first half of 
the 16th, and illustrated with numerous illuminations, 
which exhibit the progress of this department of art during 
the 70 years over which the register extends. 

It is the same MS. of which mention is made in the Book 
of the Fraternity, but its present binding of olive green 
morocco is of the date of James I., with the royal arms 



impressed on the sides. It contains genealogical infor- 
mation relating to families of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, 
and other counties, and coupled with the Book of the 
Fraternity offers a rich mine to local antiquaries. Notices 
of this MS. have appeared in Dr. Ingram's Memorials of 
Oxford, and in Shaw's History of the Chapel in Lxiton Park. 
In the Topographica Bntannica, Vol. IV., Nos. 3 and 4, 
p. 63, Gough says that ** this curious manuscript was pur- 
chased August 3, 1778, of Messrs. Leigh and Sotheby, at 
the auction of Mr. Hingeston, bookseller, by Mr. James 
Matthews ; who disposed of it to Dr. Ducarel, by whom it 
was presented Dec. 3, 1779, to Thomas Astle, Esq., who 
has since presented it to the Earl of Bute." Gough, how- 
ever, is wrong in speaking of this MS. as containing the 
annual accoimts of the Gild. He evidently mistakes it 

for the Book of the Fraternity." 

F. A. B. 


Strangers visiting Chalgrrave or more properly Teb- 
worth, which is a hamlet within the parish of Ghalgrave, 
would probably arrive at the conclusion that they had 
seen a parish without a church, and such an idea might 
easily be formed, for the Parish Church is situated at 
the confines of the parish close to the hamlet of Ghalton, 
and is fully a mile from the village. The only houses 
near the chiu*ch consist of two cottages, and a farm-house 
which is supposed to occupy the site of the ancient resi- 
dence of the Lorings, a family of note who were seated 
there as early as the XII. century. The proximity of the 
church to this site would lead one to suppose that this 
family were the founders, and a search amongst the old 


Registers at Lincoln would probably confirm this view. 
The churcb is dedicated to All Saints, and, as we leam 
from that yaluable record the Dunstable Chronicle, was 
dedicated a.d. 1219. 

**Et in die Sanctce Cruets ab eodem (Robertus Liehmorenm 
EpiscopmJ dedicata est ecclesia de Chagrave, cum annva rc^ 
missione viginti dienim." (Chron. Dunst.y Annnlea Manas- 
ticij vol. TIL, p. 66, 1866 J This church was at that time 
attached to the Priory of Dunstable, and in the following 
year 1220, in the month of October, the Vicarage was 
established and taxed by Hugh II., Bishop of Lincoln. 

" Vicaria ecclesiae de Chaugrave valet qninque marcas et 
dimidiam ; totalis eccksia quindece?n. Dicta vero vicaria 
consistit in toto alteragio, et manso presbetert cum gardino, et 
majori crofta ex parte occidentis, quae est quatuor acrarum," 
(Ibid. p. 59.; 

The same Chronicle records two presentations to the 
yicarage, viz. : — 

"JEodem anno (1273) dedimus vicariam d^ Chalgrave Wal- 
Uro de Radenhore ; et Oal/ridus Le Lorenge earn recusavit, 
(Ibid, p. 260.) 

"Eodem anno (1294) Ricardus de Northwoodey subdia- 
conus, ad nostram praesentationem vicariam nostram de ChaU 
grawe est assecutu^, de gratid domini episcqpi (Oliver Sutton) 
9mflfe." (Ibid. p. 391.; 

And in 1273 the Priory accorded the privilege of a 
chantry in the parish church to the Loring family : — 

"Eodem anno (1273) concessimus eandam gratiam (i.e. 
quod kabeant sua perpettio canfariam) celebrandi domino Petro 
Le Loring apud Chalgrave, et Petro filio suo.** (Ibid. p. 267.) 

But my object in writing this is chiefly to direct atten- 


tion to the two handsome altar tombs which still remain 
in the Church. They are placed respectively on the north 
and south sides of the nave under the second bays west of 
the Chancel. Each tomb has the recumbent figure of a 
knight in armour boldly carved in stone ; and though the 
hand of time has all but obliterated every trace whereby 
these may be identified, sufficient clue is left at any rate 
to identify the family, if not the individuals. And here 
the utility of the study of Heraldry is manifest, for to the 
superficial observer these tombs offer no trace of identifi- 
cation, but to one at all acquainted with the laws of 
heraldry, the surcoat with which the figures are clothed at 
once reveals that the monuments belong to the Loring. 
family. Certainly the arms are not readily detected, being 
of a very simple character (aa they mostly were in the 
early days) — quarterly, over all a bend^ or correctly 
blazoned thus — Quarterly argent and gules, a bend of the 
second. Doubtless this surcoat was heraldically coloured 
once like the rest of the shields roimd the sides of the 
tombs were formerly* 

Some members of the family appear to have borne the 
bend engrailed, teste Lansd. MSS. 864, fo. 2. Arms of 
Loring — Quarterly Ar. and Qu. a bend fusilly of the 2nd, 
— alii, a bend engr. sa., but according to a MS. (No. clviii) 
in the Library of Queen's Coll., Oxon, the Arms of S' 
Piers Lorynge are there entered ajs — Quarterly Arg. and 
Gu., a bend of the second. 

Mr. J. G. Nichols, in the Topographer and Genealoguity 
Vol. I., p. 66, after describing the tombs and assigning 
them to temp. Edw. III., says, in a note, " Though 
Edmondson gives this coat for Loring of Bedfordshire^ 
Lysous (p. 66) tmadvisedly says * it must be observed 


that none of the shields, of which there are several on 
the tombs, exhibit the arms of Loring/ The identity of 
the coat is proved by the Roll of Edward II., 8vo, 1828, 
p. 34." 

The Lansd. MSS. above quoted give as the Crest — Five 
feathers issuont out of a Bason or; this agrees in some 
respects with Powell's description of the crest as carved 
on the tomb, and with the crest assigned to Loringe in 
Burke's Armoury, though for S'^ Nele Loringe he gives a 
different version of the crest, owing probably to inaccurate 
observation, — The leaves of a plant issuant from a flower- 

Leland (I quote second-hand) refers to the family in 
these words : — " There lay also buried in this priory 
(Donstaple) one Nigellus Loring, a nobleman of Bedford- 
shire, and a great benefactor to the priory. This Nigellus 
made three cantuaries in the paroch church of Tuddington 
in Bedfordshire, about two miles from Dunstaple, and 
there, as I here say, lye buried sum of that stokke. 
There lyith also a nobleman called Fitzneele, a benefactor 
to the priory." (Itin. VI. p. 72). 

Now it is quite possible that S' Neil Loring may have 
heen buried at Dunstaple Priory, though I incline to the 
belief that he was buried at Chalgrave, but as for the 
chantries at Toddington, there is evidently a mistake here, 
as we know from the Chron. Dumt, that the family had a 
licence to erect a chantry at Chalgrave, and we also know 
that some of the family were buried there. If then, instead 
of Toddington we substitute Chalgrave we shall be nearer 
the truth, though in any case the distances, as given by 
Leland, are incorrect. 

I am afraid, owing to the defacement of the shields, it 


will be a matter of difficulty to exactly identify these 
tombs, as there are no impaled shields left ; the blazoning 
also is rather doubtful in some cases. 

A description of these tombs is to be found in Powell's 
Topographical Colkctiom for Bed/orckhire in the British 
Museum ; Add. MSS. 17456, dated 10th Septr. 1811, in 
which, after giving a brief description of the Church, he 
says : — " Nevertheless it contains two monuments of the 
finest sort belonging to the great family of Loring. On 
the south side of the nave under the second arch from the 
Chancel is an altar monument — the sides quite plain with 
three suspended small shields on each side, and one at the 
head and foot, on each side of which are the remains of 
painted figures of saints ; above the cornice is a slab on 
which lies at full length a finely carved figure of a knight 
of J'jdw. 3 or fiich. 2nd time, rather a small man with a 
surcoat of arms — Quarterly - - - and gls. a bendlet gls. — 
over his plate armour ; gorget of mail, and also the under 
surcoat; remains of sword and dagger. At his feet a finely 
carved lyon well preserved. His head rests on his helmet, 
on which is his crest — a bundle of small feathers sable 
curiously knotted together and exquisitely carved. From 
some appearances about the capitals of the columns of the 
arch imder which this monument lies, I thought there 
might have been a canopy over it. 

Opposite (t.^. under the second arch from the Chancel 
on the north side) the monument just described is an altar 
tomb larger, the sides adorned with three large shields set 
in gothic circular 4 foil work and small compartments of 
panels of Uttle gothic arches — at head and foot one shield, 
on which hes a statue which at first sight seems gigantic, 
but when measured is 6-2 or 3 inches in height ; the dress 


pretty near Bimilar to the other ; the surcoat charged with 

the same arms ; the helmet deprived of its crest, which, 

however, I found Ijring in the Chancel, and is the same 

bundle of feathers, but the feathers interlaced together 

longer. The dagger on his left side is particularly perfect 

— the upper part of the scabbord adorned with a gothic 

pinnacle. This whole statue, as well as the opposite one, 

has been richly painted and gilt. At his feet is a large 

^g of the greyhound sort. Against the pillar is a bracket 

for a figure of a saint to whom he was addressing himself. 

There seems to me evidently to have been a canopy both 

fn)m the comer of the altar part and the pillars. On the 

^0 side panels are six shields suspended, and one at the 

iead and foot — a painted figure between each." 

Under a sketch of the tomb last described are written 

these words : — 

" Original paint very visible. — ^This of ye two I take for 

Sir Neil, Kt. — No charges on the 3 shields on its sides." 

The following are the arms tricked in this MS. I 

cannot, however, say to which tomb they belong, as the 

MS. is rather confused on this point. Those marked with 

an asterisk are also given in the Tapographer and Oenealo^ 

guti Vol. I., p. 66, but even there Mr. Nichols fails to 

specify the particular tomb. 

(On one tomb.) 

•1. Quarterly (Arg.) and gules, a bend gu. (loring.), 
fat the head. J 

*2. (jules, on a chief a lion pass. 

On the remaining five shields the charges are all effaced. 

(On the other tomb.) 
•1. Quarterly — ^and — , a bend — . (loking.) 
(at the head, embossed. J 

■ — and gu., a bend gu. (lobikg.) 

•foot, painted.) 


' indented gu. 

between two chevrona — . (? st. haub.) 
— and gn., a bend — . (lorino.) 
^hief — , a lion pass, (sa.) (? pbbbot.) 

(Arg.) and gu. a saltire eng. (P bloton.) 
ting in 1846 says, after describing the four 
d*, "Also four others now blank." 
ely I am unable now to verify these sbielda 
e charges are still discernible) as the tombs 
und with pews, which render free access 

; mention f of the &mily I find as berennder : 
•'E, que f uit hereditaa Kogeri le IjOHEBEKO, 
;juB fuit in manu Philippi de Winoesore 
Limidio, pro C. et iij marcis, quae dichu 
iit SiMOM DB Bello-Cahpo, scilicet Bomioo 
eret custodiam dicti teire, cum beredibus 
j annis post mortem Philmppi, AuAURirs 
lem custodiam per Dominum fiegem, ad 
num, et jam tenuit per ij annoset dimidium. 
predicti Booeri, erit xij annorum ad proxi- 
Yilla predicta cum pertinentiis, valet zxij 
solidis, cum instauramento quod ibi est. 
IK hsbet inter i libratos. Preterea Wil- 
beno reddit manerio j sprevarium sorom; 
s filius HuGONis, j libram piperis. Et « 
Mnerentur, mtditus manerii posset crescere 

Laj" one Albert of Lorraine held th« manor of Cbil- 
Lia maj be the Mune (amilj. 


in Ix soHdos." ("Rotuli de dominahuB et pueris et puellia de 
dorudione Regis in xii comitatibus : de itinere Hugonis de 
Moreunch, Rudulfi Murdac, Willelmi Vava^ur et Magistri 
Thome de Hessehiirn ; Anno 31 Regis Henrici II. 1185. 
durante Stacey Orimaldi, Lond:, 1830.^ 

From this abstract of inquisition we learn the following 
facts: — ^That Chalgrave was the inheritance of Roger 
Loring, that the said Roger was dead ante 1185, the date 
of this inq.y that he left issue^ that Peter was his son and 
heir, and would be 12 years old on Easter day of that 
year. It will be observed that a William Loring is men- 
tioned in this inq., probably he may have been another 
son of Roger Loring's. This Peter, it would seem, was 
Kving in 1260, for in the Dunstable Chronicle it appears 
tliat he was defeated in a suit against the Priory ; and 
again in the year 1273 the Prior of Dunstable conceded to 
Peter le Loring and to Peter his son the privilege of a 
Chantry at Chalgrave. Here we have the first mention 
of Peter, the grandson of Roger ; and Peter, the son, 
would now be 80 years of age. It would probably be the 
grandson who, according to Rot. Hund. 7 Edw. I., held 
part of the Bedford barony lands in the parish of Sham- 
brook of Willm. de Monchensi. The Dunstable Chronicle, 
under the year 1286, records the death of Sir Peter Loring 
in the following words : — 

"Eodem anno (1286) niortuus est dominus Petrus Lorenge 
mensfi Jamiario ; qui super omnes progenitores suos spedalus 
nos amavit " fp. 260;. 

This obit, I take it, must apply to Peter, the grandson 
of Roger (though it is sing^ar that the Chronicle should 
be ffllent respecting the death of Peter, his father), for it 
can hardly apply to Peter, the father, as it would bring 



his age up to 113 years. I may here note that a Peter de 
Loring was Xnight of the Shire in 7 — 10 Edw. II. 
(1313-17) ; but I am not yet able to assign him a place in 
the pedigree. 

From the foregoing notes and with the help of the 
Heralds' Visitations I have put together the following 
brief pedigree of this family : — 
Roger Le Lohereng of Chalgrave, Inq. p. m.^ dated 

1185. mar. and left issue of whom — 
Peter Le Lohereng was his eldest son and heir, aged 

about 12 years at the date of the above inq. He was 

succeeded by — 
Sir Peter Le Lorekger or Loringe his son and heir 

who mar. Joan, da. and heir of Morteyke (*) and 

dying in the month' of January 1286 was succeeded 


Sir Roger Loring his son and heir who married Cas- 
sandra da, and heir of Reignold Perrott (^-) and had — 
Sir Neil Lorixg, K.G., (^) his son and heir. Sir Neil 
mar. Margaret da. and heir of Sir Raphe Beatjflb 
or Bewple by Elizabeth da. and heir of Sir Allen 
Bloyon of Cornwall, Kt., and of his wif e da. and 
heir of Sir Piers Xanscutt of the same county Kt. (*•) 
Sir Niel dying 13th March 13S5-6 without male issue, 
left two daughters his coheirs, one of these — 

IsABELL mar. Sir Robert de Harington, 3rd 
Baron Harington (who died in 1405) a quo the 
Barons Harington by Writ of Summons. (*•) 
Margaret the other da. and coheir mar. to Thomas 
Pkver or Peyvrb of Toddington, co. Bedl who 
died 22 Sept., 1429 (*) and left issue— 


Mary Fever da. and heir whose first husband 

was Sir Richard St. Maur, jun. £t., son and 

heir of Richard Lord St. Maur. (*•) Their 

only da., Alice, a posthumous child mar. to 

William Zouche, 5th Baron Zouche of Har- 

ringworth, and carried the Barony of St. Maur 

into that family. (*•) By her second husband 

John Broughton she left a son John Brough- 

ton who was grand-father of Sir Robert 

Broughton Kt., whose son Sir John Broughton 

of Toddington £t., mar. Anne, da. and heir 

of Sir Guy Sapcote and left inter alia a da. 

Anne who became the 2nd wife of Sir Thomas 

Cheyney, K.G. Their son Sir Henry Cheyney 

of Toddington mar. Jane the seventh da. of 

Thomas Lord Wentworth, of Nettlested in 

com Suff. 

I have extended this pedigree beyond the direct line in 

order to show the connections of the difEerent families who 

trace back through female descent to the Loring Family, 

and it will be seen that some of the oldest and best families 

can be connected with this pedigree. Further research 

would probably bring to light many more facts bearing on 

the above, and some day, when I have more leisure, I 

shall hope to be able to follow it up ; meanwhile I have 

thought it well to put together in this shape what material 

I have available, so that anyone int'Orested can work up 

the pedigree. I will now proceed to give references to 

other members of the Loring family whom I have been 

unable to identify : — 

1222. — ^Walter Loring, Abbot of Malmesbury, died. 
(Chron : Dunst : p. 17,) 


1284. — An Alured Loreng appears as one of a jury. 

(Hid. p. 307.; 
1286. — A writ was issued to Le Loring junior to restore 

lands to R. Ordway. (Ibid. p. 328.; 
1289. — The namea of Alured and Neil Lorenge appear aa 

members of a jury. (Ibid. pp. 344, 353.} 
1293. — Alured Le Lorenger menticmed as one of a jury. 

(Ibid. p. 381.) 
1351. — A Simon Jjoring appears in a jury list. (Ihid. 

p. 413.; 

1383. — A William Loring was prebendary of Biggles- 
wade, and also in 1388. (Le Neve's Fasti.) 
1383. — ^A John Lorings was prebendary of Lcighton 

Eccl., and died the same year, fibid.j 
1313-16. — Peter de Loring, Knight of the Shire for Co. 

Bedf. (Brotcne Willis's Notiiia Patl, p. 3.) 
1391. — ^A Richard Le Loring mentioned in a Charter of 
Thos. de Moubray. (Dug. Mon. Angl. s. «. JVetcen- 
ham p. 375.y 
1392, — William Somerwell, burgess of Bristol, left Xb to 
friar Walter Loryng. Will dated 6 Dec. 1392, 
proved 16 March 1392, & reg. at the Bristol 
Council House. 
1443. — Bate of will of John Loring, in Roue Register 
Somerset House. 

Tohn Loryng cap. Eccl. de Scti. Andrew in 
Hertfonl June 23. rClutl. Herts. V. I., p. 169.; 
'^ohn Loryng died, and Thos. Hospenall, S. T. B., 
ucc. him Nov. 22. flbtd. V. II., p. 529.J 
ilowing are extracted from Parish Registers : — 

y 23, Michael s. of Thomas Lonnge bapt. 



1609, May 3, David 8. of Thomas Loringe bapt. 
„ „ 5, David s. of „ „ bur. 

1610, Aug. 19, Tho. 8. of Tho. „ bapt. 
1613, Sept. 12, EKz**- d. of 
1616, Aug. 4, Anne d. of Thomas „ 
1628, Oct. 6, Edward s. of Tho. „ bur. 
1632, Sept. 23, Thomas Loringe bur. 

1615, July 30, Johannes filius Michaelis Loreing bapt. 

1602, Oct. 3, William s. of Thomas Loring bapt. 


1611, Oct. 23, Kichard Loaring bur. 

I may mention that in Toddington Church there is a 
small brass shield of six quarters, which I am unable to 
identify ; the last quarter is charged with a fret. Now I 
cannot help thinking that it is in some way connected 
with the families above mentioned, but owing to the 
absence of tinctures it is impossible, without further in- 
formation, to identify the coats. A description of this 
shield will be found ante p. 60. It is just possible that 
this 6th quarter is intended to represent the arms of 
Harington — Sa. a fret ar. 

The following deed dated 1 Hen : VIII. (1509), is a 
conveyance from William, Abbot of Wobum to William 
Lorying and others of a field in Arlesey called Rosewyke. 
Probably the Lor}'ng here mentioned was connected with 
the Loryngs of Chalgrave. 

" Sciant presentes & futuri quod ego Willelmus Abbott 
de Wobome Chapell in Comitatu Bedfordia) Dedi Concessi 
& hac presenti Carta mea Confirmaui Willelmo Loryng de 
Arlechehey in eodem Comitatu Nicholao Wylbon de eadem 


& Michaeli CoUop de eadem Umim Clausum vocatum le 
Rosewyke iacentem in Campo de Arlechehey predicto 
Quequidem Clausum nuper habui ex dono & feoffamento 
Henrici Abbott de Husburne Crawley in Comitatu predicto 
ad hue superstitis habendum & tenendiun predictum Clausum 
cum omnibus suis pertinenciis prefato "VVillelmo, Nicholao, 
& Michaeli heredibus & Assignatis suis ad usimi predictum 
Willelmi Loryng heredum & Assignatorum suorum imper- 
petuum De Capitalibus dominis feodi illius per servicia 
inde debita et de jure Consueta. Et ego vero predictus 
Willelmus Abbott & heredes mei predictum Clausum cum 
omnibus suis pertinenciis prefato Willelmo, Nicholao, & 
Michaeli heredibus & Assignatis suis ad usimi predictum 
Contra omnes gentes Warantizabimus & imperpetuum de- 
fendemus per presentes. In cujus rei testimonium huic 
presenti Carte mee Sigillum meum Apossui hiis testibus 
Johanne Clyfton de Arlechehey predicto, Johanne Smyth 
de eadem taylor, Willelmo Baldoke de eadem et Aliis. 
Datum Apud Arlechehy prbdictimi decimo die mensis 
Octobris Anno regni Regis Henrici octaui post Conquestum 
AngUe prime." 

Powell in his MS. also refers to a Rose Loring who in 
the xiith century appropriated the Church of Chalgrave to 
Dunstable Priory, and to a William Loring of Hailes, co. 
Glouc, descended of a yoimger brother of the Hon. Sir 
Neil Lorenge one of the founders of the Garter; I am not, 
however, in a position to confirm these statements, nor 
have I seen any mention elsewhere of Sir Neil having 
brothers. F. A. B. 

I. yimUtion of Bcdf., 1586. Cooke (by Glover). Queen*8 Coll., 
Oxford, MS. CXrV., fo. 8S. 

a. This Sir Neil Loring was one of thoee aelooted bj King Edward for 


fbe honour of knigrhthood at the institiition of the Order of tbe Garter, 
and occupied the 20th stall. 

3. Barkers Extinct Pewage, 

4. See AnU^ pp. 63, 64, for copies of the inscriptions formerlj on the 
tombs of Thomaa and Margaret Pever. The arms of Pever impaling 
Loring may still be seen on a shield borne by one of the carved wooden 
angels in the roof of the nave of Toddington Church — the second on the 

6. Qatterbuck's Hitt. of HerifordBhire, Vol. II., p. 629. 

BEDFORD— 1531 [31 May], R.O. 
Letter to Sir John Dyve. 

Wm. Cursun, Vicar of the Friars Observants, Green- 
^icli, to Sir John Dyve — 

Desires to be recommended to him and his wife. 
Thanks them both for their many kindnesses to the 
brethren. The King has sent their warden to remain at 
the Grey Friars of Bedford. Requests him to find out 
^om the warden, or one of the brethren, how he is treated, 
*^d whether his friends may resort to him or write to him. 
Knows no reason for the King's displeasure, " because he 
spake and answered the preacher being in the pulpit, in 
his sermon ;" for which he has been divers times before 
the bishops, and once before the Convocation. Fears his 
answer has been misreported to the King. Wishes the 
King knew his virtuous and religious conversation, and 
the true heart he bears to God and his Prince. Does not 
think well to write or send to him till he knows the King's 
pleasure. Asks for an answer by the next servant whom 
he is sending to London, or to the Court, which is now at 
Greenwich, and desires him to tell the warden to let their 
father have all he wants, for which thev will find the 
money. Greenwich the Wensday in Wyssou weyk. HoL, 


p. 1, Add : To &c. ; Sir John Dyve Knt. dwelling in 
Bedfordshire. End*^ : " This letter was delivered me, the 
last day of May by Thomas Rowthe, of Bedford, innholder^ 
in the presence of Reynold Grey Esq., Sir John Patynson^ 
Vicar of Bromham, and other of my servants." 



Privy Purse Expences of Henry VIII., by Nicholas. 

fOn the 2l8t August 1530 The King was at Ampthill where 
he appears to have remained until about the 3rc? Septetnher 
when he went on to Hertford passing through Hitchei^ 
where he gate 40«. to the Friars (^ that place.) 

Payments in August 1530. 
It*m the xxj daye paid to a s*vnt of 

Maister Bucley's s' vnt> for bringing 

of hawks and greyhounds to the 

King^s grace to Antyll . . • xl«. 

It'm the same daye to Robert Acton 

the King^s Sadler for bringing of 

ij. white skynnes to Antyll vj«. viij^f* 

It'm the XXV. daye paied to the kep* 

and his wif at Antell for fisshing 

and to ij. other men that holpe to 

ffisshe • x«. 

It'm the same daye (xxvij J to Thomas 

the fote man for that he laved out 

at Antell by the King's Comanndet v«. 

It'm the last daye paied at Antel to 

John Elys Maister of the King's 

nivne at lantrissen in Walvs in 


glamorganshire xxiijlL xyja. vjd, to 

be employed upon the said myne . . zxiij Li, xyjs. yjd. 
It'm the same last daye paied At 

Antell to Edmond lynde for his 

wages due at Michaelmas next 

comyng, after a grote a daye .... xxx«. vrf. 

If m to James the henne taker for his 

quarter wages due at the said tyme 

next comyng ...••••••.•• xlv«. 

Yet Payments in Septembee 1630. 

It'm the furste daye paied to a s'vnt 
of Sr. Rohert Aleys in Rewarde for 
bringing a greyhounde to the King 

at Antell vij«. vjrf. 

It'm the same daye paid to Giles 
grome of the Crosbowes for so 
moche by him layd out aboute the 

mending of the Eling's net vij^. YJd. 

It'm the same daye to Peter fawcons 

for his lyveray Cote xxij^. vjrf. 

If m the ijde daye to the ij. keepers 
of the great parke at Antell in Re- 
warde xii]«. iiijd. 

If m the same daye to the keper of 

the little parke there in Rewarde. . vj«. viijrf. 

If m the same day to the keper of the 

parke of Brokborowe in Reward . . vj«. viijcf. 

If m the same day paied by the King's 
comanndement at Antell to a s'vnt 
of my lady princesse for her use to 
make paystyme wt all xLi. 



It'm the same daye to Peter Taberet 

and John Bolenger the King's myn- 

strells by waye of Rewarde at Antell iiij JW. 
It'm the same daye to Robert Shere 

keper of the King's pryrate begles 

for his monethe wages when due . . v«. 

It'm the same daye to Richard Am- 

sham for vij. yards and di. of Coton vj«. iiijrf. 

Summa partis. . . • xvijit. xv«. TJrf. 
It'm the iijde. daye paied to the friers 

of Lochen by way of Reward .... xl«. 

fin September 1531 there are the follotcing entries J — 

It'm the xj. day paied for a carte to 

cary the houndes from Grafton to 

Antyll after xv. myles ij«. vjrf. 

It'm the same daye (xv.) paied to the 

keper of the great parke of Antyll 

in rewarde xiijs. iiij<^- 

It'm the XT. daye paied in Reward to 

the keper of the litle pare of Antyll vj«. viijW. 

It'm the same daye paied to haukyns 

the fawconer for hawks mete as 

dothe appere by his bille xvjs. \iijd. 

It'm the same daye paied to Willi'm 

Locke for certyns silks bought by 

the King's grace at Antyll IxxZi. xjs. 

It'm the same daye paied to the same 

locke for a bronche wt an Amatas 

in it tJW . 

It'm the XYJ. daye paied to one that 

brought the stag from Antj-ll to 


Knebworthe . . . • 1 vs. 

It'm the same day {%,€, 3 October 
1531) paied for a carte to cary the 
King's hounds fro Antyll to Wal- 
tham V8. 

It'm the vij. daye paied for a carte 
for the King's hounds fro Antyll to 
Knebbeworthe v«. 

(On the 23rrf Juli/ 1532 the King was again at Ampthill, as 
appears by the following entries) — 

It'm the xxiij. daye paied to A s'vnt 

of Maister Spenser that brought a 

greyhoimde to the King to Antyll 

in reward vij«. vjrf. 

It*in the same daye paied to a s Vnt of 

inaister Spenser for bringing of a 

lauret to the King's grace Bewarde v«. 

It*m the same daye paied to A s'v'nt 

of Maister Ink's in rewarde for 

bringiug A present of mete to the 

King's grace at Antyll vij«, vjc?. 

It*m the XXV. daye paied to a s'v'nt 

of Sr. Robert Alee in Bewarde for 

bringing cheses and aples to the 

King's grace at Antyll vs. 

It'm tne xxvj. daye paied to a pour 

chielde that the King's grace heled 

of his sickness yij«. yjV. 

It'm the same daye paied by the 

King's comanndement A Antyll to 

Browne the m'chant for so moche 


money As he dud Wynne of the 

King's grace at shoting as aperith 

by his bill j^xijLi. xs. 

It'm the xxvij. daye paied to £ing 

the hosier for v. payer of hosen for 

Maister henry Knevet at y«. a payer xxy«. 

It'm the same daye (xxviij.) paid to 

the ij. kepers of Antyll parks in 

rewarde by the King's comandet . . xvs, 

It'm the xxix. daye paied to Robt. 

alee for the hire of x. men by the 

space of iij. days drawing the King's 

pondes in Antyll at yiijd. a man 

ev'ry daye •..••••••• xx«. 

It'm the same daye paied to Lmnf rev 

Raynezf ord remoTing wt the carte 

wt homids from Antyll to Grafton ij«. iiijcf. 

It'm the same daye (e.^ 29th August, 

1532) paied to henry Bjrrde for 

making prycks at Antyl and at 

Grafton by the King's Gomannde- 

ment , • yja. Tiijd. 


(Extracts from Nicholas's 'Privt Purse Exfekses 

OF Elizabeth of York,' &c.) 

September 1502. 
It'm the same day (xiijth) to John 
Diiffyn for his costes riding from 
Woodstock to Antell by the Quene's 
commanndement from Antell to 
Thabbesse of Elstowe from Elstowe 


to Ilerauld for a buk for the pro- 
fessing of a nonne of Elstowe f orsaid 
and from thens to the courte to Sr. 
Gil^ Brigges place by the space of 

vi] dayes at xd. the day vs. xd, 

August 1502. 
If m the iijth day of August delivered 

toThabbesse of Eluestowe by thands 

of John Dufiyn for the costes and 

charges of litle Anne Loveday at 

the making of hire nonne there • • yjLi: idijs, iiijd. 

Amongst the Receipts appears thefoUotring entry : — 

"Here ensuen the Beceiptes of Hychard Decons from 

the xxiiijth. day of March Anno xvijmo. unto . 

Fee Farms, 
Termino Fasche 
Of the fee f erme of the towne of Bed* 

ford. xXt." 

J. G. R. 

(Extracts fbom Madden's * Privy Purse Expenses op 

THE Princess Mary/) 

ELSTOW.— Mens' Decembr. A^ xxix. H. viij., Page 48. 

It'm geuen to the Abbesse of Helstowe 
fiVnte* bringing Silk to my lades 
grace v«. 

DUNSTABLE.— Mens' Septembr. (1543). 

It'm to crabtre for goyng to Dunstable 

owin from Graftou to Dunstable . . xiijef. 

• ♦ Servant. 


It'm gevin to the kings boyes at 

Dunstable • vij^. yjd. 

It'm in reward gevin to officers of 

thowshold at Dunstable iiijXi. 

It'ni reward gevin to the gard and 

other at Dunstable • • • mjLi. xiiijs. xd. 

Mens' Nou' (1543). 
It'm geuen to the prince mynstrels at 

Dunstable xxv«. 

AMPTHILL.— Mens' Septemb. 1543. 

It'm gevin to the king's footmen at 

Ampthill a buck & xs. 

It'm to the queues footmen the same 

tyme a buk & vijs. yjd. 

It'm gevin to my lorde p'vy seall ser- 
vant for wayting of hir grace from 

the More to Ampthill C8. 

Mens' Octobr' 

It'm geuen to my lady of Darby ser- 
vant comyng to Ampthill ........ vij«. yjd. 

It'm geuen to my lady Dormar ser- 
vant bringing chese to Ampthill . . ts. 

It'm payed to mr. Chechester for his 
Costs sent from Ampthill to Asshe- 
rige to the prince grace for ij. Dayes iij«. iiij. 

Mens' Nou' 

It'm geuen to Besse Cressy t at her 

goeing from Ampthyll sycke • • . . X8. 

It'm geuen to m^ Mary mychaell at 

t This Besse Cressy appears to have been a Sempstress. 


Ampthyll xx«. 

It'm geuen to m* Nurce servant 
comyng to Ampthill to my lades 

grace vij«. vjrf. 

It'm delyu'ed unto Besse Cressy at 

the King's comyng from Ampthill v«. 

Km geuen to Twinebrockes of the 
Eechin the same Daye the Kings 
ma'tie. removed from Ampthill . . \iijd. 

Mens' Decembr' 
If m geuen to Bottone of Ampthill 

where Bessy Cressy whas syke. ... v«. 

It'm pd. for hir Costes from thens to 

Oking xff. vjrf. 

J. G. E. 


A Duplicate op the several Delinquents' Estates 
WHICH ARE Decimated within the County of Bed- 
ford, A.D. 1656. 

fiichard Conquest of Houghton Conquest, 

Esqr. 120 00 00 

Sir Thomas Leigh of Laighton Beuzard .... 135 00 00 
Owen Brest of Rowney in Southill Parish, 

Esq'- 45 15 00 

William Palmer of Hill, Esq'^- ......' 48 19 00 

Francis Crawley of Luton, Esq'- 25 02 00 

George Blundel of Cardington, Esq'- 11 00 00 

Sir Lodowick Dier of Collweth, bart 44 06 10 

William Geery of Bushmead, Esq'- 60 00 00 

John Eussell of Woobume, Esq'- 01 00 00 


£ «. d. 

Edward Russell of the Same, Esq^- 60 00 00 

Richard Farmor of Westning, Esq'- 12 00 00 

Mr. Fettiplace of Little Barford 13 06 00 

Mr. Hnsden of Hockley 09 10 00 

Richard Taylor of Clopham, Esq'- 90 00 00 

Henry Osburne of Chickson, Esq""- 10 00 00 

Mr. Audley of Bigleswade 02 04 09 

Sum Total £668 06 11 

rFrom " TKurloe State Papers," Vol. IV.y p. 513.y 

Letter of William Bedford. — "Mr. "William Bed- 
ford to Secretary Thurloe. May it please your Honor, — 
Haveing sett on f oote an humble address to his highnesse 
in our coimtry, which I doubt not but will be signed by 
the generality, I have taken the boldnesse to send you a 
coppy of it here inclosed. It was at our generall quarter 
sessions agreed unto by the whole bench : wee sent to the 
Corporation to joyne with us, or to send by themselves, 
which they resolve to doe — Capt. Wagstaffe, myself e, and 
another gentleman are to present it about the beginning 
of the tearme, hopeing by that to get our copyes returned 
from all parts of the country. I finde the country gene- 
rally very well satisfied in his late highnesses disposall and 
noe regrett towards the old family. The Cavaleeres with 
us very quiett, and much dasht att his highnesses peaceable 
entrance, and also does not seme to have the least hopes. 
They were much afraid least they should have been 
secured agayne. Sir I humbly beg your pardon for this 


boldnesee I shall pray the Lord to perfect his mercy in 
your recovery and remayne — ^Your Honor's most faithfull 
Servant W. Bedford. Henloe, in Bedfordshire^ 12th 
October, 1658. 

'* Sir if it bee not too much confidence in me to put you 
to such a trouble, I beg of you that if others, who stood in 
such a relation of office as I did, bee put in the list of 
mourners att the funerall of his late highnesse, you would 
pemember me as an old servant and officer." flbid.^ Vol. 
riL, p. 438.; J. G. E. 



Those from 17 Q. Eliz. to 22 Car. I. are taken from 
Fuller's Worthies of England, Previous to the year 1574 
the counties of Bedford and Bucks, were united under one 
Shrievalty, and the names of those sheriffs who exercised 
jurisdiction over the two coimties may be found in Lips- 
combe's Eistory of Bucks, and in Berry's County Genealogies. 
Mr. W. Marsh Harvey, in his History and Antiquities of 
ihe Willey Hundred^ has also published a list of sheriffs 
from 1574 to 1878, but as this work is an expensive one 
and therefore not easily accessible, I think the following 
lists (transcribed by Mr. J. G. Raynes from MSS. in the 
British Musemn) may prove interesting to readers of this 
publication. F. A. B. 

16. (Ralph Astry Esq., Harlington). 

17. Ge. Rotheram Esq., Farley. Vert 3 Roebucks trip- 

ping or, a Baston Gul. 

18. Joh. Bamardeston, Sewelbury. G. a Salter Engrailed 



19. Ge. Senesham, Tempsford. 

20. Joh. Spencer Esq., Gople. 

21. Nich. Luke Esq., Woodend. Ar. a Bugle horn S. 

22. Hen. Butler Esq., Biddenha' G. a fesse checkee Ar. 

& S. betw. 6 Cross-crosslets Ar. 

23. Jolin Thompson Esq., Crawley. 

24. Brie. Conquest Esq., Houghton. Q.'ar. & S. a label 

with 3 points. 

25. Lodo. Dive Esq., Brumham. Parte per pale ar. et G. 

a Fess Az. of the field. 

26. ( John Rowe Esq. (of Clapham). 

I Ric. Chamock, Esq., Holoot. Ar. on a bend S. 3 

27. Oliv. St. John Esq., Ar. on a Chief G. 2 MuUets Or. 

28. Ric. Chamock Esq., ut prius. 

29. Will. Butler Esq., ut prius. 

30. Rad. Astry Esq., Westoning. Barry wavee of six Ar. 

& Az. on a chief G. 3 Bezants. 

31. Oliv. St. John Esq., ut prius. 

32. Ge. Rotheram Esq., ut prius. 

33. Xpr. Hoddeson Esq. (Leighton Beaudesert) . 

34. Will. Buncombe Esq., Battlesden. Party per chev. 

Counter-Flore G. & arg. 3 Talbot's heads erazed 

35. Nich. Luke Esq., ut prius. 

36. Joh. Dive Esq., ut prius. 

37. Will. Gostwick Esq., Willingto'. Arg. a Bend G. 

cottized S. 'twixt 6 Cornish chaughes proper on a 
chief or 3 Mullets Vert. 

38. Ric. Conquest Esq., ut prius. 

39. Tho. Cheney Esq., Sundon. 

40. Edw. RatclifEe Kt., Elstow. Arg. a Bend Engrailed S. 


41. Will. Butler Esq., ut prius. 

42. Job. Croft Kt. 

43. Bic. Ghamock Esq., ut prius. 

44. Geo. Francklyn, Malvern (Mavems in Bolnhurst). 

45. John Dyye Kt., nt prius. 


1. Joh. Dive Kt., ut prius. 

2. Joh. Leigh Esq. (Leighton BeaudeaertJ. 

3. Edw. Sands Kt., Eaton (-Bray). 

4. Fran. Anderson Esq., Eworth. Arg. a Cheveron 

'twixt 3 cross crosslets S. 

5. Tho Snagge Kt., Marson. 

, 6. Edw. Mordant Esq., Ockley. Ar. a Chev. between 3 
Estoyles S. 

7. Tho. AnceU Esq., Barford. Q. on a Saltire or betw. 

4 Bezants a Mascel of tlie first. 

8. Fran. Ventres Kt., Campton. Az. a lucie between 2 

Bends wavy arg. t 

9. Rob. Sandy Esq. (Robert Napier ^ Knt., Luton Hoo). 

10. Wil. Beecber Esq., Hooberry. 

11. Bic. Sanders Esq., Marson. Parte per Cb. Ar. & S. 

3 Elepbants' beads erazed countercbanged. 

12. Edw. Duncombe Esq., ut prius. 

13. Will. Plomer Esq., Holme. Vert a cb. between 3 

Lions' beads erazed Or Billeted G. 

14. Bog. Burgoyne, Sutton. G. a cbev. Or between 3 

Talbots' beads on Chief Embattled Arg. as many 
martlets S. 

15. Oliv. Luke Kt., ut prius. 

16. Edw. Conquest Kt., ut prius. 

17. Oe. Keynsbam Esq. 


18. Fran. Stanton Esq., Birchmor. 

19. Will. Bryers Esq., Woodbury (or Upberry in PuUax- 


20. Will. Hawkins Esq., Tilbrook. 

21. Fran. Gierke Kt. (of The Orove^ in Houghton Conquest). 

22. Math. Denton Esq., Barton. 



1. Job. Wingate Esq., Harlingto'. S. a Bend Erm. 

Cotized or betw. 6 Martlets arg. 

2. Edw. Gk)stwick Kt., nt prius. 

3. Job. Moore Esq. 

4. Antb. Cbester (of Litlington). Per Pale Ar. & S. a 

cbev. betw. 3 rams' beads erased armed or, witbin 
a border ingrailed roundly, all countercbanged. 

5. Micb. Grigg Esq. (of Dunstable). 

6. WilL Cater Esq., Kempston. Ermin. a Pile G. a 

lion Pass. Gbrd. Or. 

7. Edm. Anderson, ut prius. 

8. Ja. Beverley Esq., ClapwelL Ermine a Rose gules. 

9. O. Wincb Esq., Everton. 

10. Hum. Monoux Esq., Wootton. 

11. Bicb. Gery Esq., Busbmede. 

12. Hen. Cbester Esq., ut prius. 

13. Will. Boteller Esq., ut prius. 

14. WilL Plomer Esq., ut prius. 

15. Eicb. Cbild Esq., Puddingto'. G. a Cbev. engrailed 

Erm. 'twixt 3 Doves Arg. 

16. Job. Burgoyne Esq., ut prius. 

17. Tbo. Alston Et., b. WodbilL Azure ten stars Or. 

19. f Humphrey Fyche (FyaheJ^ JEsq., oflckwell Oreen). 


20. Nich. Denton Esq. 

22. Math. Taylor Esq., Eaton (Socon), 

(ThefoUowing Lists are transcribed from Add. M8. 6832, 
fo. 183, in the British Museum.) 


1647.— 23.— Wm. Allen, Esq., of Goldington. 
1648. — 24. — ^Wm. Buncombe Esq., of Battlesden. 


1649. — 1. — Robert Lovet, of Liscombe, in Bucks. 

1660.— 2.— Wm. Bryers, Knt., of Woodbery. 

1661.— 3.— Tho. Bromsall, of Blunham. 

1662. — 4. — John Huxley, of Eaton Bray. 

1663. — 5. — ^Henry Pigot, of Stratton. 

1654. — 6. — ^Robert Staunton, of Birchmore. 


1666.— 8.— fc/oAw Welh, Esq., ofEeaih). 

1667.— 9.— 


1669.— 11.— 

1660.— 12.— ft/bAn Welh, Esq.) 

\Q&l.—l^.—f Edmund Wylde, Esq., of the Grote, in 
Houghton Conquest). 

1662.— U.— (George Wynne, Esq.) 



1665. — 17. — Tbo. Snagge, of Milbroke, Esq., or Dfarston 

1666. — 18. — John Huxlye, Knt., of Eaton Bray. Erm : 
on a bend cot. G. 3 annulets A. 


1667. — 19. — Hen. Massingberd, Bart., of Braytoft Line. 
B. 3 Quarterfoils 0, on a chf. O, a Boar pas^ B. on his 
shoulder a cross pate^ G. 

1668. — 20. — .... Delanoy, or Delawney, Esq. 

1669. — ^21. — Ralph Bovey, Bart., Longstow Cambs** 
and Warden Abbey. — ^V. 3 Bows in Pale or. 

1670.— 22.— Rio. Wagstaffe, Esq., of Ravensdon. A. 2 
bends eng. : the lowest rebated at the Top S. 

1671. — 23. — Hen. Brandreth, Esq., Houghton Regis, 
P. pale & S. a chevron int. 3 Escallops Co'ch'd. 

1672.— 24.— Tho. Bromsall, of Blunham. B. a Lion 
rampt. O. 

1673. — 25. — Matthew Dennis, Esq., Kempston. G. a 
bend engr. A. 

1674.— 26.— Rob. Bell, Esq., of Bedford. 

1675. — 27. — Sam. Reynardson, of PuUoxhill and Hal- 
lingdon, in Midx. O. 2 chevrons, engr. G., on a Canton Q. 
a Mascle A. 

1676.— 28.— John Arnold, of Ampthill. (Mr. Smith of 
Wodeston calls him Thomas). 

1677. — 29. — Saml. Reynardson, Esq., ut prius. 

1678. — 30. — ^Tho. Snagg, Esq., ut prius. 

1679.— 31.— Wm. Gostwick, Bart., of Willington. A. 
a bend G. cot. S. between 6 Cornish Choughs ppr., on a 
ch' 0. 3 MuUets V. 

1680.— 32.— Villiers Chemock, Bart., of Holcote. A. 
on a bend S. 3 cross-crosslets A. 

1681. — 33. — Geo. Abbot, Esq., of Steppingley Park. 

1682. — 34. — James Astry, Esq., afterwards Ejit., of 
Westning. Barry wavy of 6 A. and B. on a ch* G. 3 


1683. — 35. — ^Wm. Daniel, Esq., Newbury in Silso and 


1684. — 1. — ^Huinplirey Fyshe, Esq., Ickwell Green, in 
Nortlull. O. a Fesse G. on it a bend S. and on it 6 Mul- 
lets A. 

1685. — 2. — ^Tbo. Halfpenny, Esq., Faldoe (in Higham 

1686. — 3. — John Crosse, Esq., Bramingham. Qrly. B. 
and A. in the 1 & 4 Qrs. a cross MoHne A. 
1687.~4. — John WagstafEe, Esq., ut prius. 

W- Am> MARY. 

1688. — 1. — ^Ralph Bromsall, Esq., ut prius. 

1689, — 2. — James Cater, Esq., Kempston. Erm. on a 
Pile G. a Li : pa : gu : 0. 

1690. — 3. — ^Wm. Boteler, Esq., Bidenbam. G. a Fesse 
chec. A. & S. int 6 cross-crosslets A. 

1691. — 4. — John Neale, Esq., Netber Deane, in Over 

1692. — 5. — Sam. Thompson, Knt., Wotton. 

1693.— 6.— Jobn Eston, Esq. 

1694. — 7. — Stepb. Anderson, Bart., Eyewortb. 

1695.— 8.— Wm. Miller (Millard), Knt., Hougbton 
Begis, Married bis Mistress to wbom be was coacbman. 
1696. — 9. — Rob. Bell, Esq., ut prius. 
1697. — 10. — Jobn Spencer, Esq., of Cowpall. 
1698. — 11. — Jobn de la Fontaine, Esq. 
1699. — 12. — Jobn Burgoyne, Bart., Sutton. G. a 
chevron O. int. 3 Talbots, on a cb' embat. A. 3 martlets S. 



1700.— 13.— Wm. Hillersden, Esq., Elstow and Colme- 
worth. A. on a chevron S. 3 bulls' heads cab. A. 

1701. — 1. — Tho. Bromsall, Esq., Roxton. 

1702. — 2. — ^Tho. Johnson, Esq., Milton Bryant. A. on 
a PUe B. 3 Gri£E, hds. er. A. 

1703.— 3.— Sam. Ongley, Esq., after a Knt., Old 
Warden. A. 3 Piles in Point G., on a Cant. B. the San 
in its meridian ppr. 

1704. — 4. — ^Edw. Dimcombe, Esq., Battlesden, now 

1705. — 5. — ^Edw. Snagge, Esq., Marston Morteyne, 

1706. — 6. — John Huxley,. Esq., ut prius. 

1707. — 7. — John Clarke, Esq., Ridgmont. 

1708.— 8.— John Wright, Esq., Knotting. 

1709.— 9.— Wm. Chewe, Esq., Dunstable. 

1710. — 10. — ^Ralph Bromsall, Esq., ob. and Wm. 
NichoUs, Esq., succeeded* 

1711. — 11. — John Vaux, Esq., Whipsnade. 

1712.— 12.— Tho. Emerton, Esq., Albury, Co. Hertford. 

1713.— 13.— Tho. Boswell, Esq., Over Deane. 


1714. — 1. — ^Tho. Bromsal, Esq., ut prius. 

1715. — 2. — John Livesey, Esq., Pudington. 

1716. — 3. — ^Theophilus Napier, Bart., Luton. A. a 
saltire int. 4 Cinquefoils G. 

1717._4._Wm. Smyth, Knt., Old Warden. G. on a 
chevron int. 3 f'crosaesj pati fiche A. 3 Fleurs-de-lis B. 

1718. — 5. — ^Nicholas Luke, Esq., Woodend. A. a Bugle 
Horn S. 

1719.— 6.— Rob. Hynde, Esq., Wotton. 


1720. — 7. — ^Ric. Orlebar, Esq., Hinwick House, in 

1'21. — 8. — ^Henry Brandreth, Esq., ut prius. 
1722. — 9. — Robert Abbot, Esq., Steppingley. 
1/23. — 10. — ^Tho. Aynscombe, Esq., Wbipsnade. 
1724.— 11.— Tho. Garth, Esq., Harold. 
1/25. — 12. — Joseph Johnson, Esq., ut prius. 
1726.— 13.— TheophUus DiUington, Esq., Shelton. 


§wy^ ^^ — 1. — ^Wm. Coleman, Esq., Cranfeild, Coleman of 
•*^- A. on a Pale radiant rayonne^ 0. a Li : ra : G. 

i;^;^S._2._Benj. Rhodes, Esq., Flitwick. 

ir^9. — 3. — John Napier, Bart., ut prius. 

irao. — 4.— Wm. Lambe, Esq., Famdish & Welling- 
borougli^ Co. Northton. 

' ^ I • — 6. — Geo, Blundell, Esq., Cardington Manor. A. 
1*^ ^illests 4. 3. 2. 1. 0, on a Cant. O. a raven ppr. 

^^^2. — 6. — ^Edw. Morgan, Esq., Cardington. 

^^^3* — 7. — ^Hillersden Franke, Esq., Hethe, in Leighton 

^4^ — 8. — ^Tho. Chrome, Esq., Keysoe, Dunstable. 
^S^ — ^9. — John Crawley, Esq., Cadington, Stockwood. 
• oxi j^ fesse G. int. 3 Storks, 3 cross-crosslets. 

*^6* — 10. — Francis Jessop, Esq., Bedford. 

^"^^ — 11. — David Guilliaume, Tingreth. 

'^^ — 12. — Oliver Edwards, Esq., Cardington, Citizen 

of Low -J 

^O.— 13.— John Franklin, Esq., Gr. Barford. A. on 
ab^^ B. 3 Dolphins naiant A. 

Ho —14.— John White, Esq., Hoo Green, in Step- 



1741. — 15. — John Lawson, junr., Esq., Barton. P. pale 
A. & S. a chevron co'ch'd. in the dextr. ch' an escallop G. 

1742. — 16. — John Miller, junr., Esq., Dunstable. 

1743. — 17. — Hamond Crosse, Esq., Westoning. 

1744.— 18.— Ric. BeU, Esq., Bedford. 

1745. — 19. — Robert Ashwell, Esq., Leighton Buzzard. 

1746.— 20.— Wm. Gery, Esq., Bushmede House. 

1747.— 21.— John HiU, Esq., Bedford. 

1748.-22.— Tho. Crawley, M.B., Dunstable. 

1749.— 23.— Tho. Cave, Bedford, Merchant. 

1750. — 24. — Harry Johnson, Milton Brian. 

1751. — 25. — ^Tho. Gilpin, Hoclif, Goldsmith in London. 

1752. — 26. — Francis Heme, Esq., Luton. 

1753. — 27. — David James, Esq., Ampthill. Sem^ de 5 
foils & a Li. rampt. Father R'^ of Woughton Bucks. 

1754.-28.— Tho. Vaux, Whipsnade. 

1755. — 29. — James Smith, Streatley. 

1756.— 30— John Capon, Leighton Bozard. "He is 

now, 1763, a Builder and Auctioneer." 

J. G. R. 

(Note, — The numbers preceding the names refer to the 
years of each reign. The words icithin parentheses and in 
italics are supplied from Mr. Harvey^ s Willey Hundred). 


Knights made — 

At ye Charterhouse, May 11, 1603. Sr, Oliver Luke. 

At Sr. John Fortescue's, June, 1603. Sr. John Dives, 
Sr. Thomas Snagg, Sr. Edmond Conquest. 

• Transcribed from ** Warburton and Porafret's Genealogical Collec- 
tions for the County of Bedford ; Lansdowne MS. 887, in B. M. — ^£i>. 


At Sr. George Fannour's, July, 1603. Sr. Eichd. 

At White Hall, 3 May, 1607. Sr. Edward Gostwick 

At White HaU, 27 May, 1607. Sr. Richard Conquest. 

At Bletsho, July, 1608. Sr. Alexander St. John. 

At White HaU, Jan : 7, 1610. Sr. Peter Osborne. 

At Hounslow, 21 Jidy, 1612. Sr. Robert Napper al's 
Sandy, Baronet. 

At White HaU, 10 March, 1616. Sr. George BlundeU. 

At Bletshoe, July 24, 1619. Sr. Henry St John, Sr. 
Beauchamp St. John. 

At Kirkby, July 27, 1619. Sr. Wm. Beecher, Sr. 
Bobt Chamock. 

At White HaU, 19 April, 1620. Sr. Lewis Dives. 

At Ampthm, 21 July, 1621. Sr. Wm. Crawford.* 

At Bletshoe, 24 July, 1621. Sr. Francis Stanton. 

At White HaU, 30 Apr. 1622. Sr. Robert Napper, 

At Houghton Lodge, 20 July, 1624. Sr. Samuel Luke. 

In ye way between Bletshoe and Castle Ashby. Sr. 
Fran: Gierke de Houghton Conquest, High Sheriff of 


At White HaU, 29 ApriU, 1627. Sr. Wm. Bryers, of 

At AmpthiU, 22 July, 1627. Sr. Geo: Russel de 

At Ampthill, 23 July, 1627. Sr. Henry Austry de 

* This name should be ** Cray ford.'* 


At Theobald's, 19 Decern : 1628. Sr. William Ashton 
of Tingreth. 

At White Hall, 1 Jan : 1628. Sr. John Bracking of 

At White Hall, Nov : 4, 1632. Sr. Francis Crawley 
of Luton, Judge. 

At Windsor, by Charles Prince of Wales May 20, 1638. 
Thomas, Earl of Elgin. 

At White Hall, July 4, 1641. Sr. Wm. Boteler of 

1641. July 18, Sr. Roger Burgoine of Sutton. 

1641. Aug. 9, Sr. John Rolt of Milton. 

Date ignota, Sr. John Buncombe of Battlesden.* 


1660. July 11, Sr. James Beaverley, of Beyneney, Co: 

1660. July 16, Sr. Christopher Turner of Milton Emep, 
one of the Barons of the Exchequer. 

1660. Oct. 20, Sr. Henry Piggot of Nether Gravenhurst 

1660. Not. 6, Sr. Edward Cater of Kempston. 

1660. Nov. 16, Sr. Wm. Beacher of Howberry. 

1660. Dec. 4, Sr. Samuel Browne of Arlesey one of the 
Justices of the Conmion Pleas. 

1661. Ap. 17, Sr. Geo : Blundell, of Cardington. 
1661. Dec. 22, Sr. John Moore, bro : of Sr. Hen : Moore 

of Fawley. 

1661. Jan. 21, Sr. John Keling of Southill. 

1662. Mch. 16, Sr. John Huxley of Eaten Park. 

* He was kniyrbted in 1648 by King* Cbarles I. wbile a prisoner at 
Carisbrooko, cf . Wood's Athen. Ojcvn. Vol. iV. ii, £d. BiidH. 


1668. Nov. 24, Sr. Wm. Gostwick of WQUngton. 
1671. Ap. 30, Sr. Francis Wingate of Harlington. 
1678. Aug. 30, Sr. Wm. Franklin of Malveme.* 

1678. Nov. 28, Sr. Wm. Millard of Houghton Regis. 

1679. Oct. 20, Sr. John Keling of Southill. 
1683. Nov. 20, Sr. James Astrey of Harlington. 
1700. Oct. 24, Sr. Thomas Bromsell. 

1712. June 23, Sr. Saml Ongley of Warden. 

1715-16 . . . , Sr. George Bing of SouthQl, Bart., 

Sr. Wm. Smith of Warden. 

F. A. B 

^ list of bedfordshire gentry of the 

xviith century. 

-^ Catalogue of the names of Gentlemen of Quality that 
^^esold their Estates and are Quite gone out of Bedford- 
^™'® ^thin lesse than the space of 50 years & a known 
truth by Sr. Robt. Chemocke of Hullcott. 
^^' Abbiss of Stotf old. 
« Ackworth of Limberry in Luton. 
" -^ilen of Moggerhanger. 
» Atieell of Barford. 
»» Ardds of Renhold. 
Sir^VVm. Ashen of Tingrith. 
^^- Astrey of NorthiU. 
>» Axidley of Houghton Conquest. 
)) Berry of Cranfeild. 
Sir James Beverley of Clophill. 
Mr. Blof eild of FKtwick. 

* ICayenis, in the pariah of Bohihurst. 


Lord Boteler of Higham Oubbin, 
Mr. Bray of Wootton. 
Sir Wm. Bryers of Pulloxhill. 
Mr. Button of Wootton. 
Lord Capel of Warden Abbey. 
Mr. Catesbye of Boxbill Manner. 

„ Cater of Benbeld. 

„ Cbase of Milton Emesse. 

„ Geo. Cheyne of Stopdey. 
Lord Chejnae of Teddington. 
Mr. Child of Wimmington. 
Sir Richd. Chetwood of Odhill. 
Mr. Clerk of Wootton Pilling. 
Sir £ra : Clerke of Hongbton Conquest. 
The Earle of Cleaveland. 
Mr. Oeo : Conquest of Houghton Park. 

„ Sam : Cotton of Hinwick Hall. 
Sir Wm. Crawford of Beckerings Park. 

„ John Crofts of ufberry (XIphury). 

^, John Crofts of Toddington. 
Mr. Belaane of Kcncton. 

Duncombe of Lidlington Park. 
Eades of Seawell fSeweH). 
Bichd. Edwards of Henlow. 
Emery of Arlesey. 
Estwick of Wootton Woodend. 
fiarrer of Harrold. 
Sir John fferris of Caddington. 

,, Edwd. ffish of Southill. 

„ Wm. flSsh of Carleton. 
Mr. ffitzgeoffery of Crecors. 
Sir John ffitzwilliams of KempstoD. 



Mr. Tho : fEowler of Tillsworth. 
,, Pliillp Garroway of Tingrith. 
,, Gascoyn of Camngton. 
9, Gostwick of Marston. 
Grey of Segenho. 
Grigg of Dunstable. 


„ Hale of Stotf old. 
„ Harding of Aspley. 



Sir Gerard Harvey of ffenlake. 
Mr. Hawkins of Tillbrooke. 
9, Hewit of Millbrook. 
Hinton of Eversholt. 
Iremonger of Stanbridge. 
Jakeman of fiillington. 
Johnson Brockborougb Park. 
Kempson of Tempsf ord. 
5 Earles of Kent died without Issue only this sixth 

Mr. Langford of Salford. 
Sir Tho : (now Ld.) Leigh of Leighton. 
Mr. Ley of Caudwell by Bedford. 
„ Lillingston of Lidlington Towne. 
„ Lovett of Elstow. 
„ Marborough (Marburie) of Warden. 
,y Michael of Tottemhoe. 
,, Middleton of Brocksborough. 
„ Moore of Leighton. 
Sir St. John Moore. 

„ Cha : Mordaunt of Oakeley. 
Mr. NichoUs of Ampthill Great Park. 

„ Norton of Sharpenhoe. 
Sir Bobt. Nudigate of Hawnes. 


Mr. Paine of Puddington. 

„ Palmer of the Great Park. 

„ Paradine of Bedford. 

„ Piggot of Gravenhurst. 
Sir Wm. Plummer of Hill. 
Mr. Jolin Potts of Chalgrave. 
Sir Edwd. Ratcliffe of Elstow. 
Mr. Havens of Henlow. 

„ Rolt of Clifton. 

,y Kookes of Clifton. 
Sir John Hotheram of Luton. 

yy George Russell of Kidgemont. 
Mr. Sadler of Aspley. 
Sir Beauchamp St. John of Tillbrooke. 
Golden [? Edwin] Sandys of Eaton Bray. 
Sir Arthur Savage of Carrington. 
Mr. Shepherd of Maiden. 

Ralph Snag of Kempston. 
Spicers of Marston. 
Bobt. Staunton of Beckerings. 
Taylor of Steventon. 
Sir Tho : Tirringham of Hinwick Hall. 

„ Nicholas Trott of Eaton Bray. 
Mr. Vites of PuUosiiiU. 

„ Waller of Knotting. 

„ Watson of Little Park. 

„ Waverer of Clapham. 
Sir Humphrey Winch of Everton. 
Mr. Wingate of Wootton. 

„ Geo. Wyant of Moggerhanger. 




This list was taken in ffebruary IG&J. 
ffeb : 14th 166J was taken a List of the Gentleman 
noiw Remaining : — 

Sir Tho : Alston of Odhill. 

Mr. Stephen Anderson of Eyworth. 

„ Astrey of Harlington. 
Sir Wm. Beecher of Hooberry. 
y, Geo. Blundell of Carrington. 
17. Mr. Boteler of Biddenham. 
15. „ Bromsall of Biggleswade. 

Sir Sam : Brown, a Judge of the Com'on Pleas. 
„ Roger Burgoyne of Sutton. 
26. Mr. Gary of Everton. 

Sir Edward Cater of Kempston. 
St. John Chemocke of Hulcott. 
Anthony Chester of Lidlington. 

6. Mr. Cheyne of Bramingham. 

7. „ Cheyne of Sundon. 

„ Cockaine of Cockaine Hatley. 
9. „ Conquest of Houghton Conquest. 

26. „ Ben : Conquest Esq. of Hawnes. 

„ Coppin of Market sell, now [of] PuUoxhill. 

27. „ Cotton of BKnwick Hall, now Mr. Livesay's. 
Sir John Cotton of Stratton. 

24. Mr. Daniel of Silsoe. 

Davies of Goldington. 
Dennis of Kempston. 
,9 Denton of Barton. 
3- Sir Lewis Dives of Bromham. 
18. Mr. Dodsworth of Ridgemont. 
1. Sir John Dimcombe of Battlesden 
4. „ Lodwick Dyer of Colmworth. 




Mr. Edwards of ^rlesey. 
,y ffish of Ickwell. 
16. „ fEranklin of Malvern. 
2. Sir Edwd. Gostwick of Willington. 
Mr. Granger of Shidlington. 

20. „ Halfpenny of 

„ Harvey of Ickwell. 

19. „ Harvey of Thurleigh. 

21. „ Hide of 

„ Hillersden of Elstow. 
Sir John Huxley of Eaton. 
Mr. Johnson of Milton Bryan. 
5. Sir John Eeiling Ld. Gheife Justice of Kings B. 
Mr. Leigh of Leighton. 
Sir Sam : Luke of Cople Woodeni 
„ Humphrey Monoux of Wootton. 
,, John Napier of Luton. 
Mr. Orlebarr of Harrold. 
,y Osbom of Ghicksand. 
Sir Wm. Palmer of Hill. 
* „ Wm. Palmer of Warden. 
Mr. Eolt of Milton Emys. 
12. „ Saunders of Marston. 

22. ,, Simootts of Clifton. 

y, Snagg of Marston Park. 

29. J, Spencer of Cople. 

23. y^ Squire of Eaton Socon. 
8. ,y Stanton of Wobum. 

28. Captn. Stone of Brockborough. 
10. Mr. Stone of Ridgemont. 

* Quay if these two an not identicaL 


13. Mr, Taylor of Clapham. 
11. „ Thomson of Crawley. 

Vaux of Whipsnade. 
Ventris of Campton. 

14. „ Wells of Heath & Reach. 
Wingate of Harlington. 



The following have sold their Estates since the list was 
taken by Sr. Robert Chemocke, & they are now in the 
Possession of those Persons I have sett ag^ them in the 
following List, viz. : — 

*Sir John Buncombe to Sir Gregory Page. 

,, Edward Gostwick to the Duchess of Marlborough. 

;, Lewis Dives to Lord Trevor. 

„ Lodwick Dyer to Mr. Rich^ Hillersden. 

,, John Keiling to Lord Torrington. 
Mr. Cheyne of Brammingham to Mr. Crosse a Brewer. 

„ Cheyne of Sundon to Wm. Clayton Esq. 

„ Stanton of "Woobom to Sir Gilbert Pickering's Lady. 

,y Stone of Ridgemont to Ralph Ratclifie Esq. 

„ Thomson of Crawley to Mr. Williamson. 

,, Saunders of Marston to 

,, Taylor of Clapham to Lord Ashbumham. 

* It was Edward, eld. b. of WilHam Dnnoomb, by Jane, only rSa. of 
Frederick, Lord GomwalliB, who sold the Battlesden Estates, &o., to 
Dame Frances Bathurst, and Allen Bathnrst, Esq. (aftezwards Lord 
Bathunt of BatUeaden), in 1706 ; and in 1724 the Bathnrst family sold 
the same estates to Sir Gregory F^ge of Wricklemarsh, Bart., having 
f^i^ obtained a special Act of Parliament enabling them to do so. After 
a lapse of 160 years the aboye estates have again changed hands, having 
been sold by the representatiyes of Sir Gregory Page in January last to 
the Duke of Bedford.— Ed. 


Mr. Wells of Heath & Reach to 

Bromsall of Biggl()swade to his Grand Daughter. 

ffranklin of Malvern to 

Boteler of Biddenham to Lord Trevor. 

Dodsworth of Ridgemont to fira : Lowe Esq. 

Harvey of Thurleigh to 

Hide to 

Simoots of Clifton to his Daughter. 

Squire of Eaton Socon to 

Daniel of Silsoe to Mr. Coghill. 

Gary of Everton to Mr. Astell a late S.S. Director. 

Ben : Conquest of Hawnes to Sir Pyn : Chemocke. 

Cotton of Hinwick Hall to Mr. Livesay. 
Captn Stone of Brockhorough to the Duke of Bedford. 
Mr. Spencer of Cople to Mr. ffra : Brace D"^ Dowgr. of 

Edwd. Snagg Esq. of Marston to ... . 

fThe foregoing lists are transcribed from Warburton and 
Pomfrefs Genealogical Collections for, the County of 
Bedford — B.M.^ Lansd. MS. 887. The numerals before 
the names are so in the original. The only alteration I 
have made is that of arranging the names in alphahetical 
order to facilitate reference. — Ed. J 

SUN DON. — ^An interesting discovery has recently 
(March, 1882) been made in connection with this place 
which I will here chronicle. It appears that the Yicar, 
the Rev. G. H. Moxon had occasion to make some repairs 
in the floor of the Lady Chapel which forms the South 
Transept of the Parish Church. The floor is boarded 


over and some of the boards being very rotten, one or two 
were removed, and in poking about in the loose rubble 
underneath the Vicar discovered an old vault which was 
only loosely covered over with a stone slab. A ladder and 
lights were procured and a descent was made into the 
vault which is about 10 feet square and contained but 
two coffins; these were covered with black velvet with 
handsome brass furniture, and attached to the lid of each 
coffin was a large brass plate 15J in. by 12 in. From 
rubbings which I took subsequently I am enabled to give 
the inscriptions, &c., which are as follows : — 

On the furthest coffin — 

The Most Noble and Right Honourable 

Lady Charlotte Clayton 

Late Consort of the Right Honble. 

William Lord Sundon 

One of the Lords of the Treasury. 

Gentlewoman of the Bed Chamber 

to Her late Majesty Queen Caroline. 

Died Janry. ye 1st 174^. Aged 63 Years. 

This is surmounted by a shield of arms over which is a 
coronet, and underneath is this motto, — 

Probitatem quam divitias. 

The shield is supported by two griffins. 

The arms are : — ^Argent a cross engrailed sable between 
four torteaux, Sundon ; impaling — Gules a fesse dancett^e 
or between three escallops argent, Dyye. 


On the other coffin is this inscription : — 


The Most Noble and Right Honourable 

William Clayton Lord Sundon 

Baron Sundon of Ardagh 

IN the Kingdom of Ireland 

AND Member of Parliament 

FOR S"' Mawes. 

Died April 29th, 1752, Aged 80. 

The arms are the same as the above except that the 
coronet is surmoimted by a knight's helmet over which is 
the crest — A dexter arm embowed, the hand grasping a 
dagger, the point to the dexter, all argent. The drawing 
of the heraldry, and also the mantling and engraving is 
very good. 

On referring to the EUtoiv/ of the Willey Hundred, I 
find that Lady Charlotte was daughter of John Dyve, by 
Frances, da. of Sir Robert Wolseley, of Wolseley, Co. 
Staff. ; and granddaughter of Sir Lewis Dyve of Bromham, 

The outer shells of the coffins are much decayed, expos- 
ing the lead coffin inside; these are also fractured and 
show the inner wooden shells. There are no inscriptions 
in the Chapel to indicate the place of burial, and the parish 
registers alone record the fact. 

It is rather strange that the opening to the vault should 
have been left so insecurely fastened ; it would almost 
seem to suggest that there was to be another body placed 
there, for which there is apparently sufficient room left. 
Lord Sundon, however, left no issue, and appears to have 
had no near relations, and I believe he died intestate. I 
would refer those who are interested in the matter to some 
interesting articles which have recently appeared in the 


Luton Times, entitled " Sundon and its Memories. By a 

lover of the past." 

F. A. B. 

According to Burke's Extinct aiid Dormant Peerage, 
under " Clayton/' Ralph Clayton, Esq., " descended, it is 
said, from the Claytons of Fulwood, co. Lancaster," had 
three sons, John, William, and Eichard, and as many 
daughters. The posterity of the first son became extinct 
in the male line, in the third generation. The youngest 
son died unmarried. William, the second son, married 
Ann, daughter of John Huske, of Newmarket, and was 
the father of Lord Sundon, who was apparently an only 

In Le Neve's Pedigrees of Knights (published by the 
Harleian Society), p. 270, there is a short pedigree of 
Clayton, commencing with ... Clayton, of Bulwick, 
CO. Northampton, " carpenter or joyner, a poor man of no 
family," whose name is sometimes spelled Cleeton (Or- 
ridge's Citizens of London and their Rulers, p. 145). His 
eldest Bon, Robert, sheriff of London, was knighted at 
Guildhall, 30 Oct. 1671. He was Lord Mayor in 1679-80, 
and died in 1707. This Sir Robert had a grant of the 
very arms and crest which were borne by Lord Sundon, 
and seems to have been in some way of kin to him. He 
had a brother named William, of Hambledon, co. Buck- 
ingham, whose son William was created a Baronet, 13 Jan. 
1731-2, which dignity is still existing. 

The following particulars respecting Lord Sundon are 
chiefly derived from Burke. As he lived about 80 years, 

* [There was an elder son, John, Bapt. at Newmarket, 7th May, 1668, 
▼ho died s. p. the 2nd Sept., 1691.— £d.] 


his birth'^must have been about 1672. In early life he 
was a clerk in the Treasury, and in 1716 deputy auditor 
of the Exchequer. He also held the important trust of 
being one of the managers of the Duke of Marlborough's 
estates during his Grace's absence from England, and in 
1719 was chosen to represent the borough of Woodstock 
in the House of Commons. In 1727, and on at least one 
subsequent occasion, he was elected M.P. for Westminster. 
On 2 June, 1735, holding the same seat, and being one of 
the commissioners of the Treasury, he was elevated to the 
peerage of Ireland, as Baron Siindon, of Ardagh, co. 
Langford. He died without issue, 29th April, 1752, 
being at that time M.P. for St. Mawe's in Cornwall. 

Charlotte his wife was daughter of John Dyve, or Dive, 
Esq., clerk of the Privy Council. A pedigree of her 
family will be found in Harvey's Hhtory of the Willey 
Hundred, after p. 44. This lady was a special favourite of 
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, through whose influence 
she attained a high position at Court, becoming eventually 
mistress of the robes to Queen Caroline, consort of 
George II. It was through the same influence that her 
husband was raised to the Irish peerage. Lady Sundon 
died 1 Jan., 1742. 

I am informed that there remains in Sundon church a 
banner with the arms and crest of Buchanan, which ap- 
pear to be as follows : — Or, a lion rampant sable, holding 
in his dexter paw an arrow, and in his sinister a bow, all 
proper, within a double tressure, flory, counter-flory, of 
the second. Crest : on a wreath, a sinister cubit-arm 
holding a bent bow, and over it an escroU with the motto, 
PAR SIT FORTVNA LABORI. These are apparently 
the arms of Buchanan of Drumhead. The crest is on the 


anister side of the slneld. The banner is very much de- 
cayed. Lysons says that the manor of Sundon '^ was lately 
the property of Sir John Buchanan Riddell, bart., by in- 
heritance from his uncle Mr. Buchanan, who purchased it 
of Lord Sundon's heirs." Sir John sold it, in 1803, to 
Mr. Cuthbert. 


Since writing the above I have discovered amongst the 
muniments of the Page-Turner family a pedigree of the 
Claytons, ancestors of Lord Sundon, differing in some 
particulars from Burke's account of the family. Having 
been compiled as evidence of title to the Sundon estates, it 
is presumably correct. The following is a verbatim copy 
of the pedigree as I transcribed it : — 

Ralph Clayton the ancestor lived at Woodditon in 
the County of Cambridge and there married on 2* July 
1635 as appears by the Parish Register Book Mary Francis 
and by her had issue : — 

I. JOHN, Baptized 12 Oct' 1636 at Woodditon as 

appears by the Parish Register. Which John married 

Mary Norgate and was buried at Woodditton 20*** 

Sept' 1683 and had issue by his said wife Robert, of 

Bottisham in Cambridge gent baptized at Woodditton 

afores^ the 9* August 1673 and who married at 

Duxford S* John's in the County of [Cambridge] on 

the 27 February 1695 to Ann Jabram and was buried 

on the 15*** May 1718 at Ramsey in the County of 

Huntingdon and left issue by his said wife : — 

1. Robert, a Hatter in Southwark, baptized the 6*"* 

March 1696 at Duxford S Johns and who died 

without issue and was buried the 27*^ day of 

January 1742 in S' George's Southwark. 



2. "William, of Barton Mills Vinter, baptizsed the 
15^ March 1699 at Duxford S* Johns and who 
married at Barton in Suffolk 24 June 1727 Sarah 
Short and was buried the 10 Aug. 1728 at Barton 
afs^ and left only issue — ^Elizabeth who died an 
infant without issue and was buried 26 Ap'l 1735 
at Barton afs? 

3. John, baptized the 13*^ of January 1705 at Bot- 
tisham in Cambridgeshire, died in his infancy and 
was buried the 29<^ May 1705. 

4j John, of S* Bartholomew's the Less carpenter, also 
bom at Bottisham afs^ the 20 Ap^ 1707 and who 
died without issue and was buried in S* Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital 2^ April 1728. 

5. Ann, bom at Duxford S* Johns July 16, 1698 
married to Tompkinson Cooper. 

6. Elizabeth, born at Duxford S* Johns M'ch 21"*, 
1702 married to W°» Cole. 

7. Frances, bom at Bugden baptized 15*^ Feb'y 1710 
mar^ to Will°^ Hale. 

8. Margarlt, bom at Bugden 15*^ FeVy 1710 mar* 
to Ja's Smyth. 

II. WILLIAM of Newmarket, Brewer, baptized at 
Woodditton afores*^ 25 April 1640 as app» by the 
Parish Kegister and the Registry of whose marriage 
with Atiti Husk is entered in the Register of mar- 
riages of the Church of Newmarket S' Mary in 
Suffolk which was a Chapel of Ease in an Hamlet 
b'long^ to the Parish of Woodditton but has since 
been consolidated with Woodditton. The s^ Wil- 
liam was buried at Newmarket All Saints in the 


County of Cambridge the 14*^^ day of Aug* 1717 
and had issue by the said Ann his wife. 

1. John, baptized in Newmarket S' Mary 7*^ May 
1668 and who died without issue and was buried 
at Newmarket the 2* Sept' 1691 as the Parish 
Registers there will evidence. 

2. William, baptized at Newmarket S* Mary the 9*** 
November 1671 as the Parish Register will evi- 
dence and who was afterwards created Lord 
SuNDON and died without issue the 27*^ April 

in. AND several other children the Descendants of 
some of whom took out Letters of Administration, 
to William late Lord Simdon and had distribution 
of his Personal Estate as his next of kin. 

From papers in my possession it would seem that the 
Sundon estates belonged to a Wm. Byrche, who held them 
Tmder a grant from the Crown, dated 25 August, 1545. 
Previous to this they appear to have belonged to the 
Scropes, one of whom, Roger le Scrope, and Baron Scrope, 
married Margaret, one of the daughters and coheirs of 
Bobert, Lord Tiptoft A pedigree of Byrch in The Visit- 
(xtim of London^ Vol. I., p. 131 (pub. by the Harleian 
Society), describes this William Byrche as " Gfroome Porter 
to Henry 8 and ye Clarke of the Exchequer.^^ In 1590 
Thomas Cheyne acquired Simdon by purchase from Wm. 
Byrche, and in the following year Letters Patent were 
granted confirming the purchase. The Cheyne family 
held the property, and continued to reside at Sundon, for 
a period of 126 years when, in 1716, they sold it to 
William Clajiion, afterwards Lord Sundon, who, dying 


without ieeue in 1752, and intestate, the estates were in- 
herited by his three nieces and oo-heirs-at-law, viz., 
Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Cole ; Frances, wife of Wm. 
Hale ; and Margaret Clayton, spinster. A few years later, 
in 1768, William Cole, and Elizabeth, his wife (late 
Margaret Clayton), sold the estates to Archibald Buchanan, 
of Hampstead, Esq., which sale was confirmed by Act of 
Parliament 9 George III. Archibald Buchanan appears 
to haye died dr. 1772, as his will is dated 28 March, 1772. 
He married Jane, daur. of Robert Crichton, and left issue 
James and Rebecca. James Buchanan married and had 
issue. His eld. daur. and eventual heiress became the 
wife of Sir John Riddell, Bart., one of whose sons. Sir J. 
B. Riddell, in 1803 sold Sundon to a Mr. Cuthbert, from 
whom it was purchased in 1813 by the executors of Sir 
Gregory Oabome Page-Turner, Bart., deceased, in whose 
family it still remains. 

BucHANAN-RiDDELL Familt. — ^Thc foUowing additional 
genealogical facts concerning this family are extracted 
from a Private Act of Parliament, dated 1790, in my 

James Buchanan of Mark Lane, London, Merchant, 
married Jane, d. of Robert Crichton. She died Jan. 
1782 ; wiU dated 20, Nov. 1780. By her he had issue a 
son, — 

Archibald Buchanan of Sundon, died 1773, will 
dated 28th March 1772 ; and two daurs : — ^Rebecca, 
coheiress with her sister Jane who was the wife of 
Sr. John Riddell, Bart., eldest surviving son of 
Sr. Walter Riddell in the coimty of Roxburgh. Sir 
John died 16th April 1768 leaving issue three sons, 
viz : — 


1. Sir Waltee Riddell ob, 8. p. 7th February 
1784 aet : 17. 

2. Sir James Buchanan Ribdell 2nd son, ob. 
Sept. 1783 infra SBtatem & s. p. at Brunswick. 

3. Sir John Buchanan Riddell 3rd son. Of 
age 24tli May 1790, This Sir John married in 
1805 Francis eld: dau: of Charles, Earl op 
Romney and died in 1819 leaving issue. 

F. A. B. 



These appear to have been very irregularly kept, and it 

would seem as if it was left to chance whether any entries 

were made at all. The oldest register is in a shocking 

state of decay, and many leaves are missing altogether ; 

those that remain are so rotten from damp that it is difficult 

to decipher the writing, not to mention that the leaves will 

almost crumble away in one's hands. There is nothing 

legible before the year 1594. With a good deal of trouble 

I have been able to decipher the following entries relating 

to the principal families connected with the locality. I 

feel some satisfaction in having done this much, as I am 

eonfident that before very long even many of these will 

have become illegible, but had I time I should like to have 

transcribed the whole, or rather what remains, of the old 

register, and so place its contents beyond the reach of 

accident. F. A. B. 

16—. Dionis Cheyne was baptized 

1592 ye Esquire 

* Additions in [ ] are sapplied from the ''Bishop's Transcripts. " 
Words in italics are doubtful. 


1596. Dorithea Cheny the Daughter of Thomas Cheny 
Esquire was baptised xijth of October. 

1596. Robert Cheyne the son of Thomas Cheyne (was 
baptised) the xxviijth of October. 

1598. Catherine Chenye the daughter of Thomas Cheny 
Esquire was baptized the last of March. 

1592 son of Thomas Cheny Esquire was 

buried the xxiijth of January. 

1696. ... ye daughter of Thomas Chenye esquire 
was buried the xxiijth of Maye. 

1599. fPrancis Cheney the sonne of Thomas Cheney of 
Braminger Esquire was baptized the xxixth day of October. 

1602. Edmunde the sonne of John Hardinge was bap- 
tized the 15th day of August. 

[1618. Frances the daughter of John Anderson baptized 
the 27th of May.] 

1620. Anne the daughter of Richard Spicer [gent.] was 
baptized the xvjth day of Januari. 

1622. Simon the son of Richard Spicer, gent., was bap- 
tized the 7th day of March. [Bur. 8th March.] 

1624. Richard the son of Richard Spicer was baptized 
the xjth day of May. 

1625. Elizabeth the daughter of Roberto Cheyne of 
Bramblehanger gent, was baptized the second day of 

[1627. Anne the daughter of Robert Cheyne gent., was 

baptized the 17th of April.] 

1627. Margaret the daughter of Richard Stone Esqr. 

was baptized the xxijth daye of Maye. 

[1627. Thomas Norton yeoman was buried the 13th of 


1627. Mary the daughter of Matthew Harding was 
baptized Oct. 

1628. Anne daughter of Bobert Cheyne gent, was bap- 
tized Aprill 17. 

1629. Thomas the sonne of Mr. Ralph Kotheram was 
baptized the xxiijth of February. 

1630. Robert the sonne of Robt. Cheyne gent, was 
baptized the xxiiijth of June. 

1630. Amye the daughter of Matthew Hardinge was 
baptized Jan. 

[1631. Francis Cheney gent., was buried the Slst of 

1631. Ann Rotheram daughter of George bapt. the 1 of 

[1632. Elizabeth, d. of William Norton was baptized 
the 20th of May.] 

1636. Willia' Cheney sonne of Tho : Cheney Esq. bap- 
tized May the 27th. 

1637. Ann Cheney daughter of Tho : Cheney Esq. Bap. 

1639. Mary the dafter of Thomas Cheney esquire and 
Anne his (sic) Mother was baptized the 2 of July. 

1643. Annes the daughter of John Buncombe and 

bis wife was baptized Novemb. 17th. 

1606. Willa' Godfrey ye son of a Londiner was buryed 
the xzxth of Janii. 

1612. Thomas Cheyne esquire buried the xjth day of 

1615. ffrances Robinson son of John Robinson of How- 
end in the parish of Houghton Conquest was buried the 
9 of June. 


1622. Simon the sonne of Richard Spioer gent was 
buried the 8th day of May. 

1631. Frances Cheyne of Lymbrey in the pish of Luton 
gent, was buried the last day of Maye. 

1631. John Johnson, Clarke minister of Sundon buried 
the xxiijth of October. 

[1632. Ann daughter of Matthew Harding was buried 
the 29th of July.] 

1632. Thomas Cheney buried the xiiijth of September. 
1638. Henry Coquin (P Cokayne) was buried the 13th 

of January. 

1600. John Hardinge gent, and fracys Cheyne gentle 
were maryed the vijth of deceber. 

1605. Bichard Page, gent and martha [Kempe] were 
marryed the xxth day of January. 

[1607. Thomas Bowstred <uid Jane Norton were married 
the 14th of November.] 

1608. Samuell Bryan gent and Elizabeth, daughter to 
Thomas Cheyne esqr. maryed the xvth day of September. 

1609. Phillip Ancsell and Mabell Beisden married the 
iijth dai of febr. 

1609. Thomas Beisden and Elizab : Ansell married the 
iijth daie of Febr. 

1611. George Skullor: gentlema' and Mrs. Jane 
Cheyne were maried the xviijth day of Julie. 

[1619. Samuel Norton and Elizabeth Peacock were 
married the 24th of October.] 

1622. John Burre & Elizabeth Biggs were married the 
last day of October. 

1625. Bichard Stone Esq. and Dorothy Cheyne gent, 
were married the eleaventh day of August. 


[1625. John King and Anne Norton were married the 
26th of January.] 

1653. William fioster of Bedford gent, and Anne 
Wingate the daughter of John Wingate Esq. deceased of 
Harlington gent were married Septemb : 22th by John 
Tdndall Doct' of Divinity by vertue of a license from the 

1650. Bobard Spiser borne the 10 of Jan. (&r Feb.) 

1654. Edward Spiser borne the 21 of agust. 
1660. Johne Spiser borne the 2 of iune. 

1660. Thomas Cheany deceased the 11 of agust. 

1662. Oeorge Rotheram sonne of George Rotheram and 
of iean his wife bom the 18 of iuly and was baptized the 
28 of agost. 

1663. ham son of George Rotheram was borne 28 

February and was . . . same month* 

1664. Mary Harding the wife of Willia' harding was 
buried the 24 day of f ebruary. 

1664. Willia duncome and mary hobes was maryed the 
18 december. 

1665. George ye son of George Rateheram was baptized 
Janu. ye 4. 

1666. George Batharren the sone of gorge Ratheram 
was Bered the 3rd of Nouember. 

1666. Mrs. Mary Cheyne ye daughter of Tho : Cheyne 
Esqr. deceased & of Anne his wife was buried ye 3d of 

1669. George Reads of Tebworth in ye parish of Ghal- 
grave and Siusan Chemocke^ daughter of R . . . . 
Ghemock of skill was married ye 3 of June. 

1669. Valentine Stafford of WincJ^ford in ye parish of 


Chalgrave and Mary Prentice of Tillsworth were married 
ye Ist of Octob. 

1667. Thomas Batharam the sonn of George Ratharam 
& of Jane his Wife wase baptised the 14th Daye of Sep- 

1667. Edward the son of William Spicer & of Also his 
wife was buried the first of february. 

1668. Elzebth Robesson dafter of John Robesson and 
Elzebeth his wife Baptized the 28 of October. 

1627. William Cheney son of William Cheney Elzebeth 
his wife Baptized the 14 of March. 

1669. Henry Rotheram the son of George Rotheram 
and Jean his wife Baptized Novembr. 15th. 

1670-1. Ralph Rotheram son of George Rotheram was 
baptized Feb : 16th. 

1670-1. Mary Sherly daughter of Richard Sherley and 
Elizabeth his wife baptized March 2nd. 

1672. John son of William Cheyne Esq., and Elizabeth 
his wife baptized June ye 28. 

1672. am Cheyne Esq. was buried April 23. 

1672. Thomas Wilford and Anne Cheyne were married 
Novemb: 25th. 

1672. Francis Corbett buried ffeb : 28. 

1673. Anne daughter of Thomas Wilford and Anne his 
wife was baptized Sept 27th. 

1673. Jane, daughter of George Rotheram and Jane 
his wife was baptized Jan : 21. 

1674-6. Elizabeth Hurst, gent, buryed ffeb : 15. 

1675. Mary Wilford daughter of Thomas Wilford and 
Anne his wife baptized Augst : 31. 

1675. Anne Wilford wife of Thomas Wilford was 


buried Septembr. 3rd. — ^non est mortale quod opto A : "W : 


1675. Ricliard BrOtberam son of George Botheram & 
Jean his mother bap : Jan. 18. 

1677. Mr. William Chevne was buried November 29. 

1678. Thomas, son of Thomas Wilford & of Anne his 
second wife was bom March 31 an baptized Aprill 18. 

1679. Anne, daughter of Thomas Wilford and of Anne 
his wife was bom January 28, and was baptized Febry : 

1682. Elizabeth Wilford was born October 24 and bap- 
tized October 31. 

1683. John holder other wayes Spicer buried October 

1683. Thomas Wtliord Minister of Sundon was buryed 
October ye 22th of which Affidavit was made October ye 
25th before Sr. ffrancis Wingate of Karlington & brought 
& Registered ye 27th of October 1683. 

1684. Ann Wilford buried January the 9. 

H. Haughton erat inductus in ecclesiam Sondon Anno 
Domini 1684 p. A. Humphreys Rector de Barton, in agro 

1686. Elizabeth Conquest bur. Feb. ye 7. 

1689. Thomas Clapwell (or Chapicell) in the Parish of 
flamsted and Susana Spicer of London weare maryed Sep- 
tember ye 29. 

16 — . Francis Meredith buried . . . 

1697. William the son of Henry Crofts and Sarah his 
wife buried April 5th. 

1697. Thomas the son of Thomas Cheyne and Xather- 
ine his wife baptized July 9th. 


1697. William the son of George Hotherliam and Jane 
his wife buried Aug. 18th. 

§1697. Katherine Faldo the wife of Thomas Faldo Cler's 
of ye Parish Wymodeley in com Hertfd. buried 21 Jan. 

1698. Sarah the daughter of Henry Crofts and Sarah 
his wife baptized Aug. 8th. 

1698. Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Cheyne Esqr. 
ann Katherine his wife baptized Nov. 5th. 

1698. William Duncomb a quaker unfortunately made 
away with himself 15th Sept. allowed to be buryed in ye 
churchyard in an unusual part of it without ye service. 

1699. Catherina the daughter of Tho. Cheney Esqr & 
Catherine his wife Baptized lObr. ye 6th. 

1747. Thomas Newland & Eliz. Cook mar. by licence 
October ye 12. 

1710. Mrs. Ampes Buried April 30th. 
1713. Mr. Rathoram Buried Jann. 3. 
1713. Mrs. Eathoram Buried March 19th. 
1715. Mr. King Buried Feby 15th. 
1720. Stevhen King a gentle Buried April 17th. 
1741. Janewary ye 20 1741 bured my onerebl leady 
Sondon wif of welam cleaton my onarabel lord. 
1744. Elizth. Conquest, widow buried may ye 3d. 

1748. Elizth. wife of Thos. Newland buried June 26. 

1748. James Budd the son of John Budd buried Decbr. 

1749. Bund Daniel the son of Daniel Black gentle June 
ye 14. 

*1706. Catherine ye wife of Thomas Cheyne Esq., was 
buried December 10th. 

1752. Buried The Right Honble. William Lord Sundon 
May ye 7th. 


1755. Buried Tho. Newland, Gent : Febry. 10th. 
1755. Buried Francis Randle, Gentleman July 6th. 
1757. Tho : Dove signs as Vicar. 
1759. Buried Hugh Cook Gent : March ye 3i 
1759. Bapd. Diana Davr: of John and Ann Staford 
Octr. 7. 
1781. James Hadow signs as Curate. 

1783. Baptized £mma, Daughter of Thomas Dicey 
Esqr. of Qaybrook in Leicestershire by Anne his Wife 
June 30th 1783. She was born on Wednesday Jany : 1st 
of the same year. 

1784. Buried, Grace, wife of the Bevd. Willm. Dutton 
July 26 aged 86. 

1784. Baptized, Clara, Daughter of Thomas Dicey Esqr. 
and Ann his Wife Octr. 21st. 

1786. Buried The Reverend William Dutton, Vicar of 
Sundon November 2l8t, aged 84. 

1788. James Hadow signs as Yicar. 

1789. Baptized. George John, Son of the Bevd. James 
Hadow, vicar of this Parish, and Sarah his wife, Octr. 8th. 

1791. Baptized Sarah Susan, daughter of the Rev. 
James Hadow and Sarah his wife, Jime 26th. 

1793. Buried. James, son of the Bev. James Hadow 
and Sarah his Wife April 26th (Bom on the 6th an 
privately Baptiz'd on the 23d of the same month). 

The following epitaphs are all in the Chancel : — 

Francis Corbett Gent., who dyed February 

ye 24th 167|. 


t Here lye the Bodies 

of Thomas Cheyne Esq. 

who departed this life 

AprU 20th 1717. 


* Catherine his wife 

who departed this life 

December 13th 1706. 

On the next are these arms : — 

(Arg.) a fesse (gu) fretty (or), between three bulls' 
heads erased (sa., attired of the third), KNIGHT ; im- 
paling — (Gu.) five lozenges conjoined in fesse (erm.), 

§ Here lies ye Body of Catherine Faldo 
Daughter of Arthur Denham yoimger 
son of John Denham of Mount Hill in 
Cornwall Bart, who was first married to 
David Knight Citizen and Brewer of 
LoNiX)N by whom she had j^j children 
Where of one Catherine wife of Thomas 
Cheyne Esqr of this place lyes Here she 
was afterwards married to the Revn* 
Mr Faldo of Biddenham in ye County 
of Bedford. She died Janry ye 18th 1697 
In the 56th year of her Age. 

t Here lyeth | the body of | Elizabeth Daughter ( of 
Thomas | Cheyne of Sunden | Esq. | and Catherine his 

t Not recorded in the registers. 


wife I who died the 25 of | March 1700 aged one | year 
and six I months. 

t Here lyeth ye hody of | Thomas ye 2d sonne of — 
Thomas Gheyne of Simdon | Esq : & Catherine his 
wife I he died ye 31 of december | 1701 | aged 7 months. 

t Here lyeth | the body of | Thomas | son of | Thomas 
Cheyne Esqr | and Catherine his Wife | who departed this 
life I Feb : the 12th | Ano 169| | being 6 months old. 

F. A. B. 

LEIGHTON BUZZARD— The foUowing cutting 

from the Leighton Buzzard Observer may properly find a 
place in these pages : — 

Discovery of Ancient Coins. — On Saturday last (Nov. 
26th, 1881), as workmen were engaged in digging near 
the foundations of the house in High-street lately occupied 
by Mr. Pledger, and now being converted into a shop for 
Mr. Haskins, they came upon a small earthen vessel, of 
globular shape, with conical top and flattened bottom, 
containing eleven silver coins dated more than 400 years 
back. The vessel was entirely closed, except that a small 
aperture had been left in it apparently for the purpose of 
inserting the pieces of money, which include one groat of 
the reign of Edward IV., two of the reign of Henry VII., 
four Edward III. groats, three silver pennies of the time 
of Edward III., and one other small piece of unknown 
date and value. The curious casket which contained these 
ancient coins was xmfortunately broken by the workman's 

t Not recorded in the registers. 


The material of which the vaae is made is olay, of pale 
red colour, and glazed externally. The vase it«elf is about 
4 inches in height, broader at the top than at the base, and 
the aperture for inserting the coins is a narrow slit, such 
as one usually sees in money boxes. F. A. B. 


The following licence, being the first of the kind granted 
after the Restoration, is printed in The Sunday at Some, 
10 July, 1880, p. 442. The editor was indebted for it to 
the late Sir Charles Reed : — 

Charles R. (sign manual). 

Charles, by the grace of God, King of England, Scot- 
land, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc. 
To all Mayors, Bayliffs, Constables, and other our Officers 
and Ministers, Civil and Military, whom it may concern. 
Greeting. In pursuance of our Declaration of the 15th of 
March, 167<^, we have allowed, and we do hereby allow 
of a Room or Rooms in the house of George Hamvett 
[P Hamnett], at Bedford, to be a place for the use of such 
as do not conform to the Church of England, who are of 
the Perswasion commonly called Baptist, to meet and 
assemble in, in order to their public Worship and Devotion. 
And all and singular our Officers and Ministers, Ecclesi- 
astical, Civil, and Military, whom it may concern, are to 
take notice hereof ; and they and every of them are hereby 
strictly charged and required to hinder any tumult or dis- 
turbance, and to protect them in their said Meetings and 
Assemblies. Given at our Court at Whitehall, the 25th 
day of July, in the 24th year of our Reign, 1672. 

By his Majesty's Command. 

Arlington. H. G. 


In the Eight Report of the Royal Commission on Historical 
Manuscripts^ p. 440^ it is stated that amongst the archives 
of the Corporation of Leicester is a memorandum dated 6th 
Oct. 1672 of the exhibition by John Bmiyan to the Mayor 
and Aldermen of Leicester of his licence to preach as '^ a 
oongregationall parson." — John Banyan's licence beares 
date the 9th day of May, 1672, to teach as a congregationall 
p'son being of that p'swasion in the house of Josias Koug- 
head in the towne of Bedford, or in any other place, 
roome, or house licensed by his Ma'tie. Memora'd, the 
said Bunnyon showed his licence to Mr Mayor ; Mr. 
Avering, Mr. Freeman, and Mr. Browne, being then 
p'sent the Vlth day of October 1672, being Simday. — 

The Seventh Report of the Royal Commission on Historical 
Manuscripts contains, on p. 102 of the Appendix, a notice of a 
document which it seems to me is of much interest in 
reference to John Bunyan The gentleman engaged in 
preparing the calendars of the manuscripts in the reposi- 
tory of the House of Lords are dealing with the year 1660 
and with the month of June in that year. The Xing had 
not yet been in England a month when, June 20, 1660, 
the inhabitants of Yeavelden [Yelden], like so many other 
persons at that time, approach the Upper House with their 
grievance touching matters of religion. They urge various 
complaints against William Dell, their rector, but it is 
only one of them that will occupy us on the present 
occasion. They allege that he ** hath declared in the 
public congregation that he had rather hear a plain 
country man speak in the church that came from the 
plongh than the best orthodox minister that was in the 
country ; upon Christmas-day last (1659) one Bunyon of 



Bedford, a tinker, was coimtenanced and suffered to speak 
in his pulpit to the congregation, and no orthodox minister 
did officiate in the church that day." The petition was 
referred to the Committee for Petitions, by whom it was 
dismissed on the 25th July, but of course the main subject 
of interest is the reference to John Bunyan. The bio- 
graphers of the Great Dreamer speak of his position in 
life with a certain haziness which it is not easy to under- 
stand. Here we have distinct contemporary evidence, 
supplied by those to whom the fact was well known, that 
he was a tinker. We are in the habit of saying ex nihilo, 
nihil Jit y but if the trade of a tinker be (I do not say it is) 
the *^ meanest and most despised in the land," then a great 
something come out of nothing. The lower the origin of 
a man, the fewer advantages he has ; hence, so much the 
more wonderful and striking in every way is his rise to 
eminence. The mean origin of a great man is not some- 
thing to be kept back, but to be truly and fairly stated, 
and no really great man ever yet was ashamed of his 
parentage and birth. Some of the statements in Chapter 
Sixth of the Sero of Elstow may be corrected by the 
document now under notice, and I shall be glad to hear of 
other authentic contemporary references 1o the preaching 
of Bunyan in Bedfordshire villages. It is quite possible 
to have no sympathy with his theological views, and yet 
to feel a hearty respect for his sincerity, and to take a 
genuine historical interest in all the details of his life. 
William Dell, the rector complained of, was a remarkable 
man in his way, and at a future time I may send you some 
notes respecting him. B. H. B. 



In the Bedfordshire Times of the 30th Sept., in an article 
on Everton, there is a copy of a M.I. in Everton Church 
to Sir Humphrey Winch, which states that his body was 
brought down from London, where he died, and was buried 
in Everton Church. In Q'Bryne's Bepresentative History 
of Great Britain and Ireland, p. 74, I find it is stated that 
he was buried in Pembroke Hall Cloisters, Cambridge. 
I should be glad if any one who has access to the parish 
registers of Everton would kindly inform me if there ia 
aay entry of his burial there. He died on the 25th 
February, 1624. I shoxdd also be glad to know what 
relation, if any. Sir Humphrey Winch of Hawnes, Bart., 
was to the above. O'Bryne states erroneously that he 
died without issue; but he left, apparently, 2 daurs., 
coheires, viz : 

Judith, who m. to Sir Humphrey Forster of Alder- 
maston, Bart., and 

Itebecca, who m. to Sir Thomas Lawley, Bart. 

F. A. B. 

TODDINGTON.— A List of Briefs. 

In searching the old parish registers of Toddington I 
came across an unusually long list of briefs which I trans- 
cribed and now give in extenso. Briefs were letters patent 
iBsued by the Sovereign directing the collection of alms 
for special objects named in them« A reference to the 
list below will indicate the various purposes or objects for 
which they were issued ; chiefly for the repair of churches, 
bridges, for losses by fire, shipwreck, &c. Unfortunately, 
though the idea of collecting money by means of briefs for 


charitable purposes was to be commended from the 
catholicity of its principle, like many other good things it 
came to be so much abused that they were finally abolished 
in 1828, by Statute 9 Geo. IV. c. 28. Seyen years pre- 
viously an attempt had been made to reform the abuses 
but with little success. A correspondent to Notes and 
Queries states that they were sometimes charged upon the 
rates, nominal sums being frequently contributed. Though 
briefs are now a thing of the past our Prayer Book still 
retains the order to read them as may be seen in the rubric 
immediately preceding the ofEertory sentences. These 
lists which are occasionally found in old parish registers 
are interesting both to the antiquary and the local historian 
as from them may be gleaned many facts not elsewhere to 
be found ; the dates, also, of church restorations, &c., may 
be appropriately fixed by reference to their contents. It 
will be noted that at the time of the Hestoration the 
Holy Communion was celebrated three and four times in 
the months. F. A. B. 

Collected at Toddington in the yeare of our Lord 1653, In 
August the sum'e of fourty shillings for the reliefe of the 
Inhabitants of Marleborough In Wiltshire who sustained 
the loss of foure score thousand pounds by fire. Tho: 
Aspin, Minister. 
1661. — Collected for the Inhabitants of 

Fakeman in Norfolk '. . . • : 3:11 

Collected for Milten Abbas in the County 

of Dorset 0:3:6 

Collected for the Inhabitants of Ponte- 

f ract in Yorkshire : 4 : 

Collected for ye repaire of St. John 

Baptist's Church in Bedford 0: 5: 1 


Collected for Ilmister in the County of 

Somerset 0: 4:10 

June 30, — Collected for Henry Harrison, 

mariner 0:5:5 

July 14, — Collected for the Inhabitants of 

St. Diinstan in ye West 0: 4: 

Aug. 21,- — Collected for the Inhabitants of 

Buckingham : 3 : 4 

18,^ — Collected for ye sufferin by fire 

in Elmsly Castle, Worcester : 3 : 9 

^1> — Collected for East Hagbome in 
^^ County of Berks 0: 4: 

"*» — ^CoUected for ye repaire of a 

<^Wch in Scarborough 0: 3: 6 

Sept. l5,^Collected ^^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

^^yton in Shropshire 0: 8: 8 

^llected for ye parish of Condoner in 
Shropshire 0: 4: 4 

For John de Kraino Kranisky : 4 : 10 

Collected for a fire in Oxford 0: 5: 4 

Collected for a fire in Bridgnorth in 
Shropshire 0: 3: 6 

Collected for ye Collegiate church of 
Bippon in Yorkshire 0: 3: 

March 9, — Collected for ye inhabitants of 

St. Martins in ye field in ye Strand . . : 3 : 4 
Collected for Bolinbrooke in Lincolnshire : 2:10 

Uarch 16, — Collected for Notheringha* in 

Lincolneshire : 3 : 10 

1662 March 1, — Collected for the repair of 

the church in Grauesend 0: 0: 


1663 June 28,— Collected for Jo : Ellis of 

Miltoii in Cambridgeshire 00 : 06 : 05 

Oct. 18, — Collected for Grimsbey a port 

Towne in Lincolnsliire 00 : 05 : 06 

Nov. 1, — ^Collected for the church & steeple 

of Harwich in Essex 00 : 03 : 08 

8, — Collected for the great loss by fire 

in Hexham in Northumb : 00 : 05 : 06 

Feb. 14, — Collected for the repaire of Withe- 
ham ch : & steeple in Sussex 00 : 04 : 04 

Collected for John Honner of Harlington 

in Bedfordshire 00 : 07 : 00 

28, — Collected for ye losse by fire in 

Grantham in Lincolnshire 00 : 05 : 04 

March 13, — Collected for the rebuilding of 

the ch: and steeple of Sandwich*. ... 00 : 04 : 11 

1664 March 27, Collected for the inhabi- 
tants of Highington in the parish of 
Washingbrough in the county of Lin- 

cobie 00 : 06 : 00 

Maij 1**, — CoUect-ed for ye inhabitants of 

Weedon in Northamptonshire 00 : 5 : 03 

Julij 3^, — Collected for the repaire of 

Thrapston bridge in Northamptonshire 00 : 04 : 00 
Julij 17, — Collected for ye inhabitants of 

Harold y* suffered a losse by fire .... 00 : 05 : 00 
Aug. 14, — Collected for a losse by fire in 

Broughin in Hertfordshire 00 : 04 : 05 

* This would be St. Peter's Chnroh, the Tower of which fell on the 
13th of October, 1661, and destroyed the South Aisle. The Aisle is still 
in ruins and awaits re-building, so that eridently suffioient monej was 
not raised by the Briefs for the re-building. — Ed. 


Aug. 21, — Collected for Hen : Lisle of Gis- 

borougli in Yorkshire 00 : 04 : 05 

Collected for Cowley and Hands of litle 

Brickhil 00 : 17 : 00 

Sept. 4, — Collected for the repaire of a 

church in Tinmouth in Northumberland 00 : 03 : 04 
Sept. — Collected for Mr. George Burre, 

Rector of Dowseby in Lincolnshire . . 00 : 16 : 06 
Oct. 2, — Collected for John Smith of Eaton 

Socon in Bedfordshire Inneholder .... 00 : 04 : 08 
Nov. 6, — Collected for Cromer al's Shipden 

in the County of Norfolk 00 : 03 : 11 

Oct. 9, — Collected for Grace Carter of 

Roxton in Bedfordshire 00 : 03 : 09 

Jan. 1, — Collected for Ed : Christian of 

Grantham in Lincolnshire, Inneholder 00 : 05 : 01 
Collected for Northchurch in Hertford- 
shire 00 : 05 : 01 

March 19,— Collected for Jo : Waylett of 

IlUord in the County of Essex 00 : 00 : 00 

1665 Apr. 16, — Collected for ye repaires of 
limington church in Southampton 

County 00 : 03 : 03 

Apr. 23, — Collected for the repairs of St. 

Maries church in Chester 00 : 03 : 04 

May 19, — Collected for WiU'm pierson of 

Bramble Anger in luton parish 01 : 00 : 03 

May 28, — Collected for ye inhabitants of 
stillingfleet in ye East Riding in York- 
shire ; 00 : 06 : 01 

June 11, — Coir for ye sufferers by fire in 

Cockshut in Shropshire 00 : 06 : 01 


June 25, — Coll' for the sufferers by fire in 

Flookburgh in Lancashire 00 : 07 : 10 

July 9, — Coir for the inhabitants of sheriffe- 

hale in Staffordshire 00 : 05 : 01 

Aug. 2, — CoU' for the sick of the plague . . 00 : 14 : 05 
Aug. 27,— Coir for Tho : Sloper of Hart- 

pury in the County of Gloucestr : gentr 00 : 10 : 11 
Sept. 6, — Coll' for those that are visited with 

the plague 00 : 11 : 06 

Sept. 17,— CoU' for Wm lea of Monks- 

kirby in Warwickshire ; 00 : 10 : 06 

Oct. 4, — CoU' for those who are visited with 

the plague 00 : 11 : 04 

Oct. 29, — Coll' for the, repaire of the har- 
bour of lenis., etc in Sussex 00 : 07 : 06 

Nov. 8, — Coll' for those who are visited with 

ye contagious desease of ye pi' 00 : 08 : 10 

Dec. 6, — ^Coir for the reliefe of those who 

are visited with ye plague 00 : 08 : 01 

Dec. 25, — CoU' at ye Communion on Xt- 

masse day {t^ distributed) 00 : 06 : 06 

Dec. 31,— CoU' for Tho': Ince of Wobume 

who suffer'd a losse by fire in Bedf' . . 00 : 06 : 04 

Jan. 3, — CoU' for those visited with the 

plague 00 : 06 : 09 

Feb. 5, — CoU' for Richard Snag of Htlington 

who suffer'd by fire 00 : 07 : 04 

March 7, — CoU' for those who are visited 

with ye plague 00 : 06 : 03 

March 11, — CoU' for ye sufferin by fire in 

Chalbury in Oxfordshire 00 : 06 : 02 


1666 Apr. 1, — Collected for Hartlepoole a 

hauen Towne in Durham 00 : 06 : 00 

Apr. 8, 15, 22,— Coll' for the poor of Tod- 

dington upon four Communion dajes 00 : 14 : 01 
Apr. 29, — Coir for a fire in Shadwell in 

the County of Essex 00 : 03 : 06 

May 13, — Coll* for the church of the parish 

of Clun in Shropshire 00 : 04 : 03 

June 10, — CoU' for Ro : Hamlin of Shefford 

Woodlands in Berkshire 00 : 04 : 08 

July 22, — Coll' for the repaire of a church 

in Warborough in Oxfordshire 00 : 05 : 06 

Aug. 5, — Coll' for BrOger Rogers of Doner 

in Kent Inneholder 00 : 06 : 06 

Aug. 26, — CoU' for Jo : Osborne merchant 

yt sufFer'd by Wracks at sea 00 : 08 : 04 

Sept. 20,— Coll' for [ ] of Goldington 

in Bedfordshire 00 : 04 : 06 

Nov. 11, — CoU' for the sufEerin by fire in 

Hinxon in Cambridgeshire 00 : 04 : 08 

Oct. 28,— CoU' for Jo : Connel & Jo : 

Bagget of Cork in Ireland 00 : 04 : 01 

Oct. 28, — CoU' for the poore sufEerers by ye 
dreadful fire in London Aug. 31, Sept. 
1,2,3,4 04 : 00 : 04 

Jan. 13, — CoU' for the sufferers by fire in 

Melcomb Regis in Dorsetshire 00 : 04 : 04 

Feb. 10, — CoU' for 4 Inhabitants of Marston 

Morton in Bedfordshire 00 : 18 : 00 

March 3,— CoU' for W'm Coale of Elsing 

inNorfoUte 00 : 04 : 02 


1667. Apr. 7, 14,— Coll' for the poore at 3 
Communions, Mar : 31, Apr : 7, 14 . • 00 : 11 : 02 

May 19, — CoU' for the sufferers by fire in 
Grindle in the parish of Kiton in the 
County of Salop 00 : 04 : 08 

June 30, — Coll' for a fire in Poole in Mon- 
mouthshire £3000 losse 00 : 04 : 00 

July 14, — CoU' for Bishop's ClifEe in Deuon- 

shire 00 : 05 : 02 

July 21,— CoU' for Edw : Bubb (at Mr. 

Wingate's request^ 00 : 11 : 07 

Aug. 2, — CoU' for Worksop in Nottingham- 
shire 00 : 10 : 02 

Sept. 22,— CoU' for the poor at Tod : at the 

Communion 01 : 12 : 00 

Dec. 1, — Coir for a fire in loughborough in 

Leicestershire 00 : 09 : 01 

Feb. 23,— CoU' for Hen : Daniel of Ampthil 00 : 06 : 05 

1668. March 16, 22, 29,— Collected at three 
Communions for the poor of Todding- 

ton the summe of 00 : 10 : 01 

June 21, — ^CoUected for the Captiues of Al- 

gier 00 : 01 : 05 

Nov. 1, — CoUected for Loughborow in Lei- 

cest' ,. 00 : 06 : 00 

Dec. 20, — CoUected for Burcester in Ox- 

f ordsh' 00 : 08 : 00 

1669. Jan. — Collected for thetford in Nor- 

folke 00 : 05 : 00 

1670. Apr. 24,— Collected for Wing in ye 

County Bucs 00 : 05 : 00 


1678.— *Collected for St Paul's church in 

Toddington 2 

1700.— CoU' for Druiy Lane fire 

CoU' for Minehead fire 

CoU' for Lancaster fire 

Coll' for Buckingham Church 

Coll' at Easter Communion 

1810.— Collected for Audlem Church Che- 
shire : 

Collected for Haworth fire Yorkshire , , . . : 

Collected for Trinity Hospital Wilts .... : 

Collected for Wrockwardine Church Salop : 

Collected for Edale Chapel Derby : 








It may be well in these days of so-called restoration — 
query whether renovation would not be a better word to 
uae — ^to make a note of some arms which were on the roof 
of the south transept of St. Paul's Church in this town 
before it was pidled down, and also to enquire what may 
be intended to be done with the shields (which, thanks to 
the care of the churchwardens, are still in existence) here- 
after. There are eight of them, and for the sake of refer- 
ence let them be numbered as imder : — 

1. On a black ground a paton argent over a chalice or. 

2. Sable 3 pears or. (Warden Abbey). 

3. Argent a chevon sable in dexter chief an annulet 
sable [P Bradley.] 

* The dedication of the parish church is now generally aaoribed to St. 


4. Argent 3 piles in point gules [? Wishart]. 

5. The dexter half unfortunately obliterated impaling 
— Gules within a border engrailed argent 3 escallops or. 

6. Sable a saltire & chief argent on the latter a pellet. 

7. Gules bezante^, on a canton sinister ermine a martlet 
sable impaling Barry of six argent & sable. 

8. Argent a chevron between 3 mullets gules. 

If OS. 1 and 2 appear to belong to religious houses, the 
others are probably personal coats and may belong to 
benefactors to the church. The impaled coat on No. 5 
is the same as that which was borne by the Shelton family 
of Staffordshire. No 6 is probably the coat of the Bruces 
of Anandale with a pellet for difference. No. 7. The 
dexter coat resembles very nearly that of the Zouche 
family, the only difference being the martlet sable on the 
Canton which may only be a mark of cadency. No. 8 
there can be little doubt is that of the Broughton family 
of Toddington, one of whom, John Broughton, Esq., was 
High Sheriff for Beds. ^ and Bucks, in 38, Hen. 6 and 
5 Edw. 4, which was probably about the date of the older 
building, which has been replaced by the present southern 
transept. The coat obliterated on No. 5 bears some re- 
semblance to a tree or a ragged staff; if the latter, it 
might prove to be the same coat as that carved on one of 
the corners of the south porch, and is probably intended 
for the badge of the Beauchamp family. It seems a pity 
that these arms should be entirely lost sight of in con- 
nection with the south transept, and it is to be hoped that 
they will again before long find their way to the present 
roof of the said transept, as they are worthy to be pre- 
served and placed somewhere near their old habitat. 

11 Oct.. 1882. D. G. C. E. 


LEIGHTON BUZZARD.— The foUowing are ex- 
^ted from a " Booke of ffeines begineing Ano : Dni : 
-^^64 at Mielemas " of the Court Baron of the Manor 
^i Leighton. They are interesting as recording names of 
P^ple connected with the neighbourhood, field names, 
Barnes of streets, and old inns, and in some cases mention 
'« made of the town-lands. The entries extend over a 
period between 1664-1671. 

MicHELMAS Court 1664. 

■^^' William Theed, Tho : Townsend li 8. d. 

•^iUiam Hogg and Kichard Cooke, 
f^ffees for the Town-land at BU- 

'"^^on,fine 40 : : 

^ ' ^^uellronside for a messuage and 

^^ at Heath late Rich : Theed's fine 10 : : 

tWXvotley Brewer for a mault-house 

and bame at the White-house in 

Leighton, late Jonathan Sheppard's 

fine 02 : : 

Whitsuntide Court 1665. 

Mr. Thomas Huxley for a messuage 

and certaine land in Billington late 

Isaack Bennett, late Mrs. Hillersdon's 

fine 07 : : 

John Hayes, gent., for a messuage 

and certaine land in Eggington fine 
Of Mrs. Hillersdon for a Herriott .... 
Mr. Wells of Wavendon for a Herriott 

Att Michaelmas Court 1665. 

Mr. ffrancis Thome, and Mr. Arthur 
Corbett for a cottage in Leighton, fine 02 : 

30 ; 

; ; 





04 : 

; ; 




John Wells of Leighton for Brigandine 
piece cont. 10 acres, and 3 acres in 
HoUinden, and the little hill-close ly- 
ing in Eggenton, late Will. Andrewe's, 
fine 05 : 10 : O 

Att WnrrsuNTiDE Court 1666. 

Phillip Clarke for 2 acres called neither 

Packmans in Billington, fine 02 : : 

Joseph Brandriffe for 2 acres of arr. land 

at Broomehill late Adam Quarrie's, 

fine : 3 : 

Mathewe Wilkes, Marke Wilkes, firancis 

Winton, John Marsh, William Homs- 

by, John Deane, Thomas Meriden, and 

Edward Elliott, fPeoffees for 2 closes 

giueii by Edward Wilkes to the Towne 

of Leighton, fine 05 : : 

MicHELMAS Court 1666. . 

Timothy Brewer for a messuage called 
the White Horse in Leighton by the 
surrender of Jonathan Sheppard, fine 4:0:0 

Richard fErye for a Cottage and back- 
side in ffriday lane, by the surr. of 
Anne Parsons, fine 3:0:0 

At Whitsun Court, 1667. 

Matthew Mead, gent., for a piece of 
ground at the gravell-pitts in Leigh- 
ton, by the surr. of Will. Coles, fine 1 : : o 


Jane Leach widd., Symon Wood, and 

Jane Ins wife for one Cottage in GKgg- 

lane in Leighton, and 2 acres of arr. 

land, fine 2 : 10 : 

Sr. Kichard Napier for 4 poles and one 

half e in millf enn and 2 Cowes Com'ons 

in Summer Leyes in Bill, by the surr. 

of Kichard Bennett^ fine 01 : : 

Att Witstjn Coubt, 1669. 

William Pym of London for a messuage 

and 2 closes of Pasture and 100 acres 

of arr. and leye ground, and 3 acres of 

meadow in Kingsmead in Leighton by 

the surr. of John Wells, Esq., fine . . 45 : : 
William Pym for three Closes of 

Pasture called the Hichins in Kach 

[Reach] by the surrender of John 

Wells, sen., Esq., fine 30 : ; 

At Whitsun Court, 1669. 

Thomas Symmes for a piece of Pasture 

lying on the backside of the Cock Inn, 

by the surr. of William Wyatt, fine 01 : 10 : 
Itichard Leach, Elizabeth his wife, and 

Richard Leach there sonne for 2 little 

mead, called Badcockes moore by the 

surr. of Will, and Tym : Brewer, fine 05 : : 
JefFery Hagshawe for the Whitehorse in 

Leighton by the surr. of Tym : Brewer, 

fine 05 : • 


MicHBLMAs Court, 1669. 

Samuell Ironside for one peice of Land 

in Heath and Racli field called the 

Hook-hedge peice being exchanged 

with Mr. Pym for Sedgers, Mr. Pym 

paying 60 li. to boot . . 

William Pym for one Close of Pasture 

ground on Heath and Hach called 

Sedgers by the surr. of Mr. Ironside, 

fine 3 : : 

At Whifsun Court, 1670. 

John Clarke for a messuage in Leighton 

called the Catteme Wheele, and nine 

acres of arr. land, and for a meadowe 

at Rackley Nookes by the surr. of 

Phillipp Clarke his father, tw extrefnis, 

fine 48 : : 

William Malcutt for one peice of mead 

in Kingsmead contayning twoo acres 

and one halfe acre, by the surr. of 

fErancis Wingate Esq., fine 4 : 01 : 

Stephen Mosdell Esq. for a messuage 

in the middle Bowe in Leighton, and 

3 acres of Land by the surr. of John 

Ewer, fine 8 : : 

Edward Hannell for the Chappell Yard 

or Close on Heath and Kach, and 1 

acre of arr. land, being the towne land, 

the w®** discended to him from his 

father, he being the surviving ffeoffee, 

fine 3 : 10 : 


At the Court held at MicHSLMASy 1670. 

Jacob Pennington for a Cottage in ffriday 
lane and twoe Closes of Pastures in 
Leightony by the isurr. of Christopher 
Burton and Sarah his wife, fine .... 5 : 

Sr. John Pye, Bara** for seu'aU mes- 
suages. Cottages, and Lands in Heath 
and Rach by the surr. of John Wells, 
sen. Esq., fine 160 : : 

At Whitsun Court, 1671. 

Anne Yaux, widd. for a cottage in the 

Northend of Leighton by the surr. of 

firancis Thomes and Arthur Corbett, 

Esqrs., fine 01 : 6 : 

Anne Yaux, widd. for a shopp and loft 

ouer it in the Northend of Leighton by 

the surr. of Tymothey Robinson, fine : 10 : 
William Theed for one acre of land in 

hale-peice by the surr. of Hen. Hon- 

nor for one and one orchard in West 

Bill, and 2 Cowes commons in Sum'- 

erleyes by the surr. of Rich. Whinatt, 

one Colt in little Bill, w**^ a pightle 

aud 2 poles in Sum'erleyes by the surr. 

of Will Man, by the death of Mr 

Will. Theed his vncle, fine 15 : : 

Will. Hillersden for a Herriott 07 : 07 ; 

F. A. B. 



BEESTON.— The following writ to the Sheriff of 
Bedfordshire, dated 13th Feb., 1277, to seize the lands of 
one, Hoger Puel, is transcribed from the original, in tlie 
possession of the writer. 

''Edwardus dei gratia Rex Angliae& fFranciae& Dominus 
Hibemiae vicecomiti Bedfordiae salutem. Frecipimus tibi 
quod distringas Kogerum Puel per omnes terras . 
in balliva tua predicta quod nee ipse nee aliquis per ipsum 
ad ea manum apponat donee aliud a nobis inde habueris 
preceptum. Et quod de executione ejusdem nobis re- 

spondeas. Et quod habeas corpus ejus coram p 

nostris apud Westm' a die Pasche in tres septimanas ad 
respondendum Johannae que f uit uxor Walteri de Hunting- 
feld Chivaler de placita quod reddat ei rationabilem com- 
potum suum de tempore quo f uit ballivus suus in Beeston 
et receptos denarios ipsius Johannae ut dicit. Et ad 
audiendum judicium suum de pluribus defalcationibus. Et 
habeas ibi hoc breve Teste P. de Stonore apud Westm' 
xiij die ffebruarij Anno regni nostri Angliae vicessizno 
regni vero nostri ffranciae septimo." 
Endorsed — Thomas de Dyneford vie : 

Henr : Atte hacche 

Joh'es Denys 

Ric'us Rogger 

Joh'es Michel. F. A. B. 

DUNSTABLE. — Below is the transcript of a deed 
(penes me) which is locally interesting, and therefore I 
give it in extenao. It is the conveyance, in the year 
1602, of an Inn called the Swan from John Dj^e to Roger 
Parkyns. Two other Inns are also mentioned ; the Lion 
and the Peacock, both being near the Swan. 


''Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos presens scriptum 
pervenerit Johannes Dyve * de Quynton Armiger salutem 
in Domino sempiternam Cum Johannes Parkjne da Dun- 
staple in Comitatu Bedfordiae habuerit & perquisiyerit de 
meprefato Johanne Dyveunum tenementum sive hospicium 
arasiffronte ibidem vocatum le Swanne t situatum in vico 
Boriali de Dunstable predicto ante altam Crucem t inter 
Tenementum sive hospicium leonis ex parti Australi & 
hospicium pavonis ex parte Boriali & Abuttat super 
Watlyngstrete versus Occidentem & super terram Roberti 
Broughton militis versus Orientem habendum & tenendum 
eidem Johanni Parkyns heredibus & assignatis suis in- 
perpetuum De Capitalibus Dominis feodi illiua per servicia 
inde debita & de jure conseuto. Noveritis me predictum 
Johannem Dyve remisisse relaxasse et omnino pro me & 
heredibus meis imperpetuum quietam clamasse prefato 
Johanni Parkyns heredibus & assignatis suis imperpetuum 
totum jus meimi statum & clamium juris que imquam 
habui habeo seu quovismodo in future habere potero in 
totum predictum Tenementum sive hospicium cum ffronte 
4 suis pertinenciis Ita videlicet quod nee ego predictua 
Johannes Dyve nee heredes mei nee aliquis alius per nos 
pro nobis seu nomine nostro aliquid juris vel clamii in 
totum predictum Tenementum sive hospicium cum ffronte 

* Ob : 8. p. 1545. He was 8. of Sir John Djre of Bromham, Knt.,by 
laabell, d. & ooh : of Sir Bafe HaatiugR, Knt. 

t An Inn called the Swan, probably the same which was, in 1667, 
owned bj a WUUam Fosaej. In * Bib : Tojtog : Brit : ' Part viii. is 
figured a representation of a token issued by William Fossey of the Swan. 

X This was one of the Queen Eleanor crosf^es erected in 1290, as the 
Chrmitle of Ihnutable informs as. Camden speaks of it as standing in his 
time, but what beoame of it is a matter of uncertiinty. 


et S1118 pertinenois nee in aliqua lude parcello de cotero 
exigere clamare vend! care seu reintrare poterimus nee 
debemus infuturum sed ab omne accione juris vel clamei 
inde simus exclusi inperpetuum per presentes Et ego Toro 
predictus Johannes Dyve & heredes mei totnm predictum 
tenementum sive hospicium cum ffronte et suis per- 
tinenciis prefato Johanni Farkyns heredibus & assignatis 
Buis contra omnes gentes Warentizabimus & defendemns 
In cujus rei testimonium huic presenti Script© meo sigillum 
meum apposui Datum vicessimo quinto die mensis maij 
Anno regni Kegis benrici septum post Conquestum decimo 
septimo biis testibus Johanne Leonard, Henrico fFeyry, 
Johanne Chirch, Johanne Sterne, Johanne Tersall de 
Dunstaple predicto & Aliis. F. A. B. 

TODDINGTON.— The following is a translation of 
an ancient deed dated 1454, relating to lands in this 
parish. The original, which is in the possession of the 
Kector, is in Latin, and has two seals pendent, one has a 
curious device like a rebus, which I am unable to make 
out. It belongs, I expect, to Thomas Wykelwode, the 
Rector, as on the inside of a slip of parchment to which it 
is attached is very plainly written — "Thomas Wykel- 
wode Rector eccl'ie parochialis db Todingdon." 
The other seal has the monogram J. £. or T. B. As the 
deed contains many old field-names I have thought it 
worth transcribing in full. One word ^'chemcirs* I am 
unable to make out the meaning of, and an application to 
Notes and Queries has not resulted in any information.* 

F. A. B._ 

* A corrospoodent suggests — ** Should not this word be ' chemoer *F 
Cotgrave ha« ehemier^ the eldest or ohief heir in a desoeni, who is to do 


Know all Men present and to come that Wb Thomaa 
Wykdwode Rector of the parish Church of Todyngdon 
and William Grenef eld Warden of the Hospital of Saint 
John the Baptist of Todyngdon aforesaid have demised 
leased and by this our present deed have confirmed to 
John Kegyll William Marchall William Baylly John 
Mason Thomas Baylly William Pedder John Bonde John 
Chamberleyen John Est and John P^kham, our one mes- 
suage with the croft adjoining in Fencote in the Parish of 
Todyngdon aforesaid and other the lands and meadows 
feedings and pastures with their appurtenances l}*ing 
dispersedly in the Fields of Fencote and Todyngdon 
aforesaid. Whereof two roods of land lie together in a 
Furlong near Chalgrave Church-style between the land of 
the Bector of Todyngdon on the one side and the land of 
William Ghamberleyn on the other side and abut upon the 
croft heretofore of the Vicar of Chalgrave. Also one 
half -acre of land lies upon the Longspert between the land 
of the Lord of Todyngdon on each side and abuts east and 
west. Also four selions of land likewise lie upon the 
Hasels between the land of the Lord and the land of John 
Reve and abut east and west. Also two selions of land lie 
together there between the land of the Lord on each side 
and abut east and west. Also one rood of land lies 
there and is the headland near the land of William Pedder 
and abuts east and west. Also two roods of land lie 
together near Swynescroft near the land of William 
Pedder and abut east and west. Also one acre of land 

homag« and such, other *priinar£e' daties for the whole land that is 
descended. Also in Hippeau*8 Olottairt du XITeme Steele I find * cheme, 
cbemie, mefiui'e do bl6 ; ohemier, premier de la famile/* The context 
hardly aecms to bear out this derivation. — £d. 


lies there between the land of William Pedder on each 
side and abuts east and west. Also one half-acre of land 
lies upon Otehill between the land pf William Pedder and 
the land of John Ghamberleyn and abuts south and north. 
Also three roods of land with the Chemcira ? lie together 
upon Crowelslade between the land of the Lord and the 
land of the Rector and abut south and north. Also one 
rood of land lies upon Grofthorne between the land of John 
Chamberlain on each side and abuts east and west. Also 
one acre of land lies upon Bysmerehill between the land 
heretofore of John Yale and the land of William Pedder 
and abuts south and north. Also one half-acre of land 
lies there between the land of John Ghamberleyn and the 
land of Ralph Wellys. Also another half-acre of land 
lies there between the land of John Ghamberleyn and the 
land of Ralph Wellys. Also one rood of land lies at the 
Eldenstubbe between the land of Thomas Baylly and the 
land of William Pedder. Also one half-acre of land lies 
upon Tonf urlong between the Balke there and the land of 
Richard Twyrolt and abuts east and west. Also one other 
half-acre of land lies there between the land of John 
Ghamberleyn and the way called Hiton-way. Also one 
half-acre of land lies upon Bardenhill between the land of 
John Ghamberleyn on each side and stretches beyond 
Bardenhilway. Also another half-acre of land lies there 
between the land of John Ghamberlain and the land of 
William Pedder and stretches beyond Bardenhilway. 
Also that half an acre of land lies upon Rynehill 
between the Hacchehegge and the land of John Gham- 
berlain. Also another half-acre of land lies there 
between the land of John Ghamberleyn and the land of 
Thomas Baylly. Also one acre of land lies there hetween 



the land of William Pcdder on each side. Also one rood 
of land liee upon the Rye between the land of John 
Chamberleyn and the land of William Mychell, one of 
the Swineherds of Todyngdon. Also one half-acre of land 
lies there between the land of John Chamberlejm and the 
hmd of William Pedder. Also another half-acre of land 
lies there between the land of Thomas Baylly on each 
side. Also another half-acre of land lies there between 
the land of John Chamberleyn on each side. Also one 
acre of land lies upon the Outwodefeld between the land 
of William Pedder on each side. Also three roods of land 
Ue together there between the land of William Pedder on 
each side. Also one half-acre of land lies there between 
the land of John Chamberleyn and the land of William 
Pedder. Also one other half-acre of land lies there between 
the land of John Chamberlain and the land of William 
Pedder — ^Also one half acre of land lies upon Woodfur- 
long between the land of John Chamberleyn and the land 
of William Pedder — ^Also one acre of land lies upon Stony- 
ham between the land of the Lord and the land of William 
Pedder — Also one half acre of land lies there between the 
hmd of John Chamberleyn on each side — ^Also another half 
acre of land lies there between the land of William 
Pedder on each side — Also another half acre of land lies 
there between the land of John Chamberleyn and the land 
of TVilliam Pedder — ^Also one half acre of land lies upon 
(L^ Oldedowne between the land of John Chamberleyn and 
|) ^ land of William Pedder — Also one acre of land lies 
p^ar Blakehegge-gate between the land of the Lord and 
the land of John Beve — ^Also one half acre of land lies 
n^^T" the Quabbe between the land of William Marchall 
•^^ the land of Thoma« Wayte — ^Also another half acre 


of land lies there between the land of the Lord and the 
land of William Marchall— Also two roods of land lie upon 
the Orenehill between the land of William Marchall and 
the land of Thomas Smyth and abut upon Enle — ^Also two 
other roods of land lie there between the land of Thomas 
Smith on each side — Also three selions of land with a 
parcel of meadow lie together at Deppyttys near the land 
of William Marchall and abut upon the Rector's meadow 
— ^Also one selion of land lies upon Hewmorserse between 
the land of William Pedder on each side — ^Also another 
selion of land lies there between the land of William 
Pedder and the land of Thomas Baylly — Also one selion 
of land lies upon Shortbardenhill between the land of 
William Pedder on each side — ^Also one half acre of land 
lies there between the land of John Chamberleyn and the 
land of William Pedder — Also one half acre of land lies 
at the Endleslendes between the land of John Chamberleyn 
and the land of William Pedder — Also two selions of land 
lie near the Oldcros between the land of William Pedder on 
each side — Also half an acre of land lies there between the 
land of William Pedder and the Churchwey — ^Also another 
half acre of land lies there between the land of John Ch^n- 
berleyn and the land of William Pedder — ^Also another 
half acre of land lies there between the land and meadow 
of John Chamberleyn and one acre of land lies at Frensh- 
manway between the land of the Lord and the Rector's 
land — ^ALSO we have demised to the aforesaid John 
£egyll William Marchall William Baylly John Thomas 
Baylly William Pedder John John John and John 12** of 
yearly rent, to wit, from the tenement called Pondes in 
TODTNGDON 6^ yearly and from the tenement and one 
close late of WiUiam de Fancote in FANCOTE 4^ yearly 


and from one acre of land lying near the Blakehegges late 

of Thomas Fuller now of Agnes Welde 2* yearly and 

which messuage croft land meadows feedings pastures and 

rent with their appurtenances were formerly of Simon 

Umfray at that time of Dunstaple. MOREOVER we 

have demised and leased to the said John William 

Marchall William BayUy John Thomas Baylly William 

John John John and John all those our lands and meadows 

which we have between a certain Plot of Land called the 

Paraonsdowne and the Outwoodbridge to wit, in the field 

east of Todyndon aforesaid as they lie between the ditch 

and bomids there placed TO HAVE and to HOLD all the 

aforesaid messuage croft land meadows feedings pastures 

and rents with all their appurtenances to the aforesaid 

John William Marchall William Baylly John Thomas 

Baylly William Pedder John John John and John their 

heirs and assigns for ever of the chief Lords of those Fees 

by the services therefore due and of right accustomed — 

IN WITNESS whereof we have to this our present deed 

affixed our seals— THESE BEING WITNESSES John 

Marchall William Chamberleyn John Beve Thomas Smyth 

Thomas Est and others. DATED at Todyngdon aforesaid 

on Smiday next after the feast of Saint Michael the 

Archangel in the 32nd year of the reign of King Henry 

the 6th after the Conquest of England. 


In reply to Query on page 243^ I send the following 
extract from Fobs' Biographical Dictionary of Judges, from 
which it would appear that Sir Humphrey Winch was 
buried^ as O'Byme states, in the Cloisters of Pembroke 
Hall, Cambridge. J. G. R. 


" Winch, Humfrey of Everton in the Co. of Bedford 
was bom about 1545 was called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn in 1581 became bencher there in 1596 & reader in 
1598. He sat for the last three years of Elizabeth's 
Parliament for the Town of Bedford. In 1616 he fell 
deservedly into some disgrace in consequence of condemn- 
ing and executing at the Summer Assizes at Leicester no 
less than 9 women as witches on the evidence of a boy 
who pretended that he had been bewitched and tormented 
by them. The King on a visit to the town a month after 
the trial personally examined the boy discovered and ex- 
posed the imposture but too late to save the unfortunate 
victims of this absurd superstition. He was buried in the 
Cloisters of Pembroke Hall Cambridge." 

GREAT BARFORD. — Extracts from the Parish 


The registers of the above parish, which by the kindness 
of the y icar I have lately had an opportunity of searching, 
contain many entries of interest relating to the families 
of Anscell, Carter, Fitzgeoffrey, Fitzhugh, and 
Franx'klin, who severally entered their pedigrees at the 
Heralds' Visitations. These I have carefully extracted as 
under. I may mention that the oldest register, which 
commences in 1563, has been somewhat mutilated, — the 
leaves containing the entries between 1582 and 1592 
having been cut out, and those between 1664r80 are also 
missing. It is said that the registers were mutilated to 

* All written within [ ] are supplied from the Bifihop*8 Tranioriptii. 


conceal the evidence of a pre-nuptial birth about the time 
when a lawsuit was in progress to prove the rightful heir 
to some property in the neighbourhood. 

1563, July 1. Thomas Cooke et Agneta Slade nupti 
fuerunt [first entry]. 

1563, July 26. Kobertus Nokes et Agneta Coop' nupti 

1564, June 14. Anna Anscell bapt : est. 

1564, May 29. Rogerus Courtney et Elizab : Peet 
nupti fuerunt. 

1567, Sept. 23. Oliverus Anscell bapt : est. 

1567, Nov. 9. Johannes Koakes et Johanna Pickat 
nupti fuerunt. 

1568, Jan. 29. Tho : Anscell bapt : est. 

1570, Jime 21. Gxdielmus Fitzhughe bapt : est. 
1570, July 5. Nicholaus Anscell bapt : est. 
1673, May 14. Elizab : Carter bapt : est. 

1573, July 23. Bobertus £Stzhugh bapt : est. 

1574, May 2. Johannes Enderbye et Joanna Boode 
nupti fuerunt. 

1574, Aug. 8. Anna Carter bapt : est. 

1574, Feb. 7. Nicholaus Anscell sepult : est. 

1575, Jan. 6. Johannes ffitzhughe bapt : est. 

1575, Jan. 31. Nicholas Anscell sepult. est. 

1576, Sept. 4. Johannes Bromhall et Agneta Anscell 
nupt : f uer. 

1577, Apr. 25. Elizab : Bromhall bapt : est. 

1577, Aug. 22. Gulielmus Blythe et Alicia ffitzgeiffrey 
nupti f uer. 

1577, Nov. 18. Bichardus Nelson et Agneta Warden 
nupti fuer. 

1678, July 19. Juditha Bromhall bapt : est. 


1678, Jan 20. Nicholas Malerie et Elizab : Anscell 
nupti fuer. 

1579, Sept. 24. Johannes ffitzhughe sepult : est* 

1579, Feb. 15. Anna ffitzhughe bapt : est. 
1594, Aug. 20. Oliverus ffitziefEerey bapt. 

1594, Oct. 16. Catharina Anscell bapt. 

1595, Aug. 6. Susanna Fitzhugh bapt : est. 

1595, Sept. 29. Vrsula Fitzieffrey bapt : est. 

1596, May 3. Anna Garter bapt : est. 

1596, Dec. 17. ffranciscus ffitzieffrey bapt : est. 

1597, May 28. Anna Carter sepult : est. 
1597, Nov. 7. Elizabetha AnsceU sepult : est. 
1597, Jan. 23, Judith ffitziefifrey Bapt : est, 

1597, Feb. 26. Gulielmus ffitzhughe Bapt : est. 

1598, May 7. ffranciscus ffitziefErey Sepult. 

1598, Feb. 21. Dorothea Anscell bapt. 

1599, May 14. Margareta ffitziefErey bapt : est. 
1599, Sept. 25. Bobertus ffitzhughe et Anna Worsley 

nupti f uerunt. 

1599, Oct. 11. Gulielmus, f. Roberti ffitzhughe bapt. 

1600, Aug. 20. Jana ffitziefErey bapt : est. 

1602, Not. 11. Vrsula, uxor Tho : Anscell sepxilt : est. 

1601, Feb. 28. Catherina ffitzhughe bapt : est. 

1602, April 27. Thomas ffitzieffrey bapt : est. 

1602, Sept. 5. Elizabetha, filia Roberti ffitzhughe 
bapt : est. 

1603, July 19. Thomas Anscell bapt : est. 

1604, June 19. Elizabetha ffitzhughe sepult : est. 
1604, Aug. 22. Elizabetha, filia Thomas Carter, generosi,: 


1604, Jan. 16, Juditha, filia Hen : ffitzhughe Bapt. 

1605, Apr. 7. Henricus, filius Thomae Anscell Bapt. 


1606, May 25. WiUm's, filius Thomae Carter, gen : 

1606, July 28. Thomas Pearce et ffrancisca Bromsall 
nupti fueront. 

1606, Nov. 1. Oli varus filius Robert! Bromhall natus 
est [Bapt. 18 Dec. 1606] 

1606, Jan. 18. Elizab : filia Thome Anscell bapt. 

1607, Nov. 29. Thomas Carter, filius Thomae Carter, 
gen : bapt. 

1607, Feb. 26. Vrsula, filia Henrici ffitzhugh bapt. 

1 607, March 5, Thomas, filius Thomae Carter, gen : sepult. 

1608, Feb. 19. Jana, filia Thomae Carter, gen : bapt. 
[1609, Mch. 15. Richard Field gen. bur.] 

1610, Apr. 10. Jeradus ffitzieofferye sepult. 
1610, Sept. 19. Anna, filia Thomae Carter, gen : bapt. 
1610, Dec. 18. Johannes Allen, generosus, et Catherina 
Anscell nupti. 

1610, Feb. 26. Alexander, filius Thomae Anscell, 
Armigeri, Bapt. 

1611, Nov. 17. Maria, filia Thomae Cartar, generosi, 

1612, June 30. Maria, filia Thomae Cartar, generosi, 


1612, Julv 27. Maria, filia Henrici ffitzhugh, generosi, 

1612, Aug. 7. Johannes, filius Johannis Allen, gene- 
rod, natus ; Bapt : 9 Aug. 

1612, Dec 1. Anna, filia Thomae Anscell, Armigeri, 

1613, Aug. 22. Anna, filia Roberti ffitzhugh, Bapt. 
1613, Oct. 18. Robertus fisher et Elizabetha Carter 

nupti f uorunt. 


* 1613, Nov. 20. Blenardus hassetus filius mariae 
ffuller, viduae generosae, bapt. 

1614, Apr. 9 [8]. ffrancisca, filia, Thomae Carter, 
generosi, sepult. 

t 1614, March 25. Petrus, filius Georgij ffitzieoferj, 
generosi, sepult. 

1616, Sept. 2. Georgius, filius Georgij ffitzeoffery 
militis, sepult. 

t 1616, Feb. 6. Rosa Hirlston, generosa vidua, sepult. 

1617, May 4. Oliuerus, filius Magistri Thomae Cartar 

1617, May 29. Thomas Cokhaine generosus et Doro- 
thea, filia Thomae AnsceU, armigeri, nupt. 

1617, Jan. 4. Oliuerus, filius Magistri Thomae Cartar 

1618, July 1. Vrsula, filia Magistri Thomae Cartar 

1618, Oct. 26. Vrsula, filia Magistri Thomae Cartar 

1618, Dec. 7. Georgius flStzieoffery, miles sepult. 

II 1618, Feb. 28. Georgius ffitzieofferye, generosus 

1619, Sept. 26. Rotheramus, filius Rotherami Cheney, 
generosi Bapt. 

* A family of the name of BlennerhaMet were seated at Biunham. 
See their Fedig^ree in the *' Visitations of Bedfordshire,** ed. Harl. Sec., 
1884, p. 169. 

t The year is doubtful. 

X She was da. of Thomas AnsceU by Elizabeth his wife, d. and h. of 
Robert Wheatley. She married first to . . . Wolrioh, and secondly 
to Hugh Hurleeton of Cardington, whose ancestors came out of Lan* 

I The day of tho month is uncertain ; it might be 23 or 28. 


1619, Jan. 4. Susanna, filia Mr. Thomae Cartar, Bapt. 

1621, June 18. Thomas, filius m'ri Thomae drury 

[1622, June 10 Nicholas Day Clearke and Mary Brad- 
ford nupt] 

1623, March 29. Maria ffitzieoffery, vidua, sepult. 

1623, Aug. 29. Thomas Anscell, armiger, sepult. 

1624, Jan. 22. Samuell Barrow, generosus, et Judithea 
ffitzieoffery, generosa, nupt. 

1624, Feb. 24. Richardus moimtneigh, armiger, et 
fatherina ffitzieoffery, generosa, nupt. 

1625, Aug. 16. Elizabetha, filia Johannis Alleyn, 
generosi, Bapt. 

1625, Sept. 8. Anna, filia magistri, Wooton Bapt. 

1627, Dec. 29. Domina Anna ffitzieofferie, vidua, 

1628, Jan. 13. Thomas Nevill sepult. 

1628, Jan. 23. Maria, uxor allein Shackspere sepult. 

1630, Apr. 8. Georgius Banden et pheninnah Shack- 
speere nupt. 

1630, Sept. 27. Anna, filia magistri WiUielmi Cartar 

1632, Sept. 28. Thomas, filius Magistri WiUielmi 
Cartar Bapt. 

1634, May 8. Francisca, filia magistri Throwgood Bapt. 

1634, Aug. 31. Willielmus, filius WiUielmi Cartar 
generosi, Bapt. 


1635, Apr. 24. Oliuerus Smith [Vicar] sopultus. 
1637, Sept. 3. Elizabeth Cartar, filia GuUelmi (gen.) 

Cartar bapt. 

1637, Sept. 9. Anna Cartar, vxor Oulielmi Cartar 
[gen.], pulcherrima, amantissima, »uuvi88ima, sepulta fuit. 


1637, Nov. 17. Jane Hanscombe, filia Roberti Hans- 
combe sep : f uit. 

1638, May 30. Thomas Harpar et Katharina Lauman 
nupti fuerunt. 

♦ 1638, May 13 [June 9]. Elizabeth AnsceU (gen.) 
religiosissima, excelentissima, suavissima, sepulta f uit. 

1640, Apr. 4. Gulielmus Carter et Maria Spenser, 
(gen.) nupt. 

1641, June 10. Maria Carter, filia Gulielmi Carter, 
(generosi) Bapt. 

1641, June 12. Maria Carter vxor Oulielmi Carter, 
predict. Bepulta f uit. 

1641, Oct. 3. Thomas Shakespeare, filius, Thomas 
Shakespeare bapt : fuit. 

1642, Julv 31. Robertus Ward et Vrsula Woodard 
nupti fuerunt. 

1643, Jan. 22. Gulielmus Shakspeare, filius Thomae 
Bapt: fuit. 

1644, March 9. Edward the son of George Allison, 

1644, Sept. 5. Mr. William Carter buried. 

1645, Apr. 8. William Ajrding and Diana Pearce 

1646, March 29. Peeter ye son of Mr. Tuthill Bapt 
1646, Nov. 13. Margery Hansoombe buried. 

1648, Feb. 4. Anne the d. of James Hunt, Traweler, 

1649, Sept. 22. Anne the d. of Mr. ffeild Bapt. 
1649, March 11. Will'm Browne, gent., & Elizabeth 

Tuthill married. 

* The year aud month are doubtful, the writing being fci'j iudiBtiuct. 


1650, Nov. 19. Edmund tho s. of Mr. Tuthill Bapt. 

1651, Apr. 11. Mr. Thomas fEt.zie£Eerye buried. 

1651, Apr. 22. Susan the d. of John Hanscombe Bapt. 
1651, March 19. Elizabeth the d. of Kobt. Hanscombe 

1651, March 22. William Ardden and Elizabeth 
Dixsey Married. 

1652, Sept. 19. Mrs. Elizabeth Aunscell, Widdowe, 

1652-, Oct. 31. Mary the d. of fJohn Hanscombe Bapt. 

1652, Nov. 4. Mr. Thomas Carter and Mrs. Mary 
Anscell married. 

1653, Feb. 5. Robert the s. of John Hanscombe borne. 
1657, Nov. 10. John Hunt Buried. 

1659, Sept. 25. Jeames Wyan, gent., maried the 24 of 

September and Mrs. Mary Creamer. 

1659, Sept. 26. Thomas Carter, gent., Buried. 

1664, Aug, 4. William Denton and Elizabeth Harper 


(The following years till 1680 are tcanting.) 

1681, Feb. 17. Mr. Water Capell Buried. 

1681, March 21. John Wye, the elder, Buried. 

1682, July 31. Mr. George Favell Buried. 

1682, Aug. 5. Jane the ^ife of the aforesaid Mr. 
George Favell Buried. 

1684, Sept. 15. Mrs. Mary Foster (al's Auncell tho 
youngest child of Thomas Auncell Esq. deceased by 
Elizabeth his second and last wife deceased who was the 
daughter of Sr. William Beecher of Iloobury in the parish 
of Renhold in the Coimty of Bedford also deceased) the 
wife of William Foster of Bedford in the County of Bed- 
ford Doctor of Lawcs and Chancellor of the Diocerse of 



Lincoln was buried in the buriall place of her Anccsstors 
in the chancell of this parish Church of Great Barford in 
the County of Bedford upon Munday the fifteenth day of 
September. In this instant year of our Lord one Thousand 
Six hundred eighty four. 

1686, Jan. 13. Richard Thorowgood & Elizabeth Parser 

1687, Sept. 1. William fPoster the second son of 
William fEoster of Bedford in the County of Bedford 
Esqr. and Barbara his wife the daughter of Nicholas 
Oudart Esq. deceased^ whilst he lived Latine secretary to 
his late majestic King Charles the second, was buried in 
his Buriall place in the Chancell of this parish Church of 
Great Barford upon Thursday the first day of September 
in the year of our Lord 1687. 

1687, Oct. 13. Henry Shepherds and Mary Eston 
married by a licence. 

1687, Jan. 8. John son of William fEoster of Bedford 
in the County of Bedford Esq^. and Barbara his wife 
The Daughter of Nicholas Oudart Esqi:. deceased, whUest 
hee lived Latine Secretary to his late Majesty King 
Charles the second was Buried in his Buriall place in the 
Chancell of this parish Church of Great Barford upon 
Sunday the eighth of January In the year of our Lord, 

1688, Dec. 31. William Foster Esq. & Batchelour of 
law3 was Buried in his Buriall place of this parish Church 
the one and thirtith day of this instant month of December 

1689, Nov. 10. John son of Francis & Dorcas Bolt Bapt. 
1691, Dec. 13. Mrs. Mary Berkhead Lat wife to Mr. 

Berkhead, Lat Minester of Great Barford was Buried. 


1692, May 4. Mary the d. of Georg and Anne Staford, 
gent., was Bapt. 

1692, July 4. Wilielmus Stanton of ye Parish of 
Southill & Alice Jeffries of ye Parish of Cardington mar. 

1693, Jan. 6. Mrs. Patience Sumarsall was Bur. 

1694, Sept. 25. John the s. of Mr. Dayrex Spencer 
minegter of Great Barford Bapt. 

1694, Oct. 5. Mrs. Margerie Simmons wife of Mr. 
Edward Simmons Bur : in the Chancell of this Church. 
1693, Dec. 3. ffrances Rolt bur. 

1697, June 30. Simon, s. of Mr. Edward Gale & Eliz : 
his wife bapt. 

1698, Apr. 25. Mr. Oudart Forster, Batchelour Com' 
oner of Trinity CoUedge in Cambridge was buried in ye 
Chancell of ye Parish church of Great Barford, Aprill ye 
25 in this instant year of our Lord 1698. 

1698, Aug. 14. Mr, John Ashboult was Bur. 

1708, Apr. 5. William Foster, LL.D., Bur. 

1709, Sept. 18. John Willis & Margaret Eudd mar : 
by Licence. 

1709, Feb. 13. Sander Foster & Sarah Jemeatt mar • 
by Licence. 

1711, Sept. 10. Thomas Thouregood & Ann Huckell 
niar : by Licence. 

1711, Jan. 13. Anne Foster the d. of Sandra Foster & 
Sarah his wife Bapt. 

1702, Apr. 14. Joseph Worting of Gilsborough in 
Korthamptonshire Cler : & Dorothy Oudart, spinster of 
Great Barford were married by Licence on Tuesday. 

1704, July 15. Kichard Willis, ffarmer, & fErances 
Stafford, Spinster married by licence. 

1705, May 16. Simon Safford of ye Parish of Eaton 


SocoQ & Catherine Stafford of ye parish of Great Barford 
were mar : by Licence. 

1713, Nov. 16. John Palmer & Sarah Simons both of 

1717, Feb. 19. John Wye, gent., Buried. 

1718, Apr. 19. Mrs. Anne Jemmat Buried. 

1720, Feb. 23. Eichard Simmons, gent.. Buried. 

1721, May 25. Elizab : d. of Bar well Collins, Cler: & 
Ann his wife Bapt. 

1721, Oct. 31. Mr. Joseph Wye Bur. 

1724, July 17. Sandra fEoster, gent., Bur. 

1725, Apr. 18. John Dudley of Biddenham in Com : 
Bedd : & Mary Pearson of Cardington by Lycense. 

1726, Apr. 16. Thomas Foster, gent., Buried. 

1727, Oct. 2. George Stafford, gent.. Buried. 
* 1730, Dec. 28. Alice Wooton, widow, bur. 
1731, Jan. 17. Mrs. Sarah Foster bur. 

1733, June 18. Alexander Endersby of Biggleswade 
& Dorothy Cocken of this Parish married by Banns. 

1733, Aug. 7. John s. of John Francklin Esq., & Anne 
his Wife Bapt. 

1733, Dec. 5. John s. of John & Anne Francklin Buried. 

1734, Oct. 17. Ann d. of John Francklin Esq. and 
Anne his wife, bapt. 

1734, Dec. 19. Ann Stafford wife of George Stafford 

1736, June 10.^ John s. of John Francklin & Ann his 
wife privately bapt : by Mr. Botts. 

1737, June 8. Aim wife of John Francklin Esq : 
buried . 

I M I - I - 11 I IT * 

* luscr : ou Ler j(ia\ tbtoue iuentluL.s Lur as ugtd 100 years. 


1 1 

1737, Aug. 21. Mary, d. of the Rev. : Newman Hughes 
& Mary his wife bapt, bom Aug. 11. 

1741, Apr. 22. Newman ye s. of ye Rev. Newman 
Hughes & Mary his wife bapt. 

1742, Apr. 28. George son of George Dixon, gent., 
& Mary his wife bapt. 

1743, Dec. 15. Tho : Wye, gent., Buried, aged 88 

1748, Dec. 29. John Foster & Eliz : Croot of the 
parish of Sandy married by Licence. 

1749, Dec. 29. William Brace, gent., Burried. 


Taken hy Commimon in the Meign of Edward FJ., 
transcribed from live Origitials in the Public Record Office. 


The Inventorye indented of all man' of plate Jewells 
vestments ornaments & bells belonginge to the p'ysshe 
churche of harlington in the Com' of Bed : made y^ Second 
daye of September in y® vj yere of y® Rayne of o' Sov- 
raigne lord edward the sixt by y® grace of god of England 
ffraunce & of lerland Kinge defender of y® ffaithe & in 
erth y® sup'me head of the churche of england & lerland 
presented & deljrvered to y* Kynge his Maiestie Comys- 
syoners by Will'm Alyson vj'car, Richard Hawkins John 
Nasshc Churchwardens, John Spyc'r Joh' helder Richard 
Mather townesmen. 

Imp'mis one chalice of silver p'cell gylte * wayinge ix. 

* Partly gilt, 1.^., gilt onlj on tbe insido. 


It™ to crossys of coper & gylte. 

It™ a corpus [P corporas] clothe wt a case of syke. 

It™ one payre of sensers of coper. 

It™ sixse vestments v. of them of sylke & one of them of 
whight bustyan * 

It™ ij. copes one of damaske whight & the other oi blew 

It™ iij. pillows t olde of silke. 

It™ in y® stepuU of the said churche v. bells & a saonce 
bell + The first bell in widenes ij. foote & rij. inches in 
depthe ij. & one inche, the second bell ij. & yiij. inches in 
depth ij. the thirde bell ij. fote wide & ij. foote depth, ye 
fourthe bell iij. foote wyde & ij. foote depthe & a d^ ye 
Y^ bell iij. foote & d* wyde ij. footo & d^ depe the saunce 
bell wyde xi. inche & iij. inche depe 

It™ all the saide churche & porche leaded & the chauncel 
tyled and the stepuU tyled. 

Comitted to the custodie & saf kepynge of Will*m Alyson 
Ticar there John Holder & Bichard Mather. 


The Inventory indented of all manner of plate vest- 
ments ornaments & belles belongynge to the p'risshe of 
Tyngrythe in the comte of bedford maid the seconde day 
of September in the syxt yere of the rayne of our soverane 
lorde Kynge edwarde the syxt by the curat churchewardens 
& dyvers other of the said p'risshe appoynted for the same. 

* A kind ci tiflsoey probably the same as fustian. In Ajrahire fustian 
is still called bostian. — Peaoock's ** English Church Fumilwe,** 

t These appear to haye been used to rest the Missals upon. 

X Sanotus or Saunoe Bell rung at the elevation of the Host. 


Imprimis too chalyces of sylver percell gylt weyingo 
sxi. ounce. 

It?" vi. alter clothes & vi. towelles & one pyllow. 

It" of coper one pyxe * & one crosse. 

It"* iij. clothes in paynes red and yelow for the alter. 

It* ij. candylstyks. 

It" iij. coopes verie old. 

It" Yj. vestments one white damask and one other greno 
and the other iiij. verie olde. 

It" in the stepnll of the said churche iij. belles weying 
by estymation xxv. hundred wyght. 

It" all the said churche chauneell & steple Couveyd 
w* ledi The names of the p'senters patryk hynton p'son, 
W^jrllam bunkar Wyllam Andron the churchew^rdens, 
symon lowynge thomas Wjrtt the townesmen. 

Conunitted to the custodie & safe kepynge of Symont 
Lowyn Wilhn Bunkar & Will'm Anderson. 


The Inventorie indented of all man>^ of plate jeweUs 
vestments ornaments & bells belongyng to the p'ishe church 
of Westonyng in the Countie of Bedford made the 
second of September in the syxt yere of Reyne of our 
8overene Lorde Kynge Edward the Syxte by the vicar 
chorchewardens & divers other of the discrete & most 
substantial! me' of the said p'yshe appointed for the same. 

Impr'is too chalices of sylver p'cell gylt. weying 
^j. ounces and a halfe. 

It of IjTinyn syxe alter clothes iij. towells ij. hangyng 
& ij. cross clothes. 

♦ A box for consecrated wafers. 


It. of laten * too candclstycks & a bason. 

It. ij. censers of latjn & a herse clothe. 

It. xi. vestments one of grene velvett one blew satten 
one of whyte saten one of red sarcenet one of grene 
damaske one of red seye t one of red saten one of grene 
thred one of blew threde one broclies & flowers & one 
other of black. 

It. V. coopes one of blew saten one of red sarcenet one 
wroght in the frame of threde one other of blew sateu & 
one other of grene branched damask. 

It. in the stepul of the seyd churche iiij. bells too of the 
seyd bells weying by estymation xvij. hundred & a halfe, 
the other too grete bells xx. hundred by estimatio' & a 
saunce bell, to hand bells. 

It. the church chancell steple & porch all cove'd wy^leed. 

It. to BacrjTig + bells. 

It. to surplesses & to rochetts. 

Comitted to the custodie & safe kepynge of John 
Frauncis vicare there Richard punter and Edmund 
Parsons. The names of the p'senters : — John firancis, 
vicar, Rychard punf^., Rowland dyxo' churchwardens 
Edmund p'sons Henry "Watts. 

ETON— WIBOSTON, Bundle 1392, Feb. 2, Ko. 6. 

Thys Inventorye of y® Churche goods there indentyd 
the xix*^ day of August y« vi*^ yere of y* Reyne of oure 

* A superior kind of brass or mixed metal. 

t A sort of fine serge. 

X **A small hand-bell used in the Western Church to call the attention 
of the faithful, who are worshipping, to the more sacred and solemn parts 
of the Christian saciifice. It is rung by the server at Hasa.** — Lee's 


Sonerynge lord Edwarde the Syxtt by y* grace of God 
if yng of England ffrannce & Ireland Def endr of y^ f aythe 
& of J® churcbe of England & also Ireland in Eertbe the 
Sup me Hed and p'sented y* same day & yere at bedford 
to y^ Kyngs maiestes comyssioners by Thorn' Alcoke vicar 
Join T)Tiggay & Nicholas Yssott Churche Wardens ther 
Wyll'm Scott Jamys bercocke Thomas Tynggay Inhaby- 
tante of Eton af oresayde. 
ffyret one chalys of sylur d'ble gylt weyng xv. ownces. 
It'm one chalys of sylvr p'cell gylt weying viij. ownces. 
A crosae of sylur parcel gylt weyng Ixviij. ownces. 
One payre of sylur sensers w* a shyp* of sylvr weyng 
xxxvj. ounces. 
One pyx of coper gyltyd. 
A cope of cremyesyn Velvett. 

One other cope of whytt damaske wythe decon & sub- 
deacont of ye sayme. 

It'm a cope ofE blew damask w* decon & subdecon to 
ye sayme. 
It'm one cope of gold & velvett w* decon & subdecon 
It'm one vestme't of tawny syeke w* decon & subdecon. 
I'tm iiij. vestments for eurye day & ij. crosclothys of 
greyn sarsnet. 

One [P Altar] clothe ij. lectron clothes & one pillow for 
ye alt'. 

A Vayll of lynnyn clothe xij. towylls v. belles in ye 
stepyll & a Sancts belle. 
The churche chancell and steple coured w^ leadde. 

* A Teasel formed like a ship in which incense is kept. 

t The words ** deacon " and ''subdeaoon'' are here used in place of 
Dalmatic and Tonide, vestments worn by the Epistoller and Gospeller. 


Committed to the custodye and kepynge of Thomas 

Alcock Vicar there Thos. Tyngay Nicholas Isott & Will'm 


J. Seynt John. [XJryan] Brearton. 

Lewys Dyve. Rychard Snowb. 


The Inventorie indentid of all man' of plate Iwells 
Vestments & bells belongynge to y® paryshe church of 
howghton Regis in y« Coimtye of Bedf. made j^ fyrste 
daye of September in y® syxt yere of ower sufEerayn lord 
Kynge Edward y« syxth by y® grace of God of yngland 
fEramice & Ireland kynge defender of y® fayth & in earth 
supp'm hed of y* chyrch of yngland & Ireland & exhyby ted 
by John Edwards & Rychard Webbe chyrch wardens & 
also Mothew pedder* Wyll'm Straimge & Thomas Wallys 
wit other townsmen. 

Imprimis iij. chalyces of y® wyche one is syluer dowble 
gylt waynge xxvij. ounces & y® other ij. be syluer parcell 
gyltt waynge xxvj. ounces. 

It'm of lattyn ij. crosses too pyxes a payre of sencers a 
paxt & ij. lattyn ca'dylstyks. 

It'm two copes one of lynnen clothe & the other of 
Russett (J) and ye other was stolen when ye chyrch waas 

* Ink faded, almost illegible. 

t A smaU tablet of ivory, of wood overlaid with gold or ailver, or of 
some inferior metal, used in the Western Church for giving the kiss of 
peace during the offering of the Christian Sacrifice. The Pax ceased to 
be used when the Liturgy of 1649 came into use. 

X Ink very much faded, interlined and mixed with other words, looks 
like " worsted." 


rtm xiij. olid yestments & ij. other were taken away 
when ye chnrche wass robbed. 

It'm iiij. corporas casea & iij. of y^ clothes wore stolen. 

If m iij. hangyngs & iiij. linnen clothes vi. towells iiij. 
surplyces & ij. rochetts & ij. chestes. 

It'm a pawle of dyVs colors. 

It*m iiij. hells & ye v. bell was not all payd for & 
therefore y* wass solid to pay y*. 

The churche and steple cou'red w* ledde. 

Committed to the custodie and safe kepynge of John 
Edwards & Kichard Webbe. 

J. Seynt John. Vryan Brereton. 
Lewys Dyve. Richard Snowe. 


The Inventorie indented of all maner of plate Jewells 
vestments & bells belongyng to the p'yshe church of 
batelysden in the Conntie of Beds, made the se'nd day of 
September in the vi*** yere of the reyng of owre soureyng 
lord Kyng Edwarde the Syxte exhibyted by Michell 
luint ? Curat Will'm Vincent Henry f}'^elde church- 
wardens John trapnell NichoUes fyelde Will'm Ebbs & 
WiU'm orell townsmen. 

Imp'im's of sylver p'cell gylte on chalice w' a patent 
weyng xi. ounces iij. q'ters & i. 

It'm a crosse of copper & gylte. 

It'm iij. vestments oon of green sarcenet oon of green 
sylke & oon other of whyte sylke. 

It'm a cope of rede sylke. 

It'm oon crosse clothe of green sylke. 

It'm of lynnen vi. alter clothes & ij. towells iij. albes. 

It'm ij. handbells. 


It'm in the stepull of the churche iij. bells. 
It'm the churche and chancell leaded & the porches & 
the stepul tyeled. 

Comytted to the custodye & safiEe kepyng of Will'm 
Vincent & Henry fyeld. 

J, Seynt John. Vryan Breakton. 

Lewys Dyve. Richard Snowe. 


The Inventorie off the Churche goods ofE famdysh 
made the xviij. daye ofE August the syxt. yere off our 
Soue'yn Lorde Edwarde the syxt by the grace of god off 
England france and Ireland Kyng defender off the ffaythe 
& in erthe off the Churche of England & Ireland sup'me 
hedde by Wyll'm Lordisman p'son off the same Edward 
John fysher Wyllm "Wode churchewardens there and 
Rog'r Wyseman Reynolds bott John power off the sayd 
towne of ffarndyshe. 

ffamdyshe fl&rste one chalyce of sylver w* a patent to 
the same weight xij. ounces & di. 

One cope of dune velvett embrothered w**^ gold one 
cope of whight sylke two vestments on off satyn of burg* 
thother of whight chamlet thre bells in the stepull & a 
sancts bell. The sayde churche off f amdishe & the chancell 
ys coverj'd our w^ ledde. 

Committed to the custodie and safe kepinje of Will'm 
lordesman the p'sone ther John power and Willm Wodo 
J. Seynt John. Vryan Brearton. 

Lewys Dyve. Rychard Snowe. 

* Query Bruges. 


SANDY, Bundle 1395, Feb. 4, No. 1. 

After com'endac'ons unto yo' Worships the Kinge and 
the quene ma'ties Comyssioners Theshalbo to asplyn y'** 
for answere accordyuge to the tenor of your I're directed 
to us the Inhabitunts of the Towne and p'yshe of Sandeye 
in the County of Bedf. for ij. bells th'one wayeng x. cwt. 
i. qr. & ix. of bell metell and th'other wayeng vijc. xlvij. of 
bell metell w*'^ said ij. bells were left in the ehurche yard of 
Sandeye by the Cotn'andeme't of Mr. Rob' Burgoyn 
decessed then bej'nge one of the KjTige Ma' ties Audytors 
who had all the doynge of the exchajnige of y* said ij. bells 
and y"* charged y* no p'sono shulde medle with the same 
hells untill he sent for theym And said y' he wold dis- 
charge us of y^*™ at all times so y* wer^ not charged w* 
the said bells And so shortly after the dethe of the said 
M' Burgoyn Dame Elizabethe Litton late wifF of y** same 
Maister Burgoyn late wiff of S' Rob* Litton Knyght also 
decessyd & now wyfF unto M' Thwynne comannded and 
caused one Michaell Uodgskyn of Brodwater in the p'ysho 
of Nebborthe [Knebworth] in the county of Hertf. y^'' 
oeynge baj-ley unto y® said dame Elizabeth litton to sett 
the said ij. bells from Sandey aforesaid w*^ his cart unto 
Nebborthe aforesaid whereas the same lady litton y^^ 
dwelled And y® said Michaell hodgskyne saythe shortly 
after y« said lady litton caused y* same ij. bells to be carry ed 
to London towards the payment of y** detts of her said late 
husband M' burgoyn And this the said Michaell hodgskyn 
who is a lyve at this p'sent will witness and testifio this 
before whomesoev' he shall be called for steyn of us the 
said inhabytunce of Sandey were w^^ the said Michaell 
hodgskjTi of late to have brought therym who like an 
honest man dcclayred no lcss3 unto us y*^° is lefora saydo 


And thus we the said Inhabytunts of Sandey who have 

subscrybed o' hands here under written in the name of all 

y® inhabitunts of y* Towne & p'yshe of Sandey aforesaid 

have as well adv'tised yo' Worships by whom the same ij. 

bells were taken away as also by what Auctoryte and 

further We cannot say as knowith god who have your 

Worships in his tuytion from Sandey this xij**^ of October 


by yors to comaunde 

Thomas Potter. John Bromsell. x 

Wyllyam ffrancke. Booer Aldryche. 

Thomas Cater. Will'm Adrope. 

Jhon Gausell. Thom's Underwood. 

Thomas Britiyn. x Thom's Spring. 

Thomas Oswin. x Rape Bromsell. 

Wyll'am Carton. 

Endorsement — 
To the Eight Worshipf oil Mr Thomas Myldmay and 
oyrs the Kinge and queue ma'ties Comyssioners in the 
p'yshe of Saynt Thomas th' apostle in London give these 

HULCOTT, B 1392, FUe 2, No 9. 

The Inventorie indentyd off all man^ of plat« Jewells 
Vestments Ornaments & books belongyng to the p'ryshe 
churche of hulcot in the Countie of beds made the last 
day of august in the syxt yere of the Beygne of our 
sov'ren lord Kynge Edward the syxt by the curat churche- 
wardens & dyrers other the discrete & most substancyall 
men of the said p'rishe appoyntyd for the same and also 
examjnied by the Xyngs Maiesties Comyssioners in that 
behaff assigned whos names to either p t of the said Inven- 
torie ar subcrybyd — 



In'p'mys one broken elialice of sllv' wth a patent p'eell 
gylt weynge viij. ounces & i.d. It'm ij. alter clothes iij. 

It'm one crosse of copp\ It'm one crosse clothe of sylk. 

It'm ij. Albes & one vestment red sey, It'm ij. latten 

It'm one latten basen. It'm one lamp of latten. 

It'm a payre of senseres of latten. It'm a holywater 
stop of laten. 

It'm one coop of grene sylke. It'm one snrssclothe 
[? hearsecloth]. 

It'm iij. lytell bells in the stepell the ferste bell in co'pas 
a yeard one foot iij. ynches, in depthe d^ yard ij. ynches, in 
co'pas. the second i. yardde iiij. ynches, in depthe d^ yard 
vi. ynches. the thyrd in compase ij. yeards xiij. ynches 
depth d* yeard vij. ynches. 

It'm the seid chnrche & steple cou'yd w* ledd & y* chan- 
ceU & porche tylyd. 

Com'itted to the custodie & safe kepynge of Michell 

Shopelier p'sone there Thomas Burton and RandoU Spencer. 

J. Seynt John. Vryan Bkeretok. 

Lewys Dyve. Bichard Skowe. 

EVERSOULT.— No. 11. 

This Inventory indentyd of aU man' plate juells vest- 
ments ornaments and bells belonging to the p'ryshe chnrche 
of Eversoult in the countye of Bedforth made the ij. daye 
of Septembre In the vi*^ yere of the Reynge of our 
souraying Edward the vi*^ by the grace of god kyng of 
England of ffrance and Ireland defender of the feayth and 
in crthe sup'^me hcdd of the churche of Englande and 


Ireland by the p'son John Slowgh the ehurchcwardens 
Rych'o Why tbreade Thorn's Butterfyld and the Townsmen 
Edmond Baylee gent Ambrose Gryggory Thom's Johnson 
and John Brett — 

Inpr'm's one challes of sylver p'cell gj'lt waj'inge vij. 
ownce iij. quartos. 

It'm one other challes of copper and gylte. 

It'm ij. copes one blewe velvett th'other grene sylke. 

It'm ij. vestyments one blewe velvett th'other grene 

It'm xv*^ auter clothes and Towells. 

It'm one sheate. 

It'm vi. cortens of domyx* whereof ys made iiij. pla3'ing 
coots [? copes]. 

It'm a coveryng for the auter of old tawny sylke. 

It'm ann auter clothe of grene sylk w^^ is a coverynge 
for the fFunte. It'm ij. corporas cases of blacke velvett. 

It'm ij. corporas clothes. It'm ii. sacrynge bells. 

It'm an old hearse clothe. It'm in the steapuU iiij. bells. 

It'm the churche chauncell vestery and steapuU are 
coveryd w*^ leade 

Comytted to the custodye & saffo kepynge of Them's 
Jonson John bust. 

J. Se2«t John. Vryan Brf.reton. 

Lewys Dyve. Richard Snowe. 

SALFORD.— No. 12. 

The Inventory indentyd of all man' of plate, Jewells 

vestme'ts & bells bclongying to the p'yshe church of 

Salford in ve Count' of bedff, maid the second dav of 

Septe'br in the syxt yere of y® Eeyne of or Sovereyn lord 

• htuif made at Doixick or Toumay. 


Edward the Syxt by y« grace of god by y® curat church- 
wardens & dyu's other of the dyscrete & most substa'cyall 
me' of the said p'yshe appoynted for the same And also 
examyned by y** Kyngs Mai*** Comyssyoners in that behalf 
assigned whose nams to eyther p't of y® said inventory are 

The names of y® p'senters 
Eoger Brough Ticar, 

thomas odell j Church John lovell townesma' 

George townes ) AVardens. 

Impr'is one chalece & one patent of sylu*" p'cell gylt 
waving ix ouncs. 

It'm of laten one crosse & ij ca'delsticks one crosse 
clothe of grene sylk & one ban*" clothe of grene sylk. 

It'm iiij vestme'ts one of blew velvett one of whyte sylk 
& ij of rede & whyte & ij copes one of rede sylk & one of 
dvu's colours. 

It'm in ye steple of ye said church iij bells the great 
bell in co'pas too yeards & d'^ in deapth iij q'rt's & a nayle 
the second in co'pass ij yerds & a q'rt in deapth iij q'rt the 
third in co'passe ij yerds in deapth iiij q*rt save a nayle. 

It'm ye said church & steple cou'ryd w* lede & the 
cha'cell & porch tyled. 

It'm ij hande bells. 

Comytted to the custodie & safe kepying of Eoger 
Broughe Vicare there John Odell & Thomas Buter. 

J. Seyxt John. Vryan Breueton. 

Lewys Dyve. Richard Snowe. 


After ower hertye comendac'ons fforas muche as we ar 



creddebely informed that you conynselye* reteygne in 
youre hands certeyn churche goods somtyme belongyng to 
the p'ysshe churche of mepersale in the countye of Bedd. 
Thise shalbe therfor to requyre you And on the kynge 
and the queues maiestyes behaLffe streythe to comaunde 
you by the vertue of there highness comyssyon to us dy- 
rected that you p'sonallye appere before us att Westm' 
in the late Augmentacon courte the thyrde daye of the 
nexte Trjiiytee t'rme to make answere to such poyntes & 
artycles as then shalbe objected ageynst you consuyng the 
said goods fEayle you nott hereof at your p'ylle from 
Westm^ the xvi*^ of Maye 1556. 

yor lovynge firends 
Wili/m Berners. Geo. Mildmay. John Wyseman. 

Endorsed — 

To Thom's Stryger of Mepersale in the countye of Bedd. 
yoman be thys delyve'd. 

Ornaments belongyng to the churche of Mep'sale & solde 
& deleyvrd by Thom's Stringer of the same. 

ffyrste one chalesse p'cellgylte solde unto j 
Leonard daye for xx crowness somm j ^^ ^• 

It'm one cope & a vestment of redd velvett j 
Sold to Henrj'e Grave ) ^^*- 

It'm one handebeUe solde to Leonard daye xvjd. 

It'm the sam Thom's detavnth the veile 
the coveringe for the roode & the canepye 
of clothe & frenged w*^ sylke. 

M°^ the same Thomas shal be bounden by 
yo' to p'uyde a new canapie of sarcenett on 
satten of badger on thirsde the ffirst of Aug. 

♦ This word very illejfible. 


The same Thorn's dyd deface a grayle * 
belongyng to the said churche & he hath 
also teyne other albes and alter clothes & 
will not restore the same And when the 
pore demande the same he revileth them 
And caleth them begarlye knaves & evill 
entreteth them. 
(An item very illegible is valued at) xxiij« iiijV. 

a Suma yjli xiij« viij. 
Exhibited by WiUm Rolf of Mep'sall. 
M^ the comysson's certyfycate of Beddfordshyre beyng 
serched the xix**^ daye of June ann' ij ^° & iij ^"^ it apperyth 
4 that Iviiijs viijd for the broken chalyce the cope of taffyta 
& latten was p'd to the comyssyon's hands by the said 
Thomas Strynger and is chardged w' in the somme of 
cccviij7f iiijV for the churche goods of Beddfordeshyre. 

The declaration of Thomas Strj'nger of Mep'sale w*^in 

the countie of Bedf. yoman of for & conc'nynge hys 

dyscharge of any churche goods supposed to be by hym 

defrauded contrarye &c. Imp' mis the said Thomas sayeth 

aboughte a vj *^ or vij ^ yeares past that he the seid 

Thomas & on Gowther Parker yoman of the same towne 

nowe decessyd were then churche wardens of the seid 

churche of Mepsall & at suche tyme & when they were 

commanded by the Kyngs Comyssyoners at that time 

appoynted to cu' before them & to brynge w*^ them a 

lawfull Inventory of all suche churche goodds & stocks of 

money as then were belongynge unto the churche of the 

seid p'ysshe where of they then as churche wardens was 

* The Gradual or Grayle was a volame contain ing all the mosioal por-^ 
tiona of the aervioe for Haas. 


charged w*^ all where uppon the said churche wardens 
among other many churche wardens of other p'rj'^sshes dyd 
not only appeare at Luton but also at Cly'ton & at the 
seid town of Clyfton then dyd delyvr unto on S"" Michaell 
fFyssher knyght & other then comyssyon's appoynted on 
certen Inventory of all the churche goodds at that tyme 
belongynge the same churche of Mep*sale aforesaid yn the 
w^^ Inventory were conteyned all thes p'cells foUowynge 
that ys to saye on Chales w^^ a patent a black velvett cope 
^th a vestment to the same belongynge a Redd saten cope 
& a whyte vessment to the same w^^ certeyn awbes & 
aulter clothes the nu'ber of the wiche certenly are not yn 
ther knowledge & also v bells And also expressed yn the . 
seid Inventory at the same tyme that the churche was 
ledded and the channcell tyled And as for the seid stocks 
of money above specyfied to his remembrance he sayethe 
dothe amounte unto xxxs or xl« or there aboughts w*^^ was 
delyue'd by the seid churche wardens unto the ordenary 
long before the makynge of the said Inventory and farder 
the seid Thomas sayethe that after the seid Inventory 
p'sented & before any goods delyv*ed by the vertewe of 
the same Inventory that the seid Qowther Parker and the 
seid Thomas Strynger uppon ther occompts makynge & 
were dyscharged & on John Strynger & Harry Meade then 
newly elected & chosen churchewardens & after w** election 
& aboughte a iij yeres past they were comaunded amonge 
other to appeare before newe comyssoners then for the 
ornament of the churche appoynted for to appeare before 
them at Bedf. w**' all the ornaments before specyfyed w* 
in the said Inventory at w*"* tyme the seid churchwardens 
then beynge dyd make delyuer accordingly as all other 
churche wardens were compelled to do the lyke & the same 


ADd this the seid Thomas Strynger sayeth & more yn the 
p'miss he cannot say trustynge that y t ys suffycyent for 
his declaration. 

And forasmyche as yt ys to be supposed that one John 
Seventhorpe the elder gent of Mep'sale aforeseid shold be 
on of the p'curers of this byll agenst hym he sayeth he must 
needs utter thyngs agenst the seid Seventhorpe that 
he wold not gladly have done excepte co'mandment 
had compelled to do ther unto of for & conc'nynge the 
ymbeaselynge of certeyn goods wch neyur were put into 
the Intoventory [«2c] & all by the tell & doynge of the 
seid Seventhorpe w^^ p' cells so ymbeaceled by the seid 
Seventhorpe be as after followthe : — 

Imp'mis he had a saunce bell hangynge in the belfrey 
& counted the same to his owne use & neyuer payd on peny 
therfore and by estymacon worthe to be soldo iiij. marks 
or ther aboughts. 

It'm he had yn lyke mann' a whyte satten cope braunched 
& a vestment to the same worthe v" to be bought & payd 
therfore neu*^ a peny. 

It'm he had ij. other vestments on of Lyons blewe & 
whyte & the other Redd satten pryce to be sold xls. or 
there aboughts. 

And farder sayethe that when he & an other ioyned 
w*^ hym as churchewardens made awaye in his tyme so 
beynge made away a gate house to his own commodities 
only worth vij. or viij«. And also consumed the stocke 
of a iiij . marks or there aboughts of redy money & neu' 
wold accompt unto the p'rysshe for any peny therof nor 
neu' at this day for any thynge that the p'ysshe could do 
And also kepe the churche bels from them for that yntent 
wherby the p'rysshe ys hyndered for thes thyngs for the 


p'fett of the same And for asmyche farder as the folle 
treuthe shall appear the seid Thomas declarethe farder 
what things have been don by the folle consent of the 
p'rysshe at & before the makynge of the fyrst Inventory 
that ys to say they dyd sell an old broken chales & there 
made to the use of the same p'rysshe churche iiijlL of 
redy money And p'te of the seid money bestowed after- 
wards by consent & advyse of the Ordynary for the Rely- 
efEe of the poore of the p'rysshe & the rep'ac'ons of the 
churche And at the delyu'e of the churche goods the Com- 
yssy oners dyd cast the seid p'rysshe yn arrerage for the 
seid churche goods iij"- savynge viii^- w^^ money was payd 
owte of hand befor the retorne of the Comyssoners and 
what shyfts the seid p'rysshe by ther hoUe consents dyd 
make for the helpe of themselfes for the repayment agen 
of that money that was payd the seid Thomas Strynger 
do remytt that vnto the reporte of the hooUe p'ysshe & 
nothynge was don in the p'miss but only the said Seven- 
thorpe was made pryve thereunto & so an ende and more 
the seid Strynger sayethe not for this tyme nor more can- 
not save otherwyse than the hoUe p'rysshe do knowe. 
After moost hertye com'endacons this shalbe to sygnfye 
onto yo' all that where lately yoe dyrected your I'res yn 
all yo^ thre names vnto a neyghbor of myne on Thomas 
Strynger of Mepersale w*^ in the Shyere of Bedf. yoman 
wyllynge hym and also on the Kynge & the Queues behalfe 
straytly do comaunde hym to appeare before yor p'sonally 
at West' 311 the late augmentacon courte the fyrst daye of 
Trynytie Terme to make answer to such poynts & artycles 
as then shall be objected ageynst hym concemynge the 
churche goods And this yor doynge as y* shold seme to be 
by vertewe if ther highnes comyssyon as by yor Tres dat' 


the xvi*^ of May more playnly apperethe pleasethe you all 
to imderstonde that the p'curers of this byll be not neyther 
frjmds nor lovers unto the seid Strynger but only that 
that they do yf y* were for the zeale of lustyce orells for 
any goodde wyll that they have towards the fumyture of 
ther churclie they were worthye Su* prayse' as I do knowe 
the qualytyes of thos p'sons to be to the contrary & that 
they do y* of pure malyce And that wyll suVhat appeare 
by the delyu'e of yo* Tres for they neu' delyu'd them 
untyll Weddynsday last next before the day of apparaunce 
& yet they be all of a Towne dwellynge And forasmyche 
as my neyghbor ys an olde man and not vsed to jomey 
And that also I unworthely amonge other of the 
worshypful as I suppose are yn lyke comyssyon w*** in 
ow*^ shyre of Bedf. of & for the churche goodds & other 
thyngs I haf e called the said p'tie before me and have 
declared the contents of yo^ I'res before hym & uppon 
dewe examynation therin had before me & other of the 
comyssyon haue taken his answer concernynge the p'miss 
)Ti wrytynge to the yntent to take suche order eyther by 
yo' or by us accordynge as occasion shall s'ue uppon the 
seid answer wiche answer at my cumynge upp w*** in a 
day or twoo yn the begynnynge of this Terme I shall 
shewe unto yo' all trustynge yn the meane tyme that yoe 
wyll not be offended for hys non apparance. Thus 
byddynge yoe all most hertely farewell from Alrichesey 
[Arlesey] the iij^ of June by yo' assuryed at all tymes to 
comaunde. J'ph Hemynge. 

Indorsed — 
To the Ryghte worshypfull Willm Berners Thomas 
Myldmay and John Wyseman Esquyers and to eu^'y of 
them at London be this deliuered. 


HUSBAND CRAWLEY, File 2, No. 4. 

The Inventorye indentyd of all mann** of plate vesty- 
ments & bells belongyng to the sayd p*ryshe chyrche in 
ye county e of bedford made fyrste day of Septe'bre in 
y® syxte yere of the Rayne of ou' sov'yne lord Kyng 
Edward the syxte by y* curat churchwardens & dyvers 
other of the discret & substancyall men of the sayd p'ryshe 
appoynted for the same. 

Impr'mis a chalyce of Tynne. 

It'm a crosse of copper. 

It'm of lynnen iiij alter clothes. 

It'in ij hangjTigs before ye Alt*. 

It'm iiij olde lynnen clothes. 

It'm i buckram hangyng. 

It'm iij vestyments on of blue veluet. 

It'm another of red sylke and ye thyrd of satten. 

It'm iij copes on of satten & ij of lynnen. 

It'm oon crosse clothe of Red sylke. 

It'm the sayd chyrche & stepul is ledded and the 
chancell and the porche is tyled. 

It'm i handbell & a sawnce bell. 

Thes men beyng p'sent at the makyng of thys Inven- 
torye : — 

Thomas B\Tde, Gierke. 

Thomas Allyn, John Matthew, Chyrche wardens. 

Ny colas Abbat, Ry chard Syare. 

Henrie Matthew, Wyll'm Pottens. 

It'm in y® steple of y'* sayde chyrche iiij bells The grete 
bell in bredithe iij foote & halfe A inche in depthe ij foote 
& y inches & in thyckness iij inches The second in 
bredthe iij foote viij inches in depthe iij foote ij inches iij 
q'ters in thyckness ij inches & iij q'ters of an inche. 


The thyrde in bredthe lij foote v inches in depthe iij 
foote & halfe and inche and in thycknees ij inches & a 
halfe The fourthe bell in bredthe ij foote i inche in 
depthe ij foot v inches and in thycknes ij & a q'ter of a 

Comytted to to the custodie & saffe kepynge of Thomas 
Birde Vicar there Thorn's Alvn & John Mathew. 

J. Seynt John. Vryan Brereton. 

Lewys Dyves. Richard Snowe. 


The Inventory endented of all the ornaments & chyrche 
goods there remaynynge beyng p'sented before the Kyngs 
maties commissionr's. by Robt. Slyngsby clerke vycar there 
Thomas Golston Gent. Wyll'm Bolton Alexander yerle 
Wyll'm Money Inh'itants of the same towne at Bedford 
the xviij*^ day of Auguste in the syxte yere of the Rayne 
of ou' Soureyn lorde Kyugo Edwarde the syxte, &c. 

Rye. Cooke \ 
George Samson ( Chyrchewardens. 

Imp'mis one chalyce of silu' p'cell gilte weyng xvi. 

It'm one crosse of latten gylted. 

It'm one sylke cope a chesablo * and one amys t w*^ an 

It'm iij frunts & ij auter fronts of sylke. 

It'm ij corporas case one of clothe of golde & thother 
of velvett. 

* The distinctiTe sacrifioial vestment of the Holj Eucharut. 

t An oblong piece of fine lineo, sometimes ornamented with a strip of 
embroidery, worn by the olergy round the neck over the cassock when, 
vesting for celebration. 


It'm one sute of redde vestyments wth a cope of sylke. 
It'm ij coffers. 
It'm iiij bells in the steple. 

The chyrche & the steple cou'ed w**^ leade and the 
chauncell coured w**^ tyle & slate. 

Com'tted to the custodye & saff kepynge of Rob*. 
Slyngsbye vicar ther Thomas Golston and Willm Bolton. 
J. Seynt Johx. Vryan Brereton. 

Lbwys Dyve. Rychard Snowe. 

WILLINGTON— Bundle 1392, File 3, No. I. 

After our humble commendacones to you where in the 
certificate by your L[ord8hip] and other comesson" in the 
tyme of our late sovrayne lorde kynge Edwarde the sixth 
concerning church goods hit apperith that Thom's Vemey 
of Willington in the Countie of Bedf . Esquyre who maryd 
the wyfE of Wyll'm Qostwyk Esquyre late Brother to S' 
John Gostewyk her late husbond ys to answer for a crosse 
of sylver gylte and payre of cruetts of sylver solde for 
xviiij^* and a cope of clothe of golde w' vestment deacon 
and subdeacon worth by estimac'on xx'* one chalice p. oz. . 
xvi. oz., a suyte of vestmentss of white damask for 
Liiis. iiijd. for the whiche the same Thom's Vemey was 
called before us by vertue of comission to us in that 
addressed and forasmoche as he hath alledgyd by his 
counsell that the said plate and ornaments were not 
app'teynynge to the churche of Willington nor were not 
at any tyme taken or knowen to be the goods of the said 
church But were the goods of S' John Gostewyk Knyght 
and were many tymes by his commandment brought from 
the dwellinge house of the said S' John Gostwyke to the 


Churche of Willington aforesaid tyme of the devyne S'vice 
ther and accustomably used to be recary ed to the said howse 
and that also they do alledge they never were bequethed nor 
geven to the said church by the said S' John Gostwyk 
And were p'sented onely of malice by the late vicar ther 
which p'tely is touched in yo' certificate Hit maye lyke you 
calling the said M' Vemey before you the Vycare thereof & 
the p'yshioners of Willington aforsaid to examine the trothe 
of this matter And thereopon to signifye to us by your 
I'res to thende that we maye further p'cede in their Maiesties 
8* vice to us comytted as therby we may take order w* the 
said Mr. Vemey or any other whom the same shall con- 
ceme. And so lokynge fur the Reacon of yor answer 
herin in the begynnynge of the last of Julie next we take 
our leave of you flfrom Westm'^ the viij^^ of May 1576. 

Yours assuredly, 
William Berners, Tho. Mildmay, John Wyseman. 
Tlie names of the preventers of the goods plate and 
Jewells of the parish of Willington aforsaid, John Bost- 
wik,* gent. Eobert Osmond John Cowper John Smalle late 
vicar concerning the premises And certified under thands 
of the Commissar in the Countie of Bedf. 

S'^John Sentjohn Knight, Joh' Gascoyne K., Evan 
[Uryan] Brereton Knight, Nich. Luke Esquyer, John 
Sentjohn Esquyer. 

Endorsed as follows — 
To the Right Hon'able the Lorde Mordaunt, S. John 
St. John Knyght, Nicholas Luke Esquyre, one of the 
Barones of the Kinge & Queues Maiesties Exchequer 
Lewes Dyve Esquyre to three or ij of them. 

♦ Gostwicke. 


File 3, No. 2. 

Ilight wourshipf ull pleaseth y* you to be adv'tysed that 
according to the tenor of your letter unto us directed we 
have taken the sayengs of souche p'sons as we thought 
had mooste knolege in the matter wherunto they have 
sette their handes whyche we have sente you herein 
inclosed with the same letter and for so mouche as we can 
p'seave y^ was done but in malyce. Thus we bid you 
mooste hertelie farewell 

Nicholas Luke, 
Lewys Dyve. 
Endorsed — 
To the Right WorshipfuU M*^ Berners & other the 
Kyngs & Queues Maities Comyssioners this to &c. 

File 3. No. 3. 

S^ Will'm Wardd al's Biddenham Clerk, of thage of 
Ixxviij yeares or theraboute sworn and examined that he 
kepinge the cure ther a year and a half in S* John Gost- 
wiks tyme and chapleyno ther in the house for the space 
of xvij years deposethe that as touching the cooppe vestme't 
deacon and subdeacon of clothe of gold and suett of vest- 
ments of whight damaske specyfied and mentioned in the 
same presentment he of his own proper knowledge never 
knewe none suche ther duringe all his abide ther And as 
to the crosse of silver and gilt ennameled a payr of cruetts 
of silver a chalece of sylver and parcell gilt he deposethe 
that the same wer the proper goods of the same S' John 
Gostwike and were brought to the churche upon hieth 
fEestivall days and at night caried home again to the 
Manner house as the proper goods of the same S^ John 
also he wolde lend certein of them to certin other townes 


wher lie was Lord of and bronght home againe to his 
house at night And also the said S' John nev^' in his lyfe- 
tyme did give sell nor bequethe neyther the said cross 
cruetts nor chalice of silver nor any of them to the 
ehurche of Willington aforsaid nor to the churche wardens 
ther to the use of the' said churche by worde wyll nor 
wrji;inge for he saith he was Avith the same S' John untyll 
he dyed. And further he deposethe that throught the 
craftiness of one Will'm Nyxe ther beinge parisshe clerk 
and after him one John Dames being als' p'ishe clerk ther 
was certain vestments or ornaments embeseled to the value 
of iiij"*" pounds or ther abouts wherupon the said S'^ John 
commanded a Inventory to be made that if in case any of 
them at any time after wer lakinge that the clerk for the 
tyme beinge and the churchwardens also shuld be always 
answerable to the said S' John Gostwick for the same And 
that in confirmation of this p'nt deposition the said 
S' Willm Wardd hath here unto subscribed his name 
withe his owne proper hand by me Will'm Wardd Clerk, 
Nicholas Luke, Lewyes Dyve. 

Thomas Leigh of Caldewell in the Countie of Bedd, 
Esquier of thage of xl yeres or theraboute sworn and 
examined deposed That from the xxix*^ yere of the raigne 
of Kynge Henry the Eight until the daie of the dethe of 
S'^ John Gostwik he was for the most parte restaunt & 
abidying w^ the saide S' John Gostwik and as to the crosse 
of silver gylt a pair of crowetts of same and the chalice of 
silver and p'cell gylt mentioned in a p sentment to him 
redde he deposeth and saieth that the same were the mere 
propre goods of S' John Gostwik And never at any tyme 
by the lyfe of the saide S' John by him geven nor 
bequethed nether to the Churche of Willington nor yet to 


the churchwardens there nor to any other p'sone or p'sones 
there to the use of the saide churche as he doth very 
certeinlye know But he saieth that the said S' John many 
tymes of a devoute mynd wold comyt and assigne the said 
crosse cruetts and chalice to be caried used & occupied to 
& in the church of Willington on holydaies and solemp 
feasts and that at night they were brought home to his 
own house there and alwaies remayned in the charge 
and custody e of his s'vant as p'cell of his mere 
propre goods and plate And also he further saieth as to 
the cope vestem't decon and subdeacon of clothe of golde 
and the suits of vestem'ts of white damaske me'tioned 
and specified in the said p'sentm't That duringe all the 
saide tyme of his abode w* the saide Sr John he nev^ knew 
nor saw any suche in the custodye or possession of the said 
S' John And that in co'firmation of this pr't deposicion the 
said Thomas Leigh hathe hereunto subscribed his name 
w* his own propre hande 

p. me Thomam Leigh manu' p*ria. 
Nicholas Luke, Lewyes Dyve. 
John Smalle preste vyc'r of Eempston & late vyc'r of 
WylljTigton in the coimt' of Bedf. sayeth upon hys 
honesty and fydelyte that he never knew or dede kno any 
maner of gyfte of the cross of sylver & gylte the crewts 
chalys or the vestments & suite of cloth of golde & 
damaske to the chyrche of Wyllynton aforesayde but 
sayeth that the seyde ornaments weere used in the seyde 
chyrche on hye dayes and where brought from the house 
of Will'm Gostwyke & so caryed home agein when su'vice 
whas done And further sayeth that the p'sentm't wych he 
consented unto whas onleye upon the p'sentm't of John 
Gostwycke John myten & Thomas Myten he seyde 


p'syley * that ther whas a gyfte made by S' John Qost- 

wicke & seyd ther whas an Inventorye theyrof made But 

of hys knolege he knew none for y^ whas before he whaa 

Tyker ther and thus he sayeth to be the Treoth. 

By me Syr Tho. Small, 

Nicholas Luke, 

Lewyes Dwe. 

Eobert Osmond of Wyllyngton one [of ye] seyd 

p'sentors sayeth that on hys fydelyte that he never knew 

the forsayde ornaments nor no part of them nor never 

knew of any gyfte or Inventorye of the same but sayeth 

that p'sentm't wych he joyned wyth the others whas only 

upon the saying of John gostwycke & Thomas myten for 

he sayeth he whas but su'vant wyth John myten in S*^ John 

gostwyck tyme in the seyd towne & this he wylle abyde 

bye at all tymes. 

Nicholas Luke, 

Lewyes Dyve. 

John Couper of the seyd towne of Wyllyngton & one 

of the seyde p'senters sayeth on hys honesty in all things 

savyng he hath sene them or caryed in the chyrch & so 

caryed into the house of S' John Gostwycke As Robert 

Osmond afore hathe sayde that he wylle stonde unto 

JHON Cowp' Nicholas Luke, 

Lewyes Dyvk. 

Will'm Deny of Bletso in the County of Bedford yoman 

of th'age of ffyfty yeares somtymes servaunt to S' John 

Oostwik deceased sworn examined deposethe that as 

touchinge the coppe vestment deacon and subdeacon of 

clothe of golld worthe xx'* or above the suett of vestments 

* ThiB word is rery orabbed but must be taken to be meant for *< pre- 
eiaely."— J. G. B. 



of whight damaske price iiij'^^inarks specified and mentioned 
in the said presentment he of his proper notice certeinly 
knowethe that the said S' John gostwik hadd none such in 
his possession duringe the space of viij yeares before his 
dethe And as to the crosse of syllver and gyllt enamelled 
a payre of cruetts of sillver a chalece of syllver & parsell 
gillt he deposethe that the same S' John Gostwik hadd of 
his own proper goods and sometymes the said S*^ John 
woUd comawnd the same at hiethe ffestivall days to be 
brought to the churche to the greter honor & glory of god 
and at every suche tyme he woUd have the same crosse 
cruetts and chalice broughte home in to his house of 
WilHngton at or before night of the same day and the 
same were keppt in the custody of him that had the rest 
of his plate and accompted of all men as his own propre 
goods and platte And also that the said S^ John never in 
his liff tyme did gev sell nor bequethe neither the said 
crosse cruetts nor chalice of sillver nor anv of them to the 
ohurch of Willington aforesaid nor to the churchwardens 
ther to th'use of the said churche by word wjdl nor wryting 
for he sayethe he was withe and aboute the same S^ John 
untyll he dyed And that in conformation of his p'nt despo- 
sition the said Will'm Deny hathe hereunto subscribed his 
name with his owne propre hand. 

Wili/m Den' Nicholas Luke. 

Lewys Dyve. 
Will'm Ffayry of "Willington in the County of Bedford 
yoman of th'agge of fFifty yeares or ther aboute and 
howshold servaunto withe S' John Gostwike for the space 
of xiiij years and after p'isshioner in the same towne xiiij 
yeares sworn and examyned deposethe that as touching the 
coppe vestment deacon and subdeacon of clothe of gold 


The saet of yestments of whight damask specifyed and 
mentioned in the same presentment he of his propre notice 
never knew none such ther all the said space and as to the 
crosse of silver & gillt enamelled a payre of cruetts of 
silyer a chalice of silver and p'ceU gillt he deposethe that 
thei were the propre goods of the said S^ John Gostwik 
and somtymes the said S' John wold lend them to the 
churche upon ffestivall days and ther to be used and occu- 
pyed and at night brought home againe to the Manor 
house farther he saythe that in all the said space he never 
hard that the said S*^ John did gyve sell nor bequethe 
neither the said crosse cruetts nor chalice of silver nor any 
of them to the churche of Willington aforesaid nor to the 
churchwardens there to the use of the said churche by word 
wyll nor wrytnge for he hath continued in the same towne 
the space of xxviij yeares. Also the said Will'm saithe 
that one John Dawes sometyme being clerk ther and 
"Will'm Bangle churchwarden lost certain vestments wher- 
upon S^ John Gostwick commanded a Inventory to be mad 
that the clerk for the tyme beinge shulld be accomptable 
at all tymes for the same And that in confirmatio' of this 
present deposition the said Will'm ffayry have sett to his 
hand. * Nicholas Luke. 

Lewyss DyvE. 

Thomas Smalwodd of Willington in the County of 
Bedf. yoman being of th'agge of xl yeares or theraboute 
dwellinge and abidinge in Willington for the space of xxx 
yeares sworn and examyned that as touchinge the coppe 
of vestment deacon and subdeacon of clothe of gold The 

* At the foot of thlB deposition is a scrawl which indicates that this 
Pairy could not write. — J. G. R. 



suet of vestments of whighte damaske specyfied and 
mentioned in the same presentment he of his propre notice 
never knew none such ther duringe all the said tyme And 
as to the crosse of silver and gillt enameled a payre of 
cruetts of sillver a chalice of silver and p'cell gyllt he 
deposethe that thei wer at all tymes the goods & plat of 
S' John Gostwike and at all tymes remayninge in the 
Manore house sauinge upon certein fiestivall days hit was 
brought to the churche and ther occupyed & used and at 
night brought home againe and that Sir John Gostwike in 
all his lif time ded nether geve sell nor bequethe the said 
crosse cruetts or chalice of silver nor any of them to the 
churche of Willington aforsaid nor to the churchwardens 
ther to th'use of the said churche by wordd wyll nor 
wrytyng And that in conformation of this p'nt depotision 
the said Thomas hathe herunto sett to his hand.* 

Nicholas Luke. 

Lewyes Dyve. 

Henry ffisher of Eowhall in the County of Bedford 
yoman beinge of th'agge of xlix yeares or theraboute 
somtymes servaunt to 8*" J'hn Gostwike Knight decessed 
sworn & examyned deposji;he that as touchinge the coppe 
vestment deacon and subdeacon of clothe of gold The suet 
of vestments of whight damaske specified and mentioned 
in the sayd presentmente he of his propre notice never 
knewe none suche ther duringe the space of xviij yeares 
for so longe he hathe been servaunt and always restyaunt 
in the house of Willington And as to the crosse of sillver 
and gyllt enameled a payre of cruetts of sillver a chalice 
of silver and parcell gilt he deposythe that the same S^ 

* Not Signed by Deponent.— J. G. K. 


John Gostwike liadd of his own propre goods and somtymes 
tlie said S' Jolin wold comaund the same at hiethe ffestyyall 
days to be brought to the ehurche and ther to be sett 
npon the biethe allter and used & occupied to the better 
adorninge and decoratinge of the said church and at every 
such tyme he wold have the same crosse cruetts and chalice 
brought home into his house of Willington at or befor 
night of the same day and the same were keppte in the 
custody of him that hadd the rest of his plate and wep 
accompted of all men as his owne p'pre goods & platte 
Also that the said S' John never in his lif did geve sell 
nor bequethe neyther the said crosse cruetts nor chalice of 
silver nor to the ehurche nor to the churchwardens ther 
to th^use of the said ehurche by wordd will nor wrytinge 
for he saythe he was wyth and aboute the same S"" John 
untyll he dyed And that in confirmation of this p'nt depo- 
sition the said henrv ffisher hathe hereunto subscribed his 
name with his own propre hand. 

Nicholas Luke, 


Will'm Bingham of Willington in the countie of Bedford 
yoman being of th'agge of liii yeares or ther aboute and 
clerke of the same p'isshe for the space of xi yeares or 
ther aboute sworn and examyned that as touchinge the 
coppe of gold vestment deacon and subdeacon of clothe of 
gold The suet of whight vestments of whight damask pre* 
iiij"' marks he is very certein and sure that ther was none 
such du'inge all the sayd space of xi 5'ears and as to the 
crosse of sillver and gillt enamelyd a payre of cruetts of 
sillver a chalice of sillver and parcell gillt he deposethe 
that thei wer at all tymes remayinge in the house and 
sometyme upon ffestivall days brought to the ehurche and 


ther occupyed to the settinge fEorthe of gods service and at 
night brought home againe to the Manore house and that 
hit was never accompted ne' taken as none of the churchis 
of Willington ne' none of the p'isshe at any time mad cleim 
thereof imtyll now of late and that in confirmation of his 
p'nt deposition the said Will'm hathe subscribed his name 
with his owne hand. 

Wyll'm byngham. Nicholas Luke 

Lewyes Dyve. 
John Croker of Willington in the county of Bedford 
servingman of th'agge of forty years or ther aboute com- 
ynge to service to Willington house inamediately after the 
deathe of S' John Gostwik and ther hathe co'tynued for 
the space of xi years sworn and examyned that as touchinge 
the coppe vestmente Deacon and subdeacon of clothe of gold 
The suett of vestments of whight damaske he certeinly 
knoweth that at suche tyme as M^'WilUm Gostwik did 
enter into the house and goods of S' John Gostwike that 
ther was no suche ther for he was ther presente at the 
dely very of the same And as touching the crosse of sylver 
& gyllt enamelled a payre of cruetts of sylver a chalice of 
sylver and parcell gillt he deposethe that the said Will'm 
Gostwik hadd them allways in his house as his owne p'pre 
goods and soifttyme at hiethe ffestivall days wold coma'd 
them to be brought to the churche ther by one of his 
servants or elles by the clerk and ther to be occupyed and 
used to the better may'tening of gods service and to the 
bewtifyinge of the churche and at night thei were all 
brought home againe unto the Manor house at or before 
night of the same day for he saythe that he hathe deliured 
them and receved them dy vers and sundry tymes to the 
churche and from the churche and that in all the said 


flfpace of xi yeares was never accompted as any of the 
dmrchis nether never none of the p'ishe made any claime 
unto them nntill nowe of late one John Gostwik with 
other of a malitions and devlisshe mynd intendynge to pnt 
the said S' Thomas Vemey and the Lady Anne his wif to 
troble did cause this same presentment to he made and sett 
forthe as it is evidently knowen hothe in the towne and 
also in the countrey notwithstandyne the said John Gost- 
wike did set forthe a contrary presentment and was sworn 
himself to the same before Srancis pigotte Esquier Edward 
peke George Ackworthe and John Colbecke gent, commis- 
sioners. And that in confirmation of this depotition the 
said John hathe subscribed his name with his owne propre 

p'me JoHANNEM Croker. Nycholas Luke, 

Lewyes Dtve. 
J. G. R. 

It is a matter for regret that so few of these Inventories 
have come down to us, the fourteen above given being all, 
I bdieve, that remain out of some hundred and twenty. 
The Commission was issued in May, 1552, and the Inven- 
tories taken between August and December of the same 
year by the Commissioners appointed for that purpose, 
viz. : — S' John S* John, of Bletsoe, Knight ; Lewis (after 
Sir Lewis) Dive, of Bromham, Knight ; Sir Uryan Brere- 
ton, and Richard Snowe, of Chicksands, whose daur. 
Rebecca was the wife of William Gerv, of Bushmead. 
The Commission did not affect the law relating to the 
Church Vestments and Ornaments in use, being issued 
with a view to complete the system of spoliation inaugu- 
rated on a larger scale by Hen, VIII., and to check the 


wholesale system of plunder carried on by those ill-affected 
towards the Church, examples of which may be found in 
the foregoing pages. The inventories, however, that have 
come down to us are useful as showing what Vestments 
and Ornaments were in use in 1552, and consequently a 
considerable portion of the Ornaments which were in use 
in 1549, the year referred to in the Ornaments Kubric in 
the Prayer Book. According to the Commissioners' Cer- 
tificate the value of the Church goods noted in the Inven- 
tories for this county appears to have amounted to 
£308 Os. 4d. Other valuable information may be gleaned 
from these inventories, such as the names of the vicars, 
the number of the bells, &c. It will also be seen that the 
churches were not all equally well furnished ; Houghton 
Regis, for instance, possessing a great variety of furniture, 
notwithstanding its having been robbed, while Famdish 
and Willington appear to have possessed but few things; 
Hulcott, again, appears with a broken chalice, Husbome 
Crawley being reduced to one of tin I while Eversholt had 
one of copper. Two chalices seem to have been the 
ordinary number, one perhaps for the High Altar and the 
other for the side altar. » Summarizing the foregoing in- 
ventories the ioUowing figures are obtained. Altar cloths, 
44 ; Altar frontals, 19 ; Banner, 1 ; Basins, 2 ; Bells, 48 
Candlesticks, 8 ; Canopies, 1 ; Censers, 10 ; Chalices, 19 
Chests, 4 ; Copes, 38 ; Corporas cloths, 9 ; Crosses, 12 
Cross cloths, 8 ; Cruetts, 2 ; Handbells, 8 ; Hanging 
cloths, 11 ; Herse cloths, 4 ; Holy-water Stoups, 1 ; 
Lamps, 1 ; Lectern cloths, 2 ; Patens, 5 ; Pax, 1 : Pillows, 
5 ; Pyxes, 4 ; Sacring bells, 4 ; Sanctus bells 6 ; Ships, 1 ; 
Towells, 36 ; Vails, 1. Of Vestments there were : — 
Albes, 6 ; Amices, 1 ; Chasuble, 1 ; Copes, 38 ; Dalmatics, 


5 ; Bocliets, 4 ; Suits of Vestments, 2 ; SurpUces, 6 ; 
Tunicles, 5 ; Vestments, 57 (these were probably chasu- 
bles). It vdll be noted that no Missals or Breviaries are 
mentioned, these having been destroyed by order of an act 
of Parliament in the year 1649. In the eighth year of 
Queen Elizabeth, 1566, a fresh commission was issued to 
take account of the Vestments and Ornaments then re- 
maining in use, from which we learn that nearly every- 
thing was by that time either destroyed or sold. 

F. A. B. 

STREATLEY. — Extracts from the Parish 


By the courtesy of the vicar, the Rev. G. H. Moxon, I 
have been enabled to make the following extracts from 
the parish registers. The earliest register appears to be 
missing, as the oldest now in existence does not go back 
earlier than 1693. There are many entries of genealogical 
value, and amongst those that are curious is one which for 
its quaint brevity could not well be surpassed ; it reads thus : 
—"1769. Dec 4. Bury'd master Toby.'' ! Again, in 1773 
is recorded the baptism of a negro 13 years of age, pro- 
bably brought over by Edward Tyley, of the island of 
Antigua, who, in 1771, married Penelope Smyth. I have 
only noted one other negro baptism in the registers of this 
County, and that occurs in the Battlesden registers. The 
Smyth family appear to have acquired the Sharpenhoe 
estate in 1673,. as by an Indenture dated Jan. 26th, 1673, 
William Wheeler of Pulloxhill s. & heir of William 
Wheeler of Silsoe conveyed to Hugh Smyth of Sharpen- 
hoe, son & heir app. of James Smyth of Broughton, Co. 


Bucks., & of Elizabeth his wife certain lands in Sharpen- 
hoe, Streatley, Sundon, Harlington, and Barton. In 
1646, Jan. 8th, an indenture was made between Gravely 
Norton of Offley, Herts., Thomas Coppyn of Market Cell, 
& Balph Skynner of Hitchin of the first part, who in 
consideration of the sum of £3,050 conveyed the Sharpen- 
hoe estates to Anthony Cross of Gray's Inn, Henry 
Piggott of Nether Gravenhurst, and William Wheeler of 
Silsoe of the second part. F. A. B. 

*1691. May 3. — John Digby was bom the 19th day of 
March Anno Dom: 1691, and was baptized the. 3rd of 
May following. 

1693. Oct. 27,— Tho : Dix, s. of Tho : Dix & EKz : his 
wife was baptised. 

1693. Nov. 19, — George Ross, s. of Edward Ross & 
Ann his wife was baptised. 

1694. July 18, — Robert Handscomb, s. of John Hand- 
comb & Elizabeth his wife was baptized. 

1694. July 26, — Benjamin the s. of Jo : Digby, Cler. 
& Mary his wife, wm bapt. * (bom 24 of July 1694). 
1694. July 24, — Hugh Smyth was buried. 
1694. Sept. 17, — ^Benjamin Digby buried. 

1694. Jan. 18, — Willm. Handscomb was buried. 

1695. March 1, — Sarah d. of John Handscomb & Eliz : 
his wife was bapt. 

1696. May 19,— Hugh, s. of Jo ; Digby, Cler. & Mary 
his wife was bapt. * (bom 16th day of May 1696). 

1697. May 4, — Mr. John Biscoe and Mrs. Sarah Burr 
were married. 

Note. — The entries marked thus * are collected together at the end of 
Vol. I. 8,v. ** Children of Jo : Digby, Cler . & Curate.' 



1697- July 11, — Thomas Trustram & Penelope Pen of 
Lnton were married. 

1697. Nov. 1, — ^Elizabeth Burr was buried. 

1699. May 4, — Mr. Willm. Sheppard of Ansy Bury 
[ ? Eynesbury] & Mrs. Alice Burr were married. 

1700. Apr. 25, — Mr. Thomas Beaumont of Greenfield 
& Mrs. AKce Smyth were married. 

1702. Nov. — , — John Warwick, Dairyman, & Mary 
Faldo, both of Harlington were married. 

1702. Jan. 25, — William Burr, Gent., was buried. 

1703. June 19, — John, s. of Jo : Handscomb, Gent., & 
Eliz : his wife, of Harden in the Parish of Whettamsted, 
in the County of Hertford, was bur. 

1707. Apr. 21, — ^Elizabeth, d. of Jo: Handscomb & Eliz: 
his wife, of Harpenden, in the County of Hertford, was buried. 

1710. Aug. 31, — ^Thomas Cannon of Sundun & Mary 
Digby were married. 

1710. Nov. 27,— Elizabeth, the wife of John Hands- 
comb of Hitchin, was buried. 

1712. May 28, — James the s. of James Smyth, Gent : 
& Penelope his wife, bapt. 

1713. Sept. 8, — Sarah Digby was buried. 

1713. Nov. 21, — ^Hugh, the s. of James Smyth, Gent. 
& Penelope his wife, bapt. 

1714. Feb. 26, — ^Penelope, the d. of James Smyth, 
Gent. & Penelope his wife, bapt. 

1715. Nov. 16, — ^Penelope, the d. of James Smyth, 
Gent, and Penelope his wife, buried. 

1715. Jan. 27,— Ann, the d. of Ja: Smyth, Gent. & 
Penelope his wife, bapt. 

1717. July 27,— Alice, the d. of Ja : Smyth, Gent. & 
Pendope his wife, bapt. 


1717. Dec. 19, — ^Mr. John Digby, Minr. was Buried. 

1718. Feb. 25, — ^James, s. of Lawrence Smith, Gentle* 
man & Mary his wife, bapt. 

1719. Jan. 4, — ^William Dawes of ye parish of Offley & 
Sarah Goodall of ye parish of Lilly, were marryed. 

1719. Feb. 17, — ^Lawrence, ye s. of Lawrence Smith, 
Gentleman & Mary his wife, bapt. 

1720. Apr. 6, — Mr. Henry Tipping Ministr. buried. 

1720. July 29, — Lawrence, ye s. of James, Gentleman, 
& Penelope Smith, bapt. 

1721. May 6, — Mary ye wife of William Burre, Gent., 
was buried. 

1721. Sept. 27, — Mary the d. of Lawrence Smyth, 
Gent., & Mary his wife, bapt. 

1722. Aug. 23,— Elizabeth, the wife of John Burre, 
Gent : was buried. 

1723. May 29, — Alice ye d. of Laurence Smyth, Gent,^ 
& Mary his wife, bapt. 

1723. Dec. 6, — Clendon Dawkes & Anne Marshall were 
married per Lie : 

1724. Aug. 22,~Mary, ye wife of John Digby, Clark, 
was buried. 

1725. March 26, — Sarah, ye d. of Lawrence Smyth, 
Gent., and Mary his wife, bapt. 

1725. May 19, — Hugh Smyth, Gent., was buried. 

1725. Aug. 24, — Lawrence Smyth, Gent., was buried. 

1726. Apr. 14, — Benj : WiUis & Martha Lacey were 
married per Lie : 

1726. Jan. 22, — John Hanscomb was buried. 

1726. March 9,— Thom : Smith and Deborah Guttaridge 
were married per Lie : 

1727. Aug. 15, — James Smyth, Gentleman, was buried^ 


1728. March 28,— Thomas ye s. of Thomas Smyth^ 
Gent., & Elizabeth his wife, bapt. 

1728. May 8, — ^Mrs. Alice Smyth, widow, was buried. 

1728. June 13, — ^Matthew ye son of Matthew Lacey, 
Gent., & Anne his wife, bapt. 

1728. March 5, — ^Mary ye d. of Thom: Smith, Gent., 
& Eliz : his wife, bapt. 

1729. May 20, — ^Mr. James Smyth, s. of Mrs. Penelope 
Smyth, wid. was buried. 

1729. May 26, — Mr. George Boptie, Cur : was buried. 
1729. May 26,— Mrs. Baptie buried. 
1729. Aug. 21, — Matthew, s. of Matthew Laoey, Gent., 
& Anne his wife, bapt. 

1729. Dec. 19,— Hugh, s. of Thomas Smith, Gent., & 
Elizabeth his wife, bapt. 

1730. — Samuel Nelham signs as Curate. 

1730. Dec. 7, — Edward Page & Sarah Whitebread were- 

1731. Dec. 24, — Hugh Digby, a Smith, was buried. 

1732. Dec. 21, — ^Anna Maria, d. of Matthew Lacy, 
Gentleman, & Anne his wife, buried. 

1732. Feb. 18, — ^Anna Maria, d. of Matthew Lacy, 
Gent., & Anne his wife, buried. 

1737. Dec. 15,— Mr. John Hill of London, Widower & 
Mrs. Martha Will, wid : p. Licence. 

1738. Oct. 20. — ^Bur. Lawrence Smyth, s. of Mrs. Mary 
Smith, wid. 

1739. June 17,— Bur. Mrs. Eleanor Smyth of Ampthill,. 

1739. Jan. 23, — Bur. Miss Anne Smyth of Sharpenhoe 
1739. March 13,— Bur. Mrs. Mary Smyth, wid ; . 


1743. Apr. 19,— Marr : John Crouch, Priest, of Willian 
in the County of Hertford, Gent : and Mrs. Alice Smyth 
of this Parish, Spinster p. Licence. 

1743. July 22,— Bapt. John, s. of John & Phebe Cher- 

1744. Apr. 4, — ^Bapt. Anne, d. of James Smyth, Gent., 
A Alice his wife. 

1744. May 10, — Bur. Anne d. of James Smyth, Gent.» 
A Alice his wife. 

1746. Apr. 21, — ^Bapt. James, s. of James Smyth, Gent., 
& Alice his wife. 

1745. Oct. 31,— Bapt. Mary, d. of John & Phebe Cher- 

1747. April 19, — ^Burr. Anne, wife of John Bridges 

1747. Jmie 11, — ^Bur. Penelope, wife of Daniel Mil- 
ward, Gent. 

1747. Dec. 3,— Bapt. William, s. of John & Phebe 

1747. Deo 27,— Bapt. William, s. of WiUiam & Elia- 
beth Gordon. 

1749. May 27, — ^Bapt. Penelope, d. of James Smyth, 
Gent., & Alice his wife. 

1749. May 30,— Bur : Hugh Smyth, Gent. 

1750. Oct. 15, — ^Bur : Alice, wife of James Smjrth, Gent 
1752. July 31,— Burried, The Rev. Mr. Samuel Nelham, 
1752. Nov. 3, — ^Baptized, James, s. of Thos. & Ann 


1752. — ^Tho. Dove signs as sequestrator, and as curate 
in 1759. 

1754. July 6, — Baptized, James, s. of Thos. & Ann 


1761. Nov. 23,— Buried, EUzabeih ye wife of Thos. 
Smyth, Gentleman. 

1764. Nov. 13,— Thomas Wells of Shefford, widower & 
Sarah Smyth, p. Licence. 

1766. July 6,— Bury 'd, John Nodes Esq., of Luton. 

1767. July 6, — ^Bury'd, the widow "Wesley. 

1761. — The Rev. Wm. Dutton, sequestrator. Vicar in 

1768. Oct. 2,— William Smyth, & Mary Savage of 
Snndon, p. Licence. 

1769. Dec. 4,— Bury'd master Toby ! 

1769. — James Smyth signs as vicar. Rev. Thos. Greaves 

1771. March 5,— Edward Tyley of the Island of An- 
tigua, Batchelor, and Penelope Smyth, spinster, p. 

1771. — ^Thos. Greaves signs as curate. 

1772. May 31, — Buried James Smyth, Esq. 
1772. — ^Will'm Smyth signs as minister. 

1772. Dec. 2, — ^Baptised, Penelope, d : of the Rev. Ed- 
ward Tyley & Penelope his wife. 

1772. Dec. 4, — Buried, Penelope, d. of the Rev. Edward 
Tyley & Penelope his wife. 

1772. — James Smyth signs as vicar. 

1773. May 8, — Baptized, Bedford, a Negro Boy aged 
about thirteen years. 

1773. Aug. 6,— Buried, Mr. Thomas Smyth, aged 82. 

1773. Sept. 26,— Buried, Mr. Hugh Smyth. 

1774. Aug. 12,— Baptized, Edward, s. of the Rev. Ed- 
ward Tyley & Penelope his wife. 

1774. Aug. 28, — Buried, Edward, s. of the Rev. Edward 
Tyley & Penelope his wife. 


1775. June 3, — Baptized, Thomas, s. of Thomas Smyth 
-& Mary his wife. 

1776. Apr. 18, — Baptized, James, a. of the Rev. Edward 
Tyley & Penelope his wife. 

1776. May 8, — Baptized, Penelope, d. of Thos. & Mary 

1776. Dec. 2, — ^Baptized, Edward, s. of the Rev. Edward 
Tyley & Penelope his wife. 

1777. June 12, — Baptized, Ann, d. of Thomas & Mary 

1778. Sept. 15,— Buried, Mr. Philip Taylor. 

1779. June 6, — Baptized, Hugh, s. of Thomas & Mary 

1780. Apr. 8, — Buried, Mrs. Elizabeth Gouldsmith. 

1781. March 21, — ^Baptized, Thomas, s. of Thomas & 
Mary Smith (privately, publicly received June 6). 

1783. — James Hadow, signs as vicar. 
1783. Jime 6, — Baptized, Arbella, d. of Thos. & Mary 

1785. July 19, — Baptized, Georgina, d. of Thomas & 
Mary Smyth. 

1786. May 23,— Baptized, Elizabeth, d. of Thos. & 
Mary Smyth. 

1788. Aug. 7, — Baptized, James, s. of Thos. & Mary 

1 791 . June 23, — Baptized, Elizabeth Cole, aged 28 years. 

1793. Apr. 22,— Buried, Mary Ann, d. of Thos. & Mary 

1793. Oct. 2— Baptized, Eleanor, d. of Thomas & Mary 
Smith, aged 2 years. 

1795. Aug. 25, — ^Baptiz'd, James Edw;ard, s. of James 
-& Sarah Hadow, Bom July 11th. 


1796. Dec. 12, — Baptiz'd Aima Maria, d. of James & 
Sarah Hadow, Bom Not. let. 

1798. JoQ. 28, — Buried, Mr. Thomas Smyth, of 

1798. June 16, — ^Baptiz'd, Edward John, s. of Edward 
Ash, M.D., of the parish of Saint Mary-le-bone, and Anna 
Maria his wife, bom 17th April last. 

1798. June 16,— Baptized William Thomas, s. of the 
Rev. James Hadow, & Sarah his wife, Bom 13th May. 

1798. Sept. 26, — Baptiz'd, Samuel Joseph, s. of Edward 
Ash, M.D., of the parish of St. Mary-le-bone, & Amia 
Maria his wife. Born August 6th. 

1798. Sept. 26, — Baptized, Henry Patrick, s. of the 
Rev. James Hadow, & Sarah his wife, Bom Aug. 

1800. Jan. 16,— Buried, Elizabeth, d. of the late Mr. 
Thos. Smyth & Mary his wife. 

1800. Feb. 5,— Buried Mr. Hugh Smyth. 

1800. Feb. 19,— Buried, Arabella, d. of the late Mr., 
Thos. Smyth & Mary his wife. 

1801. Feb. 21,— Baptizd Charles Scott, s. of the Rev. 
James Hadow, & Sarah his wife. Bom 21st Jan. 

1802. Aug. 3, — Baptized, Elizabeth Scott, d. of the 
Rev. James Hadow, & Sarah his wife. Bom 10th July. 

1802. Oct. 24, — ^Baptized, Elizabeth, d. of James & 
Jane Smith. 

1805. Dec. 7, — ^Buried, Elizabeth, d. of James & Eliza- 
beth Denton, privately baptized. 

1806. Dec. 11, — ^Buried, Mary, d. of James & EUzabeth 
Benton, privately baptized, twins. 

1808. March 27, — ^Baptized, Mary, d« of James and 
Elizabeth Denton. 


1809. July 29, — ^Buried, Mary, widow of Thomas 
Smyth, Gent., of Sharpenhoe. 

1810. Apr. 29,— Baptized, Elizabeth, d. of Thomas & 
Phebe Smyth. 

1811. July 3, — Buried, George, s. of George & Lydia 

1811. Aug. 14, — ^Buried, Arabella, d. of James & Aime 


The 8th part of Patents of the 36th year of the reign 
of King Henry the eighth. 


The King to all whom &c. Greeting Know ye that we 
in Consideration of the sum of £218 of good and lawful 
money of England to the hands of our Treasurer of our 
Court of Augmentations of the Revenues of our Crown to 
our use in hand weU and faithfully contented and paid by 
our trusty and beloved Subject Thomas Norton Citizen 
and Grocer of which said Sum of £218 we acknowledge 
ourselves by these presents to be well and faithfully 
satisfied and contented and the said Thomas Norton his 
heirs executors and Administrators to be thereof exonerated 
by these presents of our especial grace and of our certain 
Knowledge and mere motion We have given and granted 
and by these presents do give and grant to the aforesaid 
Thomas Norton .... 


All that our Messuage and Tenement with its Appur- 
tenances called the Sonne situate lying and being in the 
Parish of Saint Mary Wolnoth in Lombard Street within 
the City of London to the late Monajstery of Stratford 
Langthom in our County of Essex lately dissolved late 
pertaining or belonging and being parcel of the Possessions 
thereof and now or late in the tenure of James Michill or 
his assigns And all and singular Curtilages Gardens 
Shops Cellars SoUars Chambers Stables Buildings Edifices 
£ntrancies Commodities Emoluments and Hereditaments 
whatsoever within the s^ Parish of Saint Mary Wolnoth 
or elsewhere soever within the said City to the said Mes- 
suage or Tenement and other the premises with their 
Appurtenances pertaining or belonging and to the said 
late Monastery of Stratford Langthom lately belonging 
and pertaining and being parcel of the Possessions thereof 

All that our Rectory and Church of Stretley other- 

ivise Streteley with its Appurtenances in our County of 

Bedford to the late Monastery or Priory of Marke- Yate in 

our said County of Bedford lately pertaining or belonging 

and being parcel of the Possessions or Revenues of the 

same late Monastery of Marke- Yate and now or late 

being in the tenure demise or occupation of one William 

Burr or his Assigns And all and singular our Houses 

Bams Stables Dovehouses Edifices Buildings Gardens 

Orchards Garden Groimds Lands Tenements Rents 

Meadows Closes Pastures Woods Glebes Tithes as well 

great as small obventions Fruits Profits Commodities and 

Emoluments whatsoever with their Appurt^ to the said 

Rectory and Church pertaining or in any way belonging 

And also the Advowson Donation Presentation Free Dispo- 


Bition and Right of Patronage of the Vicarage of Stretley 
otherwise Streteley in our said Comity of Bedford to the 
said late Monastery or Priory of Mark-Yate lately per- 
taining or belonging and also the Reversion and Reversions 
of the aforesaid Messuage or Tenement called the Sonne 
with the Appurtenances and of the aforesaid Rectory 
Church Lands Tenements Tithes and all and singular other 
the Premises with their Appurt's and all and singular 
Rents Reversions and other Annual Profits whatsoever 
upon whatsoever Demises and Grants of the Premises and 
of every parcel thereof made and reversed as fully and 
entirely and in as ample manner and form as the last 
Abbot of the said late Monastery of Marke-yate or any 
one or more of their Predecessors or of either of them at 
any time before the dissolution of the said late Monastery 
and Priory or either of them or before the said late 
Monastery or Priory or either of them came to our hands 
had held or enjoyed or ought to have had held or enjoyed 
the aforesaid Messuage and Tenement called the Sonne 
with its Appurt's the Rectory Messuage Lands Tenements 
Meadows Feedings Pastures Tithes and all and singular 
other the Premises or any parcel thereof and as fully and 
entirely and in as ample manner and form as all and 
singular the said Premises came or ought to have come to 
our hands by reason or force of any Charter Gift Grant 
Confirmation or Surrender or by reason or force of any 
Charters Gifts Grants Confirmations or Surrenders by the 
said late Abbot and Prioress and Convents of the said late 
Monastery and Priory or either of them under their Com- 
mon Seal thereof made or by reason or force of any Act of 
Parliament or in any otherwise howsoever and in our 
hands now are or ought to be which said Messuage or 


Tenement called the Sonne and other the Premises with 
the Appurtenances to the said Messuage or Tenement 
pertaining or belonging are extended to the clear annual 
value of four Pounds sterling And which said Rectory 
and Churcli with their Appurt's and the aforesaid Houses 
Lands Tenements Tithes Obventions Glebes and other the 
Premises with their Appurtenances to the same Rectory 
and Church pertaining or belonging are of the clear 
Annual Value of ten Pounds six shillings and eightpence 
aterUng per annum and no more To have hold and enjoy 
the aforesaid Messuage and Tenement called the Sonne 
with its Appurtenances and to the aforesaid Rectory 
Church Houses Gardens Orchards Garden Grounds Lands 
Tenements Meadows Closes Woods Pastures Glebes Tithes 
Oblations Obventions Advowsons Donations Presentations 
Free Disposition and Right of Patronage of the Vicarage 
aforesaid and all and singular other the Premises with 
every of their Appurf* to the aforesaid Thomas Norton his 
Heirs and Assigns for ever To hold the said Messuage or 
Tenement called the Sonne and other the Premises with 
the Appurts to the said Messuage or Tenements pertaining 
or belonging of us our heirs and Successors in Free Socage 
and not in Chief by Fealty only ^nd to hold the said 
Rectory and Church Lands Tenements Tithes and all and 
singular other the Premises above expressed and specified 
with their Appurt's to the said Rectory and Church per- 
taining or belonging of us our heirs and Successors in 
Chief by the Service of the 20th part of one knights fee 
And rendering yearly to us our heirs and Successors for 
the aforesaid Rectory and Church with their Appurtenances 
and for the aforesaid Houses Lands Tenements Tithes and 
other the Premises with their Appurtenances to the said 


Rectory and Church pertaining or belonging Twenty- 
shillings aQd eight pence sterling at our Court of Aug- 
mentations of the Revenue of our Crown payable at the 
Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel every year in the 
name of the tenth or annual tenth part thereof for all 
other Services and Demands whatsoever. And Further 
We will and by our Royal Authority which We enjoy 
We do by these presents grant to the aforesaid Thomas 
Norton his heirs and assigns that he his heirs and assigns 
may have hold and enjoy and to their proper use convert 
and may and shall be able to have hold enjoy and to their 
proper use convert the aforesaid Rectory Tithes Oblations 
Obventions Pensions Portions and all and singular the 
Premises to the said Rectory pertaining or belonging with 
every of their Appurtenances as fully and entirely and in 
as ample manner and form as the said late Prioress of the 
said lat.e Priory of Marke- Yate or any one or more of their 
predecessors in right of the said late Priory of Markeyate 
the same Rectory and other the Premises to the said 
Rectory belonging or pertaining or any parcel thereof had 
held or enjoyed and to their own use converted or could 
have hold or enjoy and to their own use convert And 
moreover of. our more abundant grace and of our certain 
knowledge and mere motion We will and by these presents 
for us our heirs and Successors do grant to the aforesaid 
Thomas Norton his heirs and assigns that we our heirs and 
successors will henceforth from time to time exonerate 
acquit and for ever hereafter keep as well the aforesaid 
Thomas Norton his heirs and Assigns and every of them 
as the aforesaid Messuage or Tenement with the Appurf 
called the Sonne Rectory Lands Tenements Tithes Obla- 
tions Obventions and all and singular the Premises with 


CTery of their Appurtenances towards us our heirs and 
Successors and towards whatsoever other person or persons 
as well from all and all manner of Corodies Pensions Rents 
Fees and Annuities as from other Sums of Money what- 
soever in anywise issuing or to be paid out of the aforesaid 
Messuage or Tenement Rectory Church Lands Tenements 
Tithes Obventions Glebes and other the Premises with 
their Appurtenances or out of any parcel thing or in or 
upon the premises or any parcel thereof charged or to be 
charged Except from the said Annual Rent and Service 
above by these presents to us our heirs and Successors in 
form aforesaid reserved 

And Except from £4 13s. 4d. Sterling payable yearly 

to the Vicar there and his successors for the time 

being And also from all and all manner of Demises 

and Grants of the Premises or of any parcel thereof 

heretofore made or had and Except from all and all 

manner of such Charges and Sums of Money in which 

the Farmer or Farmers of the Premises or of any 

parcel thereof is or are charged and is or are bound to 

render or pay Moreover commanding and by these 

presents firmly enjoyning as well the Treasurer and 

Council of us our heirs and Successors of the Court of 

Augmentations of the Revenues of the Crown of us our 

heirs and Successors for the time being as the Receivers 

Auditors and other Officers and Ministers of us our heirs 

and successors whomsoever that they and every one of 

them upon the sole shewing of these our Letters Patent or 

the Enrolment of the same with any other Writ or 

Warrant from us our heirs or successors to be required 

obtained or prosecuted upon payment of the said Annual 

Kent above by these presents to us our heirs and successors 


as aforesaid reserved shall from time to time make and 
cause to be made fuU entire and due Discharge aUowance 
Defalcation and Deduction to the aforesaid Thomas Norton 
his heirs and Assigns of all and all manner such Corrodies 
Pensions Portions Rents Fees Annuities and Sums of 
Money and Charges whatsoever out of the aforesaid 
Messuage or Tenement Rectory Church Lands Tenements 
Tithes and other the Premises with their Appurtenances 
or out of any parcel thereof issuing or payable as aforesaid 
or upon the premises or any parcel thereof charged or to 
be charged And these our Letters Patent or the Enrol- 
ment thereof shall be altogether for ever as well to the 
said Chancellor and Council of us our heirs and Successors 
of our 8^. Court of Augmentations of the Revenues of our 
Crown as to the Receivers Auditors and other the Officers 
and Ministers of us heirs and Successors a sufficient 
Warrant and Discharge in this behalf. Also we give and 
by these presents do grant to the aforesaid Thomas Norton 
all Issue Rents Revenues and Profits of the aforesaid 
Messuage or Tenement Rectory Lands Tenements Tithes 
and all and singular other the Premises with their Ap- 
purtenances from the Feast of the Annunciation of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary last past hitherto arising growing or 

To Have to the said Thomas Norton of our Gift without 
Account or any other thing to be therefore to us our heirs 
or successors in anywise rendered paid or made Also we 
will and by these presents do grant that the aforesaid 
Thomas Norton shall have these our Letters Patent imder 
our Great Seal of England in due form made and Sealed 
without Fine or Fee great or small to our use in the 
Hanaper of our Chancery or elsewhere for the same to be 


rendered paid or made Although express mention &c. In 

Witness whereof &c. Witness Catherine Queen of England 

and General Regent thereof at Westmr. the 24th day of 


By the King himself by virtue of the 

Koyal Commission. 

EATON BRAY— Troit Family. 

In an old MS. book recently lent me, which appears to 
be a case book or book of precedents, are the following 
lines written in the first fly-leaf : — 

"N. Trott" 
** Mea mea Paupertas nullis polluta rapinis " 
** ^quanime obleetat, conducto laeta recessu." 
*'MisericordiaDeu8 N: Tr. 1625." 

They are, I think, in the handwriting of the owner of 
the book — Sir Nicholas Trott ; underneath them are writ- 
ten some humourous lines in the handwriting of one 
" Edmund Cook " who is eridently not ashamed of the 
composition as he signs his name to them. Who he was 
I am unable to say ; the book appears to have come into 
his possession and he has left his mark in it, teste the fol- 
lowing : — 

" Harke what the honest lawyer saith : one see 
Content with his own lot : no scraping fee 
When will one gownman that's now left alive 

refuse what he resigned in twenty -five ' 

Whose body lyeth obscurely buried in the i 

Chancell of Eaton Bray on the north side i 

of the grauestone of Mr. John Poti [? Potts] j 

The Epitaph of which worthy Knight might 
Well (in stead of a better) bee this " — 


** Loe here what once was laid : now seemeth not 
the body of good old Sr. Nicholas Trott 
on's own accord through honesty and gi*ace 
that did resign A Chanc'ry masters place 
Line, learning, lingure, armes, forgotten edl, attest 
that fortune often here doth favour least the best. 

Edmund Cookb, 1669." 

The above grateful tribute to the memory of a departed 
friend would seem to imply that Sr Nicholas Trott was a 
man of worthy parts and and honest man. It would be 
interesting to learn the incident referred to in these words 
— " What he resigned in twenty five," also, what led to 
his connection with Eaton Bray, as the family is an Essex 
one. There are only three entries in the parish registers 
relating to the family — one being the burial of Sir 
Nicholas, the others possibly those of his wife and brother. 
No stone now remains to mark his resting-place. * The 
entries are as follow : — 

1618. — William Trott the sonne of Martin Trott gentleman 
was christened the xxth day of August. 

1636. — Sr. Nicholas Trott was buried Nouemb : 19. 
1698, Sept. 13th.— Mary Tratt was buried. 

The last-named, Mary, may probably have been his wife, 
as from some notes for which I am indebted to Mr. Cary-Elwes, 
it appears that Sir Thomas Beaumont of Stoughton Orange^ 
Go. Leicester, who died 11 Aug. 1676, married Elizabeth, dau 
& coh. of Sir Nicholas Trott of Quickwood, Co. Herts., £[nt., 
by Mary dau. & [? co] heir of Sir George Perient, Knt. If, 
however, the Mary Trott whose burial is recorded above was 

* There were some floor-stones bnried under the Minton tiles when 
the Chancel was restored (?) some few years ago, possibly one of them 
may have recorded the burial of Sir N. Trott.— Ed. 


lua wife she TnuBt baye died at a very advanced age (sunriy- 

log liiin 62 yean) for Edmund Cooke in his friendly epitaph 

speaks of her husband as '* good old Sir Nicholas Trott." On 

referring to the Visttatiom ofUssex^ Vol. I., p. 507 (Harl. Soc.}, 

I find that Martin son of Martin Trott of Langridg, married 

for his first wife, "Anne d. of Sr. George Perientof Ayott in 

com. Hertfford, Knt." It may be that Nicholas who married 

Mary dan. & ? cob. of Sir George Perient, was brother to this 

Martin ; and again that the William who is described above 

as " Sonne of Martin Trott gentleman/' is identical with the 

** Will'm Trott Secretary to the Earl of Manchester " descnbed 

in the above quoted work, as brother to Martin who married 

Anne Perient. The name of this Martin's fourth son was 

Nicholas, and it is not assuming too much to imagine that he 

was so named after an uncle. I should be glad to receive any 

information which may tend to throw some light on this 

matter. F. A. B. 

The following notes I have collected from the sources 
indicated : — 

1663. Oct. 23,— William Parrat and Agness Trott. 

1702. Mch. 5,— Mr. Edward Trott, Rector bur. (Odell.) 
1702. Oct. 19,— Mrs. Elizabeth wif6 of Mr. Edward 
Trott, Rector, bur. (Odell.) 

1620. Sept. 17,— George s. of William Trott, bapt. 

1622 Nov. 5,— Francis s. of William Trott, bapt. 

1606. July 6,— Richard Ewer & Elizabeth Trott. 

1621. Aug. 13,— George s. of WQliam Trott, bur. 

1626. May 26,— Mrs. Trott, widow, bur. (Luton.) 


1629. Feb. 28,— John 8. of William & Alice Trott, bur. 

1633. Mch. 13,— Agness Trott wife of William, bur^ 

In the Visitations of Bedfordshire, Harl. Soc. Pub., Vol. 
xix., p. 166, is mentioned a John Trott, of London, who^ 
m. Susan d. of Sr. William Chester, Kt., Lord Mayor of 
London. Sr. Nicholas Trott was knighted at Theobalds,. 
19 July, 1619. 


The object of this inquiry is to ascertain, if possible, the 
English ancestry of Mr. William Odell, who emigrated to 
America probably about 1639. 

The earliest trace of Mr. Odell is at Concord, Mass.,. 
U.S.A., where his son James was bom Dec. 2, 1639, and 
his daughter Rebecca, May 17, 1642. 

There were two other sons — William, bom about 1634, 
probably in England,*and John, the date of whose birth is 

About the time of Mr. OdelFs emigration to America 
came also the Rev. Peter Bidkeley, Rector of the Parish 
of Odell in 1620. It is probable that he and Mr. Odell 
were friends in England as well as in America. 

Mr. Bulkeley became Rector of the church at Concord, 
and married there his second wife Grace Chetwood, whose 
grandmother was Agnes Wodhull or Odell — the names 
being the same — the wife of Richard Chetwood, Esq. 

The Odell family had been settled in Bedfordshire for 
many generations, and it is probable that Mr. William 
Odell was also a resident of that part of England. 


An ancient escutclieon in Copp's Hill Cemetery, Boston^ 
XJ.S.A., bears the Odell arm» — tliree crescents on the 
shield, and an eagle displayed for the crest. 

Mr. Odell died in America in 1676, and is described in 
his will as " being sick and weake of body but sound of 
mind." He was probably an aged man at the time. 

Will the Rectors of the Parishes in Bedfordshire who 
may read this kindly examine their Registers for the bap- 
tism of WilUam Odell. Say from 1585 to 1615 ? If 
found, a certified copy may be sent to the undersigned with 
a note of the cost thereof. 

For satisfactory proof of the descent of Mr. Odell f rom- 
the English family bearing the above arms the writer begs 
to o£er the sum of five guineas. 

Replies may be sent direct to Rufus King, Yonkers,. 
Westchester County, New York, U.S. of America. 

30 October, 1882. 


In the Westminster Abbet/ Registers, edited by the late- 
Col. Chester, is recorded the death of a Bedfordshire man 
which, together with a long foot-note, should find a place 
in these pages : — ** 1713 Nov. 25 Mr. Tho^nas Tmnpioii ; 
tpi the middle Aisie," 

Col. Chester then proceeds lo say that he was " called 
the Father of English Watchmakers." He is said to have^ 
been originally a blacksmith, and was evidently a native 
of, or resided in early life at, Northill, co. Beds. A James 
Tompion, described as a watchmaker from London, was 
buried there 24 Jan. 1742-3, and one of the name has the 
credit of constructing the clock of that church. Unfor- 
tunately the parish registers of Northill frbm 1598 to 1672 


4ire lost. The name, however, was long common there. 
He was made free of the Clockmakers' Company of 
London, 4 Sept. 1671, and, after serving in the minor 
offices, became master of his Company 29 Sept. 1704. 
According to his monument, he died 20 Nov. in his seventy- 
fifth year. His will, dated 21 Oct. 1713, was proved 27 
Nov. following by George Graham. He bequeathed his 
tenements and lands in Ickwell, in the parish of Northill 
aforesaid, to his nephew Thomas, son of his late brother 
James Tompion, and the use of £500 for life to his niece 
Margaret, wife of Edward Bangor, citizen and clockmaker 
of London, and dau. of his late sister Margaret Kent, with 
remainder to his niece Elizabeth, wife of said George 
Graham, and dau. of his said late brother James Tompion. 
He also left £400 to Rebecca Nodes, dau. of his late niece 
Eleanor Nodes, who was the eldest dau. of his said sister 
Margaret Kent, and £50 to his cousin Thomas Finch. 
The residue of his estate he gave to his executor. 
Mr. George Graham, the celebrated clock and watch 
maker, and also distinguished for various mechanical in- 
ventions, among which is said to be the Orrery, died 16 
Nov. 1751, and was buried on the 25th of the same month 
" in the middle aisle, in his master Mr. Tompion's grave." 

F. A. B. 


There was formerly in the Sowerby Division of the 
Parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, a small estate or farm-stead 

* Any additiops in the shape of noten on Families of Halliley, Jaoksoii, 
Latham, Goodman, &c., wiU be gratefully welcomed and acknowledged 
hy the writer ; he is especially desirous of Halliley notes from the Regis- 
ters of Clifton, Bedfordshire. 


known as "The Hillilee/' the exact situation of which 
I have not as yet ascertained, though it may be conjectured 
that it was what is now known as " Hiley Hall," and pro- 
bahly it would be easy to decide the question by referring 
to old parochial maps and records. 

I am uncertain as to the derivation of the name of " The 
Hillilee," for though the obvious suggestion is simply 
" The Hilly Lea " yet in ancient records the first vowel of 
the name was quite unfixed, and I am not sure whether 
the " Hilly " is not identical with the " Hali " of Halifax, 
Haliday, &c., and not having seen the place I cannot say 
whether " The hilly lea " would be an appropriate name. 
From very early times there lived on this estate a family 
of the same name, my first note concerning them being 
that in 1380 Thomas Hilele and his wife, of Sowerby, paid 
a poU tax, and I have little doubt that from these Hilleleys, 
Hillilees, or Hillileighs, of The Hillilee, descended all the 
following families, namely : — 

(1) The Hillileys or Hilileighs of Clifton, in Hartshead, 
and (?) of York. 

(2) The Helleleys of Brierley in Felkirk near Bamesley. 
f3) The Hallelys of Sherbom South Milford and Monk 

. Fryston from whom came the Halleleys of Bickerton 
Dunnington and (now of) Saxton, and the Halleleys 
of London, Hackney, Westham, and of Clifton in 
Bedfordshire ; and also the AUeleys of Hackney. * 

(4) The HaUileys of Earls Heaton, Dewsburry, and 

(5) The Hallileys now of Bedford. 

(6) TheHallaleys of Derbyshire and North Staffordshire. 

* A family of thig name now lives in Biimingham. 


I am assured by Mr. J. Horsfall Turner, the West 
Hiding antiquary, that many of these variations of the 
name are to be found in old deeds relating to ''The 
Hillilee," but it would be interesting to trace the extent 
to which the difEerence in the locality has affected the 
pronunciation of the name. 

The earliest will of anyone of the names of Hilleley, &c., 
is that of John Helelaye, of Felkirk, near Barnesley, in 
Yorkshire, whose family appears to have remained there 
until the beginning of the present century ; it was proved 
st York in 1514, and mentions John, Margaret, and Robert 
Helelaye. The testator was perhaps related to — Halliley, 
whose Christian name I do not know, and of whom I can 
only say that he must have been bom about 1450, that he 
lived probably at Sherborn, or South Milford, near Ponte- 
fract, and that he was father of the following family : — 
(1) John Halliley, the most important, if not the first- 
born of the sons; he was, at least as early as 1532, 
one of the officers of the King's Jewel-house, and 
as such had charge of the Crown plate and Jewels. 
In 1532 he was one of the commissioners who con- 
veyed the King's plate and jewels to and from the 
Field of the Cloth of Gold, and for this service he 
had board wages, 6d. a day for eight days, and a 
fee of 26s. 8d. Shortly after this when Cardinal 
Wolsey fell, John Haliley was employed to view 
the "vestry-stuff" and weigh the plate, "late the 
Cardinal's," that had been sent from Cawood. He 
remained an officer of the Jewel House until his 
death, which happened in 1557, but he no doubt 
accumulated a considerable fortune, for he appears 
to have died in the possession of a good landed 


estate. Some of bis purchases of land are recorded 
in the Close Rolls, the most important of them 
being the manor and lordship of Gilmanby, in 
Richmond Archdeaconry, in the extreme north- 
west of Yorkshire, and this he left to the heirs of 
his brother Robert, whose great-grandson William 
sold it in the time of James the First. The will 
of this John " Halylie " was dated at "Newcastell," 
Ist September, 1657, and was proved the same year 
(Wrastley 35). He desires to be buried in the 
parish church of St. Martin Outwich, London, 
*'in the chapel of our Lady there so nye my late 
"wif Elizabeth there buryed whose soule God pardon 
-either of the one side of her or on the other as the 
groimd will serve.'* He leaves lands to several 
members of the family "to pray for my soul and 
for all Christian souls," but it is unnecessary to 
notice all his many bequests further than to say 
that with one exception his London property was 
left to his brother Edward and to Richard, Isabell, 
and ... (a daur), children of Edward, the bulk of 
it consisting of houses in the parish of St. James' 

To his sister Alice, wife of William Turpyn (doubt- 
less of Yorkshire), he left " sixe spones with sixe of 
the Apostles gilt at their ends." He also left to his 
ward Margaret Letheme, £20 and plate. But his 
favourite relative seems to have been Richard 
Halylie, his " servant," son of his brother Edward, 
for to him he gave ** my hed house in the parish of 
St. James' Garlickhythe where one Potter dwelleth, 
& Jones' vault thereto belonging," also £20 and 


plate, and farther made him one of two residuary 
legatees and executors. 

(2) Robert Hallilej of Lead Grange Saxton, married 
Isabel, and had four sons and four daughters. 

(3) Edward Halliley, of whom hereafter. 

(4) William Halliley, married Elynor, and had issue, 
two sons at least, of whom the youngest was William. 

(5) Richard Halliley. 

(6) Isabel Halliley married Rauf Wilson. 

(7) Alice Halliley married William Turpyn. 

In the documents and records which mention these 
brothers and sisters and their descendants, the name is 
spelled quite indiscriminately Halliley Halkley or Hallaley, 
the middle form however seems to have been more 
generally used by the branch whose history I propose to 
trace. John, as we have seen in his will, calls himself 
" Halylie," but in the State papers of the day he also 
appeared as " Halalie," and even " Alalie," a proof, were 
one needed, of the antiquity of the vulgar London Jiabit 
of dropping the " h." 

Edward Halliley, one of the above brothers, was of 
Sherborne, in Yorkshire, Yeoman, and to him his brother 
John devised a house ''at the comer end of little East 
Cheap." His will was dated 3rd August, 1558, and was 
proved at York the same year. He mentions his daughter 
Margaret, and to Ann, his daughter, he leaves 66s. 8d. 
and ten shepe. He leaves to "my sons Thomas 
Wilkynson, Richard H., William H., John H., all my 
land which I ought to have at Darleston, in the parish of 
Hakney," and makes them his Executors and Residuary 
legatees, Thomas Bambye being Supervisor. It is just 
possible, though not probable, that Anthony H., of 


Sherborne, whose will, which made John, son of Thomas 
Bamebie, a supervisor, was proved at York in 1587, was 
a son of this £dward ; at any rate, it is certain that 
Hdward had the following children : — 

(1) William H. of Monk Fryston Yeoman in 1584 
when he gave up to his brother Richard all his 
interest in three houses in St. James' Garlickhythe 
devised by John H. to their sister Ann.* 

(2) Richard H., of whom hereafter. 

(3) John H. 

(4) Isabell H. married Ist, Thomas Wilkynson, Citizen 
and Cordwainer of London; 2nd, William Buck- 
nail Citizen and Cordwainer of London who was 
her husband in 1584 when her brother Richard 
purchased t from William Hamonde of Skar thing- 
well Yorkshire Esq the reversion of the house in 
St. James' Garlickhythe devised to her by John 

(5) Ann H. 

(6) Margaret H. 

Richard Halliley, younger son of the above Edward, 

appears to have bought up by degrees the interest of his 
brothers and sisters in[ the London property devised by 
his uncle, and I presume that he acquired the land at 
Balston which his father considered that " I ought to 
have." At any rate, he was no doubt living in Hackney 
Parish from 1561, when his eldest son was baptized, 
until his death in 1605-6. It appears from the 1633-5 
Visitation of London, and from the more elaborate 

• Close Roll 26 Elizabeth, No. 16. 
f Cloae Roll 26 EUzabeth, No. 18. 



pedigree in Harl MS., 1551, that he married Margaret 
Lathom, who was no doubt the Margaret L^thom ward 
of his uncle John Halliley. According to the pedigree 
she was of good descent, being daughter of John Lathom ; 
of Lathom, by Lucy Conyers, his wife, daughter and 

co-heir of Leonard Conyers [by Jackson, his 

wife, daughter and heir of Lionel Jackson], second son 
of Christopher Lord Conyers, son of William first Lord 
Conyers, who married Ann Neville, daughter of Ralph 
Earl of Westmoreland. Her Arms, given in the Harl 
MS., were — Quarterly 

1^4. Or, on a chief dancetty azure 3 plates the centre 
one cJiarged mth a martlet sable : — Lathom. 

2. Azure J a maunch or charged with an annulet gules a 
crescent or for difference : — Conyers. 

3. Argent on a fees gules a greyhound courant between 
2 pheons or : — Jackson. 

On the same page (50 b) of the Harl MS., I find a trick 
of the Arms of Halleley quartering Lathome Conyers and 
Jackson as above, but this is probably wrong, there being 
nothing to show that Margaret Lathom was an heiress. 
No doubt the William Lathom who witnessed her 
husband's will was one of her relations. Hichard and 
Margaret Halleley were possibly the parents of a Nicholas 
Halliley or AUeley, of Hackney, who began to have a 
family baptized there in 1593, but I am inclined to think 
that Nicholas was a poor relation, probably in the employ 
of the more affluent branch : they (Richard and Margaret) 
were no doubt the parents of Jane Halleley, who was 
baptized on the same day as Walter, their eldest son, but 
no parents are mentioned in the baptismal registers of any 
of their three childen, who were 


Walter H. baptized at Hackney 26 Aug 1661. He 

married Elizabeth Goodman, daughter of G, of 

London, but beyond the entries in the registers of 
Hackney, I know nothing about him and his family. 
His children were 
i Edward, bap 16 Feb 1600-1. 

ii Walter, bap 4 Aug 1608. 

iii Richard, bap 21 Oct 1610 bur 1613. 

iv Asadiah bap 14 Feb 1612-3, died of the plague 1626. 

V Richard bap 24 Feb. 1621-2 bur 1625. 

vi Mary bap 3 Apr 1603 bur 1606. 

vii Ann bap 19 March 1604-5 married " Mr. Arther ** 

and died of the plague 1626. 
yiii Mary bap 31 March 1607. 

ix Susanna bap 1616 bur 1626. 

X Tabytha bap 21 June 1618. 

(2) Christopher H : — of whom hereafter. 

(3) Jane H. baptized at Hackney 26 Aug. 1661; on the 
same day as Walter H, from which I infer that she 
was his sister. She doubtless died young or with- 
out issue. 

Margaret Halleley, mother of Walter, Christopher, and 
Jane, was buried at Hackney, 20th April, 1597, and 
Richard, her husband, was buried there on the 14th Feb., 
1605-6. The following is an abstract of his will : — 

I. I Richard Halliley of Hackney in the County of 
Midd. Gent being in good and perfect memorie, thanks 
bee to God, make this may laste will & testament in man- 
ner and forme following. That is to say I bequeath my 
soul to God my creator, & to Jesus Christ by whose deathe 
and passion comes my salvation, & by whom I onlie hope 
to be saved. 


And my bodie to be buried in the parish of Hackney. 
Item. I give & bequeath unto my eldest sonne Walter 
Halliley a certayne lease which I have of John Machall of 
London Gent. I give & bequeath unto my youngest sonne 
Christopher Halliley 200 pounde. Legacies to Servants, 
Jane, Sibell, John, Abraham ; Anthony Boxe servant of 
my son Walter : tbe poor of Hackney £4 ; Keaidue to my 
two sons Walter and Christopher & they Exors. 
Witnesses. Paul Bucke, Wm. Latham. 
Made 8 Feb. 1605-6 
Proved 22 „ „ —{Stafford 13). 

II. Christopher Halliley of West Ham Middz. C^ent. 
To be buried in Cbauncell of Hamme Church. 

My lands at St. James' Garlickhythe to wife during 
life — remr. to my eldest son Richd. Halliley. 

Land in Fetter Lane to wife for life — remr. to eon 
Xofer Halliley. 

Land in Folkestone to wife &c. — remr. to 3rd son John 

And my land at Edmundton to youngest sou Thomas to 
whom it doth descend — daurs Elizabeth & Anne. 
Witn. Walter Halliley, H. Gibbs, T. Warde. 

Proved 19th March 1613-4— {Meade 25). 

III. 7 May 1666. 

Richard Halliley of Clifton Beds Gent — religious ; to be 
^"ried in the body of the parish church of Clifton — Bound 
id in CUf ton in occup'on of Michael Samme Teoman & 
irsion of my wife's jointure to my own issue if any, 
r. to Christopher Halleley my brother and his heirs of 
y remr. to Xofer Halleley tbe younger my nephew for 
—remr, to bis issue in tail male viz : 4tb, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 
Dth sons. 


B^DCir. to Ann Bott my niece and heirs. 
„ „ my own right heirs. 

My Sister in law Mrs. Jane Halliley widow 

„ bro. „ „ Mr. John Burton ( £10 each 

„ Sister „ „ Mrs. Bebecca „ 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hurst Widow my first wife's sister. 

Francis Bott my nephew money in discharge of that I 
received from his father for him which I have spent in 
Ids education. 

The will of my first wife Mrs. Margaret Halleley to be 

My sister Mrs. Elizabeth Cole. 

I desire my brother Xof er to buy the land we bought of 
Michael & Ellen Samme in Clifton. 

John Burton the younger & Magdalen Burton children 
of my sister Mrs. Rebecca Burton money to be paid out of 
debt due to me from , my brother in law Mr. Giles 
Thombrough by bond in name of Mr. Kichard Drake of 

Residue to my wife Mrs. Jane & she & my brother 
Xofer Halliley to be Exors. 

Wiin. R. Skinner, Wm. Hanscombe. 

Proved with a codicil 7 Nov. 1666— (Mice 158). 

William F. Carter. 

The following extracts from Bedfordshire Registers 
relate to this family : — 

1629. Mch. 31, — John Halylye and Jane Edwards. 
(Upper Gravenhurst.) 

1603. Dec. 19, — Xpofer s. of Xpofer Holiley gent. bapt. 

1620. Aug. 9, — ^Rebecca d. of John Holliley bapt. 


1620. Oct. 19,— Rebecca d. of John Holliley bur. 

1634. July 27,— Elizabeth d. of John Holliley bapt. 

1634. Aug. 1, — Elizabeth d. of John Holliley bur. 

1638. Mch. 16, — Mistress Anne Halliley bur. (Henlow.) 

1669. June 25, — Mris. Margaret Hallulay wife of Mr. 

Richard bur. (Clifton.) 

F. A. B. 


Thomas Peyvre or Pevere, whose will is given below, 
was Lord of the Manor of Toddington, and possessed 
besides an estate in Chal grave which he acquired in right 
of his wife Margaret daughter and coheir of Sir Neil 
Loring, of Chalgrave, Kt. By her he appears to have 
had only one child, a daughter, Mary, who was first 
married to Sir Richard St. Maur Kt., son & heir of 
Richard Lord St. Maur. An Inq, p.m. 10 H. IV. No. 38, 
Sept. 1408-9 states that Sir Richard St. Maur held certain 
lands in right of Mary his wife then living, that John de 
St. Maur is his brother and heir aged 28 years and more, 
and that the said Richard died on Sunday the Feast of 
the Epiphany last (6 Jan. 1409). Master William Loring, 
canon of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury is mentioned 
as one of the feo£Eees of Richard and Mary. By him she 
had a posthumous daughter Alice (see p. 187). She sub- 
sequently married John Broughton who by this match 
became possessed of the Toddington and Chalgrave 
estates. Thomas Peyvre died 22 Sept. 1429 and was 


buried near Yub wife, who had predeceased him, in the 
South chapel, which appears by the will to have been 
dedicated to 8. James. His daughter also died in the 
lifetime of lier father, but the date of her death, and place 
of burial I have not yet ascertained. On looking over 
" Add. MSS 17,456 " in the British Museum I find it 
there stated that Paulinus Pever (an ancestor of Thomas 
Peyvre s) ob. 1251 and was buried in London, his heart 
being buried at Toddington. I have transcribed the will 
in extenao from the folio register of Archbishop Chichele 
Vol. I., fo. 414a in the Library at Lambeth Palace. 

F. A. B. 
" In Dei nomine amen. — Ego Thomas Pevere sanus, in 
mente quarto die [Mensis Novembris anno domini mill'mo 
cccco XXV jt^ condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. 
In primis I betake my soul to God and to his blessed 
moder Marie and to all the sejmtes of heuen, and my body 
to be beryed in the chapel of Seynt James in the churche 
of Todyngton be Margarete my wyf . Item y bequethe 
xvj marcs to prests to synge for me and margerie my 
Wyf Fader and Moder and all cristien soules withynne 
the same yere of my sepulture in the chapel of Seint Jame 
in the churche of Todyngton. Item I bequethe all my 
beddyng lynen and woollyn aud all my werying clothes 
to iohn Broughton and to anneys Welde my sem'nt to be 
parted a mongee hem two and to dispose to pore men and 
to my poure seru'ntes. What hem lyketh thereof. Item 
y bequethe to John Broughton all my Bras that I have at 
Todyngton and Chalgraue the residue forsothe of all my 
godes and dettes y bequethe and yeue to iohn Barton the 
elder iohn Barton the yonger William halle iohn 
Broughton and to iohn kygill and hem y ordeyne and 


make myn executours that they ordeigne and dispose the 
Wille of my testament and to doon execucion thereof and 
of my godes and dettes rentes and fermes that cometh in 
ther handys wel and trewely to dispose in manner as is 
for sed. I bequethe to my forsaed executours Ixxx m'rks 
to be departed amonges hem for hir labour and trauayle 
and this testament with myn hondys y haue enclosed and 
with my seel signed. 

Knowe aU men that y Thomas Pevere the vj*« day of 
Nouember the yere of oure lord a m' ccce and xxvj*** wul 
and grante that myn executours p'fourme my wille and 
myn entent as y shal afterward declare. My wil ys that 
there be departed and disposed amonges my poure tenn'tes 
that y haue in the shire of Buk. xx/f'. ther most nede ys. 
Also my wyl ys that ther be departed and disposed 
amonges my poure tenn'tes that y have in Bark. 
Deuonshire and comewayle xl/t. there most nede ys. 
Also my wille is that ther be disposed and parted for to 
amende platys* withynne the chirche of Todyngton wher 
my fader and moder lyen xli, and that leueth over to the 
chirche werk. Also my wil is that the catel quykhe and 
dede vpon the maner of Chalgraue the whiche harry 
welde hath in kepying with his ferme that is to wyte 
Oxen Shepe with ledys and caudrons of Bras that hit be 
deliuered after my deces to iohn of Broughton for Store 
of the place. Also my wil is that the catel whiche that is 
vpon the maner of Rye in Barks that ys to wete hors and 
mere cow and oxe with all other catel of the forsaid place 
whiche that is in kepying of harry maimcel there fermour 

* Probably the brasses laid down to his father and mother. There is a 
matrix in the chapel floor measuring about 1 1 by 5 feet which may haye 
been ttie one referred to. — £d. 


tliat it be deliuered to iohn of Broughton after my deces 
for store of the place. Also my wil is that the place of 
Westmynster whiche that William halle is sessed ymme 
that he make a state in fee to iohn of Broughton for 
eTermore vp' condicion that he helpe iiij poure men or 
elles iiij sithes so poure man in the yere continuyng, his 
possession yf he haue to doon with the lawe in that that 
is in hym. Also y bequethe to the Abbeye of Wobome 
xl«- Also y bequethe to the Abbey of landey xl«. Also 
y bequethe to the proyorie of Dunstapell xls." 

Proved at Lambeth the 3d of November 1429, with a 
codicil and administration granted to John Broughton and 


The following is a transcript of a parchment roll in my 
possession of quit rents payable by the P Prior and Canons 
of Dunstable to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London, 
for lands held under the manor of Kensworth. As early 
as 1242 the Priory of Dunstable held rights of commonage 
at Kensworth. There is no date to the document, but from 
the writing it would seem to be about the middle of the 
XVIth century, probably just before the dissolution of the 
priory in 1539. F. A. B. 

Dunstable in Com. Bedd. for such quit rents as they 
yearly pay to the said Deane and Chapter for such lands 
and p'fitts as they hold of the said manner of Kensworthe. 
Inprimis mitris. Ewer late wyf e of John 

Ewer gen. deceased for fforty acr. of 

freehold land r*- p. ann viij«. viijrf» 


John Wyngate esquier for ix. acr. of 

freehold land r*- p. ann iij«. viijd. 

Wyllyam Skelton of london. gen. for 

xlvj. acr. of ffreehold land r*- p. ann. viij«. iiijcf. 

Mr. Greejie of London for v. acr. of 

fPreehold land r*- p. ann xvd. 

Mr. PooUe of London for v. acr. and 3 

roodes r p. ann viijrf. 

The heires of Wyllyam heath for vij. acr. 

of ffreehold lande rente by the yeere i«. xjd. 

Thomas Ordway gen. holdeth . . . acres 

of ffreehold lande rent p. Ann viij«. xrf. 

Reynolde ffletcher holdeth xiij. acr. of 

ffreehold lande Rente p. ann v». xjV. 

John Briggs holdeth liij"^" acr. of ffree- 
hold lande Eente p. Ann js, ijd. 

Mr. Doctor Sheaf e & Mary his wyf e hold 
hold ix. acr. of ffreeholde land rente 
p. Ann js, iijd. 

John Chapman holdeth vj. acr. of ffree- 
hold land r*- p. ann xijrf. 

Thomas Parkyns holdeth x. acr. of ffree- 
hold land rente p. Ann xxrf. 

Boberte Straight holdeth . . . Acres of 

ffreeholde land rente p. Ann ij«. yd. 

Wm. Medcalfe holdeth vij. acr. of ffree- 
holde land rent p. Ann xiiijrf. 

Wm. Chapman holdeth xiiij. acr. of 
ffreeholde land bought of Mr. Barber 
rente p. Ann ij«. Uijd, 

John Medgate gen. holdeth x. acr. of & 

a half r* p. ann j«. viijrf. 


fiicliard Briggs jim. holdeth iij. acr. of 

fifreehold land r'* p, Ann YJd. 

Richard flEynche holdeth j. acr. of ffree- 

hold land r'' p. ann ijV. 

Wylly am Aman holdeth iij . acr. of fEree- 

hold rente p. Ann vjrf. 

The heires of Thomas Haddon for j. acr. 

of ffreehold land r"" p. Ann ijd. 

Wm. Osmond for . . . Acr. of ffreehold 

land r*- p. ann Yd. 

Robert ffaldoe esquier for ij. acr. & a 

half of ffree holde land rente p. ann. yd, 

John Bennell gen. for iij. acr. & a half 

of ffreehold lande r^" p. ann vijrf. 

Jane Woodley for xiij. acr. of ffreehold 

land Rente p. Ann ija. viijrf. 

Thomas Portres holdeth one Cottage & 

15 acr. of ffreehold land r*- p. Ann.... ijs. viijrf. 

Henry Astrey Esquier for one acr. of 

lande late in Richard Brigges his 

holdinge ijd. 

Mr. Doctor Sheaf e & Mary his wyf e doe 

hold One Manner called Dame Sares 

in Kensworth conteyning by esty- 

macon 240 acr. r** p. Ann ij-Zi*. "viij*. 

Ann Gasley vid. for x. acr. of Coppie- 

hold rt- p. ann ijs. 

Jeremie Gasley for j. acr. of frehold r|. 

p. Ann jd, 

Thomas Heighs for j. half acre of land 

late Mr. Barbers Rent. p. Ann jd. 



The two following paragraphs from Booksellers' 
Gatfllogues I haye thought worthy of a comer in this 
publication : — 

ToDDiNGTON. — "PiGAFETTA (Phil.) Rcportc of the King- 
dome of Congo, a Region of Africa, and of countries that 
border rounde about the same, wherein is also shewd that 
the two Zones, Torrida and Frigida, are not onely habit- 
able, but inhabited, and very temperate, contrary to the 
opinion of the olde Philosophers. That the blacke colour 
which is in the skinnes of the negroes, proceedeth not 
from the Sunne, etc. Drawn out of the writings of Odo- 
ardo Lopes a Portingall. Translated out of Italian by 
Abrm. Hartwell, curious wood engravings, 4to, calf, large 
copy, Rare, £1 ISs. 1697." 

Though the name of Abraham Hartwell does not occur 
in the parish registers, Lysons refers to him as Rector of 
Toddington. He was Rector of Toddington in 1570, and 
of Tingrith in 1572. 

Sharpenhoe — " Papal Bull. — A BuU granted by the 
Pope to Doctor Harding and other, by reconcilement 
and assoyling of English Papistes to undermyne faith 
and allegiance to the Queue. With a true declaration of 
the intention and fruites thereof, and a warning of perils 
thereby imminent, not to be neglected ; with Translation 
— A Disclosing of the Great Bull and certain Calves 
that he had gotten and especially the Monster Bull that 
roared at my Lord Byshops Gate. — An addition declara- 
torie to the Bulles, with a searching of the Maze. In a 
volume, 12mo, Black Letter, fine copies, almost <m /rssh 
as when isstted, morocco extra, £12 12s. All printed by 


John Daye, 1570." By Thomas Norton, of Sharpenlioe, 
Beds., all his pieces are of excessive rarity. This Thonuus 
Uorton was bom at Sharpenhoe, and was counsel to the 
Stationers' Company ; he died about 1584. He translated 
some of the Psalms in Stemholds and Hopkins's version ; 
also Calvin's Institutes ; besides which he wrote the first 
three acts of a play called " Ferrex and Porrex ;" after- 
wards published under the title of "Qorboduc." The rest 
was written by the Earl of Dorset. (WartotCa Poetry.) 

F. A. B. 

ROWE OF CLAPHAM (pp. 45, 53). 

Draft Fimeral Certificate of John Howe, of Clapham, 
CO. Bedford, Esq., 1585. 

(MS8. m O. Beds. S\) 

In the margin are these arms in trick : Argent, on a 
chevron azure, between 3 trefoils sHpped, each per pale 
gules and vert, as many bezants ; a crescent (untinctured) 
for difference ; Howe : impaling. Argent, 2 bars gules, 
over all a lion rampant double queued or, sem^ of pellets ; 

" The funeral of Mr. John Rowe esquire, and sheriff of 
Bedfordshire, deceased at his house called Clapham in the 
said coy. the 29 of August 1585, and was interred the 16 
of September following. The said defunct had two wives. 
His first was daughter to 

Broke, and had issue Thomas Rowe, Mary, and Susan. 
By his second wife, which was Bibecka daughter to Robert 
Brandon of London, chamberlain, by her [he] left issue 
Elizabeth Rowe, Judith, and Sara. At whose [funeral] 
was Windsor and Rouge dragon, oj£cers of arms." 


John Rowe was the eldest son of Sir Thomas Rowe^ 
Lord Mayor of London, 1569, who came out of Kent. He 
had a grant or confirmation of his arms in 1566, by Garter 
and Norry (F 1, fo. 313 b) and bore them with the cres- 
cent as above. See the pedigree in The Vmtation of 
London^ 1568, Harl. Soc, p. 5, and the annotated edition 
of the same, annexed to Transactions of the London and 
Middlesex Archceological Society, vol. III., p. 20. John 
Rowe died during his shrievalty of Bedford. It is stated 
by the annotators that he left no male issue ; but from his 
will (abstracted at p. 25 of present volimie) it appears that 
his son was living at the date thereof (19 Feb. 1584-5), 
and there can be no doubt that he survived him, though 
not long. The statement of the draft certificate respecting 
the first marriage of John Rowe differs from that given at 
p. 25, and is probably erroneous. H. G. 


The following is a description of an old deed advertized 
by Mr. H. T. Wake, of Wingfield Park, Fritchley, near 


Derby : — 

" An ancient Latin Document on vellum of the 14th 
Century, neatly written and in fine preservation being the 
original indented Bond or Contract between John Conquest 
(mediator) rector of Houghton Conquest, William atte 
Church, John Rous, chaplain, Philip Andrew, clerk, John 
Conquest, brother [sic] of the rector aforesaid, John Con- 
quest of Hoo, John Godard, Ralph Wylock (or Bylcok), 
John Marysone, Richd. Daye, Nichs. Petypas & Robert 
Walter of the same (Hoo) of one party & Willm. Farele 


of Dimstaple & Philip Lessy of * Tottumho' masons of the 
other party to build a 'Belfry' at the west end of the 
* church ' of Houghton, with proper windows sound-holes, 
&c., and to complete the same in 3 years at 10s. a foot for 
the foundations & ISs. 4d. & 6 quarts of frimienty for 
every foot from the ground to the summit estimated at 
^0 sterling. Qiven at Houghton aforesaid the first 
Monday after the feast of AU Saints (Nov. 4) in the 16th 
year of tlie reign of King Richard the 2nd after the Con- 
quest, viz. A.D. 1392." D. G. C. E. 

BEDFORD.— Great Flood op 1607. 

Under the title of " Floods in England, 1607," there 
has recently been published a tasteful little reprint of a 
scarce tract containing "A true Report of certain wonder- 
ful Overflowings of Waters in Somerset, Norfolk, and 
other parts of England, a.d. 1607." The editor is Mr. 
Ernest E. Baker, of Weston-super-Mare. The work is 
tastefully printed on Dutch hand-made paper, and there 
are two facsimiles in the work, one being the title-page, 
which is pictorial and represents people and cattle trying 
to escape from the flood, the other gives the first page of 
the work in the old black-letter type. On page 33 is a 
short account of how Bedford fared during the flood, which 
I here subjoin : — 

" The fif t of October about midnight, the Water over- 
flowed so much, that men were faine to forsake their beds, 
and one woman drowned. Were also were lost a great 
number of Sheepe, Oxen, Kine, Horse, and other Cattell. 
Amongst other there, one maister Cartwrite Gentleman,. 


liaying his house inclosed round about, the water came in 
so much, that a Cart being lode' with Thorns, did swim 
about the ground. He lost by the same floud, Sheepe and 
other cattell, to the value of an hundred pound. The 
same gentleman had a close gate by the high wayes side, 
where the water ran over so extreamely, that at the fal 
thereof it made such a hole, that it was fortie feet deepe, 
so that no man could passe that way without great danger. 
To the filling up of the sayd Hole, or Pit was cast in by 
the men of the sayd Towne 25 loads of Faggots, and 20 
load of Horse-dung, which sayd Faggots and Horse-dung 
filled not up the hole. 

Also one master Lee, at the Freers in Bedford haying 
fayre garde, wherein was great store of Elme-trees, 
whereof three score were bloune doune. Also he had a 
close of Conies that were cleane destroyed." 

CO PL E.— Luke Family. 

On page 142, ante, is an extract from the " Gentleman's 
Magazine " relating to a marriage of a youth of 14 to a 
maiden lady of 70. Mr. John Smyth, of Baldock, has 
kindly supplied me with an extract from the registers of 
Clothall, Herts., confirming the same. It is as follows: — 

" 1731 April 11, By Licence John Grave 14 (of Bal- 
dock) married to Catherine Luke (of Baldock) grand- 
daughter of Hudibras." 

This Catherine Luke is evidently the daughter of Oliver, 
and grand-daughter (not daur. as erroneously described 
on p. 142) of Sir Samuel Luke, of Woodend in Cople, 
Knight. She was baptized, according to the parish 



registers, on the 18th of October, 1660. The curious 
description of lier ancestry in the extract from the Clothall 
registers would point to the conclusion (often disputed) 
that the identity of " Hudibras " with Sir Samuel Luke 
was at that time an established fact. The first part of 
Sudibras was published in 1663, within three years of the 
birth of Catherine Luke. Sir Samuel Luke, the ** Hudi- 
bras" of Butler's work, was baptized at Southill 27th 
March, 1603, and was buried at Cople 30th August, 1670. 

F. A. B. 


Mr. John Taylor, of Northampton, writes to say that he 
would be glad to meet with a copy of that part of the 
Directory relating to Bedfordshire, mentioned in the 
following cutting. Perhaps some reader of this may 
have a copy to dispose of, or could tell him where to 
find one. 

'* Directory for Bedfordshire. On May 14, will be pub- 
lished Part II. being the Compendium for Northampton- 
shire. And speedily after. Part III. for Buckingham- 
shire. Part IV. for Leicestershire. Part V. for 
Cambridgeshire. And Part VI. for Huntingdonshire. 
To be continued annually. Price 6d. 
The Merchants Miscellany, and Travellers Complete 
Compendium ; containing a Mercantile State and Public 
View of the County of Bedford for 1785. Being a 
Short Description of each Market Town, List of Trades- 
men, the Conveyances, &c By John Franklin 
Henington, Auctioneer and Printer, at Northampton. 
Price 6d. 



Bedford; Printed by Bartholomexo Hyatt; and sold by 
Mrs, Fletcher and Mr. Hyatt, at Bedford. And may 
be had of the Booksellers and Newsmen. To be continued 
The Public are respectfully informed, that the Compen- 
dium for Northamptonshire will be published on the 14th 
of Mav. 

8vo. With 2 pages, v & vi, of Advertisement " " J, 
F. Hennington, Auctioneer & Printer." 
Dated, " Northampton, April, 1785." 


Leland, the antiquary, in his Collectanea, states that 
there was, in his time, in St. Paul*8 Church, Bedford, a 
brass to Simon de Beauchamp, Earl of Bedford, on a tomb 
before the high altar, bearing the following inscription : — 
"Dc Bello Campo jacet hie sub marmore Simon 
. . . . fundator de Newenham." 
As it is known that he died before 1208, this was gene- 
rally considered as the earliest recorded example of a brass 
in England. Leland's own words are : — " He lyith afore 
the highe Altare of S. Paule's Church in Bedeford with 
this Epitaphie graven in Bras and set on a flat marble 
stone." Here follows the inscription as above. As some 
writers appear to have entertained doubts as to the veracity 
of this statement, it may not be amiss to adduce further 
evidence in corroboration of Leland's statement. In an 
old volume of wills preserved in the Registry at St. Paul's, 
Bedford, is one of John Borne, priest, dwelling in Bedford, 
dated 20th July, 1540, in which he desires to be buried 

• 355 

" mthin the chaunsell of aamt Pauleys in bedford by Symon 
de hello campo sutyme founder of newenham,'^ The date of 
this ^11 would probably be about the time that Leland 
was making his collections. After this strong corrobora- 
tive testimony, I do not think there is room for any further 
doubt. -p^ ^^ 3^ 


The following may be of interest, occurring in the 

Registers of S. Nicholas, the Parish Church of Deal, in 

Kent : — 

Burial — 

1624. — "Henry Clyfton of Milton in Bedfordshire 

prest to serve his Ma'tie xmder Captn Cromwell, Jan. 17." 



In Vol. III. of Camden's Britannia, ed. 1724, mention 
is made of one Peter Vowell, Schoolmaster of the Free 
School at Islington, who was hanged by Cromwell in 1653. 
He is there described as a Bedfordshire man. Up to 1570 
the Vowell family appear to have resided at Creke Abbey 
in Norfolk, but after that period I am unable to trace 
them. I wish to ascertain from whom Peter Vowell was 
descended, and whether he left any children. 

Dec, 1883. E. Maxwell- Vowell. 


WY M M I N GTO N —A ? Lost Charity. 

In the Report of the Charity Commissioners, 1815-35, it 
18 stated on p. 15 that "The sum of £5 bequeathed by 
William Pickering, for the poor, has long been lost, and 
no account can be given of it.'* Now the first thing to do 
in tracing a lost charity is to ascertain the date of the 
donor's death, and a search in the parish register will 
generally furnish the information sought. In this case, 
however, we are met with an obstacle at the first step, for 
the registers of Wymmington that are extant do not com- 
mence before 1662, and subsequent to that year no entry 
of his burial is to be found. It would seem in vain then 
to search for the entry of his burial, and to go through all 
the Pickering wills at Somerset House or elsewhere would 
probably cost more than the charity is worth. It is in 
such cases as these that the Bishop's Transcripts prove so 
valuable. These were first ordered to be made in 1597, 
and those relating to this county commence soon after, 
viz. in 1602, and are fairly perfect. I have lately had 
the privilege of inspecting some of the rolls, and, inter 
alia, made the following extract : — 

" William Pickering who gave the sum of five pounds 
to the use of the poor of this parish of Wymmington to 
be imployed to the best advantage yearly that lawfully 
may be at the discretion of the minister and churchwar- 
dens there for the time being for ever was buried upon the 
twelfth day of the month of August Anno Domini 1615." 

Here again I may observe the exceeding value and 
interest of the old registers, which besides recording the 
bare facts of a man's burial, &c., as we do now, often 


recorded interesting bits of parish history which might 
otherwise have been lost. 

Having now ascertained the date of William Pickering's 
burial, it will probably not be a difficult matter to miearth 
his will, and perhaps to trace the property upon which 
this charity may have been charged. If the above tends 
in any way to recover this charity to its proper uses I shall 
feel that my time has not been wasted over " those musty 
old registers." F. A. B. 


Memoranda from fly-leaves of an old Bible belonging 
to an Oakley family : — 

" Oct. Slst and Nov. Ist, 1823. — A very high wind and 
snow and rain: a very great flood in the River Ouse which 
run over the Parapet walls at Oakley Bridge : a great 
many Sheep drowned and other Cattle : a Hay Cock about 
14 ton weight swam out of the meadow at Bromham and 
left in a meadow of Mr. Goulding at Biddenham standing 
upright as it was built : a deal of damage done to the com 
in the Bams of Mr Chapman at Oakley : it was in his 
house nearly 5 feet deep." 

*' 1826. — A Hot Summer and a very forward Harvest. 
Mr. Edwd. Chapman, Oakley, finished Harvest July 29th." 

J. W. H. 


Confirmation by Robert Bothe of an amiual pension of 
2s. to the Prior of St. Neots. 


(Bibi, Coti. Faustina A iv.) 
To all Cryston peple to whom this my present wrytyng 
shall com se or her I Robert of Bothe Esquyer send 
gretyng in our lord Godd eu'lasting Wher as variance & 
dyscordes late was had & moved between Wyllm Eynes- 
bury* pryor of the Monasterye of Seynte Nede in ye 
Countie of Hunts & ve Co'uent of ve same place on ve one 
partye Rychard ifeuerell t parson of the churche of Ed- 
worthe in ye Counte of Bedford on ye other partye, for 
an annuel ponsyon of ijs, ye which ye said priour & couent 
clavme to have to them & their successors as in ve rvffhte 
of ther savde Monasterve of Sevnt Jfede of ve savde 
Richard ffeuerell & his successours parsons of \e savde 
cherch of Edworth at the f oste of hestem and in eschwying 
of trobull plee grete coste & charge that myghte growe 
be twen them for ye sayde yerely pensyon of ij«. ye two 
partevs a fore savde be ve medvacon of ther frendvs have 
a }>rccd them to stond & a bvde to ve ride ordinannce & 
jugement of me the said Robert Bothe at this tyme patron 
of ye sayde chyrcho of Edworth as in ye ryghte of Mawde 
mv wvfe late wvfe to John Enderbye Esquver ^nd I the 
sayde Robert Bothe wyllyng the good plees & a corde be 
twyx the sayde partes takyng uppon me the charge of ye 
rule ordinaunce & jugement be twyx the sayde parteyesof 
the premisses heryng & seyng ye tytyll & euydences for 
ye parte of ye sayde prior & couent & ye answherys of ye 
sayde Richard fFeverell And for as moche as ye sayde priour 
& co'uent have schewyd grete & sufFycynt eudences prouing 

• Waiiam Eynesbupy was Prior of St. Neote from 1464 and I486. 

t Richard Feverell was incambent of Edworth from 1462 until he 
resigned in 1481. 


ther tytyll good to & for the sayde pencyon of ijer. & the 

sayde Richard ffeverell nothyng centre shew in destruccion 

oi ye tytyll of ye sayd pryor & co'uent be them made for 

the sayde pencyon of ij«. wherby he & his successors myght 

or ought of ryght be dyscharged of the sayd annuel 

penycon of i]«. be good deliberacyon awarde ordende & 

deme yt ye sayd pryor & co'uent & their successors shall 

have & receyve the sayd yerly pensyon of ij*. to them & 

ther successors for euennor And that the sayde Richard 

fEevercU parson of ye sayde chyrche of Edworth & his 

successors shall pay the sayde annuell pensyon of ij». to 

the sayde pryor & co'uent & to ther successors for euermor 

at ye sayde feste according to ye tytyll & elayme of ye 

seyd pryour & co'uent. Allso I awarde ordeyne & deme 

jrt the sayde Kichard fFeverell parson of ye seyd churche 

of Edworth & his successours shall bo quyete & dyscharged 

of all the arreragcs of ye said annuell pensyon somme a 

fore this my present award agayns ye seyde pryour & 

co'uent & his successours excepte ijft. of arrerages of ye 

sayd annuell pencyon which wer .... & due of & 

for ij«. the yere laste passed afore this my present award 

to ye seyd prj'our & co'uent the which ij^. I award ordeyne 

& deme that the seyde Richard ffeverell pay forthe with 

uppon this my present award to ye sayd pryour. In 

wytness of whyche to yt my present award trj'partyte 

indentyd I have settmy seel ye viij. day of Janyuer the 

yere of ye regno of Kyng Edward ye fourth after the 

conquest the vth. 

J. G. Raynes. 

[The Advowson of St. George's Church, Edworth, was 

given to the Prior and Convent of St. Neots, between 

1175 — 1181, by Roger Bumard, as appears by the follow- 


ing charter which I extract from Gorham's History and 
Antiquities of Eyneahiiry and St, Neots, 

Hogers Bumard onnibus &c. . . . Notum sit vobis 
me concessisse, et carta mea confirmasse, Monachis de Sea 
Neoto, ecclesiam de Eddewortha cum omnibus ad eandem 
ecclesiam pertinentibus, in perpetuam et liberam elemosy- 
num ; pro animabus patris et matris meae, quorum corpora 
ibi riquiescunt ; et pro salute mea et heredum mieoruin. 
Quare volo &c. . . His Testibus &c. {Cart MSS. Cott 
Faust. A. IV. f. 57a.)— Ed.] 

BIGGLESWADE. — The ffraternytye of 


The ferme of one mes'e and one acr : of 
medowe in the tenure of WilFm Byshop 
by yere at the f easte of thannuncyacj'on of 
or. lady and saynt michell tharchangell by 
even porcons x«. 

The ferme of a tofte there in the handes 
of Robert Spencer by yere as is above said ij«. 

The ferme of vij acre of land and ij pas- 
tures in the tenure of Rog. Longehorn by 

yere as is above said vi«. viijr/. 

The Lands helongynge to th4^ said 
Brother/tood valued in — 

The ferme of vij acre : and one selyone 
of ley in the tenure of John Lyne by yere 
as is above said vis. viijd. 

The ferme of one cotage there in thands 
of John Payn as is above said vis, viijd. 


The f erme of one other cotage there in 
the tenure of John Underwood by yere as 
IB above said vi. viijrf. 

The ferme of one acr : of pasture in 
thands of Kichard Chery by yere as is 
above said iijs, iiijrf. 

The ferme of a tofte there in the tenure 
of John Pooley by yere as is above said . . vs. 

The ferme of xxiij acrs. of land in the 
tenure of Henry Rasen by yere as is above 
said xv«. 

The feirme of one mess. wth. a croft to 
the same belongyng in the tenure of 
Ffraneis Pygot Esquyer x«. 

The ferme of xxv acrs of arable land & 
one acr : of medowe in the tenure of Henry 
Ffynche by yere as is above said xxvi/j. 

The ferme of xxxv acrs. of land and iij 
rods of ley in the tenure of the sayde 
Henry by the yere as is above said xxviij^. yiijd. 

The ferme of one mese. lyeng in Holme 
in the tenure of Willm Colworth by yere 
as is above said x^. 

The ferme of certen lands there in the 
tenure of the said Willm by yere as is 
above said v«. 

Vijl. XX8. 


Reprises, — Qu : rent resolute to o' souain 

lord the kyng as to his manor of Bycleswade 

by yere xx«. iij^. ob. rent resolute to the 

prebend of Lincoln by yere iij«. nd, rent 


resolute to the manor of Eyreslye by yere 
iiijV/. rent resolute to Thorns Burgoyn by 
yere yiijd. ob xxv«. ijd. 

Goodes belonging to ye said Brother- 
hede as aperith by inventory remayng 
valued at lvij«. iijfl^. 

Md. that the said ffratern3'^tye was lycensed to be erected 
fFounded & incorporate by Kyng Edward the iiijth by 
the name of Wardens Brothers and Systers of the said 
brothcrhede and Guylde of the holy Trinytie in the 
Churche of Saynt Andrewe in Bicleswade aforesaid to 
thintent that there shold a prest syng there the dyvyne 
s'vice and for to pray for the good estate of the sayd KjTig 
Edward and Queue Elizabeth then his Wyfe & other the 
fFounders & for the soule of the late duke of Torke father 
to the sayd Kyng Edward and for the soules of all the 
brothern and systers of the said brotherhcde. Also there 
hath no grand scole nor preacher ben kept there syns 
mich'as last Item there hath no money nor other profFet 
ben payd at any time within this v years to any poore pson 
out of the said brotherhede intended to have contynuance 
for cv'r. Also there is in the said pishe of Bicleswade the 
nomber of ccccxl houselynge people* and no mo preste but 
only the vicar and this brotherhed prest. Also there hath 
hath (sic) ben no sale nor gif te of goods spoyll volimtary 
wast or other destructyon in the said brotherhed. Also 
Henry John is Incumbent there of thage of xl yeres but 
meanly lerned nott able to s've a cure and hath no other 
lyvyng but this brotherhed. 

* Houselynge people were people old enough to receive the Houael or 
Holy Sacrament. This probably includes young children, as at the date 
•of the MS. Confirmation was administered at quite an early age. 


Ohjte 8f lyghte in Biclestcade 

The ferme of one close of 

pasture lyeng in Bicleswade in 

the tenure of John Pooley gy ven 

to the sustentacyon of an obyte 

hy yere ijs, viijd. 

The ferme of half an aer. of 
land in the tenure of AVvUm 
Gray gy ven for the sustentacyon 

of a light by yere viijr/. 

The ferme of an acr : of 
medowe in the tenure of John 
Morell g5''ven to thuse aforesaid 

bv vere xiiV. 

injv. \nyf, 

J. G. R. 


The following is a transcript of a will (? the last) of 
William Buncombe of Battlesden. I found it amongst 
other old papers in my possession relating to Battlesden. 
It is on eleven sheets of paper, each being signed at foot 
*' by me Wm. duncombe." The last sheet is endorsed at 
the back — " Testament. of Willi' Buncombe of Battlesden 
30th Octr. 1594." Though I fancy he made another will 
just prior to his decease, I think this is worth preserving, 
from its containing many facts not to be found elsewhere, 
besides being of interest from other points of view. 

F. A. B 


In the name of god amen the xxxth dale of October in 
the yeare of o'r lord god 1694. And in the xxxvjth yeare 
of o'r most sou'aigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god 
of England ffraunce & Ireland Quene defender of the 
faith etc. I Will'm Duncumbe of Battlesden in the 
Countie of Bedf. Esquier being in gode health of bodie 
and of perfect minde & memorie (I praise god) Consideringe 
w*^ my self the vncertaintie of this lyfe doe therefore 
make and declare this my p'sent testament Conc'ning herin 
my last will in mann' and forme following that is to saie 
ffirst & principallie I Commend my Soule into the handes 
of allmyghtie god who of his omnipotence did Create and 
make y* and of his greate m'cie by the death of Jesus 
Christe his sonne did save and redeame y* and as my 
vndoubted hope is by the same m'cifuU redemc on will 
glorifie it. And as touching the disposic'on of Such 
goodes Chattells and Credit As god of his great m'cie hath 
lente me I will and bequeathe as foUowethe (That ys to 
saie) ffirst I giue and bequeath vnto Elizabeth my Daughter 
[five hundred poundes to be paid in man' and forme fol- 
lowing viz: two hundred pounds to be paid at in or upon 
the feast of St. John Baptist next ensewing after the date 
herof, And] three hundred poundes to be paid at such 
tyme, and when John Worlie gent her lawful husband 
shall attaine and come to and have in full possession all 
his landes ^nd liveing by the last will and testament of 
his father deceased, soe y* in and vppon Condic'on that he 
the said John Worlie have then himselfe provided, or 
Caused to be then alreadie provided such and soe much 
land as shalbe worthe three hundred poundes whoallie to 
be employed vsed & bestowed to the vse benefitt and p'fitt 
of ye said Elizabeth my Daughter and to her heyres and 


Awigness for eu'r. Item I will and my mind is that 

Katherin * my wife according to my p'myse by reason of 

marriage made vnto her shall have during her naturall 

life one Annuitye of one hundred and fiftie pounds w*^ I 

the said w'm togith'r wth my brother Thomas Buncombe 

•do stand bound for as by the recognisance in that behalf 

maid more plainlie appeare yearlie to be paid by two 

^uall porc'ons att or about two seu'rll tymes and vsuall 

feasts in the yeare viz. : att or about the annunciac'on of 

the blessed virgin Marye, and the feast of St. Michaell th' 

archangell in man' and forme as f olloweth, (that is to saie) 

The first paiement of threscore and fiftene pounds to bo 

payde in my house now in ffletestrete in London within the 

space of threscore daies next after ey ther of the said feasts 

or whether of them shall fortune then first next after my 

decease to follow and ensewe, and 75lt. to be paid w'thin 

twentie & eight dayes after eyther of the said feastes next 

after the first as is aforesaid yearlie during her life as by 

the said recognisance likewyse appeareth And my will and 

* This is tKe first mention that I have seen of a second wife. His 
first wife was, as the above inscription tells us, Ellen, da. & heir to 
William Saunders, of Fottesgrave. She was baptized 2l8t Sept. 1649 and 
was married in Sept. 1560, being barely 12 years old ! Her only brother, 
TThomas, died in February, 1559, and she died on the 9th of November, 
30 Queen Elizabeth f'Inq. p. m. Out. Duncombe^ capt. apud 'Ampthill, 3 
JVbr. 1 Jae. I.J. Strange to say the Inq. p. n*. makes no mention of his 
«econd wife Katherine, but possibly one of the lines defaced on the tomb 
may have mentioned her. She was probably from London, as further on 
in the will testator makes special disposition of land he had in right of 
his said wife, at London. In the parish registers of Harrold is the fol- 
lowing entry : — 

'* 1603 Aug. 1. Thomas Catesbye Esq., and Mrs. Eatherine Buncombe, 
but whether she was identical with the Katherine in question I am 
unable to say. 


meaneing is that the said Annuitie of one hundred and 
fiftie poundes shalle paie out of the vse and yearely rents 
revenews & encrease of all my lands leases goods Ghattells 
and other Creditt whatsoe'r or out of such and soe much of 
them as that the vse and yearlie increase thereof maie be 
esteemed & thought to be and in deed maie and wilbe 
sufGlcient & enough being as my will and true meaning is 
Tsed & employed to the best to paie p'forme and discharge 
the said annuity in mann'r and forme aforesaid. Item I 
give & bequeath vnto my three Children Saunders Will'm 
and Suzan Buncombe, to eyther of my said two sonnes 
three hundred poundes a peece and to my said daughter 
Suzan five hundred poundes to be paid vnto my said three 
Children when they shall accomplishe & come vnto their 
seu'all ages of xvj. yeares or before yf they sonde mai^rie. 
And if y* fortune any of my said thre children doe d'p't 
their lifes at anie time before they shall accomplishe or 
come vnto there said seu'all ages of xvj. yeares or before 
ye dales of their seu'all ages then I will y' the part 
or porc'on of him or her or anie of them so deceassed 
shalbe distributed equallie emongst the other of them 
[my children] then Hvinge, It'm I give & bequeath 
to my said daughter Suzan my house w* th' apparten'nc's 
that Edmimd Hickman doth now dwell in in Leighton 
Bussard in ye Countie of Bedds. And the meadow that 
I late purchased of Will'm SeweU, To have and to 
hold to her the said Suzan her heires and assignes for 
eu'r, provided alwaies that yf y* shall fortune my said 
wifEe to live longer over and above the tyme y^ my said 
three Children viz. Sanders Will'm & Suzan shall accom- 
plishe & come vnto theire said seu'all ages of xvj. yeares 
aforesaid then I will and my true meaninge is that all 


[my said lands leases & tenements &c] such and so much 
of my said goods chattells and other creditt as shalbe suf- 
ficient to paie & p'fonne the said annuities as y** aforesaid 
shall still be and remaine in the hands vsing & ordering of 
the executors of this my p'sent testament hereafter named 
to & for the true paieing & full p'formeinge of the said 
annuity esy And also I will that my executors hereaft'r 
named shall immediatlie after the decease of my said wyf e 
well & truelie paie or cause to be well and truelie paid 
vnto my said three Children Saunders Will'm & Suzan 
there said seu'all p'tes & porc'ons, And that the residew of 
all the said goods and chatteUs soe employed to the p'r- 
forminge of ye said annuytie of one clli. shalbe equalie 
devided emongst them or so manie of them as shall then 
be liveinge, and to be paid vnto them together with their 
porc'ons or [soe much thereof as shall then be retained in 
their hands], And if y' shall happen that my said wife 
doe decease before the tyme of theire said seu'all ages of 
xvj. years aforesaid that then the same my executors her- 
after named shall vse employ and bestow as well all their 
said porc'ons & eu'ie p* and p'cell theirof, as also the said 
residew & eu'ie p* & p'cell therof att their good discrec'on 
equallie to be distributed emongst them to the best benefit 
p'fitt Comoditie & advantage of them mysaid three children 
Sanders Will'm & Suzan vntill they shall accomplishe & 
come vnto their foresaid seu'all ages of Sixtene yeares or 
they shalbe married w'ch of them shall first happen Item I 
giue and bequethe vnto Edward my eldest sonne my great 
gylte salte the bedsteed and Cupbord in the great new 
Chamber at my house at Battlesdon aforesaid, the long 
table in the great parlour their w'th two Dosen of stooles 
theirvnto belonging. The Cupbord sqvare table and great 


Andyerons w* the fyer sbovell & tongues their to be de- 
liu'ed Tnto him at the end of fewer monthes next after my 
decease. Item I give and bequeath vnto Anne Duncumbe 
my late brother [Roger] his daughter tenne poundes, to 
Richard Pope xl«. of that monie w'ch his brother doth owe 
me and the rest I do forgiue w'ch is above iiij/t. in all. 
It*m I giue and bequeath vnto eu*re of my servants in 
s'vice w'th me at my death iij«. iiijV. a peece & to Pollard 
my made xls. & to Jhon Hebbs mi/ hogherd us, to eu'ye of 
my godchildren then liveing iJ8. vj(f. a peece. It'm I giue 
vnto eu'ie of the townes of Battlesden [Pottesgrave] 
Woobume Leyghton Tuddington Dunstable Ivingho w'th 
Aston and Hocklif xl^. a peece to be distributed emongst 
the poore of the saide seu'all townes as shall thervnto be 
assigned & appointed by the executors of this my p'sent 
testament Provided alwaies and my will and true meaninge 
is that if my foresaid sone Edward Duncumbe shall not or 
will not peacably and quietlie p'mit & suffer my heraf ter 
named executors of this my p'sent testament to have and 
enjoye my said house and living that I now have att 
Battlesdon and Pottesgraue w'th all the p'fyte thervnto 
belonging wth th'app'tena'ces and all the pastures and 
grounds of Battlesdon and Pottesgraue w'ch now are at the 
daie of the date of theise p'sent^ in myne owne handes and 
occupac'on for & during one whoale yeare next after my 
decease the said yeare to begin at Michaelmas next after my 
decease or at the feast of th'annunciac'on of the blessed 
Virgin St. Marie next aft'r my decease w'ch of the said 
feasts shall happen next after my Decease to the end intent 
and purpose y^ all my goods and Chattells maie be sold and 
had awaie to the best p'fitt theirof that then my will & 
mynde is that my said sone shall have no legacie or benefit 


in or by this my p'sent last will and testament Anie thinge 
Yierin contained to the contrarie therof in anie wise not- 
withstandinge hut that the same shall whoalie remain & 
he aa the rest of my goods and chattells by my executors 
hereaiter named employed and vsed as is aforesaid And 
whereas Richard Grace of fEennystrattford & Peter de 
ffrayne of Woohume stand hounden and obliged to me by 
obligac'on for the sure payment of 90/i. w'ch money belong- 
eth to the schole of Woobume & inverie truth is none of 
myne Therfore I require the same my executors heraft'r 
named to p'cure the said Richard Grace and peter de fPraine 
ther executors or assignes to paie the same 90/e. iustlie & 
truelie to the ffeoffees of the same Schole to the vse of the 
said schole according to the trust that was reposed in me. 
It*m I give and bequeath toward the [may'tening] tnaking 
of footebridges & the amending of the highe waye between 
puddle hill foote and little Brickhill lane x/r. to be 
hestowed [& Imployed ye'rly] by such of ye inhabitants of 
Hocklif and Battlesdon as shal be thervnto appointed by 
my executors in this my p'nte testament menc'oned and 
declared. It*m I giue vnto Thomas Saunders xl«. and 
vnto Thomas Herding xx«. and to fPerristis wife xx«. 
The residew of all and singular my goodes and Chattells 
debts money [plate] Jewells househould stuffe horses 
maires coltes geldinges sheape oxen kyne hogges com haie 
and all other my goods cattells creditt and thinges what- 
soe'r as well moveable as vnmoveable not before in this 
my p'sent testament giuen nor bequethed my debts being 
paid my funerall expenses discharged and this my p'sent 
testament in ev'e respect fullie p'formed I give and be- 
quethe whoallie vnto [my said thr'e children Saimders W*m 
&] Suzan Duncumbe my said daughter to be employed & 



bestowed to the best by my executors hereafter named for 
there better educac'on and bringing vppe in vertue and 
Godlines equallie devided emo'gst them. And I doe make 
and ordaine my verie good & loving trustie friends my 
brother Thomas Dmicumbe my brother Gyka Duncumbe and 
my brother John Duncumbe myne executors of this my 
p'sent testament giveing and setting over vnto them all 
my land ,w'th th'appurten'ces w'ch now I have in the 
right of my said wief att Londo' viz : thre messuages 
w'th th'appurten'nces in the p'ishe of St. Brigitt neere 
fieete-strete London now in the tenor & occupaco' of Mrs. 
Anne Plasden widow and John Michell hab'dasher and 
theire assignes & one messuage and one curtilage in the 
p'ishe of St. Stephen in Colma' streete londe comonUe 
called the signe of the bell now in the tenor and occupa* 
co'n of Richard Home Inholder, leases and tenements 
togeth'r w'th all and singular their appurten'nces to and 
for this onelie vse end entent and purpose that the yearlie 
rents and revenewes therof shalbe for the paiem't and 
discharge of the said Annuitie of 190/t. soe farre as they 
will extend, and for soe much of the said anuitie as y« 
yearlie rents and revenewes of the said lande leases and 
tenements will not amoimt & reach vnto they my said 
executors to retaine & keep such & soe much of my said 
goods in theire hands as that the ye'rlie increase therof 
shall and will fulfill and make vppe the said some of 150/t, 
& shall & wilbe sufficient and enoughe togeth'r w'th the 
said rents & revenewes for the satisfacion & discharge 
therof yearelie during the lief naturall of my said wife in 
man' & forme as is aforesaid. And afterwards namelie 
after her decease to be answearable and accomptant vnto 
my said thre children Saimders Will'm and Suzan as well 


for tlieise my goods and cbattells as for the rest [before 

menc'oned] in mann'r & forme before expressed. And 

l^furth'nnore I^ doe putt into theire hands and committ 

to iheire trust well vsinge dispo'tion and orderings all 

and singular my said goods Chattells & other Credytt 

whatsoeu*r, and they to take haue and receyve them all and 

eu'ie p't and p'cell y'rof to doe satisfie f ullfill and thorowlie 

p'forme aswell the foresaid Annuitye of on hundred and 

fiftie poundes to my said wiefe as also all and singular 

legacies debts & whatsoeu'r thing or thinges specifyed 

contayned and sett donne in this my p'sent testament 

according to my will intent and true meaninge in man^ 

and forme herin menc'oned and declared. Desyering 

them and eu'ie of them to fulfill and p'forme y* iustlie in 

eu'ie respect. And they to haue ye ordering & gou'ment 

of my said thre children Sander willi'm and Suzan [w'th] 

theire porc'ons to them before bequethed and to Educate 

and bring them vppe vntyll they shall accomplishe their 

foresaid seu'all ages of xvj years or shalbe married first 

happening not doubting but y* they will have that godlie 

care of my said children that they will bring them vppe 

in godlie and v'rtuous leving and oth'r such like exercise 

accordinge to the great trust I reposse in them. And they 

to make a true and iust accompte & true payment vnto my 

said children of theire portions to them before bequeathed 

^d of the encrease therof when they shall accomplishe 

their foresaid seu'all ages of syxtene yers [togither with. 

the re'dew and ou'rplus of all my goods and chattells 

whatsoeu'r equallie to be deuided emongst them my said 

thre childre' Saunders Wm & Suzan] provided alwaies 

as before And I doe give to eu'ie of them for theire 

paines over and above such expences as they shall expend 


or lay out in or about this my p'sent testament vjVi. xij«. 
viijd, a peece. Also I do further will that Mr. [A. B.] 
Doctor Smithe shall have my foresaid sone Saunders and 
his stocke (yf y^ shall pleaise him soe to do) and he to be 
bound [with suertes] to my foresaid executors to make 
paiem't their of And that my foresaid hroWr Giles Dun- 
combe [G. D] shall have my foresaid sonne Will'm and his 
stocke duringe his minoritie, and he to be bound [with 
suertes] to the rest of my said executors to be accomptant 
and to make true paym't therof wt the increase theirof to 
the said Will'm my sone [or his heires] And that my 
Cosen John Dnncombe [J.D.] and my brother John ^Thorn's] 
Duncumbes wief shall haue my foresaid Daughter Suzan 
and her stocke during her minorytie and they to be bound 
[w'th suerteis] to the rest of my executors to be accomptant 
and to make true paiement therof w'th the Increase 
theirof to my said Daughter [or hir heires]. And that 
yf the foresaid p'ties or anie of them shall refuse to take 
my foresaid children and there stockes to them before 
bequeathed in such man' and forme as before menc'oned 
then I will that y® residewe of my foresaid executors shall 
take them or anie of them soe refused att theire discrec'on 
taking good securitie for theire stockes w'th the increase 
thereof [for my children] And I doe make ordaine 
appoint & intreatt my loving & trustie friends Mr [Wm. 
S.] Doctor Smith aforesaid and Mr [T. S.] Doctor S . . 

to be the overseers of the execution & inst* 

p'formance of this my last will and p'sent testament 
[giueing vnto either of them for theire paines ii]7. v]8. 
Tiijrf. a peece] And I doe hereby vtterlie revoke and 
disanull all former wills legacyes and bequests by me 
heretofore made. In Wittness whereof I have hervnto 


sett my Seale and subscribed my name the daie and yeare 
first above written. These being witnesses — 

Jo : Beynes, V' 
KicHARD Grene, 
Will'm Jacobs. 

By me Wm. Duncombe. O 

N.B. — ^Worda within brackets are interlineatioDS, and tho«e in italics 
have been erased in the orig^naL — "Ed. 

The following is the will of Sir Edward Duncombe, Knt., 
eldest son of the above testator : — 

In the name of God Amen. I Sir Edward Dun- 
cx)MBE of Battlesden in the Countye of Bedford Elnight doe 
make and ordaine this my present Testament concerning 
herein my last will in manner and forme following (that is 
to say) ffirst I bequeath my soule into the hands of Al- 
mightie God my maker and my body to be decently buried 
with as much privacie as maybe in the Chancell of Battles* 
den aforesaid nere my wife there (If it please God it may 
be soe.) Trusting in my Saviour Jesus Christ that at the 
last daye it shall rise againe and thorough the merrits of 
his death and passion come to life everlasting. Item I 
GIVE unto the poore of Battlesdon Twentie shillings Item 
I give vnto the poor of Pottesgrave twentie shillings Item 
I give vnto the poore of Layton Bussard fEortie shillings. 
The said severall somes to be bestowed at the discretion of 
my executors hereafter named Item whereas vpon the 
marriage with Anne my now wife I gave securetie to pro- 
vide a house for her dureing her life after my decease 
which should be worth fEortie pounds p. ann. or in default 


thereof to leave vnto her two hundred pounds in money at 
the tyme of ray decease Now my will and meaninge is If 
my sayd wife and her frends do release her said securitie 
and discharge my executors thereof That then she shall 
have and keepe those jjewells (viz't) two Rings and a 
dyamond hatband shoe hath in keeping of mine, otherwise 
my will is my executors shall have the sayd Rings and 
hatband towards the payment of my debts. Itkm I give 
and bequeath vnto my sonne in lawe William Buncombe of 
Littelington Parke Esquire and to Edmond Bolsworth of 
Laighton gent and their heires and assignes for ever All 
those rents of assise of all freehoulds Tennants Certainties 
Comon fynes of all and singular Tennants and Inhabitants 
Ck)urtc Leetes veiue of f ranck pledge amerciaments Herri- 
otts waifes straye proffitts Comodities emoluments waters 
ffishings goods and Cattells of Felons and Fugatins felons 
of themselves and all other the premises in Yeldon Turvey 
Wroxhill Roxton CoUeston Chalston and Patcnham al*8 
Patenharne or in any of them in the feres and Countie of 
Bedds w*** their and every of their appurtenances late to 
the honour of Olouster belonging in as full large ample 
and beneficiall manner as the same were grannted or sould 
vnto mee and my heires by John Eldred and George "Wit- 
more Esq** by Indenture beareing date the first day of 
Maye in the nynthe year of the raigne of our late Sover- 
aigne Lord King James of England with the reverc'on and 
reverc'ons of all and singider the said premisses dependin^^ 
or expectant vpon any demise or grant Item as concerning 
my lease of Woobume grounds and all and every other my 
goods Chatties Catties plate and jjewells whatsoever I give 
them and every of them vnto them the said William Bun- 
combe and Edmond Bolsworth and doe make them the 


aaid "William and Edmond executors of this my present 
testaia't not donbting of their care and paines that all and 
every my iust debts wilbe by them satisfied and my body 
in a decent manner interred and such Codicill that I shall 
mcike vnder my hand and scale p'formed And soe com- 
mitting myself and my affayres to almighty God his holy 
p'tection and direction revokeing all former wills I publish 
and declare this to be my last will and Testament In wit- 
ness whereof I the said sir Edwarde Buncombe have 
hereunto put my hand and scale this ffirst daye of January 
Anno Dni. 1637. And in the yeare of the raigne of our 
most gratious Sovraigne Lord Charles by the grace of 
God of England Scotland fErance and Ireland King defend- 
er of the faith &c. the thirteenth. EDW. DUNCOMBE. 
In the pr'sence of Tho. Eltham, John Howe. Md. that this 
22th of ffebruary 1637 Sir Edward Buncombe did againe 
publish and declare this to be his last will and Testament 
Thomas Kettlewell, Cha. Wynne;'* 

In Battlesden Church is a mural tablet of Italian marble 
which was once decorated with gold and colours with the 
following mutilated inscription : — 

"In hope of a Joyful resurrection lies interred y« body of 
William Duncombe Esqr: who depted this life y 27 of Mar: 
1603, He was y^ 4^^ son of Will Dune : of Ivingoe in y« 
Count: of Bucks Gent & Alee Witton daughr to Will Witto: 

of Woodstoke in Co Ox Esqr: H (e married) 92 

& had issue by his first wife Elle' Saunders da^ & heire to 
Willia' San of Potesgrave gent 3 sonnes & 2 daugh his eldest 
son Sr Edwa Duncobe Kt . , , . , . who lived to ye 
age of 77 d departed this life y 7 of Mar 1638. His seco : 
sone is Sr Sander Duncobe Kt who had been a gent Pentioner 
in Ordinary to King James of blessed meo : and also to King 


Charles about y$ space of 80 years. Ye 3d son was WiW 
who being a March died at Stode in Qer d lies interred in ye 
chiefe church their The two daugh : died w^^out issue, " 

There are three shields of arms on the tomb : — 

1. Per chevron eng. gu. & az. three talbots' heads- 
erased coimterchanged, duncombe ; impaling — Per chevron 
sa. & arg. three elephants' heads cabossed counterchanged, 




Some portions of this inscription have for some reason 
been carefully chiselled out, relating, I fancy, to the date 
of marriage of William Duncombe to Ellen Saunders, who 
was just 12 years old at the time of her marriage ! and 
also to the marriage of Sir Edw. Duncombe. Thift 
mutilation must have taken place previous to 1688, for in 
Sari, MS. 1391 fo. penc. 30, is a copy of this Inscription 
agreeing with the above, and attested by Thos. Cox, Clerk, 
and Jonathan Neale, Churchwarden, the 4th of June, 1688» 
Sir Edward's first wife was Elizabeth, da. of Peter Osborne^ 
of the Exchequer, by whom he had issue ; and according^ 
to this will he married again, as he speaks of " Anne my 
note tcife.*' In the visitation of 1634 there is no mention 
of this Anne, and as the pedigree is signed " Thomas 
JElt/utm,/or my master Sr. Edw. Duncombe^ by his direction,'^ 
one may conclude that he did not marry this Anne tiU 
after the date of the visitation. 

William Duncombe, who married Ellen Saunders, 
appears to have had a second wife, Katherine, who died 
8.p. I seould be glad to learn the family names of Anne 
and Eatherine, and the dates of their respective marriages. 


I have since discovered that Sr. Edward's second wife- 
was Anne, relict of — Bonham ; the marriage settlement 
bears date 22 June, 1630, the trustees being Henry Proby, 
of the Middle Temple, Lend., Esq., and Thos. Bancroft,, 
of Lond., Esq. (Inq. p-fn. capf apud AmpthiU — 1638). 

R A. B. 

BARTON-LE-C LEY.— Extracts from the Parish 


The extracts below given are mostly from the oldest 
volume which commences in the year 1558, and is in a 
good state of preservation. The writing of the first few 
folios is neat and regular, but different in style to the- 
writing one usually sees about that period. I am greatly 
indebted to the Hector for his courteous permission to make- 
these extracts. F. A. B. 

1558, Feb. 21. — Agnes, d. of Richard Denton, Bapt. 

1559, Apr. 7. — ^Ric: Lowndes, Curate, was buryed at 

1559, Aug. 17. — Marg'ett Vauys was buried. 

1559, Aug. 22. — ^Robert Woodward was buried. 

1560, May 17. — ^Richard Yawse was buried. 

1560, June 23.— Robert Winge [? Wingate] was buried. 

1560, Feb. 11.— John Loyorouse, Curat was buried. 

1562, Apr. 11. — Elizabeth, d. of Ric. Denton was. 

1562, May 17. — John Wyngatt was Christened. 

1562, May 18. — The son of John Wyngatt was buried. 

1569, Apr. 5. — ^Prudence ye d. of Mr. Lucke of Sonde** 
[Sundon] was buried. 

1572, June 8. — John Woodward & Elizabeth Milward 
were married. 


1673, Nov. 26.— Tho. Gregory & Isabell Rudde wpre 

1574, Aug. 8. — John Wyngatt, householder was buried, 

1676, Oct. 31.— Eliz'th. ye wife of Wm. Vauase waa 

1578, Aug. 12. — Thomas Nokes of Londo' was buried. 

1588, Oct. 27.— John Cockyne [P Cokayne] & Mared 
Prior were maryed. 

1595, Nov. 16.— Wm. ye s. of Tho. Norton was 

1597, Feb. 6. — Wm. Capo' of Londo' was buried. 

1600, May 7. — Alys ye d. of Thomas Norton was 

1604, Oct. 17. — Annys ye d. of Thomas Norton waa 

1607, Jan. 1. — Mary, ye d. of Thomas Norton wad 

1610, Feb. 2.— Thomas, ye s. of Thomas Norton was 

1612, Nov. 8. — Ann, ye d. of Thomas Norton iras 

1613, Jan. 20. — ^Alyce ye wife of Rich. Dyxon of 
Londo' was buryed. 

1616, Sept. 12, Water Gyles, minister, was burred. 
1619, May 18.— Thomas, s. of Thos. Norton was 
burred. • 

1619, Oct. 10.— Alice, the wife of Willm. Vause bur. 

1622, Apr. 29. — Samuel ffulkes, minister, bur. 

1623, Feb. 9.— PhilUp Payne, gentleman, & Dorothy 
Brasyer were married. 

1625, May 18.— William, the son of Phillip PaySae, 
gentleman, was christened. 


/ 1625, Dec. 21. — Jolin Keedham of Wembley, gent., and 
Anne Denton were married. 

1626, March 4. — John Oardner, curate, & Elizabeth 
■Childe were married. 

1633, June 1. — ^Anne, d. of Thomas Crawley was 

1633, Oct. 27. — Ann, d. of John Gardner, minister, was 

1633, Jan. 4. — John, s. of Matthew Denton, Esq., buried. 

1634, Aug. 22. — Timothy, s. of Wm. Vausse, bur. 

1635, Sept. 12. — Francis, s. of John Denny, gentleman, 
& Mary his wife, christened. 

1637, Apr. 12. — ^Wm. s. of John Gardner, minister, & 
Elizabeth his wife, christened. 

1640, Apr. 29. — Matthew, s. of Nicolas Denton, gent., 
was baptized. 

1640, Sept. 10. — Matthew Denton Esq. was bur. 

1641, June 10.— Marie, the d. of Thomas Cheny, gent, 
was baptized. 

1641, Sept. 12. — John, s. of John Gardner, minister, 
was baptized. 

1641, Sept. 12. — Judith, d. of Nicholas Denton, gent.^ 
was baptized. 

1643, July 4. — ^Elizabeth, d. of John Gardner, minister^ 
was baptized. 

1645, Apr. 30. — William Vaux buried. 

1646, May 7. — Robt. Viney, minister, & Judith Kent 
were married. 

1646, July 25. — Mary, d. of John Gardner minister, 
was buried. 

1645, Sept. 7. — Sarah, d. of Thomas Gerey baptized. 

1646, Oct. 21. — Robert, s. of Robert Viney, minister, 
was buried. 


1647, Jan. 17. — Judith, d. of Robert Viney, minister, 
was baptized. 

1648, Feb. 27. — John, s. of Bobt* Viney, minister, waa 

1649, July 12. — Judith, cL of Robt. Viney, minister, 
was buryed. 

1650, Nov. 13. — ^Mr. Nicholas Denton, buried. 

1650, March 18. — ^Robert, s. of Robt. Viney, minister,, 

1652, July 12. — ^David, s. of Robt. Viney, minister, 

1654, July 27. — ^Thomas Egleton, s. of Christopher 
Egleton of Eddlesborough, Esq., & Ann Denton, eld. d. 
Nich. Denton, late of Barton, Esq., deceased were married 
by Edm. Wingate. 

1662, Aug. 18. — John Norton, Rector, buried & interred 
in the Chancel. 

1662, Sept. 10. — ^Thomas Crawley, buried. 

1662, Oct. 26.— Wm., s. of Wm. Capon & Catherine his^ 
wife, bapt. 

1664, Apr. 4. — Wm. s. of Thos. Crawley baptized, bur.. 
Apr. 4. 

1664, June 5. — Dr. Geo Parish & Mrs. Ann Crawley 
were married. 

1667, Aug. 24.— Barbara, d. of Mr. Nich. Denton, & 
Caroline his wife bapt. 

1668.— Mr. William Denton buried. 

1668, June 23.— Matthew, s. of Mr. Matt. Denton &. 
Mary his wife, bapt. 

1670, Feb. 4. — John Norman & Ann Gascojm were 

1671, June 22. — ^Mr. John Papworth & Mrs. Mary 
Roberts were married. 


1672, April 10. — Mr. Charles Mordent of London, & 
Mrs. Judith. Crouch were married. 

1672, May 17.— Etheldred, d. of Mr. Matthew Denton 
& Mary his wife, bapt. 

1672, May 21.— Carola, d. of Mr. Nicholas Denton & 
C/arola his wife, bapt. 

1673, July 18.— Carola, d. of Mr. Matthew Denton & 
Mary his wife, bapt. 

1673, Nov. 8. — ^Mr. John Rutland buried. 

1674, July 18. — Nicholas, s. of Mr. Nicholas Denton 
-& Carola, bapt. 

1674, Feb. 14.— Mary, d. of Matthew Denton & Mary 
Ms wife, bapt. 

1675, Feb. 3. — ^Nicholas, s. of Mr. Nicholas Denton, 

1676, May 22. — Nicholas, s. of Mr. Nicholas & Carola 
his wife, bapt. 

1677, May 26. — ^Dr. Thomas Crawley, Rector, buried in 
the Chancel. 

1678, May 12. — ^Richard Norton, Gent.,buriedmwollen. 
1678, Aug. 27. — ^Matthew, s. of Nicholas Denton, Esq., 

A Carola his wife, bapt. 

1680, Nov. 11. — ^Anne ye d. of Mr. Arthur Hum- 
phreys [Rector] & Anne his wife borne Oct. 26, bapt. 
Nov. 11. 

1680, Dec. 2. — ^Mary d. of Richard Norton, gent., bur. 

1681, Oct. 26. — Ann Capon, Spinster, bur. 

1681, Jan. 4. — Arnold, s. of Arthur Humphreys, Rector, 

1682, May 17. — Katherine Humphreys, Spinster, bur. 
1682, June 18. — ^Penelope, d. of Arthur Humphreys, 

Hector, & Anne borne June 18, bapt. same day. 


1682, Aug. 9. — Matthew Denton, Gent., bur. 

1683, Nov. 14. — Anne Norton, relict of Mr. Richard 
Norton of Hitchin, co. Hertf . bur. 

1684, May 20. — Thomas, b. of Alexander Cotes, of 
London, bapt. 

1684, May 24.— Nicholas Aspinall, Gierke, & Elizab. 
Kings, gentlewo' married. 

1686, Apr. 1. — Elizabeth, d. of Mr. Nicholas Aspinall^ 

1687, March 2.— Elizabeth, d. of George Wakeman, 
gent., bapt. 

1689, March 22. — Sarah, d. of George Wakeman, gent.,, 

1691, Jan. 14. — ^WiUiam, s. of George Wakeman, 

1692, Dec. 20.— Mr. Nicholas Sampson Cur. of litle 
Wimley buried. 

1692, Feb. 17. — Mary, d. of George. Wakeman, gent., 
bapt. Bur. Sept. 28. 

1693, Dec. 14. — John Bewse Vicar of Boxton & Gbace 
Sampson of Litle Wimley, wid. 

1694, Dec. 5. — Edward, s. of George Wakeman, Gent.,. 

1695, Apr. 18. — Mrs. Ann Norton of Hitchin, wid., bur^ 

1696, Mar. 5. — Richard, s. of George Wakeman, gent.» 

1697, Apr. 4. — Mathew Ashwell & Arabell Stokes, wid.,, 

1697, Sept. 26.— EUza, d. of Matthew Ashwell & Arabell 
his wife, bapt. 

1698, Apr. 4. — ^Elizabeth, d. of ffrancis Aldridge,. 
Attorney who Uues now with Mr. Denton bur. 


1698, July 6. — ^Theodore, s. of George Wakeman, gent.,, 
ehyrugian, bapt. 

1699, Apr. 14. — ^William, s. of Mr. George Wakeman,. 
surgeon, bur. 

1699, Apr. 28. — ^William, s. of John Hanscome, bapt. 

1700, July 14. — ^Anne, d. of Matthew Ashwell farmer 
& Arabell his wife, bapt. 

1700, Jan. 7. — Anne, the wife of Arthur Humphreys, 
Hector of this Church, Bur. 

1700, Jan. 11, — ^William Denton, gent.. Bur. 

1700, Jan. 14. — ^Mary, d. of Mr. Wakeman, a chyrugian, 

1704, March 13. — ^Henrietta Maria, d. of Arthur Hum- 
phreys, clerk : Rector of this Church, & of Jane his wife, 

1706, Apr. 12. — ^Henrietta Maria Humphreys Bur. 

1706, Apr. 22.— Matthew Denton, gent., & Elizabeth 
Crouch of Barton, widdow, were married by Licence. 

1706, Feb. 21. — Matthew, s. of Matthew Denton Gent., 
& Elizabeth his wife, Bapt. 

1708, Sept. 15. — ^Rosamond, d. of Mr. Matthew Denton 
& Eliz. his wife was born. 

* 1709, Dec, 3.— Judith, d, of (Mr.) Matthew Denton & 
Eliz. his wife, Bapt. 

1709, Dec. 27. — James Smith of Sharpenhoe in the 
parish of Streatley and Penelope Humphreys of this parish 
by Lycence. 

1711, Oct. 20.— Mrs. Carola Denton Bur. 
1711, Oct. 27. — ^Nicholas, s. of Mr. Matthew Denton & 
of Eliz. his wife, Bapt. 

^ The word «* Mr." added by a later hand. 


1711, Oct. 29. — ^Nicholas Denton, junior, Bur. 

1714, Jan. 12.— Sarah, d. of Mr. Robert Woodward & 
"Susa' his wife, Bapt. 

1715, Feb. 4. — ^Anne, d. of Mr. Robert Woodward & 
Susa' his wife, Bapt. 

1716, June 21. — ^Nicholaa Denton, Gent., Bur. 

1717, Sept. 4. — Thomas, s. of Mr. Robert Woodward & 
•Susan his wife, Bapt. 

1718, Oct. 14. — Arthur Humphrey, Rec. of ys pVsh, 

1719, Nov. 3.— Jane, d. of Edward Willes, Rector of 
this Church & of Jane his wife, Bapt. 

1720, May 5.— Mr. Thomas Woodward Bur. 

1720, Sept. 20.— Anne, d. of Edward Willis, Rector of 
this Parish, & of Jane his wife, Bapt. 

1721, Aug. 30.— Edward, s. of Edward Willis, Rector 
•of this Church, & of Jane his wife, Bapt. 

1722, Oct. 25.— Martha & Mary, twin daur's of Robt 
Woodward, Gent., & of Susanna his wife, Bapt. 

1728, Dec. 26.— John Field of Hitchin, Gent., Bur. in 

1729, Sept. 23.— Luke Brasier & Grace Field, p'r Licence. 

1730, Nov. 22.— Elizabeth, d. of Matthew & Sarah 
Field, Bapt. 

1731, Oct. 28. — Elizabeth, wife of George Abell, gent., 
^f Rome, Bur. 

1736, March 18. — ^Elizabeth Denton, wife of Matthew 
Denton, gent., Bur. 

1737, Jan. 3.— Thomas Field & Elizab. Brazier, p. Lie. 
1739, Apr. 26. — ^Matthew, s. of Matthew Denton, Gent. 

A Frances his wife, Bur. 



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Wm. 204. 
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314 ; John 232, 314 ; Mary 314 ; 

SarHh 312; Wm. 313, 314, 321. 
Burton, Ghr. 267 ; John 341 ; 

Magd. 341 ; Rebecca 341 ; Sarah 

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Bushmead, 133, 169. 
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Butcher, Dame 21. 
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Butler, Qeo 162 ; Hen. 202 ; Wm. 

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Byrde, Thos. 296. 
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112, 116. 
Gampton, 96. 

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210; Wm. 378, 380. 
Gardington, 68, 133. 
Garlton, 21, 58. 
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267-69, 271 ; Fees. 270 ; Jane 

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268-71, 273 ; Ursula 270 ; Wm. 

58, 269, 271, 272. 
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Chaloedon, Bishop of 158. 

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178, 342, 343. 

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261 ; Thos. 170. 

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Chelling^ton, 21. 

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217 ; Sr. VilUers 206 ; Wm. 

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84 ; Sr. Wm. 330. 

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235, 380. 

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Chitwell, 65. 

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Christie, Thos. 22. 

Church, John 260. 

Clapham, 45, 133, 349. 


dapwell, Geo. 214 : Edm. 88 ; 

Thos. 235. 
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95 ; Fes. 95 ; John 162, 208, 

255; Pha. 254, 255; Mr. 214; 

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Ralph 222, 225 ; Rich. 223; Robt. 

225 ; Rt. Hon. Wm. 222 ; Sarah 

226 ; Sr. Robert 223 ; Sr. Wm. 

223 ; Wm. 219, 223, 226, 227. 
Gierke, see Clarke. 
Cleveland, E. of 214. 
Clifford, Eliz. 68 ; John de 113 ; 

Wm. 68. 
Clifton, 5, 65, 67, 133, 159 ; Chas. 

20 : Hen. 355 ; John 190. 
GlophUl, 159. 
Goatts, Alex. 382 ; John 49 ; Thos. 

Cockyne, John 378. 
GoghUl, Mr. 220. 
Coins, Ancient 239. 
Cokayne. Dorothy 70, 270, 276; 

Edm. 70 ; Eliz. 70 ; Ida 70 ; 

Kath 70 ; Joan 70 ; John 70 ; 

Mr 217; Thos. 270; Wm. 70. 
Cokayne Hatley, 70, 133. 
Coke, Johan. 170. 
Colbeck, John 309 ; Mary 49. 
Cole, EUz. 228. 318, 841 ; Wm. 228. 
Coleman, Wm 209. 
Coles, Robt. 72 ; Wdl 254. 
CoUeston, 374. 
Collins, Ann 276; Barwell 276; 

Eliz. 576. 
CoUop, Michael 190 ; Thos. 17. 
Colm worth, 17. 
Colton, Phil. 31. 
Colworth, Wm. 361. 
Conquest, Anne 97 ; Benedict 88, 

217, 220; Chas. 95; Dorothy 

97 ; Edw. 203 ; Eliz. 235, 236 ; 

Etheldreda 88, 90 ; Jane 97 ; 

Joan 90, 170 ; John 350; Judeth 

95 ; Rich. 90, 97, 199, 202 ; Sr. 

Edm. 89, 94, 95, 97 ; Sr. Rich. 

93, 94,95,211; Wm. 90. 
Conysford, Nich. 68. 


Cook, Agnes 23 ; Edm. 327 ; Eliz. 

236 ; Hugh 237 ; John 22 ; Bich. 

263 ; ThoB. 267. 
Cooper, Agnes 267 ; Alice 50 ; 

Anne 24 ; Tompkinson 226. 
Cople, 9U 134, 142, 352. 
Coppin, ThoB. 312. 
Coquin, Hen. 232. 
Corbett, Arth. 263, 257 ; Fes. 234, 

Cordell, Robt. 165. 
CoTnwalhs, Fredk. Lord 219 ; Jane 

Cotton, John 100 ; Mr. 217, 220 ; 

Sam. 214; Sr. John 217. 
Courtney, Eliz. 267 ; Roger 267. 
Crachele, John de 115. 
Cranfield, 134. 
Crawley, Anne 379, 380; Fes. 199; 

John 162, 209; Rich. 162; 8r. 

Fc8. 212; Thos. 158, 210, 379-81. 
Crayford, 8r. Wm. 211, 214. 
Creamer, Mary 273. 
Crichton, Jane 228 ; Robt. 228. 
Croft, Sr. John 203. 
Croftes, Alice 25 ; Ellen 25 ; Hen. 

235, 236; John 24, 157, 214; 

Rich. 50 ; Sarah 235, 236 ; Wm. 

Croot, Crowutt, Bridgit 22 ; Edw. 

17 ; Kliz. 277 ; Harry 17 ; Joan 

61 ; Thos. 17, 52 ; Wm. 22. 
Crosse, Hamond 210 ; John 207 ; 

Mr. 219. 
Crouch, Alice 316; Eliz. 383; John 

316; Judith 383. 
Cmker, Stephen 170. 
Cathbert. Mr. 225, 228. 
BALE, Winifred 16, 60. 
Daniel, Mr. 217, 220 ; Wm. 207. 
Davey, John 162; Robt. 170. 
Davies, Mr. 217. 
Dawes, Sarah 314 ; Wm. 314. 
Dawkes, Anne 314 ; Wm. 314. 
Daye, Edm. 69 ; Leonard 290 ; 

Mary 271 ; Nich. 271 ; Rich. 360. 
De Alneto, 60. 
Deane, John 254. 
De Boves, Hugh 104. 
Decon, Rich. 197. 
Defraine, Peter 369. 
Delauney, 206, 214. 
Dell, Wm. 241. 
Denham, Arth. 238 ; John 238. 

Dennis, Mat. 206 ; Mr. 217. 
Denny, Fes. 379 ; John 370; Mary 

Dent, John 23. 
Denton, Agnes 377; Anne 379-80; 

Barbara 380 ; Carola 380-81, 383; 

Eliz. 73, 319, 377, 383, 384; 

l?theldred 381 : Foes. 384 ; Jas. 

319; John 379; Judith 379, 383; 

Mary 319, 380-81 ; Mat. 159, 

204, 379-84 ; Mr.217 ; Nich. 162, 

205, 379-84; Rich. 73, 377; Ro- 
samond 383; 113; Wm. 
273, 380, 383. 

Dicey, Anne 237; Clara 237; 
Emma 237 ; Thos. 237. 

Dickins, David 39. 

Dickinson, John M. 11 ; Marsh 47. 

Digby, Benj. 312 ; Hugh, 312, 
315; John 312,314; Mary 312-14. 

Dillingham, Fes. 96; Theo. 152,209. 

Dix, Eliz. 312; Thos. 312. 

Dixey, Eliz. 273. 

Dixon, Alice 378 : Geo. 277; Mary 
277 ; Richard 378. 

Dodsworth, — 220. 

Dormer, Sr. Robt. 153. 

Dove, Thos. 237, 316. 

D'Oyley, John 19. 

Draper, John 164. 

Drury, Thos, 271. 

Dryden, Sr. Hen. 14. 

Duckworth, Rich. 51. 

Dudley, John 276 ; Mary 276. 

Duncombe, Agnes 231 ; Alice 376 ; 
Anne 368, 376 ; Edw. 2U3, 208, 
367 ; Ellen 365 ; Eliz. 364, 376 ; 
Giles 370, 372 ; Jane 219; John 
231, 370 ; Kath. 365, 376 ; Mr. 
214 ; Rich. 90 ; Roger 368 ; Saun- 
ders 366; Sr.Edw. 161,373, 375; 
Sr. John 212, 217, 219; Sr. Saun- 
ders 375 ; Susan 366 ; Thos. 365, 
370; Wm. 162, 202, 205, 233, 236, 
864, 376, 376. 

Dunstable, 6. 11,33, 36, 36, 42, 46. 
47,48, 72,77,103, 111,112,113, 
116, 117, 120, 134, 136, 163, 197, 
258, 266, 346, 368. 

Dunton, 63. 

Dutton, Grace 237; Wm. 237, 317. 

Dyer, Eliz. 18; Lady Cath. 18; 
Sr. Ludovick 18, 199,217,219; 
Sr. Wm. 18. 


Dyneford, Thoe. de 258. 

Dyve. Charlotte 224 ; Fielders 14 ; 
Isabel 259 ; John 94, 202, 221, 
222. 225, 258 ; Lewis 94, 282, 
299, 309; Mr. 2o; Sr. John 191: 
203, 210; Sr. Lewis 133, 202, 
211.217, 219,222. 

EADES, Mr. 214. 

East, John 261 ; Nich. 159. 

Easton, tee Eston. 

Eaton- Bray, 135, 327. 

Eaton-Socon, 154, 280. 

Eckells, Ralph 24. 

Edwards, Jane 34 1 ; Hen. 162 ; 
Mr. 218 ; Oliver 209 ; Rioh. 56, 
67. 214. 

Edworth, 357, 360. 

E^leton, Ann 380 ; Chr. 380 ; 
Thos. 380. 

E^ptians, tee Gipsies. 

Eland, Geo. 154. 

Eldred, Benj. 158: John 374. 

Elgin, Thos.,E. of 212. 

Elkyn, Rich. 88. 

EUiott. Edw. 50, 254. 

Elstobb, W. 14. 

Elstow, 19, 90, 95, 104, 135, 196. 

Eltesdone, Simon de 112. 

Emery, Mr. 214. 

Emmerton, Thos. 208. 

Enderby. Alex. 276 ; Alice 63 ; 
Dorothy 276 ; John 62, 170, 267, 
358; Maud 358 ; Rioh. 63. 

England, Wm. 23. 

Engleiield, >- 82. 

Eston, Benj. 49 ; John 207 ; Mary 

Eetwick, Chr. 162 ; Mr. 214. 

Ettewell, Hen. 170. 

Eversholt, 135, 287. 

Ewars, Christian 23. 

Ewer, EUz. 329 ; John 256, 345 ; 
Mrs. 345; Rich. 329. 

Eyeworth, 135, 154. 

FAGE, John 59. 

Fiiin, Thoe. 86. 

Fairey, Hen. 162, 260; Wm. 304. 

Faldoe, Agnes 51 ; Anne 53 ; Oath. 
236, 238 ; Constance 52 ; David 
52 ; Dorothy 17 ; Eliz. 52 ; John 
51, 52, 53 ; Luke 62, 63; Mary 
313; Robt. 62, 63, 3i7 ; Thos. 
62, 236. 

Falwell, Ralph 170. 

Fanoot, 99. 

Fanhope, John de 169. 

Famdish, 68, 284. 

Farmer, Rich. 200. 

Farrer, Fes. 162. 

Faulkes, Sam. 378. 

Frtulkner, Mary 22 : Robt. 86. 

Favell, Geo. 273 ; Jane 273. 

Feild, Anne 272 ; Eliz. 384 ; Grace 

384 ; John 384 ; Matt. 384 ; Rich. 

269 ; Sarah 384 ; Thos. 384. 
Felmersham, 135. 
Ferris, Sr. John 214. 
Ferrour, John 170. 
Fettiplace, Mr. 200. 
Feverell, Rich. 358. 
FUbrigge, Simon 170. 
Finch, Hen. 361 ; Rich. 347 ; 

Thos. 332. 
Finding, Jas. 39. 
Firmbrand, tee Frembrand. 
Fishe, Edw. 214 ; Geo. 150 ; 

Humph. 204, 207; Wm. 214, 

Fisher, Agnes 66 ; Anne 53 ; Edw. 

94 ; Eliz. 269 ; Hen. 306 ; John 

60, 66 ; Judge 66 ; Margt. 66 ; 

Robt. 269; Sr. John 66; Sr. 

Mich. 65, 66, 292 ; Thos. 49. 
Fitz John. 170. 
Fitzgeoffrey, Alice 267 ; Anna 271; 

Fcs. 268 ; Geo. 270 ; Gerard 

269 ; Jane 268 ; John 170 ; 

Judeth 268, 271 ; Kath. 271 ; 

Margt. 268; Mary 271; Mr. 

214; OUver268; Peter 270; Sr. 

Geo. 270 ; Thos. 268, 273 ; 

Ursula 268. 
Fitzhugh, Anna 268, 269 ; Oath. 

268 ; Eliz. 268 ; Hen. 268, 269 ; 
John 267, 268; Judeth, 268; 
Mary 269 ; Nich. 25 ; Robt. 
267-69; Susanna 268; Ursula 

269 ; Wm. 267, 268. 
Fitzrichards, Jas. 52 ; Judeth 62. 
Fitzwilliam, Humph. 162 ; Sr. 

John 214. 
Fletcher, Roger 346 ; Sybil 49. 
Flitton, 21, 135. 
FUtwiek, 113, 121, 136 ; Sr. David 

de 34, 123 ; Lucy de 122. 
Forster, tee Fotter, 
Fortesoue. Fos. 154 ; Hen. 164. 
Foasey, Wm. 269. 


Poster, Aime 233, 275 ; Barbara 
274 : Eliz. 277 ; John 274, 277 ; 
Mary 273 ; Oadart 275 ; Saodra 
275, 276 ; Sarah 275, 276 ; Sr. 
243 ; Thos. 276 ; Wm. 233, 273- 
Homph. 75. 
FoBtook, ThoB. 17. 

Fonntame, John 207. 

Fowler, Agnes 81 ; Ann 84. 85 ; 
EHz. 81, 86 ; Ellen, 83 ; Gabriel 
81 ; Hen. 84 ; Jane 81 ; John 83, 
85, 86; Mary 81, 83, 84, 86; Re- 
becca 86 ; Kich. 81, 83-5; ^arah 
84,85; Tboe. 84,85,215; Wm. 86. 

Foxon, Ann 85. 

Frail, Rich. 16. 

Francis, John 280. 

Franoklin, Anne 276; Ghae. 12; 
Geo. 203; John 78, 209, 276; 
Mary 24; Mr. 218, 220; Rich. 
24; Sr. Wm. 213. 

Franke, HiUersdon 209; Wm. 286. 

Frembrand, — 33. 

Frevell, Beatrix 165 ; Robt. 165. 

Frisbey, John 22. 

Frowyke, — 66, 66. 

Frye, Rich. 254. 

Fulcher, Thoe. 24. 

FaUer, Blennerhassett 270. 

Fullerton. Sr. Jas. 159. 

Fyse, John 171. 

GALB, Edw. 275; EUz. 275; 
Simon 275. 

Garatt, Wm. 24. 

Gkirdner, Ann 379; Eliz. 379; John 
879 ; Mary 379 ; Wm. 379. 

Grarroway, rhil. 2l5. 

Garth. Thos. 209. 

Gaacoigne, Ann 380 ; Dorothy 58 ; 
John 58, 169; Mr. 215; Sr. John 
299 ; Thos. 50 ; Uryan 50. 

Gaaley. Ann 347 ; Jeremy 347. 

Gansell, John 286. 

Qent, Alice 51. 

George, Agnes 50. 

Gemon, — 82. 

Gervys, John 171. 

Gery, Laurance 49 ; Rebecca 309 ; 
Rich. 204; Sarah 379; Thos. 
379; Wm. 159, 199, 210, 309. 

Gibbons, Ann 17. 

Gibson, Geo. 12. 

Gilbye, Nath. 92. 

Gilpin, Thos. 210. 

Gipsies, 14, 20, 21. 

Glove, John 171. 

Glover, Thos. 91 

Goddard, John 350 ; Joane 58. 

Godfry. EUz. 68 ; Hen. 68, 171 ; 

Joan 68 ; Rich. 68 ; Wm. 23. 
Gofttey, Wm. 32. 
Golding^n, Johan' 170 ; Sr. John 

Goldsmith, — 85 ; Eliz. 318. 
Golston, Thos. 297. 
GoodaU, Sarah 314. 
Goodfellow. Eliz. 24. 
Goodman, EUz. 339. 
Goodwin, Fes. 94. 
Gordon, Eliz. 316 ; Wm. 316. 
Gostwick, Edw. 128 ; John 302 ; 

Martha 128; Mr. 215 ; Sr. Edw. 

97,204,211,(218.219; Sr. John 

298, 300; Sr. Wm. 206, 213; 

Wm. 128. 202, 298, 302. 
Grace, Rich. 379. 
Graham, Eliz. 332 ; Geo. 332. 
Granger, Mr. 218. 
Gratwick, M. 36. 
Grave, John 352. 
Gravenhurst, 93, 106. 
Graves, Thos. 60, 317. 
Gray, Hen. 290 ; Mary 84 ; Mr. 

215 ; Wm. 363 ; Zach. 84, 88. 
GreceU, John 171. 
Greenfield, Susannah 21 ; Wm. 261. 
Gregory, Isabel 378 ; Rich. 157 ; 

Thos. 378. 
Gresley,— 82. 
Grey, John de 1 14 ; Ld. Chas. 94 ; 

Marchioness of 12 ; Reynold 192 ; 

Susanna 94. 
Grier, John 86 ; Ruth 86. 
Griggs, EUz. 60 ; Mich. 97, 204 ; 

Mr. 215; Robt. 162. 
Grimaldi. Isabella Lousisa 100. 
Gi-oome, Ruth 86 ; Thos. 209. 
GuilUaume, David 209. 
Gumey, Margt. 15. 
Gutteridge, Deborah 314. 
Gyles. Walter 378. 
HACKET, Dr. 162. 
Haddon, Thoe. 347. 
Hadow, Annia Maria 319 ; Chaa. 

S.319 ; Eliz. S. 319 ; Geo. J. 237 ; 

Hen. P. 319; Jas. 237 : Jas. E. 

318; Sarah 237; Sarah S. 237» 

318, 319; Wm. T. 319; 


Haffshawe, Jeff. 255. 

HaQe, Hale, Fes. 228; John 39; 

Mr. 216; Wm. 171,226. 
Halfpenny, Mr. 218 ; Thos. 207. 
Hall, John 171 ; Joseph 171 ; Su- 
san 22. 
HallUey family 333. 
Hammond, John 90. 
Handscombe, Eliz. 273, 312, 313 ; 

Ja**. 32, 272; John, 273. 812-14, 

383 ; Margery 272 ; Mary 273 ; 

Mat. 162; Robt. 272,273,312; 

Sarah 312; Susan 273; Wm. 

312, 3S3. 
Hanmer, Edw. 23. 
Hannell, Edw. 256. 
Harding, Amye 231 ; Ann 232 ; 

Dr. 348 ; Edm. 230 ; Fees. 232 ; 

John 230, 232 ; Mary 231, 233 ; 

Mat. 231, 232 ; Nich. 171 ; Rich. 

162 ; Mr. 215 ; Thos. 369 ; Wm. 

Harlington, 97, 116, 118, 277, 312, 
Harper, Alice 53 ; Dame Alice 10, 

14, 29 ; Dame Margt. lu, 28, 

29, 32 ; Cath. 272 ; Elia. 273 ; 

Roger 51 ; Sr. Wm. 9, 10, 14, 

27, 28, 29, 30, 33 ; Thos. 272. 
Harrington, Isabell 186 ; Sr. Robt. 

de 186. 
Harringworth, 187. 
Harris, Sam. 100. 
Harrison, Wm. 66. 
Harrold, 100, 124, 197, 246. 
Harteshome, John 171. 
Hartwell, Abr. 348. 
Harvey, — 69 ; Dame Eliz. 20 ; 

Edm. 126 ; EUz. 17 ; Isabell 

126; Jas. 12; Wm. 25. 
Haselden, Hugh 171 ; Jane 165. 
Hastings, Isabell 259 ; Sr. Rafe 

Hatley, Jas. 134. 
Haughton, H. 235. 
Havil, John 4. 
Hawes, Thos. 49, 162. 
Hawkins, Andrew 17; Ann 49; 

Cath. 17; Ghr. 17; Edw. 49 ; 

Mr. 215; Wm. 204. 
Hawnes, 92, 95. 
Hayes, John 253. 
Heath, Wm. 346. 
Heigh, Thos. 347. 
Helder, »ee Spietr, 

Hemming, Joseph 295 ; Ridh. 15. 

Henlow, 65, 200. 

Herbert, Dennis 12. 

Heme, — 158; Fes. 210. 

Hertepole, John 69. 

Hervey, Eliz. 58, 135; Mr. 218, 

220; Sr. Gerard 58, 215. 
Hethe, Rich. 66. 
Hewet, Edm. 151 ; Mary 90, 144 ; 

Mr. 215 ; Robt. 90, 144 ; Wm. 

90, 93, 144. 
Heyham, Sr. Roger 34. 
Heynes, Elinor 73 ; John 73. 
Hickman, Edm. 366. 
Hill, John 210, 315 ; Martha 315 ; 

Robt. 158 ; Thos. 21,164. 
HiUersden, Mr. 200, 218 ; Mrs. 

253 ; Rich. 219 ; Sr. Thos. 95 ; 

Wm. 208, 257. 
Hillyer, Jasper 84 ; Mary 84. 
Hobbes, Mary, 233. 
Hockliffe. 4, 65, 136, 156, 161, 

368 ; Mr. 101. 
Hoddesden, Chr. 202. 
Hodgkins, John, 40, 41. 
Hogg, Wm. 263. 
Holme, Sr. Johti 72. 
HoUybred, Walter 66. 
Hoo, Thos. 171. 
Horley, John 69. 
Homsby, Wm. 254. 
Houghton- Conquest, 87, 136, 160, 

Houghton-Regis 74, 101, 136, 282. 
How, Walsham 40. 
Howe, Lady 101. 
Huatsole, Agnes 23. 
Huckell, Ann 275. 
Hudson, Roger 91. 
Hughes, Mary 277 ; Newman 277. 
Hush, Anth. 155. 
Hulcote, 286. 
Humphreys, A. 235; Anne 381, 

383; Arnold 381; Arth. 381; 

Henrietta Maria 381, 383; Jane 

383 ; Eath. 381 ; Penelope 383. 
Hundon, Thos. 64. 
Hunt, Anne 272 ; Jas. 272 ; John 

Huren, EUz. 23. 
Hurlestone, Rosa 270. 
Hurst, EHz. 234, 341. 
Husband of, 102. 
Hnsbome-Crawley, 136, 190, 296. 


HiiBke, Ann 226 ; John 223. 
Hnsaey, 82. 
Hntton, JaB. 165. 
Hnxley, ISliz. 23 : (reo. 15 ; John 
205, 208; Bobt. 26; 8r. John 
205, 212, 218 ; Thoa. 263 ; Wm. 
Hyatt, Ann 22, 23 ; Douglas 16 ; 

Wm. 22. 
Hyde, John de 108 ; Mr. 218, 220 ; 

Sr. Nich. 96. 
Hynd, Kobt. 208 ; Sr. Fes. 127. 
Hynton, Mr. 216 ; Pat. 279. 

IBBOT, Edm. 18. 
Impey, ThoB. 88, 162. 
Iremonger, Joseph 86 ; Mary 86 ; 

Mr. 216. 
Ironside, Sam. 253, 266. 
Ivinghoe, 368. 

JABRAM, Ann 226. 
■Jakeman. Mr. 215. 
Jakes, Thos. 171. 
James, David 210. 
Jefferies, Alice 276. 
Jemeat, Ann 276 ; Sarah 276. 
Jeesop, Fes. 209. 
* Johnson, Alice 63; Harry 210; 

John 68, 232 ; Joseph 209 ; Mary 

63 ; Mr. 216, 218 ; Olive 63 ; 

Thos. 46, 208, 288 ; Wm. 63. 
Jones, John 49 ; Phil. 162 ; Wm. 


KEELING, Sr. John 212, 213, 

218, 219. 
Keinsham, Geo. 162, 202, 203. 
Kempe, Martha 232. 
Kempson, Mr. 216. 
Kempston, 68, 137, 802. 
Kendal, Jane 49. 
Kene, Wm. 171. 
Kensworth, 346. 
Kent, Chas. E. of 94 ; Duke of 42 ; 

Earls of 21; Hen. E. of 93; 

Judith 379 ; Margt. 332. 
Kerrell, Edw. 86 ; Eliz. 86. 
Kettiewell, Thos. 376. 
Keysoe, 137. 

Kiggle, John 171, 261, 348. 
King, Eliz. 382; John 171, 283; 

Jonas 86 ; Mr. 236 ; Steph. 236. 
Kitchener, Nath. 93. 
Knight, Day. 238; Dan. 77; Thos. 


Knott, Agnes 16. 

Knotting, 161. 

LAGET, Anna Maria 315 ; Anne 

316 ; Martha 314; Mat. 316. 
Lake, Thos. 164. 
Lambe, Sr. John 147 ; Wm. 209. 
Lambert, Sr. John 176. 
Lane, Agnes 73; Geo. 49; Nich. 

Langford, 64 ; Mr. 215. 
Langrich, Marg^. 71 ; Walter 71. 
Langstone. Margt. 69 ; Wm. 69. 
Lauman, Katb. 272. 
Launoelyn, Wm. 171. 
Lawe, Robt. 15. 
).awlev, Sr. Thos. 243. 
Laurence, Alice 24, 86 ; Anne 24 ; 

Annys 164 ; Edw. 164 ; Eliz. 86 ; 

Jacob 13 ; John 164 ; Margt. 164 ; 

Wm. 164. 
Lawson, John 210. 
Leache, Eliz. 266 ; Jane 255 ; Rich. 

Leatham, Fees. 48. 
Lee, Sam. 160, 161. 
Leicester. John 22. 
Leigh, John 93, 203 ; Lewis 96 ; 

Mr. 89, 215, 218; Peerage 42; 

Sr. Thos. 199 ; Thos. 301 ; Thos. 

Lord, 160, 215. 
Leighton-Bussard, 13, 21, 41, 43, 

54, 63. 98, 123, 137, 152, 160, 

239, 253, 368, 373, 374. 
Leonard, John 260. 
Le Strangre, — 60. 
Lethers, Margt. 32; Rich. 10, 31. 
Leventhorpe. John 293. 
Leverock, Rich. 92. 
Lidlington, 137. 
lillingston, Mr. 216. 
Lincoln, Rich. 171. 
Lindall, Dr. John 233. 
Linford, Martin 49. 
Litchfield, John 39 ; Wm. 39. 
Livesey, John 208 ; Mr. 220. 
Lodffe, Hen. 162. 
Londde, John 171 ; Thos. 171. 
Long, Sr. Rich. 67. 
Longhome, Roger 360. 
LoDgueville, Lady Susan 94 ; Sr. 

Mich. 94. 
Lonsdale, Lord 101. 
Lookey, Dorothy 22. 
Lordinnan, Wm. 284. 


Lormg, — 64 ; Alnred 188 ; Anne 

189; David 119; Edw. 189; 

Eliz. 189 ; Galfridus de 179 ; 

John 188, 189; Margrt. 64, 342; 

Haiy 342; Mich. 188, 189; Peter 

179 ; Rich. 188 ; Roger 184 ; 

Rose 190 ; Simon 188 ; Sr. Nele 

64, 181, 183, 190, 342 ; Sr. 

Peter 120; Sr. Piers 34, 180; 

Thoe. 188, 189 ; Walter 188 ; 

Wm. 184, 187-90, 342. 
Lovelace, Alice 62 ; Rich. 51. 
Lovet, Mr. 215 ; Robt. 206. 
Low, Fes. 220 ; Nich. 171. 
Lowndes, Rich. 377. 
Lowther, Julyan 24 ; Rich. 24, 53 ; 

Sybil 63. 
LoyoroiLse, John 377. 
Lacke, Prudence 377. 
Ludsopp, Wm. 171. 
Luke, (Jath. 352 ; Mrs. 142 ; Nich. 

94, 202, 208, 299; OUver, 203, 

352 ; Sr. Oliver 210; Sr. Sam. 

142, 211, 218, 352, 353; Walter 

Luton, 43. 44, 77, 108, 137, 156, 

166, 167, 172. 
Luton- Hoo, 47. 
Luxford, Stephen 53. 
Lye, Hen. de 171. 
Lyne. John 360. 
Lytton, Dame EUz. 235 ; Sr. Robt. 

MAGIE, EUz. 11. 
Maloott, Eliz. 15 ; Rich. 22 ; Wm. 

Malherbe, Adam de 104. 
Malorie, Eliz. 268 ; Nich. 268. 
Malton, Wm. 31. 
Man, Wm. 257. 
Manningham, Thos. 171. 
Mantell, Hen. 171. 
Marburie, John 93 ; Mr. 215 ; 

Thos. 93. 
Margetts, Thos. 151. 
Marham, Marram, John 171 ; Wm. 

Market-CeU, 6, 321. 
Markham, Gervase 74. 
Marlborough, Duchess of 220, 224. 
Marsh, John 254. 
Marshall, Anne 314; Robt. 149; 

Wm. 168, 261. 
Marson^Thos. 167. 

Marston-Morteyne, 91, 96, 138, 

160, 165. 
Marvell, — 56 ; Dan 53 ; Eliz. 

61 ; Foes. 51 ; John 61-8 ; Thos. 

61 ; Wm. 61. 
Mason, John 26 ; 261. 
Massingberd, ^r. Hen. 206. 
Mastin, Wm. 20. 
Matthews, Anne 43; Hen. 296; 

John 296; Thos. 99; Yinoent 

Maulden, 47. 90, 91, 92, 138. 
Maxie, Kdw. 10, 29; W. S. 48. 
Mayling, Isaac 85. 
Maynard, Sybil 49. 
Mead, Dr. 135 ; Jeremy 155 ; Mat. 

254 ; Rich. 160. 
Medoalfe, Wm. 346. 
Medgate, John 346. 
Melohboume, 138. 
Melmoth, John 101. 
Meppershal 92, 138, 156, 289 ; 

John 171. 
Meredith, Fes. 235. 
Meriden, Thos. 254. 
Merston, Rich. 171. 
Metcalf, John 58. 
Mioheell, Isabella 72; Mr. 216; 

Robt. 72. 
Miohell, Jas. 321 ; Wm. 263. 
Middleton, Mr. 216 ; Nath. 50. 
Mildmay, Geo. 290, 295 ; Sr. Hen. 

127; Thos. 286. 
Millard, Sr. Wm. 207, 213. 
MiUbrook, 58, 90, 93, 138. 
Miller, John 157,210; Lieut.-Col. 

MiUs, John 24. 
Milton-Bryant, 139. 
Milton-Emest, 355. 
MUward, Dan. 316; Eliz. 377; 

Penelope 316 ; Wm. 171. 
Monohensi, Wm. de 186. 
Monoux, Phil. 12 ; Humph. 204 ; 

Sr. Humph. 43, 218. 
Moore, John 204 ; Mr. 216 ; Roger- 

81 ; Sr. Hen. 212 ; Sr. John 

212; Sr. St. John 216. 
Mordaunt, —60 ; Ghas. 381 ; Edw. 

203 ; Judith 381 ; Lady 63 ; Lord 

78, 299; Robt. 171; Sr. Chas. 

Morell. John 363. 
Morer, Humph. 92. 


Morgan, Edw. 209. 

Koiteyn, Eliz. 8 ; 8r. John de 34, 

Morton, Thos. 171. 
Moadell, Stephen 256. 
Moantneigh, Kath. 271 ; Rich. 

Mowbray, Thoe. de 188. 
Muschampe, Mrs. 31 : Thos 9, 31, 

Mulso, Alice 72 ; Wm. 72, 171. 
NANSCUTT, Sr. Piere 186. 
Napier, Sr. John 209, 218 ; Sr. 

Rich. 255 ; Sr. Robt. 155, 211 ; 

Theo. 208. 
Keal, Agnes 24 ; John 207. 
Needham, John 379. 
Nelham, Sam. 315, 316. 
Nelson, Rich. 267. 
NevUle, Thoe. 271. 
Newdieate. Sr. Robt. 215. 
Newenham, 107, 112.14, 116, 119, 

Newnian, Dorothy 5. 
Newland, Eliz. 236; Thos. 236, 

Newton, Thos. 16, 24, 53 ; Wm. 

NichoUs, Eliz. 85 ; Fes. 95 ; Mr. 

215; Wm. 85,208. 
Nickowe, John 66. 
Nofldes, Eleanor 332; John 317 ; 

Rebecca 332 
Noake, Edw. 50, 91 ; John 267 ; 

Robt. 267 ; Thos. 154, 378. 
Norgate, Mary 225. 
Norman, Ann 380; John 380; 

Thoe. 16 ; Wm. 99. 
Northm, 33, 48, 67, 139, 155, 331. 
Northwood, Rich, de 179. 
Norton, Alice 378 ; Ann 233, 378, 

882 ; Annys 378 : Eliz. 231, 232; 

Gravely 312; Jane 232; John 

158, 380 ; John de 112 ; Mary 

378, 381; Mr. 215; Rich. 881, 

882 ; Sam. 232 ; Thos. 165, 230, 

320, 823, 349, 378; Wm. 231, 

OAKLEY, 357. 
Odell, 100, 155 ; Agnes 830 ; Anth. 

Baron 6o ; Jas. 330 ; John 330 ; 

Rebecca 330 ; Wm. 330. 
Offa, K. of Meroia 130. 
Okey, Ck)l. 160. 

Olney, Mary 86. 

Ordway, Thos. 346. 
Orlebar. Mr. 218 ; Rich. 209. 
Orwell, Edw. 32. 
Osbaston, Lambert 145, 150. 
Osborne, 10, Kliz. 376 ; Fes. 133 ; 

Oeo. 12 ; Hen. 200 ; Mary 51 ; 

Mr. 218 ; Peter 376 ; Sr. Peter 

Osmond, Robt. 303 ; Wm. 317. 
Oswyn, Thos. 286. 
Ondart, Dorothy 275 ; Nich. 274. 
Owen, Hen. 127. 
PAGE. Edw. 315; Rich. 232; 

Sarah 315; Sr. Greg. 219. 
Page-Tnmer, — 225 ; Sr. Gregfory 

O. 102, 228. 
Palmer, John 276 ; Mr. 216 ; Sarah 

276; Sr. Wm. 218; Wm. 171, 

Palimpsests, 59. 

Papworth, John 380 ; Mary 380. 
Paradine, Eliz. 16, 63 ; Geo. 50 ; 

Mary 49; Mr. 216; Robt 16, 17;. 

Thos. 53. 
Parish, Ann 380 ; Geo. 380. 
Parker, Cath. 15. 
Parkins, Roger 258 ; Thos. 346. 
Parratt, Agnes 329; Thos. 162; 

Wm. 829. 
Parrys, Robt. de 152. 
Parsons, Ann 254. 
Partridge, Rebecca 86 ; Rich. 86 ;. 

Wm. 36. 
Passelaw, Robt. 113: Simon 108. 
Patenham, — 374 ; Gath. 28 ; Sr. 

John 33. 
Patton, Wm. 72. 
Pattjmson, John 192. 
Pavenham, 78. 
Payne, Dorothy 378 : John 360 ; 

Mr. 216; PhU. 878; Wm. 378. 
Peacock, Eliz. 232 ; Mary 49. 
Pearoe, Diana 272 ; Fees. 269 ;. 

Hen. 88 : Thos. 269. 
Pearson, Mary 276. 
Pedder, Agnes 73 ; John 73 ; Margt. 

73; Matilda 73; Wm. 261, 282. 
Peet, Eliz. 267. 
Pekham, John 261. 
Pekke,Edw. 309 ; John 171 ; Thos. 

171 ; Wm. 171. 
Pemberton, Joan 24. 


Penn, Penelope 318. 
Pezmington, Jacob 267; Thos. 60. 
Perot, tee Fyrot, 
Peryent, Anne 329 ; Mary 328 ; 

Sr. Gko. 328. 
Pesteir, John 171. 
Petifer, John 171. 
Petipaa, Kich. 350. 
Peto, Eliz. 166 ; Sam. 166 ; Wm. 

Pettingale, Eliz. 32. 
Peyvre, — 60 ; Johanna 114; Margt. 

64, 186, 343; Mary 187 : Nich. 

64 ; Paul 113 ; Paulinue 343 ; Sr. 

John 33 ; Sr. Roger. 34 ; Thos. 

63, 64, 186, 342, 343. 
Pickering, Sr. Gilbert 219 ; Wm. 

Pigott, Alice 72 ; Fes. 309, 361 ; 

Hen. 205, 312; Johanna 267; 

Laurence 72 ; Mr. 216 ; Sr. Hen. 

212 ; Sr. Hen. 212 ; Thos. 160 ; 

Wm. 171. 
Pinfold, Margt. 72 ; Rich. 72. 
Piper, Eliz. 24; John 17. 
Pliwden, Ann 370. 
Pleasantin, Rich. 60 ; Rolf. 49. 
Plomor, Sr. Wm. 216 ; Wm. 203, 

Pooklington, Dr. 147. 
Pomfret. John 138. 
Pooley, John 361, 363. 
Pope, Rich. 368. 
Portres, Thos. 847. 
Potter. John 171 ; Thos. 286. 
Pottesgrove, 33, 58, 69, 368, 373. 
Potton, 21, 69. 139. 
Potts, John 216, 327. 
Poulton, Jas. 43. 

Prentise, Mary 86, 234 ; Thos. 86. 
Preston, Chr. 171. 
Proby, Hen. 377. 
Prootor, Mrs. 101. 
Puel, Roger 258. 
Piiddingrton, 164. 
Pulloxhill, 120-22, 139, 311. 
Purser, — 274. 
Purvey, Alice 73 ; Eliz. 73 ; Nioh. 

73; Thos. 22, 171 ; Wm. 171. 
Pye, Sr. John 267. 
Pym, Wm. 12, 266, 266. 
Pyrot, — 184; Ralph 108; Simon 

121 : Sr. Ranf. 33. 
•QUARRIE, Adam 264. 

Quartermayne, — 82. 
RADCLIFFE, Edw. 202, 216; 

Eliz. 126, 166; Fees. 126; Ladj 

Isabella 90, 126-28 ; Mary 126 ; 

Ralph 166, 219 ; Sr. Edw. 216 ; 

Sr. Humph. 126, 127; Thos. 

Radenhore, Walt, do 179. 
Radwell, John 171. 
Ragon, John 171 ; Thos. 171. 
Ramsey, Thos. 32. 
Randes, Eliz. 23; John 49; Margt 

26 ; Mary, 62 ; Ralph 24, 26 ; 

Sarah 61 ; Thos. 51 ; Wm. 60. 
Randle, Fes. 237. 
Rasen, Hen. 231. 
Ratele, Ratull, Robt. 171. 
Ravenhull, Kioh. 171. 
Ravens, Mr. 216. 
Rawlinson, Fes. 97. 
Read, Eliz. 17; Geo. 233; Susan, 

238 ; Wm. 171. 
Redell, Alice 63; John 63; Sr. 

John 33. 
Reeve, Eliz. 62 ; Hugh 126, 144 ; 

John 263. 
Reisden, Mabel 232 ; Thoe. 232. 
Rewse, Grace 382 ; John 882. 
Reynardson, Sam. 206. 
Rejmer, Rich. 92. 
Reynes, John 373. 
Reynolds, Ursula 63. 
Rhodes, Benj. 126, 209. 
Richardson, John 78; Rich. 31. 
RiddeU, Foes. 229: Sr. Jas. B. 229; 

Sr. John 228 : Sr. John B. 226, 

228, 229 : Sr. Walter 228, 229. 
Ridey, John 22. 
Ridg^emount, 139. 
Rigge, Thoe. 9, 81, 32. 
Riles, Mr. 36. 
Riseley, Robt. 93. 
Roberts, Mary 380. 
Robinson, Eliz. 234 ; Fes. 231 ; 

John 231, 234 : Tim. 267. 
Rokesao, 104, 120, 121. 
Rolt, Doroas 274 ; Foee. 276 ; Fob, 

274 ; John 212, 274 ; Mr. 216, 

Roman remains, 14. 
Romney, Ohas. E. of 229. 
Rookes, Mr. 216. 
Ross, Anne 312 ; Edw. 812 ; Qeo. 



BoOierhain, Anne 231 ; Qeo. 94, 

201, 202, 231, 233-36; Hen. 

234 ; Jane 233, 234 ; Mr. 236 ; 
MiB. 236 ; Ralph 234 ; Bioh. 
235 ; Robt. 231 ; Sr. John 216 ; 
ThoB. 231, 234 ; Wm. 236. 

Boihwett, Rich, de 122 ; Roger de 

Bona, John 350 ; Sr. Rich, le 33. 

Rowe, — 53 ; Eliz. 45, 349 ; John 
54, 202, 349, 350: Judeth 45 
349; Mary 349; Nich. 129 
Rebecca 45, 349 ; Sarah 45, 349 
Sr. Hen. 45; Sr. Thos. 350 
Sozan 349 ; Thos. 349. 

Rowthe, Thos. 192. 

Roxton, 59, 874; Thos. 171. 

Rndd, Isabel 378 ; Jas. 236 ; John 
236 ; Margt. 275. 

Radyng, John 62. 

Rnfiis, David 113. 

Rngeley, Mat. 12. 

Rofih, Anth. 4. 

Rossell, £dw. 200 ; John 199 ; 
Lord Ghas. 13; Sr. Geo. 211, 
216; Thoe. 88. 

Rntland, John 381, 


SadUer, Mr. 216-.' 

Sage, Wm. 93. 

St. John, John 282 ; Lord 67, 69, 

95 ; Oliver 202 ; Sr. Alex. 21 1 ; 

Sr. Beamohamp 211, 216; Sr. 

Hen. 211 ; Sr. John 299, 309. 
St. Maur, — 184 ; AHce 187, 342 ; 

John de 342 ; Mary 187, 342. Sr. 

Rich. 187, 342. 
St. Neots, — 358; bridge 153. 
Salford, 288. 
Salle, Thos. 140. 
Sam, Mr. 6. 
Sambeleye, Rog^r 67. 
Sampson, Grace 382; Nioh. 382; 

Rich 171. 
Sandy, 62, 139, 285 ; Robt. 203. 
Sandys, Ed^vyn 216; Rich. 58, 

203 ; Sr. Edwyn 203 ; Thos. 59, 

365 ; Wm. 59, 365. 
Sapoote, Anne 187 ; Sr. Gay. 187. 
Saunders, Anne 59 ; Ellen 59, 365, 

875, 376 ; Isabel 59 ; Joane 58 ; 

Mr. 218, 219 ; Thos. 369 ; Wm. 


Savage, Anne 25, 52 ; Mary 317 ; 

Sr. Arth. 216. 
Seayre, Hannah 98 ; Wm. 98. 
Segenhoe, 107. 
Settle, Elkanah 134. 
Sewell, Hen. 871 ; John 172 ; Wm 

Scott, Dorothy 22 : Martha 17. 
Scroggs, Oliver 162. 
Scrope, Baron 227; Margt. 227; 

Roger le 227. 
Shakespeare, Alex. 271 ;' Mary 271 ;. 

Pheninah 271 ; Thos. 272; Wm. 

99, 131, 272. 
Sharman, John, 49, 50. 
Shambrook, 185. 
Sharpenhoe, 311, 348. 
Shaw, Miiry 99. 
Sheafe, Dr. 346, 347 ; Marv 346,, 

Shefford, 5, 12, 14, 67, 128, 139. 
Shelley, Jas. 52 ; Kath. 52 ; Mary 

53 ; Wm. 53. 
Shepherd, Alice 313; Hen. 274; 

Mr. 216; Wm. 313. 
Sheppard, Jonathan 253, 254. 
Sherley, Eliz. 234 ; Mary 234 ; Rich. 

Shillington, 67, 139, 155. 
Shopelier, Mich. 287. 
Short, Sarah 226. 
Shotfold, Wm. 172. 
Sibthorpe, Dr. 147 ; John 24 ; Mich. 

23, 51 ; Wm. 17. 
Sileham, Wm. 172. 
Simmons, Edw. 275; Margery 275;. 

Rich. 276 ; Sarah 276. 
Skelton, Wm. 346. 
Skinner, Judith 49. 
Skollor ? Skikklethorpe, Geo. 232 ;. 

Jane 232. 
Slade, Agnes 267. 
Slater, Mrs. 53. 
Slingsby, Kobt. 297. 
Slough, John 288. 
Smalle, John 299, 302. 
Smith, Bishop 158 ; Geo. 163 ; Jas. 

210, 226; John 97, 190; Oliver 

271 ; Sr. Wm. 208 ; Thos. 264, 

313; Wm. 22. 
Smythe, Alice 313-16; Anne 313, 

315, 316, 318, 320 ; Arabella 318- 

20 : Dr. 372 ; Eleanor 315, 318 ; 

Eliz. 315, 317-20; George 320;. 


Georgina 318; Hugh 312-19; 

Jas. 313-20, 383; Lauranoe 314, 

315 ; Lydia 320 ; Mary 314, 316, 

317-20; Penelope 313-18, 383; 

Phoebe 320; Sarah 314, 317,319; 

Tho8. 316-20: Wm. 317. 
Snagff, £dw. 91, 208, 220 ; Mr. 218 ; 

Kalph 216; Bich. 248; Sr.Thos. 

96, 203 ; ITios. 96, 206, 206 ; Wm. 

Snowe, Rebecca 309 ; Rich. 282. 
Soal, Sole, Johu 124, 126; Mary, 

Southill, 38, 139. 
Sparkes, Dorothy 164. 
Spelman, Sr. Hin. 146. 
Spencer, Dayrex 276; Elinor 16; 

John 171, 202, 207, 276 ; Mary 

272 ; Mr. 218, 220 ; Nich. 22 ; 

Robt. 360 ; Thofl. 171 ; Wm. 48 ; 

Winifred 16. 
Spicer, aPs Helder, Alice 324; Ann 

230 ; Edw. 233 ; John, 233, 236, 

237; Mr. 216; Rich. 230, 232; 

Robt. 233 ; Simon 232 ; Susanna 

236; Thos. 162; Wm. 234. 
Spring, Thos. 286. 
fiquier. Dorothy 61 ; Mr. 218, 220. 
Stacey. Geo. 39. 
Stafford. Ann 237, 276, 276 ; Diana 

237 ; Fes. 276 ; G^o. 276, 276 ; 

John 237 ; Mary 276 ; Simon 276 ; 

Val. 233. 
Stagsden, 69, 297. 
■Stanbridg^, 79. 
Stanforde, Agnee 66; Kich. 66; 

Wm. 66. 
Stanlow, John 172. 
Staunton, Alice 276 ; Fos. 204 ; Mr. 

218, 219; Robt. 206, 216; Sr.Fos. 

211; Susan 16; Wm. 276. 
Stepeing, Mat. 172. 
Stephens, Humph. 9, 31 ; Jeremy 

146, 146. 
Steppingley, 140; Hugh de 109, 

Sterne, John 260. 
Stevington. 140. 
Stockton, Hugh de 139. 
Stokes, Arabella 382. 
Stone, Captn. 218, 220; Dorothy, 

232 ; Margt. 230 ; Mr. 218, 219 ; 

Rich. 230, 232 ; Wm. 92, 162. 
Stoniford, Bemaid 99. 

Stotfold, 140. 

Straight, Robt. 346. 

Stratton, 63 ; Thos. 172. 

Btreatley, 101, 311, 320. 

Stringer, Thos. 290, 294. 

Studde, tliz. 21. 

Studham, 112, 116. 

Suffragan -Riahop, 130. 

Sugden, Margt. 24. 

Sumarsell, Patience 276. 

Sundon, 220, 229, 312; Baron 22;?, 

226 ; Lady 236 ; Lord Wm. 221, 

226. 227, 236. 
Surplice-fees, 61. 
Sussex, Robt. E. of 126. 
Suthbury, Sr. John de 33. 
Sutton, 36, 71, 9l, 140, 164 ; Eleanor 

28 ; EUz. 160 ; John 150. 
Symcotts, Mr. 218, 220. 
Symmes, Thos. 266. 
Symson, Thos. 126. 
TAILARD, Walt. 172. 
Tavistock, Marquis of 48. 
Taylor, Eliz. 62 ; Humph. 53 ; Mat 

206 ; Mr. 216, 219 ; Oliver 53; 

Phil. 318; Rev. C. 12; Rich. 62, 

63, 200; Ursula 62; Wm. 15, 89. 
Tempsfoid, 140, 154, 155. 
Tersall, John 73, 260 ; Jone 73. 
Theed, Wm. 263, 257. 
Thody, — 49. , 
Thompson, John 202 ; Mr. 219; Sr. 

Sam. 207. 
Thome, Edw. 10, 29, 31, 32 ; Fes. 

263, 257 ; Giles, 147-50. 
Thornton, Gabriel 50 ; Thos. 50. 
Thoroughgood, Ann 275 ; Foes. 

271 ; Mr. 271 ; Rich. 274 ; Thos. 

Thnrleigh, 59. 
Thynne, Fes. 62 ; Mr. 285. 
Tilbrooke, 140. 
Tilsworth, 3, 36, 79, 81, 143. 
Timms, Wm. 36. 
Tingrith, 278, 348. 
Tiplady, Edw. 134. 
Tipping, Hen. 314. 
Tiptoft, Margt. 227 ; Robt Lord 

Tirringham, Sr. Thos. 216. 
Toddington, 4, 66, 69, 60, 61, 63, 

93, 97, 100, 140, 167, 158, 163, 

181, 186, 187, 189,248, 260, 342, 

348, 368. 


TomBnaon, Alioe 32. 

Tompion, Jas. 331 ; Margt. 331 ; 

ThoB. 331. 
Tompkins, Qabriel 48. 
TonuMm, EUz. 14 ; Jane 22. 
ToTrinfrton, Ijord 219. 
Totteinhoe, 46, 60, 108, 351. 
Townfthend. ThoB. 253. 
TiaillY, — 33, 68 ; Jobn 67 ; Begi- 

TreTor, Lord 219, 220 ; Sr. Tho8. 

Trott, Agnes 329, 330 ; Alioe 330 ; 

Anne 329 ; Edw. 329 ; Eliz. 328, 

329 ; Fes. 329 : Oeo. 329 ; John 

330 ; Martin 328, 329 ; Mary 328 ; 

Mrs. 329 ; Sr. Nich. 216, 3S7, 

328 : Susan 330 ; Wm. 328-30. 
Trought, Wm. 172. 
Tmstram, Penelope 313 ; Thos. 

Tnckey, Eliz. 85 ; Mary 85 ; Mrs. 

86 ; Wm. 85, 86. 
Tnrner, Sr. Chr. 212. 
Turvall, Alex. 22 ; Jolin 22 ; Wm. 

Turvey» 60. 78, 100, 141, 158 ; John 

de 171, 374. 
Tnthill, Edm. 273; Eliz. 272; 

Peter 272. 
Twyrolt, Rich. 262. 
Tyley, Edw. 317, 318; Jas. 318; 

Penelope 317, 318. 
XJMFRAY, Thos. 266. 
Underhill, John 68 ; Margt. 68 ; 

Thos. 68. 
Underwood, Jas. 12; John 361 ; 

Thos. 286. 
Upper- Ossory, E. of 12. 
VAJLE, John 262. 
Valence, Robt. 172. 
Yaox, Alice 378 ; Anne 257 ; Eliz. 

378: John 208; Margt. 377; 

Mr. 219; Tim. 379 ; Thos. 210 ; 

Wm. 378-79. 
Tentris, Fes. 96 ; Mr. 219 ; Sr. 

Fos. 96, 203. 
Temey, Agnes 86 ; Emma 86 ; 

Geo. 86 ; E[ath. 85 ; Lady Anne 

309 ; Sr. Thos. 298; Wm. 85. 
Yiney, David 380 ; John 380 ; 

Judith 379-80 ; Robt. 879-80. 
Vites. Mr. 216. 
Yowell, Peter 355. 

WAGSTAFFE, John 207 ; Rich. 

Wahull, John de 106, 122 ; Sire de 

Waite, John 172 ; Thos. 263. 
Wakefield, Abr. 48. 
Wakeman, Ed. 382 ; Eliz. 382 ; 

Geo. 382-83 ; Mary 388 ; Sarah 

382; Theodore 383; Wm. 382- 

Walcott, John 16. 
Wale, Eliz. 49 ; Wm. 172. 
Walker, Walt. 151. 
Waller, Agnes 16 : Alex. 15 ; Geo. 

16; Mary 57; Mr. 216; Robt. 

57 ; Thos. 16 ; Wm. 67. 
Walter, Robt. 360; Sr. John 159. 
Waid, John 67; Robt. 272 ; Wm. " 

Warden, 14, 67, 93, 113, 141; 

Abbey 251 ; Agnes 267 ; Pears 

Warner, Paul 31 ; Robt. 172. 
Warwick. Countess of 95; John 

313; Mary 313. 
Water-Stratford, 26. 
Watson, Mr. 216. 
Wauton, Thos. 172. 
Waverer, Mr. 216. 
Weatherfield, Eliz. 17, 24; Judeth 

15 ; Rich. 17. 
Welde, Agnes 265. 
Wells, John 206. 264, 265, 257 ; 

Mr. 219, 220; Ralph 262; Sarah 

317; Thos. 317. 
Weltonne, Eliz. 74 ; John 74. 
Wenlock, John 169. 
Wentworth, Jane 187 ; Mary 126; 

Thos. Lord 187. 
Were, Robt. 58. 
Wesley, widow 317. 
West, John 22. 
Westminster, Dean of 66. 
Westoning, 141, 279. 
Wheeler, Wm. 311. 
Whinatt, Rich. 257. 
Whitbread, Mr. 11 ; Sarah 316. 
Whitmore, G^eo. 374. 
White, Ann 99 ; Edm. 99 ; John 

209 ; Rich. 100 ; Wm. 172. 
Whychyrche, Mary 100. 
Wilden, 96, 141. 
Wildman, Agnes 50 ; Arth. 50 ; 

Thos. 50. 


Wilford, Anne 234, 235; EUz. 285; 

Fc8.,D.D., 162; Mary 234 ; Thos. 

234 235 
AVilkes, £dw. 254 ; Mark 254 ; Mat. 

WilUam, Thos. 172. 
Williams, Agnes 85 ; John 28. 
Williamson, John 28; Mr. 219. 
Willington, 96, 141, 298. 
Willis, Anne 384 ; Benj. 314 ; 

Edw. 384 ; Fes. 275 ; Jane 384 ; 

John 275 ; Margt. 275 ; Martha 

275 ; Rich. 275. 
Willifion, Eli2. 100 ; Jane 100 ; 

John 100. 
WiUs, Mr. 263 ; Thos. 21. 
Wilfihamstead, 91, 93, 141. 
Wilson, Chr. 95 ; Judeth 49. 
Wilton, Lord Grey de 96. 
Winche, Edw. 23; Judeth 243; 

Marfft. 24 ; O. 204 ; Rebecca 243 ; 

Sr. Humph. 95, 216, 243, 266. 
Windesoro, Phil. 184. 
Wingate, Anne 233 ; Edm. 125 ; 

Fes. 266 ; Geo. 24 ; John 204, 

346, 377, 378; Mr. 216, 219; 

Pamell 25 ; Robt. 377 ; Sr. Fos. 

213, 236 ; Wm. 172. 
Winton, Fes. 264. 
Wishart, 262. 
Witches 43. 

Witton, AHce 376 ; Wm. 376. 
Wobum, 36, 36, 113, 114, 118, 141, 

161,189,248, 346,368. 
Woodhull, 966 Odell. 
Wolseley, Fes. 222 ; Sr. Robt. 222. 

Wood, Hen. 100 ; Jane 255 ; Simon 

Woodend, 362. 
Woodleigh, Jane 847. 
Woodward, Anne 384 ; Eliz. 377 v 

F. 63 ; John 377 ; Martha 384 ; 

Mary 384 ; Robt. 377, 384 ; 

Sarah 384 ; Suzan 384 ; Thos. 

384 ; Ursula 272. 
Wootton, 88, 92, 128, 142 ; Alice 

276; Anna 271; Mr. 271. 
Worlie, Eliz. 364 ; John 364. 
Worsley, Anna 268. 
Worting, Dorothy 276 ; Josph 276. 
Wrest, 93. 

Wrestlingworth, 69, 142, 154. 
Wright, John 208. 
Wroxhill, 374. 
Wyant, Geo. 216 ; Jas. 273 ; Mary 

Wyatt, Wm. 266. 
Wyboston, 280. 
Wye, John 273, 276 ; Joseph 276 ; 

Thos. 277. 
Wyklewode, Thos. 260. 
Wylbon, Nich 189. 
Wylde, Dorothy 96 ; Edm. 96, 97, 

206; Sr. EdnL 96, 97. 
Wymington, 61, 142, 366. 
Wynne, Chas. 376 ; Geo. 205. 
Wysemon, John 290, 296. 
YELVERTON, Sr. Hen. 18. 
Yielden, 241, 374. 
Ynge, Sr. Wm. 34. 
YpTOng, Wm. 172. 
ZO UCHE, — 252 ; Wm. Baton 187. 

f, '-' 

Prfie. H.— by pMf, II 


nto anil Wmxm. 


" I'll note gon In ing boob of mmnorg, ' ' 







Intkoduction 1-2 


Carvings on "White Horse Inn at Hockliffe 4 

N'b^vspaper Cuttings 4-8, 11-14 

^AKisH Registers of St. Paul's, Bedford .... 9-10, 14-17, 22-25 

^oi:.>nvoRTH Manor Farm, Inscription at 17-19 

^x.sTow Church 19-20 

CJ:e:NTENARiANs 20-21 

-A.TER Stratford and John Mason 25-27 

William Harper 27-32 

lAll jRights reserved.'} 


W. I>xrNcoMBE PiKK, Leigh, Lancashire. 

Bbrkaki> QuAKiTCH, 15, Piccadilly, London. 

Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, M.A., 26, Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol. 

J. E. Bailey, Stretford, near Manchester. 

Charles Williams, Moseley Lodge, Birmingham. 

Rev. T. P. Wadlby, M.A., Naunton-Beauchamp Rectory, Pershore. 

J. Q. Rayxes, 14, Great James Street, Russell Square, London. 

Rev. F. H. Gray, M.A., Hockliffe Rectory, Leighton Buzzard. 

JoHisr Waller, Church Street, Luton. 

D. Or. Cary-Elwes, F.S.A., The Crescent, Bedford. 

Rev. J. WiLLouGHBY HoDGSON, Chalgrave Vicarage, Leighton Buzzard. 
Rev. Thos. Green, M.A., Stanbridge Vicarage, Leighton Buzzard. 
Major Cooper-Cooper, J.P., D.L., Toddington Manor, Dunstable. 
F. Hockliffe, St. Loyes Street, Bedford. 

E. Lawford, F.R.C.S.E., Oriel House, Leighton Buzzard. 
Rev. C. E. Haslam, M.A., Toddington Rectory, Dunstable. 

H. E. HoLLis Harris, 76 & 78, Regent Street, London. 2 copies. 
Rev. Carleton Greene, M.A., Great Barford Vicarage, St. Neots. 
Rev. J. Brown, B.A., Dame Alice Street, Bedford. 
A. Ransom, St. Loyes, Bedford. 

F. Howard, Abbey Close, Potter Street, Bedford. 2 copies. 
J. Hawkins, The Oval, Bedford. 

J. E. K. Catts, 28, Southampton Street, Strand, London. 
*Col. Joseph L. Chester, D.C.L., 124, Southwark Park Road, London. 
Q-. E. Cockayne, Lane. Herald, CoU. of Arms, London. 
G-. W. Marshall, LL.D., F.S.A., 60, Onslow Gardens, S.W. 
H. GouGH, Sandcrof t, Redhill. 
F. Bassett, J.P., The Heath, Leightoa Buzzard. 
R. M. Beachcroft, 9, Theobald's Road, Bedford Row, W.C. 
Henry Gray (Antiquarian and Topographical Bookseller) y 26, Cathedral 
Yard, Manchester. 

* Died 26th May, 1882. 

List of ISubsci\ibei\s — continued. 

Rev. E. Bradshatv, Billington Rectory, Leighton Buzzard. 

Sir Albert Wm. Woods, Garter, Coll. of Arms, London. 

Samuel Margerison, Calverley, Leeds. 

Wm. Fowler Carter, 7, Waterloo Street, Birmingliam. 

Rev. Walter Begley, East Hyde Vicarage, Luton. 

Rev. C. H. Mayo, M.A., Long Burton Vicarage, Sherborne. 

The Ven. The Archdeacon of Bedford, Biggleswade Vicarage. 

Rev. Augustus Orlebar, Willington Vicarage, Bedford. 

Wm. Horley, Toddington, Dunstable. 

Rev. Charles Best Norcliffe, M.A., Langton Hall, Malton. 

T. W. Pauli, M.D., Luton. 

Rev. J. C. Blomfield, Launton Rectory, Bicester. 

Manchester Free Library (C. W. Sutton, Librarian). 

Rev. James Sunderland, Eggington Vicarage, Leighton Buzzard. 

John Smyth, Bygrave House, Baldock. 

Thomas North, F.S.A., Llanfairfechan, N. Wales. 

Rev. C. R. Manning, Diss Rectory, Norfolk. 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 820, Spruce Street, Philadelphia 

(F. D. Stone, Librarian). 
Rev. T. M. Berry, Blimham Rectory, Sandy. 
Rev. Canon Haddock, Windsor Terrace, Bedford. 
Beds Archaeological Society. 
Rev. G. H. MoxoN, Sundon, Dunstable. 
Rev. T. Prescott, Caddington Vicarage, Luton. 
Major J. H. Brooks, Flitwick Manor, Ampthill. 
W. H. AsTELL, Woodbury Hall, Sandy. 
T. Henderson, County School, Bedford. 
J. N. Foster, Sandy Place, Sandy. 
T. Wilson, Park Street, Wobum. 

J. S. Cumberland, 34, St. Paul's Square, York. 2 copies. 
C. Hebbes, Wootton. 
L. Cherry, Goldington Road, Bedford. 
T. Carter Mitchell, TopclifEe, Thirsk, Yorkshire. 
Edwin Ransom, Linden Road, Bedford. 

r^n II. JAHUARr, 1S83. M»,„,-b,r..i,„.,j. 


kin ml Wmn'm. 


"I'll nolB you in my bonh of ueniDrg. " 




Heraldry 33-34 

Newspaper Cuttings 34-37, 42-48 

SouTHiLL Parish, Bell Notes, &c 38 

Warden Pear 40 

Bishops of Bedford 40 

Leighton Buzzard, Extensive Fire at 41-42 

RowE OF Clapham 45, 53 

Parish Registers of St. Paul's, Bedford 48-53 

Curious Epitaphs . • 54 

Bell Inscriptions 56 

Marvell Family 56 

Monumental Brasses 66-61 

Curious Surnames 61 

Register Notes, Toddington 61 

Church Notes 62-64 

\^All Rights reserved^] 


Samuel Chetham, Bedford. 

Cormell Price, United Services Coll., Westward Ho! N. Devon. 

RuFUS King, Yonkers, Westchester County, New York. 

G. F. H. Blaydes, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Edward Pettit, Oatlands Park, Weybridge. 

Literary and Scientific Institute, Bedford. 

Part in. JULY, 7883. pric. ...-bTpo«, 


itH anil M&nm. 



"J'lt note yau in MU bank of memorg. " 






Church Notes (continued) 66-76 

Bedford, St. Petbr^s Martin 76 

Curious Epitaphs 77-78 

Curious Custom 79 

Centenarians 79 

John Bunyan 79-81 

TiLswoRTH, Church Notes ^, 81-83 

„ Extracts from Eegisters 83-87 

Houghton Conquest, Notes from Registers 87-89 

Archer MSS.," Extracts from 90-96 

lAll Eights reterved,'] 



William Austin, Luton. 

Free Public Library, Fniversity College, Nottingham, J. Potter 

Briscoe, F.R.H.S., Hon, Sec, 
Rev. T. J. Guest, Battlesden House, Preston, Brighton. 
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Street, Edinburgh, N.B. 
John Green, Wobum. 
William Bethell, Rise, Hull. 

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..« .►--> Ai, .J»:^^>\ ■•• ir«* -J" 4.;-' 


\An ml Mm'm. 


"I'll DDte yott in ntD tiDoh of tnentorg. " 





"Archer MSS.," Extracts from (continued) 96-102 

Dunstable Obituary 103-122 

Leighton Buzzard, Discovery at 123-124 

Harrold, Brief relating to 124 

Ampthill, Notes relating to 124- 1 26 

Elstow, The Radcliff Monument at 126-128 

"Gentleman's Magazine," Alphabetical List of Articles 

relating to Bedfordshire 128 

\AU Rights reserved.'] 


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Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 

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APFIIL. tSS4. pHf,„.-b,,«i.„. 




"I'll note (jno in my hnnh nf mEmoru. ' 






" Gentleman's Magazine," Alphabetical List of Articles 

RELATING TO BEDFORDSHIRE (continued) 129-142 

Cople, Curious Marriage at 142 

FoLK-LoRE 143 

Ampthill fcontinuedj, Biggleswade, Bedford, BTotes relatino to, 
EXTRACTED FROM Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical 
Manuscripts 144-160 

Extracts from the Calendars of State Papers^ Domestic Series 150«*160 

[All Rights reserved.'] 


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Kev. C. Hemsley, Ashbumham Road, Bedford. 
John R. Wodhams, 21, S. Mary^s Square, Aylesbury. 

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Extracts from the Calendars of State Papers, Domestic 

Series 161 

Spanish Invasion, Names of those who Contributed in 

Defence of the 161-3 

Marshall Family, Notes on the 163-8 

Arleset, Case of Mr. Ash hurst. Vicar of 168-9 

Bedfordshire Gentry, 1433, List of 169-72 

Luton, The Book of the Fraternity of the Guild of 

THE Holy Trinity of 172-8 

LoRiNG Family of Chalgrave 178-91 

Dyve, Sir John, Letter to 191 

Ampthill, Privy Purse Expences of Henry VIII. at ... . 192 

\All Righti r$»erved,'] 


Herbert Fenning, The Avenue, Bedford. 

A. R. AiiSTON, 69, Eccleston Square, London, S.W. 

Crosby Lockwood & Co., 7, Stationers' Hall Court, London, E.C. 

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Part VII. FcanuARy. ms. «.» ,..-!„»«. ,^,j. 


soil Wmiin. 


' Ant of mimiiiiitiits, nanua, toortits, ^abttht, taln&cmt, trnlMt 
Tttaiiin, anb cMbnina, fragmiirti of atorua, iia«as'i> '"^ iosAtt, 
wcib Gjt likf, tof iat vabt sntr it£«ii0 sotnxfotlil txan Sjt bcltigc 
0f tinu." 



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Mr. Arthur Ransom, Bedford, 

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Privy Purse Expenses of Hen. VIII. at Ampthilt., 

continued 193-6 

Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York, at Elstow, 

Dunstable, and Ampthill • 196-9 

List of Delinquents' Estates, A.D. 1655 199-200 

Letter of William Bedford of Henlow 200-1 

Chronological List of the Sheriffs of Bedfordshire. . 201-10 

A List of Bedfordshire Knights 210-13 

A List of Bedfordshire Gentry of the XVIIth Cen- 
tury 213-20 

SuNDON, Notes relating to Lord Sundon 220-4 

lAll Rightt remrved,"] 


Martin George, Anchor Hotel, Tempsford. 

Miss Carter-Smith, Aspley House, Aspley Guise, Wobum. 

F. W. BouRDiLLON, The Severals, Eastbourne. 

Rev. C. H. Evelyn White, Ipswich. 

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where all Communications may be addressed. 



• ®iit of nunmnints, xama, {BOitrci, ■ffcaiiaht, ttattitions, Diifratt 
xttatliti, snlr M'bmcn, im^mtait of stoma, ^sssgts of boolus, 

of tiutt." 



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SuNDON, Notes relating to Lord Sunbon 225-9 

SuNDON, Extracts from the Parish Registers op 229-39 

Leighton Buzzard, Discovery of Ancient Coins at .... 239-40 

John Bunyan, Notes relating to 240-2 

Winch, Sir Humphrey of Everton 243 

ToDDiNGTON, LisT OF Briefs 243-51 

Bedford, S. Paul's, Church Heraldry 251-2 

Leighton Buzzard, Extracts from the Records op the 

Court Baron of 253-6 

lAU Siffhti reserved."} 


Albert Pike, City of Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 
Henry Wagner, 13, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, W. 

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Ashbumham Road, Bedford. 

Pari a. JULY, 7SSS. w^.,..-b,TO,,.^.d. 


iln anil Wmnm. 


' ®ut of Rutninttcnts, tmmts, tooitrM, JB^abttit, hslnttons, ftiMt 
itcar'ttts, anir tbitiMTtE, firasnttnts oi stoma, ^ssiigti trf lookti, 
autr t^e li^, to Ibof taiit aul) rmibfr iamftii!(fKl &ow tfit Jtikgc 
of tinii," 



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Mr. Arthur Ransom, Bedford, 

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Leightox Buzzard, Extracts from the Records of the 

Court Baron of 257 

Beeston, Writ to tee Sheriff to seize the Lands of 

Roger Puel of, dated 1277 258 

Dunstable, Conveyance of the "Swan" Inn at, dated 

1502 258-60 


1454 260-65 

EvERTON, Winch of 265-66 

Great Barford, Extracts from the Parish Registers of 266-77 

Inventories of Church Goods 277-88 

[All RighU reserved.'] 


Lytton-Bulwer, Col. W. E. G., Quebec House, East Dereham. 
Chetham's Library, Manchester ; R. Hanby, Librarian. 
T. W. Snagge, 14, Courtfield Gardens, London, S.W. 

Articles for insertion, 8fc., to be addressed to tlie Editor, Shaisione Lodge, 

Ashburnham Head, Bedford, 

Ptirt X. OCTOBER. 1885. pri«, ...-by iw«. ». .a. 


otrs aoti Mmm. 


• f6vA of wominuuti, mmtt, botin, f/iobafn, tntnliatts, pri&itc 
ttcoiiJts, mti ti'ibitaus, fxnamtntu of stones, ussurgts of Iriiolui, 
sntr iit lilu, tat tiat isfrc mis tuabtt somtioJiiA lam t^t btlngc 
of Hmt" 



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Mr. Arthur Ransom, Bedford. 

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Inventories op Church Goods, &c. (continued) 289-311 

Strbatley, Extracts from the Parish Registers op ... . 311-20 
„ Grant, under the Great Seal, of the Ad- 

vowsoN AND Rectory of 320 

\AU EighU remved,] 


Rey. E. Mayo, of Morhanger. 

Articles for insertion, 8fc., to be addressed to the Editor, Shenstone Lodge, 

Ashbumham Road, Bedford. 


Pan XI. FEBHUARY, 7836. M«,,..-brTOi,....d. 

ntfs anil Wrnxm. 


' <&nt of mranmntti, ramtt, tooitrts, fftDbaht, ttsMttoni, piiitKtt 
xtcirc'tit%, Hull tb-^mta, fraginnttE irf itnritR, jmisaflH flf bsokti, 

nlr t^t lilu, bit fiat saiu snilr itabtt lonutn^at from tl^c bxliijft 
ttt iimi." 



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Part XII. mil shortly be issued (completing Vol. I. of this work) 
as a double number, Price 2s. It will contain, in addition to the 
ordinary contents, Preface, Table of Contents, and Index. 



Streatley, Grant under the Great Seal of the 

Advowson and Rectory of (continued) 321-27 

Eaton Bray, Trott Family of 327-30 

Odell Family, Notes respecting the 330-31 

NoRTHiLL, Thomas Tompion, Clockmaker of 331-32 

Halliley Familey, Noi'es respecting the 332-42 

ToDDiNGTON, WiLL OF Thomas Peyvre OF 342-45 

Dunstable, Quit-Rent Roll relating to 345-47 

Rare Books, by Bedfordshire Worthies 348-49 

RowE OF Clapham 349-59 

Houghton Conquest, Abstract of Old Deed relating to 350-51 

Bedford, Great Flood of 1607 351-52 

CoPLE, Luke Family of 352 

{^All Righti reserved.'] 


Brooks, Rev. T". W. D., Hampden Rectory, Great Missenden. 
Farrer, Rev. E., The Hermitage, Luton Hoo. 
De Falbe, Madame, Luton Hoc. 

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Ashbumham Mood, Bedford. 

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cfcorlwi, mti itiiirninB, Stasmniti of Rtmriti, imEsagiR of traakci, 
of tira*." 



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CoPLE, Luke Family of {continued) 353 

A Bedfordshire Directory, 1785 353 

The Beauchamp Brass, S. Paul's, Bedford 354 

VowELL Family 355 

Wymmington, Pickering Charity 356 

Weather-Lore 357 

Edworth and St. Neots Priory 357 

Biggleswade, the Fraternity of the H. T. op 360 

Battlesden, Will of William Buncombe, 1594 363 

Will of Sir Edward Buncombe, Kt., 1637. .. . 373 

Mural Inscription, Buncombe Family 375 

Barton-le-Cley, Extracts from the Parish Registers .... 377 



[All Sights reserved.'] 

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Ashbumham Road, Bedford, 

Gloucestershire Notes and QrUeries, 

Edited by the Rev. B. H. BLACKER, M.A., and published quarterly. 

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Messrs. Wm. Kent & Co., 23, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. 

ft3* Vol. I. " out of print," and can be supplied only as copies turn 
up fi>r sale. Some odd Parts still on hand. Vol. II. (comprising Parts 
XIII. — XXIV.), price 158. net, or by parcel post, 15s. 6d. Treble price 
^iven for copies of Part II., and full price for Parts VII., IX., and 
XVI. Copies of Vol. I. wanted. 



Part IX. The Wake Family — Engraving of the Battle of Naseby — 
"William Tyndale of Northamptonshire Descent P — Churchwardens' 
k Accounts at Pitsford — Pytchley Manor- House — Ancient Village Sports 
— Parish Registers of Isham — The Preston Family of Heyford — Civil 
War, 1642 — The Sheppard Family of Towcester — Witches" and Witch- 
craft in Northamptonshire — Local Dialect — Confession of Murder at 
Glinton — Churchwardens' Accounts of Peakirk — Old Scarlett — Robert 
de Ilolcot — Wilmer Family of Sywell — Meaning of the Abbreviation 
**JEt '* — Registers of Maid well — Monuments in Passenham Church. 

Terms — A Year's Subscription 5s. (prepaid) ; Quarterly Parts Is. 6d. 

Northampton : TAYLOR & Son, 9, College Street. 

London: G. RED WAY. 

^^(J (Srt&i 'i^noCtrtn ; or, Uofcs rtnb (Qttcvics 



Edited by the EEV. C. H. EVELYN WHITE. F.S.A., F. E. Hist. S., 

Honorary Secretary of the Suffolk Institute of Archccolotfyy ^r. 

Part I., commencing an entirely New Series of this well-known East 
Anglian Serial, was issued 1st January, 1885, and is published monthly. 
Annual subscription 5s., post-free. 

Part XIX. now ready. As only a few complete sets remain, early 
application should be made. Subscribers' names may be sent to the Pub- 
lishers, Messrs. Pawsey and Hayes, The Ancient House, Ipswich. 

*^* Title-page and Index (Rvntm, Loeonim et Nominwn) to Vol. IV. 
of the former Series will shortly be read v. 




Photo-lithographed direct from the original pen and ink drawing (31 in. 
by 22 in.), the sketches for which were recently taken on the spot. 

Size of print , 24 in, hj 16 in, ; on Paper 30 in, hy 22 in, Pnce 3«. %d, ; 

bi/ parcels post, on roller, 3«. IQd, 

All the known Places of Worship used by the Brethren in the above 
district since 1740, that can be identified, are included, and the sheet 
contains 26 separate views grouped in one picture. 

1. Bedford Chapel. 2. Bedford Ladies' School. 3. Reduced Copy 
of Rudge's Lithograph of the Moravian Premises in Bedford, in 1850. 
4. Bedford, Interior of Old Chapel. 5 and 6. Kiseley Chapel (2), 7. 
Kimbolton Chapel, from the Street. 8. Kimbolton Chapel, from the 
Cemetery. 9. Pertenhall Chapel and Premises. 10. Pertenhall, 
Interior. 11. Pertejihall Burial Ground. 12 and^l3. Tilbrook Chapel 
and Old Preaching House. 14 and 15. Stow, Old and New Chapels. 
16 to 24. Preaching Houses at Barham (2), Covington, Dean, Swines- 
head, Keysoe, Great Staughton, Silsoe, and Cardington. 25. Map of 
District. 26. Rough Sketch of Bedford Bridge. 


THE PICTURE OF FULNECK, Yorkshire, containing views of the 
Pavement, Chapel, Boarding Schools, Terrace, Middlewalk, Girls' Play- 
ground, the Woods, etc., etc., has also been reproduced direct from the 
original drawing, same size and price as the foregoing. (The smaller 
Etching on St^el is now quite out of print.) 

Ready in July, 

Ifortliainptoiisliire Moraviaii CMpels and 
Preaching Houses, since 1740; 

12 Pictures 9 in. by 7 in. and map, with descriptive letterpress, in 
ornamental cover. Northampton Chapel, 3 views; Eydon, 2 views; 
Woodford, 3 views; Culworth, 2 views; Priors Marston, 2 views. 
38. 6d., by post 3s. 8d. 

PREACHING HOUSES : 29 views in one picture 30 in. by 24 in., on 
paper 35 in. by 30 in., price 10s. 6d., postage 6d. ; mounted on rollers 
and varnished, 15s. 

For full list of Sketches of Chapels, &c., belonging to this ancient 
Episcopal Protestant Church, apply to E. M. C, Upper Wortley, Leeds. 

. ■.•—•,. -.fc. 

CT. ^^ 

3 2044 050 634 146 

' ■■ ■ < 

This book should be returned to the 
Library on or be€H| the last date stamped 


A ^ne of five cents a day is incurred by 
retaining it beyond the specified time. 

Please return prompdy.